The Signs of the Times, vol. 3

The Signs of the Times, Vol. 3


February 22, 1877

“Jefferson, Marion Co., Oregon” The Signs of the Times 3, 9, p. 72.

THIS is a town of about one hundred and fifty inhabitants, situated nineteen miles south of Salem, on the O. & C. R. R. where it crosses the Santione river. I commenced meetings there Dec. 12, 1876, and continued four weeks, giving twenty-one discourses. Then they were discontinued till Jan. 23, during which interval I went to Eola, where Bro. Van Horn organized a church. Then returned to Jefferson and again commenced meetings which continued till Feb. 12. Gave fifty discourses in all. Fifteen signed the covenant, ten subscribed for the SIGNS, and five for the Instructor. Sold about $13.00 worth of books and one $5.00 Bible. As is the way whenever the truth is presented, a great many more are convinced than have decided to obey. I expect to return there March 22, when we hope for more to go with us. SITI February 22, 1877, page 72.1

Feb. 15, I shall begin a course of lectures at the Spring Valley meeting-house, six miles N. W., from Salem, in Polk Col. And I ask every one who reads this, to read also and follow the directions given in the 18th, 19th, and 20th, verses of the 6th chapter of Ephesians, and may the Lord answer, so that his truth may triumph gloriously. SITI February 22, 1877, page 72.2

Salem, Oregon, Feb. 13, 1877.