Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6


Set the Church Members to Work

Many who possess real ability are rusting from inaction because they do not know how to set themselves at work in missionary lines. Let someone who has ability lay out before these inactive ones the line of work they could do. Let small missions be established in many places to teach men and women how to use and thus increase their talents. Let all understand what is expected from them, and many who are now unemployed will become true laborers. 6T 432.1

The parable of the talents should be explained to all. The members of the churches should be made to understand that they are the light of the world, and according to their several ability the Lord expects them to enlighten and bless others. Whether they are rich or poor, great or humble, God calls them into active service for Him. He depends upon the church for the forwarding of His work, and He expects His professed followers to do their duty as intelligent beings. There is great need that every trained mind, every disciplined intellect, every jot of ability, be brought into the work of saving souls. 6T 432.2

Do not pass by the little things and look for a large work. You might do successfully the small work, but fail utterly in attempting a larger work and fall into discouragement. Take hold wherever you see that there is work to be done. It will be by doing with your might what your hands find to do that you will develop talents and aptitude for a larger work. It is by slighting the daily opportunities, neglecting the little things, that so many become fruitless and withered. 6T 432.3

There are ways in which all may do personal service for God. Some can write a letter to a far-off friend, or send a paper to one who is inquiring for truth. Others can give counsel to those who are in difficulty. Those who know how to treat the sick can help in this line. Others who have the necessary qualifications can give Bible readings or conduct Bible classes. 6T 433.1

The very simplest modes of work should be devised and set in operation among the churches. If the members will unitedly accept such plans, and perseveringly carry them out, they will reap a rich reward; for their experience will grow brighter, their ability will increase, and through their efforts souls will be saved. 6T 433.2