EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Word of God, Words of God (Part 3 of 3)

by own theories (righteousness of Christ) FW 66:3

instead of being judged by it LHU 106:3

judgment by, not of HP 132:4; RC 113:4

judgment shows importance of having studied UL 272:3

keep, with you and memorize HP 138:4

kneel with, and ask for enlightenment 1MCP 92:2


is nothing without knowing HP 137:3

of God is from 2MCP 737:4

true, gained by searching TDG 43:3

knowledge from,

desired while time lasts SW 47:0

is best LHU 111:3

is firmer, more consistent, broader HP 135:5

not gained because of disobedience UL 103:2

knowledge of,

a privilege UL 37:4

antidote for poisonous insinuations OHC 202:3

builds trust in God UL 348:4

by earnest prayer; then do the Word TDG 82:3

essential for those who pledge to obey UL 224:5

happiness from, in temptation FLB 8:2

has special importance at present time OHC 276:5

in these days of error OHC 37:3

increased by canvassing PM 287:3

instead of novels RC 243:8

is imperishable Mar 63:6

near close of time TMK 347:5

needed above all other TMK 192:5

needed by workers UL 58:3

safeguards against deception OHC 210:3

superficial, not enough TMK 10:2

to be practical UL 169:3

to be shared, 3SM 258:2

to give truth UL 379:6

to trace prophecy of advent TMK 348:5

union with God through practice and HP 345:2

labor is a clear topic in TDG 33:4

language in, is pure and excellent; lessons UL 215:5

last generation receives treasures of 3SM 339:1

learn to search UL 371:2

learner, true, regards, as God’s voice TDG 169:2

leaves of tree of life TDG 12:2


given in, to govern life and conduct 3SM 31:3

of, many do not seek to understand OHC 275:2

yet to be found in TMK 198:4

life, UL 318:3

affected by; understand bearing HP 159:5

guided best by, even in temporal affairs LHU 130:2

insurance policy UL 78:4

is to have UL 213:7

of true Christian represented in HP 144:2

ruled by HP 223:4

(spiritual) from, if faithfully received TDG 285:3

(spiritual) sustained by HP 134:5

lifeblood of the soul 3SM 29:2

lifework to heed, and make calling sure HP 299:3


and guide, only reliable UL 274:4

from every letter of, fresh and important TDG 346:3

from one text of, illuminates another OHC 207:5

from the throne shines into heart opened to OHC 31:5

has not been given to replace 2MCP 783:1

in darkness TDG 194:4

shines on every page of TDG 174:3

to avoid strange paths HP 132:2

light from,

benefits only as truth is obeyed TDG 293:3

draws to Him; none to interpose between TDG 308:7

for our path FLB 7:3

leads to holiness TDG 281:3

shines UL 58:4

shines on SDAs HP 314:2

to heart open to receive OHC 202:5

light on,

given to be shared UL 58:3


by angels when we study it 1MCP 92:2

by books Ellen White gave away PM 394:2

shows as tinged with gold RC 128:2

listen as for your life to UL 50:2

listening to truths of, not enough OHC 21:5

literature of present day makes, uninteresting TMK 196:2

living by, with Christ’s grace working for others TSB 261:3

loud cry countered by false interpretation of 3SM 410:1

love communicated through UL 104:2

love of, lost by interest in women and girls TSB 168

lust cut away by TMK 199:2

made effective only by Him 3SM 269:4

make, your guide TMK 346:4

making, our counselor saves from Satan’s delusions 1MCP 323:5

man of counsel to true saints UL 322:5

manna to the believer; promises are life and peace 2MCP 513:4

marriage happiness in conforming to LYL 15:2

material chosen for publication in light of PM 205:1

meaning of, opened in heaven by Christ UL 197:7

meat and drink for Daniel and friends RC 143:4

meditation on,

considering salvation OHC 113:5

displaces cravings HP 161:5

safety in TDG 292:2

thinking about salvation 2MCP 406:1

memorizing passages of, LDE 67

for time of temptation FLB 8:5; OHC 88:5

while walking LHU 261:2

