The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


ANDREWS, William P. (1838-1878) and Martha (1842-1901)

Younger brother of John Nevins Andrews. About 1861 William married Martha A. Butler, granddaughter of Ezra Pitt Butler (governor of Vermont, 1826-1828), and sister of George I. Butler, later General Conference president. One of their daughters, Edith Andrews, assisted J. N. Andrews at the mission in Switzerland. After William's death, Martha married Augustin Cornelius Bourdeau, pioneer minister in New England and Quebec and missionary to Europe. 1EGWLM 782.5

William Andrews moved with his family to Waukon, Iowa, in 1855 and spent most of the remainder of his years in that state. Other than his ordination as deacon of the Waukon church in 1863 and his appointment to certain church committees, there is little trace of William Andrews in the Review. It appears that the only clear reference to him by name in Ellen White's writings was the greeting she sent him in 1857, following her visit to Waukon. She closed with the words “Tell him there will be no lame ones there. All will be health.” James White confirmed that William Andrews was “a cripple.” 1EGWLM 782.6

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