Testimonies for the Church, vol. 7



Our periodicals have been offered for a limited time on trial at a very low figure; but this has failed of accomplishing the object designed—to secure many permanent subscribers. These efforts are made at considerable expense, often at a loss, and with the best of motives; but if no reduction in price had been made, a greater number of permanent subscribers would have been obtained. 7T 159.2

Plans have been made for lowering the prices of our books, without making a corresponding change in the cost of production. This is an error. The work should be kept on a paying basis. Let not the prices of books be lowered by special offers which may be termed inducements or bribes. God does not approve of these methods. 7T 159.3

There is a demand for low-priced books, and this demand must be met. But the right plan is to lessen the cost of production. 7T 159.4

In new fields, among ignorant or partially civilized peoples, there is great need of small books presenting the truth in simple language and abundantly illustrated. These books must be sold at a low price, and the illustrations must, of course, be inexpensive. 7T 160.1