Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Characteristics of the True Seeker

God has commanded all men to obey His law. He sees not as man sees. His standard is elevated, pure, and holy; yet all may reach that standard. The Lord sees the soul want, the conscious soul hunger. He regards the disposition of the mind, from whence our actions proceed. He sees whether above everything else respect and faith are evidenced toward God. The true seeker, who is striving to be like Jesus in word, life, and character, will contemplate his Redeemer and, by beholding, become changed into His image, because he longs and prays for the same disposition and mind that was in Christ Jesus. He is not restrained from evil through fear of shame or through fear of loss, for he knows that all he enjoys comes from God, and he would improve his blessings that he may represent Christ. He is not hungry to stand the highest, to obtain praise from human beings. This is not his eager interest. By making a wise improvement of what he now has, he seeks to obtain more and still more ability, that he may give to God greater service. He longs after God. The history of his Redeemer, the immeasurable sacrifice that He made, becomes full of meaning to him. Christ, the Majesty of Heaven, became poor, that we through His poverty might become rich; not rich merely in endowments, but rich in attainments. TM 121.1

These are the riches that Christ earnestly longs that His followers shall possess. As the true seeker after the truth reads the word and opens his mind to receive the word, he longs after truth with his whole heart. The love, the pity, the tenderness, the courtesy, the Christian politeness, which will be the elements in the heavenly mansions that Christ has gone to prepare for those that love Him, take possession of his soul. His purpose is steadfast. He is determined to stand on the side of righteousness. Truth has found its way into the heart, and is planted there by the Holy Spirit, who is the truth. When truth takes hold of the heart, the man gives sure evidence of this by becoming a steward of the grace of Christ. TM 121.2

The heart of the true Christian is imbued with true love, with a most earnest hunger for souls. He is not at rest until he is doing all that is in his power to seek and to save that which is lost. Time and strength are spent; toilsome work is not shunned. Others must be given the truth which has brought to his own soul such gladness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. TM 122.1

When the truly converted soul enjoys the love of God, he will feel his obligation to yoke up with Christ and work in harmony with Him. The Spirit of Christ rests upon him. He reveals the Saviour's love, pity, and compassion, because he is one with Christ. He yearns to bring others to Jesus. His heart is melted with tenderness as he sees the peril of the souls that are out of Christ. He watches for souls as one that must give an account. With invitations and pleadings mingled with assurances of the promises of God, he seeks to win souls to Christ; and it is registered in the books of record. He is a laborer together with God. TM 122.2

Is not God the proper object of imitation? It should be the work of the Christian's life to put on Christ, and to bring himself to a more perfect likeness of Christ. The sons and daughters of God are to advance in their resemblance to Christ, our pattern. Daily they are to behold His glory, and contemplate His incomparable excellence. Tender, true, and full of compassion, they are to pull souls out of the fire, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. TM 122.3