memory not the means of passing down UL 52:2


of Christ to His heritage HP 132:2

to be obeyed HP 134:3

to soul as a voice from heaven OHC 210:4


directed to, rather than to people 3SM 374:3

expanded by studying OHC 35:4, 106:4

greatest, (intellects) bewildered without UL 156:4

invigorated and strengthened by OHC 277:4

of another not sufficient for receiving LHU 261:4

open to receive impressions from FLB 18:3

strengthened by, HP 135:4

in schools for the colored SW 49:1

to be enlightened regarding UL 76:4

to dwell on, to understand His requirements TDG 128:5


by, to grapple with deepest problems FLB 223:4

to dwell on; not to wander 1MCP 95:3; 2MCP 659:1; OHC 88:5


to apply, instead of appealing to feeling VSS 341:2

to carry, to those outside the church UL 264:3

to explain, not to seek to control consciences 2MCP 709:1

to hold up, to others TDG 119:4

to keep under the discipline of TDG 73:4

to study and preach; avoid storytelling VSS 273:2

who have not become men of TSB 196:1

wrest, from its true meaning TDG 179:5

ministry of,

Christ’s life was a living TDG 283:2

through books from press in Nashville PM 192:3

misconceptions of, by how it is taught TDG 112:3

misquoted to substantiate error; Satan’s example UL 338:2

misunderstood easily on first perusal TDG 43:3

more of, needed; truth needed on every point TDG 369:3

motive tested by FLB 18:3

nature is in harmony with UL 278:4

necessity of searching, not realized by many HP 133:2

needed daily to keep renewed heart sweet OHC 215:2

neglect of,

following world, is loss beyond estimate FW 43:1

for novel or storybook HP 309:2

for other books HP 134:3

in preference to the Holy Spirit TMK 195:2

neutralized in spiritual blindness TMK 256:4

nights in investigation of, after passing of time CET 193:1

nourishment and strength by partaking daily of RC 128:4

novels and stories destroy love for HP 215:4

obedience contrasted with disobedience in RC 132:7

obedience to / conformity to / heeding / following,

by many in last days 3SM 422:4

by sisters reforming themselves before others 3SM 254:6

for conformity to God’s image 3SM 291:3

for fitness for heaven OHC 338:2

instead of human opinions OHC 207:3

is harmony with the law FW 95:2

is sanctification; it is our guide FW 122:0

is to know Jesus receives and loves you TMK 41:4

ministers to give food for experience in 3SM 188:3

regardless of what friends may say RC 379:6

required if it is to profit the soul TDG 127:5

results of neglecting UL 65:5

shows love for Sent of God TDG 142:2

to the very letter OHC 204:3

obligation of sharing, with neighbors HP 331

obtain not through another mind HP 134:5

older children help educate younger ones in RC 249:6


guide taken by pioneers; keep this position PM 30:2

remedy for people or nations TDG 232:2

true guide in faith and practice OHC 31:4


as hearers able to bear VSS 97:3

presenting it with love for souls UL 16:7

to a few neighbors RC 229:7


influence interpretation of; same for testimonies 3SM 82:3

own, in reading UL 125:6

opposition will subside as, is held forth TDG 60:6


drawn to, by those with present truth TMK 316:3

told of UL 344:3

overcoming, provision for, found in HP 219:3


carry out purpose in, for their children TDG 293:2

should embody principles of HP 212:4

passages/portions of,

books needed with PM 313:2

explain other parts OHC 207:5

memorize 2MCP 659:1

read and memorize while walking HP 138:4

teaching only TDG 112:3

to be studied for meaning LHU 261:2

path to Paradise clearer as we study UL 54:2

Paul rejoiced to suffer for, and testimony of Jesus CC 352:4

peace from acceptance of, and having received pardon FW 108:1

people from every class are to study SW 46:1

person, godly, perfected by HP 133:2

peruse diligently, willing to accept truth HP 134:3


of cloud by day and of fire by night FLB 20:8

