Christ in His Sanctuary


Study Questions

1. What truth is very “clearly taught” in the Bible? (69)

2. Did God's servants, including the prophets, always fully understand their messages and work? (69)

3. Why is it that men often so dimly comprehend the messages of heaven? (70)

4. Although the message heralded by the disciples of Jesus was correct, what led them to misconceptions as to its intent and ultimately to their disappointment? (70-72)

5. What two meanings does the Biblical term “kingdom of God” have? When will these “kingdoms” be set up? (72)

6. What method did Jesus employ to lead the disciples to a correct understanding of His mission and their work? (73)

7. Name some parallels which may be drawn between the experience of the disciples and the Advent believers of 1844. (74-76)

8. What two vital lessons were learned by the disappointed Adventists of 1844? (77)