Christian Leadership


Christian Leadership


In His love and mercy, God provided through Ellen G. White a rich treasure of inspired counsel on a wide variety of subjects that are important to the remnant church in its task of carrying the three angels’ messages to the world. Among the subjects dealt with in this counsel are education, diet, home and family, evangelism, healthful living, practical Christianity, publishing, and medical work. ChL 1.1

Seventh-day Adventist school teachers and church leaders have discovered that materials for their classes almost always can be enriched by choice quotations and gems of thought gathered from the published and unpublished writings of Ellen White. Thus, in 1973 and 1974, when preparations were being made to conduct a series of Christian Leadership Seminars, the secretary of the White Estate and the director of the seminars collaborated in preparing a booklet of Ellen White counsels on Christian Leadership. ChL 1.2

The booklet was widely used and much appreciated. However, after a number of years, when the Leadership Seminars were no longer being conducted on a regular basis, the booklet was allowed to go out of print. It was assumed that it had served its purpose and would not be reissued. However, demand for it has continued. To meet the demand, we now offer this new edition. We send it forth with a prayer that its counsels may bless and strengthen the men and women whom God has placed in positions of responsibility in His church. ChL 1.3

The Board of Trustees of the

Ellen G. White Estate

Washington, D. C.,

March 1, 1985. Reprinted September, 1995.