The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


COLLINS, Philip (c. 1809-1859) and Nancy (c. 1809-1882)

Among the earliest Sabbatarian Adventists in the country, Philip and Nancy Collins (née Biss), of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, were persuaded to keep the Sabbath by reading T. M. Preble's tract in early 1845. Their acquaintance with James White can be traced back to 1846. The dramatic healing of their son, Gilbert N. Collins, in 1849 after prayer and anointing by Ellen and James White deepened the ties between the two families. After the death of Philip Collins in 1859, Ellen White noted in her diary, “His loss is deeply felt, not only by his family, but by all the church.” 1EGWLM 811.1

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