Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods


Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods


This volume has been prepared to be used as a textbook for the study of healthful diet and the instruction pertaining to foods as set forth in the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy. TSDF 8.1

This series of lessons is not intended to take the place of any printed volume or compilation of the testimonies. In making up these studies an effort has been made to secure and include as much as possible of all that has been written specifically on the subjects treated. The subject matter has been arranged for a topical study which accounts for the repetition found through the book, for one paragraph in the testimonies often refers to several topics, and the plan has been to include enough in each quotation to give the reader the proper setting for each reference. TSDF 8.2

It will be observed that many selections have been taken from the older volumes of the Spirit of Prophecy that are not now generally available, and there is much instruction in these that the student of dietetics will highly prize. In this compilation selections from various manuscripts and letters that are of unusual value and interest are also presented. Any of this material taken from manuscripts or letters can be verified by sending the reference given to Elder W. C. White, at the Elmshaven Office, St. Helena, Calif. TSDF 8.3

The health reform movement began early in the history of this denomination, and great benefit came to those who accepted the instruction and faithfully lived in accordance with it. It is to be regretted that some did not regard it as essential and that many are today not living in harmony with these divinely given principles. Scientific researches have in recent years shown that these rules for healthful living are correct, and how thankful this people should be for such wonderful light so far in advance of what the world could offer and which has proved to be of such great help in the life both physically and spiritually. All should be inspired with full confidence in these rules for healthful living. TSDF 8.4

There are some who have gotten radical and extreme views from their reading of the instruction given, but such have failed to study thoroughly, with an open mind, all of the instruction, and have therefore been unable to view the matter, as it is, a broad, well-balanced whole. “There is real common sense in health reform.” TSDF 8.5

It is our earnest hope that this volume will contribute something toward a more comprehensive knowledge of this phase of the health message, and that all who study these writings will become imbued with a love for them and will live in harmony with them and teach them until Jesus appears to receive unto himself all those who have made a covenant with Him. TSDF 8.6

We are greatly indebted to Elder W. C. White and Dr. Mary McReynolds for their help in securing material and their valuable suggestions in making up this collection. TSDF 8.7

College of Medical Evangelists.

Compiled by Harold M. Walton.

January 5, 1926.