The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


PRESTON, Chandler Bristol (1806-1891) and Eliza Ann (1810-1883)

Church members and former Millerites from Camden, New York, later Palermo, New York. Eliza Preston and probably also her husband became Sabbathkeepers in 1848. Ellen and James White stayed with the Prestons while visiting Camden during the winter of 1848-1849 and likely also during their visit in June 1851. Ellen White gave a gripping account of the second visit, in which Chandler Preston's brother, John S. Preston, also living in Camden but at this time vehemently opposed to the Sabbatarian Adventists, tied up his wife to prevent her attending the meetings. Only one letter from Ellen White to the Prestons is known to have survived. 1EGWLM 880.2

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