Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Love and Unity

God would open the eyes of His professed people in order that they may see that they must love God supremely, and their neighbors as themselves, if they would be saved in His kingdom. Many are making manifest that they are not controlled by the Spirit of Christ but by another spirit. The attributes they display are as unlike the attributes of Christ as are the characteristics of Satan. It is high time that believers should stand shoulder to shoulder and strive together for eternal life, in place of holding themselves aloof and expressing by word and action, “I am holier than thou.” Those who would exert all their powers for the salvation of perishing souls must come heart to heart, and be bound together in cords of sympathy and love. The brethren should manifest the same spirit as that manifested by our merciful and faithful High Priest, who is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. We may inspire fainting, hopeless ones with new life. We may achieve victories which our own erroneous and misconceived opinions, our own defects of character, our own smallness of faith, have made to seem impossible. Faith! we scarcely know what it is. TM 186.1