The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress


Scoffers Put on Ascension Robes

On the 22nd of October, 1844, the day the twenty-three hundred days terminated, at Paris, Maine, while the believers were assembled in the house of worship, engaged in solemn prayer to God, in expectation that the Lord would come that day, the scoffing mockers gathered around the house, singing songs in burlesque. Two of these rowdies put on long white robes and climbed upon the house top, sang songs, and mocked those in the house who were praying and waiting for the Lord to come. GSAM 181.2

It is probable that from this circumstance originated the falsehoods circulated about Adventist’s putting on ascension robes; for notwithstanding advent papers have offered rewards as high a $500 for one authentic instance where an Adventist put on an ascension robe in 1844, and thus waited for the Lord to come, not one case has ever been produced. GSAM 181.3