Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work


Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work


For some time an earnest desire has been expressed by many that we might have a compilation of the testimonies bearing on the Sabbath-school work, for the benefit of those who are specially interested in it. In response to these solicitations the officers of the international Sabbath-school association have with much care and labor gathered the matter presented in this little volume. TSS 5.1

It has been thought best to arrange the selections as far as possible in chronological order, giving first place to those which were written first, and giving credit to the source from which each was taken. Brief quotations and paragraphs are arranged in the same order and placed by themselves under the title “fragments,” at the close of the work. TSS 5.2

The reader will not find all that has been written on a given subject in the article upon that subject, for excellent thoughts will be found on almost every phase of the Sabbath-school work in many of the leading articles. The alphabetical index will greatly aid in finding particular statements, and room has been left after each letter so that other features may be added to it if desired. What is said in regard to the qualifications and duties of teachers, applies with equal force to superintendents. TSS 5.3

In some cases an article or paragraph may have been published several times, and in different places. We do not undertake to give references to each and every place where an article or paragraph has appeared, but only to the place where first published. TSS 5.4

It has been our aim to have the arrangement of the work, the preparation of the index, and the form of the book such as to make the excellent matter which it contains easy of access, and quickly available for study or reference. We, therefore, send it forth with the expectation and the earnest prayer that it will prove a source of pleasure and rich blessing to the present and future workers in our Sabbath-schools. TSS 6.1

Executive Board Int. S.S. Association.