to those following Christ TDG 188:4

plagues begin and despisers of, search the earth Mar 264:4

plain teachings of, lost by spiritualizing UL 316:6

plainest statements of, finally ignored after continued yielding TDG 89:2

pleasure as well as duty in being governed by 1MCP 366:1

possessing, while unsanctified HP 332:3

possibilities opened to youth who claim promises of TMK 159:4


accompanies proclamation of; avoid fanaticism 3SM 375:7

as we practice it UL 30:3

of, (divine weapons) against enemy FLB 8:2

of, needed; it is bread of life 2MCP 783:2

source for us HP 134:4


as well as reading; refuse gossip 2MCP 439:4

in life if heart is touched by Spirit OHC 203:2

seldom done but only remedy for world TDG 232:2


for truth from HP 350:3

for understanding to discern OHC 279:3

for wisdom in accordance with TDG 151:3

in vain without compliance with UL 22:5

preach and practice; then souls will be converted VSS 306:0


but not acting by UL 89:6

effectively requires effort UL 258:2

instead of human ideas as last message TDG 119:3

oddities in, weakens its impression TDG 359:4

precious Book FLB 20:8

precious to those having a relationship with God HP 95:5


for any human experience LHU 130:2

for crisis by living by OHC 355:4

for this world and the next HP 135:5

prescribed by Great Physician OHC 255:6

prescription in, for spiritual ailments OHC 36:2

present, before Him asking to be taught FW 56:2

present truth from, instead of human theory TDG 296:4

presentation of,

Ellen White prayed for clarity in TMK 141:2

from certainty of experience TDG 72:3

methods for clarity in VSS 236

people favored by UL 304:4

plain, removes obstacles UL 265:2

publicly and in families TMK 210:4

principle is basis of action when guide is TMK 196:4

principles of,

and investigation as brothers 3SM 165:2

apply to every circumstance of life OHC 36:4

as well as particulars in UL 187:3

brought into daily life TDG 254:5

control by UL 74:3

disapproval of departure from TMK 128:4

in the soul not same as reading it HP 109:2

not discerned in noisy false revival Mar 234:3

omnipotent like its Author OHC 35:2

put stamp upon character OHC 31:5

safeguard in trial and temptation FLB 7:4; HP 133:5

stand firm to UL 254:4

to be the foundation of piety HP 349:4

trivial ideas allowed to replace 1MCP 353:1

principles of heaven revealed in those who study HP 311:5

privilege to obey, as a transformed soul OHC 40:6

privileges and duties to be seen in TMK 114:5

professed Christians who do not,

believe OHC 354:2

do TMK 118:2

prominence, greater, must be given to TMK 343:2

promises (rich) in HP 80:5

prosperity in all relations of life influenced by HP 135:2

protects against attacks of Satan OHC 31:4

proving all positions by, rejecting the Testimonies 3SM 83:3

provisions for humanity laid open in TMK 204:2


in, unattainable without God’s assistance RC 78:6

taught by preaching LHU 297:3

purposes of: warning, reproof, encouragement, etc. 1MCP 92:2

questioning LHU 106:2

questions in, show weakness of boasted wisdom 3SM 310:2

quoted in tempting Christ HP 255:2

reaching for standard of character revealed in OHC 204:2


and contemplating, as audience with the Most High HP 134:2

and memorizing; thought also necessary OHC 205:2

as human writing AG 251:5

casually is not safe OHC 35:3

does not accomplish good; God does FLB 18:3

hastily benefits little; study for meaning HP 138:4; LHU 261:2

is not enough LHU 111:7, 114:2

may not reveal its beauty and meaning HP 138:4

to be inspired by the Holy Spirit HP 138

with open heart; interpret carefully TDG 43:2

without trying to understand Christ’s lessons PM 68:2

reading that absorbs minds and diverts from PM 168:7

reality (living) of, causes learner to tremble TDG 169:2

reality of story read from, inspired Ellen White at age 11 VSS 392

reasoning not condemned by NL 56:0


