Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods


Chapter 43—Water Drinking

The Review and Herald, July 29, 1884 No. 31 (Healthful Living, 89)

Food should not be washed down; no drink is needed with meals. Eat slowly, and allow the saliva to mingle with the food. The more liquid there is taken into the stomach with the meals, the more difficult it is for the food to digest; for the liquid must be first absorbed.... Many make a mistake in drinking cold water with their meals. Taken with meals, water diminishes the flow of the salivary glands; and the colder the water, the greater the injury to the stomach. Ice water or iced lemonade, drunk with meals, will arrest digestion until the system has imparted sufficient warmth to the stomach to enable it to take up its work again. Hot drinks are debilitating; and besides those who indulge in their use become slaves to habit.... Do not eat largely of salt; give up bottled pickles; keep fiery spiced food out of your stomach; eat fruit with your meals, and the irritation which calls for so much drink will cease to exist. But if anything is needed to quench thirst, pure water, drunk some little time before or after a meal, is all that nature requires. Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse the tissues.... Drink some little time before or after the meal. TSDF 151.1

The Ministry of Healing, 237

In health and in sickness, pure water is one of Heaven's choicest blessings. Its proper use promotes health. It is the beverage which God provided to quench the thirst of animals and man. Drank freely, it helps to supply the necessities of the system, and assists nature to resist disease. TSDF 151.2

The Ministry of Healing, 305

Food should not be eaten very hot or very cold. If food is cold, the vital force of the stomach is drawn upon in order to warm it before digestion can take place. Cold drinks are injurious for the same reason; while the free use of hot drinks is debilitating. In fact, the more liquid there is taken with the meals, the more difficult it is for the food to digest; for the liquid must be absorbed before digestion can begin. TSDF 151.3

The Health Reformer, January 1, 1871 (Healthful Living, 225, 226)

Eat sparingly, thus relieving the system of unnecessary burden, and encourage cheerfulness; take proper exercise in the open air, bathe frequently, and drink freely of pure, soft water. TSDF 151.4

How to Live, 4:56

Thousands have died for want of pure water and pure air, who might have lived.... These blessings they need in order to become well. If they would become enlightened, and let medicine alone, and accustom themselves to outdoor exercise, and to air in their houses, summer and winter, and use soft water for drinking and bathing purposes, they would be comparatively well and happy instead of dragging out a miserable existence. TSDF 151.5

How to Live, 3:62-63

If, in their fevered state, water had been given them to drink freely, and applications had also been made externally, long days and nights of suffering would have been saved, and many precious lives spared. But thousands have died with raging fevers consuming them, until the fuel which fed the fever was burned up, the vitals consumed, and have died in the greatest agony, without being permitted to have water to allay their burning thirst. Water, which is allowed a senseless building to put out the raging elements, is not allowed human beings to put out the fire which is consuming vitals. TSDF 151.6

Letter 35, 1890

I should eat regularly of the most healthful food which will make the best quality of blood, and I should not work intemperately if it is in my power to avoid doing so. And when I violate the laws God has established in my being, I am to repent and reform, and place myself in the most favorable condition under the doctors God has provided,—pure air, pure water, and the healing, precious sunlight. Water can be used in many ways to relieve suffering. Draughts of clear, hot water taken before eating, (half quart, more or less), will never do any harm, but will rather be productive to good. TSDF 151.7

Testimonies for the Church 2:68

You, my dear brother and sister, can have a much better condition of health, than you now enjoy, and can avoid very many ill turns, if you will simply exercise temperance in all things,—temperance in labor, temperance in eating and drinking. Hot drinks are debilitating to the stomach. TSDF 151.8


Testimonies for the Church 6:247

The principles of health reform must be brought before parents. They must be converted, that they may act as missionaries in their own homes. This work our physicians have done, and can still do, if they will not sacrifice themselves by carrying so many and varied responsibilities. TSDF 151.9