The Home Missionary, vol. 4

The Home Missionary, Vol. 4 (1892)


April 1892

“Actions Relating to Foreign Fields” The Home Missionary, 4, 4, p. 83.


The Board of Foreign Missions held its spring meetings last month, to consider the situation of the work in foreign lands, and to plan for its best advancement. This reports from the different missions were encouraging, and the calls that come for the Board to authorize the entering of many favorable openings, show that the way is prepared before us for still greater things to be accomplished. It is the duty of the Board at these meetings to look over the ground from the standpoint of the funds and workers available for foreign missions, and decide in which direction Providence most urgently calls for the work to be advanced. A summary of some of the recommendations of the Board will be of interest to our readers. It was recommended,— HOMI April 1892, page 83.1

That Elder E. J. Waggoner, before taking up his work in London, attend the annual Conference meetings in Scandinavia and Central Europe, to be held in June and early July. HOMI April 1892, page 83.2