The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


DODGE, Abram A. (1817-1892) and Caroline Elizabeth (1830-1915)

The Dodges were active laypersons from Jackson, Michigan (early 1850s), later living in Battle Creek and Coopersville, in the same state. Although not a preacher, Abram Dodge was remembered by J. N. Loughborough for his “faithfulness … in carrying the workers from place to place in his carriage.” Dodge was a businessman, a dealer in musical instruments, and a clock repairer. He also employed his financial and administrative talents for the church. When the Review and Herald press was moved from Rochester, New York, to Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1855, Dodge played a central role in organizing the move. He was also an agent for the Review and Herald during his years in Jackson. 1EGWLM 822.2

Soon after their marriage in 1851, Abram and Caroline (daughter of well-known pioneer Cyrenius Smith) traveled to a conference in Camden, New York. There they met Ellen and James White for the first time and became firm friends with them. Some of their correspondence has been preserved. Years later, in 1872, Ellen White felt constrained to defend Caroline against unjust accusations: “If there was a precious, God-fearing woman in Battle Creek, it was Sister Dodge.” 1EGWLM 822.3

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