The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


JONES, Victor (“Victory”) V. (c. 1826-?) and (first wife) Elizabeth L. (1833-1908) and (second wife) Emily (fl. 1863)

Born in New York State, Victor Jones settled in Monterey, Michigan, in 1856 and soon joined the growing band of Sabbatarian Adventists in the village. Victor and Elizabeth Jones struggled with poverty, and in 1857 Ellen White upbraided wealthier church members in Monterey for not giving the Jones family more support and encouragement. 1EGWLM 854.2

A crisis occurred in September 1860 when the Monterey church disfellowshipped Victor Jones, probably for his use of alcohol, to which he had a propensity. A few months later Ellen White sent him a stirring appeal. “You are a kind husband and father when your reason is not perverted by strong drink. … We feel deeply for you. We cannot leave you to perish.” Shortly thereafter Jones was reinstated to church fellowship. Problems, however, reappeared, and by 1864 Elizabeth had divorced Victor and married a wealthy Adventist neighbor, George T. Lay. The dubious circumstances leading up to this marriage and the damage the whole affair had caused the church in Monterey were the subject of Ellen White's Ms 2, 1863 (June 6) and Lt 2, 1864 (c. 1864). Records indicate that Victor Jones married Emily Donalson in 1863, but no information on his life after that date has been found. 1EGWLM 854.3

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