Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


What Constitutes a Christian

A pure religion, an upright, holy life, constitutes a man a Christian. But ever since his defection in heaven, Satan's course has been one of perpetual deception and harshness; and there are professed Christians who are learning his methods and practices. While they claim to be serving the cause of God they turn their fellowmen from their rights, in order to serve themselves. TM 280.3

Every human being has been bought with a price, and as God's heritage he has certain rights, of which no one should deprive him. The Lord will not accept service from those who practice double-dealing. The least advantage gained in this way will dishonor God and the truth. Those who possess Bible religion will do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God. These are the lines drawn by the God of justice on this matter. TM 281.1

Again I would urge that living faith in God be cultivated. There are those who, though thought to be serving God, are fast becoming girded about with infidelity. To them crooked paths seem straight; they are living in continual violation of God's truth; corrupt principles are interwoven into their life practice, and wherever they go they sow seeds of evil. In the place of leading others to Christ their influence causes them to question and doubt. They unsettle minds in the truth by entering into speculative theories which draw them away from the truth. They help to forge the fetters of doubt and unbelief, faultfinding and accusing; and souls stumble over them to perdition. The blood of souls will be upon those who, while they profess to be in the service of God, are doing the work of His enemy. TM 281.2