Christ in His Sanctuary


Study Questions

1. How is the “exalted character” of the message of the first angel of Revelation 14 represented? In what three ways are the rapidity and worldwide extent of the movement indicated? (79)

2. How widely was the warning message given? (79, 80)

3. What “robes” did the waiting Adventists prepare for Christ's second coming? (80)

4. What was the “source of consolation” for the Adventists after their first disappointment in the spring of 1844? (81, 82)

5. What was the Scripture message proclaimed during the summer of 1844? (82)

6. How did a study of types and antitypes lead to the establishment of the important date of October 22, 1844? (82, 83)

7. Name some of the things the Adventists did to prepare for the expected coming of Christ. (83, 84)

8. The fruits of the advent movement “testified it was of God.” What were those fruits? (84)

9. What Scripture admonition is addressed to the church in the last days? (86)