Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Impartial and Unselfish

He who is selected as the president of the General Conference, should, in the fear of God, stand in his lot and place, without partiality, and with unselfish interests. He should be a faithful steward. He should be a priest and wise ruler over his own house. He should make manifest that he understands the work of governing his own family wisely, and in the fear of God. If this is neglected, he will carry his defects with him into his work. If any man evidences that the love and fear of God is kept away from the center of his being lest the truth should control his life practice, while worldly things are made all and in all, he is not the man, even for local elder. TM 322.3

Advice is asked of those in Battle Creek regarding matters which could just as well be settled by men on the ground, if they would seek the Lord, and which ought to have been done within their own borders. The Lord declares He is nigh to all that call upon Him with a sincere heart. Said Christ, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” This promise is made doubly and trebly sure. There is no failure with God. Today men who are presidents of conferences are less efficient and strong and able than they should be, because they place man where God should be, and they receive only that which man can give them. TM 323.1