The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1

GRAHAM, Andrew (c. 1836-after 1883) and (first wife) Abigail (c. 1840-1862) and (second wife) Sophronia (c. 1838-1871) and (third wife) Amelia A. (c. 1850-1883)

Born in Scotland, Andrew Graham became a Sabbatarian Adventist, together with his brothers Bruce and William Henry, while living in Berlin, Connecticut, in the early 1850s. Various censuses list him as “mechanic” and “farmer.” In the 1860s he moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. In May 1867 the directors of the Western Health Reform Institute appointed Graham to be superintendent “for one year.” He seems to have continued his employment at the Institute for several years after that, but probably not as superintendent. 1EGWLM 833.4

In her 1859 diary Ellen White notes a visit to Andrew Graham and his family in Berlin, Connecticut. The Graham brothers seem to have been involved in fanaticism in their local meetings, for which Ellen White admonished them. In 1868 Ellen White assigned some of the responsibility for the major troubles at the Western Health Reform Institute to Andrew Graham's “want of proper oversight.” 1EGWLM 833.5

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