The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


RUMERY, Sylsbre R. (1820-1884) and (first wife) Nancy M. (?-before 1848) and (second wife) Betsey Jane (1826-1916)

Church members from Monterey, Michigan. The Rumerys, who were of Methodist Episcopalian background, became Sabbathkeepers in 1856 or 1857. Sylsbre Rumery remained a church member for a number of years, but appears to have severed his connection in the 1870s and “made no profession of religion at the time of his death,” according to his obituary. The Rumerys were well-to-do farmers, and Sylsbre held various important civic positions in Monterey throughout the years. As early as 1857 Ellen White pointed out to Sylsbre that “for years you have loved money better … than God.” She made strong appeals to Rumery in 1860 and 1868, and while he did make serious efforts at reform, in the long run there appears to have been little change to his materialistic bent. Betsey Rumery remained a church member throughout her life. Jeremiah L. Rumery, Sylsbre's son by his first wife, subsequently served as elder and also as a treasurer of the Monterey church. 1EGWLM 885.3

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