The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


HASKELL, Lewis (1801-1882) and Salina (c. 1803-1891)

Originally from Vermont, Lewis and Salina Haskell settled in New York about 1841. They connected with William Miller's Second Advent movement in 1843 and became Sabbathkeepers about 1851. Their house in Norfolk, New York, became the meeting place for Seventh-day Adventists in that area for the next 40 years. The Haskells received incidental mention in Ellen White's 1859 diary. 1EGWLM 841.1

See: Obituary: “Lewis Haskell,” Review, Aug. 22, 1882, p. 542; obituary: “Salina Haskell,” Review, Apr. 7, 1891, p. 222; 1860 U.S. Federal Census, “Lewis Haskell,” New York, St. Lawrence County, Norfolk, p. 21; Ellen G. White, Ms 8, 1859 (Oct. 19 entry). 1EGWLM 841.2