Testimonies to Southern Africa


Opposers of the Truth

The men who have lately apostatized say that the Sabbath does not amount to much. It makes no difference whether we keep it, or do not keep it. They say they are preaching sanctification, but where does their sanctification come in. They begin the work of disaffection by their criticism. Here is where they fell, and here is where many will fall. To complain of our brethren in the ministry, to be suspicious of the gifts the Lord has set in the church, to always be finding spot and stain in something said or done is to follow the enemy. If one chooses to obtain this class of education, Satan will help in a masterly manner. After the criticizers tell all that appears to them to be out of joint, they go into the manufacturing business, and commence to weave webs of falsehood. They abuse the confidence that has been reposed in them, and strive to destroy the reputation of the very ones that have ever been their truest friends.—Letter 126, 1897. TSA 55.1