Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


The 1880's—A Period of Notable Advance

Although the church had sent J. N. Andrews to Europe in 1874, while it was engaged in building the college, not until the decade of the 1880's did the church move into a period of notable missions advance and institutional development. In 1882 two new schools were started, one at Healdsburg, California, and the other at South Lancaster, Massachusetts. In 1885 the publishing work was established in Basel, Switzerland, in the newly built central publishing house. The same year workers were sent to Australia, and soon the Echo Publishing Company was established in Melbourne. The personal presence of Ellen G. White in Europe in the years 1885-1887 brought strength and encouragement to the work in the countries she visited. TM xx.3

As one reviews certain points in the development of denominational history, there grows upon him an awareness of the reality of the conflict between the forces of righteousness and the forces of evil. The church which had emerged was the remnant church of prophecy, with God's message for the times. The great adversary did all within his power to bring the work to naught. TM xxi.1