The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


LOVELAND, Reuben (1807-c. 1898) and Belinda (1812-1906)

The Lovelands were active laypersons from Johnson, Vermont, and friends of Ellen and James White. Belinda Loveland (née Boutwell), earlier a Methodist and Millerite, became a Sabbathkeeper about 1850. She wrote in 1857, “My companion and children embraced this truth with me.” For years Sabbath meetings and conferences were held in the Loveland home. The Lovelands gave generously and frequently to various church causes. According to Belinda's obituary, “in the early days of the message they sacrificed their home farm for the advancement of the message, and moved onto a back lot.” Reuben Loveland at times served on various committees of the Vermont State Conference. In 1884 Ellen White wrote of “our aged Bro. and Sr. Loveland” that they “have let their light shine day by day in steady beams.” 1EGWLM 865.5

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