The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


BENEDICT, Diantha. See WILKINSON, Diantha.

BENEDICT, Joseph Perry (1805-1865) and Millie (1810-1882)

Joseph Benedict, a cabinetmaker in his 50s, together with wife, Millie, daughter Diantha [Diantha Wilkinson (née Benedict)], and possibly other family members, became Sabbatarian Adventists about 1857. At some point in the 1850s the family moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. Ellen White first mentioned the Benedicts in her 1859 diary. “My heart is called out in sympathy for them. I know they are poor and Brother Benedict is very feeble, unable to work.” 1EGWLM 792.3

Ellen and James White tried to help the family in several ways, giving food and money and by occasionally employing Millie and Diantha in their home and at the Review office. It is probable that the testimony given in Lt 13, 1859 (Jan. 5), addressed “Dear Friends,” was written to the Benedicts. In 1862 Millie and Joseph moved to Wisconsin, where Joseph died three years later. 1EGWLM 792.4

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