Christ in His Sanctuary


Study Questions

1. What was the key that unlocked the mystery of the 1844 disappointment? (101)

2. Quote the two Bible texts that point to Christ's ministration in the most holy place. (101, 102)

3. Which “coming” of Christ is depicted in Daniel 7:13 and Malachi 3:1? (102)

4. While the sins of penitent believers are being removed from heaven's sanctuary, what are these same believers to be doing on earth? (103)

5. The wise and foolish virgins represent what two classes among advent believers of the summer and autumn of 1844? (104)

6. What is the bride of Christ? (104, 105)

7. Who are the “guests” at the wedding? (104, 105)

8. How does the parable of Matthew 22 picture the work of judgment? (106)

9. Why did Adventists for a time after the disappointment lose their burden for the salvation of sinners? (.107)

10. What, then, was the Adventist interpretation of the “shut door” immediately after the disappointment? (107)

11. What later was found to be the “open door,” and who opened it? (107,108)

12. As the temple in heaven was opened, what was revealed? (110)

13. What relationship exists between the law of God enshrined in the heavenly sanctuary and the law deposited in the ark in the earthly sanctuary? (111)

14. With this revelation of God's law to what did earnest Bible study lead? (111-113)