Christ in His Sanctuary


Study Questions

1. What were the “first requisites” for preparing the sanctuary in the wilderness? (23)

2. What formed the basis for the plan for this sanctuary? How was it obtained? (23)

3. Is there significance to incense fragrance diffusing throughout the sanctuary and “far around the tabernacle”? (26, 27, 32, 33)

4. What was the manifestation of the divine Presence, and where did it appear? (27)

5. The law and the mercy seat were both in the most holy place. Why is this so? (27)

6. Why was the breastplate the most sacred of the priestly vestments? (30)

7. What three things were to be impressed upon Israel by the apparel and deportment of the priests? (30)

8. Why was the instruction on every part of the sanctuary services so explicit and definite? (30, 31)

9. How was the fact that the animal sacrifices were “without blemish” of double significance? (31, 32)

10. The offering of incense and blood was simultaneous. Why was this so? (32, 33)

11. In what two ways was sin transferred from the penitent to the sanctuary? (34)

12. When and how was the sanctuary cleansed from the sins of the people? (35, 36)

13. What objects did John see as in vision he viewed the first and second apartments of the heavenly sanctuary? What of its vastness and glory? (36)

14. How are the daily and yearly services of the sanctuary connected to each other? Apply this to Christ's ministry as our High Priest and the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary from the record of sin. (37, 38)