The Life Boat, vol. 5

May 1902

“The Better Self” The Life Boat 5, 5, p. 107.



THERE is a true self in every man as well as a false self. When the prodigal son was away from his home feeding hogs, and was so hungry that he was willing to pick up the husks that the hogs had sucked the juice out of and see if he could not wring some more out of them, when he looked at himself he came to himself. Ah! He came to himself. There is a true man in a man always. There is a true self in every man—the divine part that God has created in man to glorify Him. The divine destiny that God has set for every soul that ever comes into this universe is that he shall be conformed to the image of God, that he shall be like Jesus Christ. There is a better self, but too often the other self has taken the precedence. This other self has become the throne of Satan, and is rejoicing against the better self, compelling the better self to drag along in the way of the evil self. But some men reach that point where God can call them to their better selves. LIBO May 1902, page 107.1

And do not forget that when that men, sitting there watching those hogs, came to himself, the first thing that he said, was, ‘I will arise and go to my father.” Do not forget that the first thing that the better self recognizes instantly, as soon as it awakes and gets its eyes opened, is the Father. LIBO May 1902, page 107.2

God sends you and me with a message to open men’s eyes, to bring them to themselves, by whatever means, by whatever ministration it may be, that will bring a man face to face with himself and get him to see himself and come to himself; and then we may always be sure that there is this word in his heart, “I will arise and to go my Father.” LIBO May 1902, page 107.3