The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


CUSHMAN, Horace (1796-1870) and Mary (c. 1797-1874)

Originally a farmer from Vermont, Horace Cushman was first mentioned in the Review in 1851, while he lived in Milton, New York. Several conferences and meetings were held in his house during the period 1851-1852, and Ellen White received a vision while staying in his home in 1851. Nothing further is heard of Horace Cushman after May 1853 for reasons unknown. It should be noticed that the grave moral failings attributed to “Horace Cushman” in Lts 17, 32, and 32a, 1861, clearly apply to Horace Cushman's son, Horace Cushman, Jr., and not to the father. 1EGWLM 818.4

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