Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9


Chapter 34—In Humility and Faith

[Read at the Los Angeles, California, camp meeting, August 15-31, 1907, and afterward published in the tract, Jehovah is Our King.]

Special instruction has been given me for God's people, for perilous times are upon us. In the world, destruction and violence are increasing. In the church, man power is gaining the ascendancy; those who have been chosen to occupy positions of trust think it their prerogative to rule. 9T 270.1

Men whom the Lord calls to important positions in His work are to cultivate a humble dependence upon Him. They are not to seek to embrace too much authority; for God has not called them to a work of ruling, but to plan and counsel with their fellow laborers. Every worker alike is to hold himself amenable to the requirements and instructions of God. 9T 270.2