The Signs of the Times, vol. 8

The Signs of the Times, Vol. 8


January 5, 1882

“That Sunday Yacht” The Signs of the Times 8, 1, p. 7.

ON the subject of that wonderful(?) testimony to Sunday sacredness, the fate of the yacht Sabbath-breaker, as published in the SIGNS of Dec. 1, 1881, I would offer the following:— SITI January 5, 1882, page 7.1

“Nearly three years ago I heard that identical story told (with the exception of any locality) by a man in Oregon, as a powerful argument in favor of Sunday-keeping. But it was wholly traditional with him; he did not even pretend to tell where it happened. And I am perfectly satisfied that no one will ever find a place in California, or anywhere else, where it occurred. SITI January 5, 1882, page 7.2

I should have no hesitation whatever in saying that it is altogether an invention of some over-zealous advocate of the Sunday institution, and they find it so well adapted to their purpose that it is passed on from one to another, and no questions asked lest it should prove false. Doubtless the person who put the story in that paper originally, thought that by placing the scene in California, he would fit its so if far away that no one would discover the fraud. SITI January 5, 1882, page 7.3

However I apprehend that this is only the beginning of what will become quite general ere long, and I do not know whether from the nature of things we should expect anything else. For when the people of this enlightened age wilfully shut their eyes, and turn their backs to the evidence of all history, and deliberately go back to the darkest period of the Dark Ages, for an issue (Church and State), it is only to be expected that the methods of the Dark Ages will be employed for the success, and the defense of that issue. SITI January 5, 1882, page 7.4

And again the world is to behold the spectacle of the Church defending by violence, the power that she has obtained by fraud. SITI January 5, 1882, page 7.5

Spangle, W. T.