Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6


Church Officers and Workers

Great care should be exercised in selecting officers for the new churches. Let them be men and women who are thoroughly converted. Let those be chosen who are best qualified to give instruction, those who can minister both in word and in deed. There is a deep-seated necessity for work in every line. 6T 85.2

Never allow the interest to flag. Devise methods that will bring a deep and living interest into the new churches. All connected with the church should feel an individual responsibility. All should work to the utmost of their ability to strengthen the church and make the meetings so full of life that outsiders will be attracted and interested. All should feel it a sin to let the interest wane when we have such sacred, solemn truths from the living oracles to repeat over and over again. Impress upon all the necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the sanctification of the members of the church, so that they will be living, growing, fruit-bearing trees of the Lord's planting. 6T 85.3

God calls for self-denying, self-sacrificing workers. Those who devote their God-given time to hunting for souls, travailing for souls, watching for souls as they that must give an account, will obtain a rich experience. As they communicate the precious truths of God's word to others, their own hearts will be opened for the entrance of the word. They will be instructed by the Great Teacher. 6T 86.1

Christ has opened a fountain for the sinful, suffering world, and the voice of divine mercy is heard: “Come, all ye thirsting souls; come and drink.” You may take of the water of life freely. Let him that heareth say, Come; and whosoever will, let him come. Let every soul, women as well as men, sound this message. Then the work will be carried to the waste places of the earth. The scripture will be fulfilled: In that day the Lord shall open fountains in the valleys, and “rivers in the desert,” and “with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 41:18; 43:19, 20; 12:3. 6T 86.2