Christ in His Sanctuary


Study Questions

1. What kind of man was William Miller? (47, 63)

2. What method of study did Miller use in his search of the Bible? (49, 50)

3. The doctrine of the world's conversion has led to what evil results? (51)

4. In what way did the text Daniel 8:14 become particularly significant? (54)

5. Miller was led to link the cleansing of the sanctuary with the second coming of Christ. What generally accepted view misled him? (54)

6. How and when did Jesus become “the Anointed One”? How and when did the “sacrifice and oblation” cease? (56, 57)

7. How were these events significant to the 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8:14? (57, 58)

8. Miller spent seven years in earnest Bible study. How many were given to initial exploration? How many to careful review? (58-61)

9. For what reasons did Miller hesitate to begin preaching? (60)

10. In what way was Miller's preaching similar to that of the early Reformers? (61)

11. Why did Miller's preaching, like that of the Reformers, arouse opposition by “popular religious teachers”? How did these teachers make up for their lack of Scripture argument? (63, 64)

12. Why was the preaching of Christ's second coming so unwelcome to the churches? How did this same preaching affect those who accepted it? (65, 66)

13. Against what are those who read, hear, and observe the words of Revelation's prophecy protected? (67)