Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1


Testimonies for the Church Volume One

Preface to Fourth Edition

The many printing impressions necessary to meet the continual and ever-widening distribution of the Testimonies for the Church have worn out the printing plates. To meet the demand for these volumes so vital to the welfare of the church, it has been necessary to reset the type. This and succeeding printings will be made from the new plates. 1T ii.1

The paging of this, the fourth edition, conforms to that of the preceding edition in use for so many years. The reader will welcome the scripture index and the enlarged General Index which appear in each volume. These have been expanded to harmonize with the general Index to the Writings of Mrs. Ellen G. White. 1T ii.2

Many years have passed since these messages were penned. As a knowledge of the circumstances and issues often aid to a better understanding of the messages to the church, the reader will find in each volume a brief statement of the background of the times spanned by the volume. A few appendix notes will also be of service to the reader who may be unfamiliar with the circumstances which called for counsel from the Lord. These statements were prepared by the Trustees of the Ellen G. White publications. 1T ii.3

The messages in this new reset edition are reproduced without change or editing, except for such slight adjustments as were necessary to make the new printing conform to current forms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There have been no additions or deletions. 1T ii.4

That the testimony counsels which have blessed, guided, and guarded the church may continue in this God-appointed service in this new edition is the sincere wish of the publishers and— 1T ii.5

The Trustees of the

Ellen G. White Publications.

May 1, 1947.