and following, is eating and drinking Christ FLB 22:2

as the oracle of God HP 134:2

believing, and acting upon it daily RC 128:8

refused; His law, refused; enactments oppose it TDG 84:2

rejection of,

because unable to explain God by science 3SM 307:1

for impressions opens to Satan FW 53:2

under pretense of loving Jesus TDG 299:4

relationships with people discussed in, unappreciated TDG 274:2

reliance on, See Word of God, dependence on

religion of,

not self-serving TMK 100:2

true HP 142:3


life a strain when, considered a burden TMK 118:4

teachers blind to truth in TDG 164:3

remedy for spiritual diseases OHC 36:2

remnant people identified in; resist doubt 1MCP 95:4

repeating, brings deeper affirmative power HP 297:2

replacement of, not made by added light 3SM 29:2

requirements of,

meeting UL 230:2

none live up to, because of unbelief RC 307:2

obligation to understand TMK 297:2

plain; will we comply? TDG 94:2

research in,

infinity beyond all TMK 194:4

solemn and sacred work TDG 43:3

revealed in character UL 215:5

revelation of His will RC 101:4

reverence for, OHC 205:2

as fast as it is opened 3SM 203:3

avoiding cheap talk TDG 22:7

needed when opening it UL 368:2

revision or endorsement of, attempted UL 35:5

righteousness of Christ pledged by FW 109:0

rule of practice UL 348:2

rules of, in heart and life RC 305:5

safeguards against,

delusions HP 349:2

false teachers and devils Mar 156:2


from deception in living by 3SM 199:1

in accepting, as it reads Mar 156:4

in cherishing, in temptation TDG 232:3

in obeying OHC 277:5

in receiving entire OHC 210:4

in studying 3SM 359:4

in trusting and obeying TDG 247:4


clear enough from, without knowing all HP 105:3

depends on receiving the engrafted UL 50:2

through OHC 210:5


accomplished through RC 101:3

claimed by some who stop ears to FW 121:2; 3SM 204:1

power of, in UL 269:2

sanctified ones will reverence, as it is opened FW 121:1

sanctuary cleansing is time to study, for character RC 296


beguiles us without a thorough knowledge of Mar 95:3

contradicted, in Eden Con 13:3

not understood by many who profess to believe HP 309:2

quoted only partial verse HP 255:3

vanquished by OHC 31:4

satisfaction from eating from TMK 201:3


needed for training in harmony with CET 197:1

should teach mind to dwell on truth of 1MCP 53:0


aids in understanding God with, as guide 3SM 310:4

“discoveries” thought more credible than 3SM 306:2

is to be tested by; LHU 60:4

science in it 3SM 307:3

of pure Christian life is learned from 1MCP 11:2, 189:1

searcher of, Spirit of God connects with HP 133:3


and accepted if importance understood HP 134

and making part of self HP 248:4

brings only safety in Christ HP 258:6

claimed unnecessary by some FW 52:0

diligently, HP 132:5

not as a book among many TDG 127:5

first work TMK 327:3

for full meaning OHC 205:2

for instruction UL 87:3

for meaning UL 52:5

for ourselves to find strength to stand TDG 320:6

individually to understand redemption TMK 206:4

instead of,

church fathers UL 52:2

spending time on stories OHC 202:5

keep Christ crucified in mind while TMK 208:2

learn of Christ’s life and works from RC 138:2

mistake discerned by, and by Holy Spirit TMK 239:4

not desired by those who love error TDG 221:2

prayerfully is first work TDG 85:5

prepares us to receive light OHC 315:5

required in meeting the divine standard TMK 77:2

reveals truth hidden from careless seekers OHC 205:2

shows us our relation to Christ RC 318:3

to avoid deception UL 316:5

to communicate truth; talents are trusts TDG 200:6

to find standard to be reached RC 114:4

to know the Pattern TMK 158:2

when errors arise; standing for truth FW 86:2

with contrition when desiring sanctification FW 122:0

with your companion; Holy Spirit helps TDG 234:3

seeing, as beauty ourselves before sharing it TMK 172:3


-examination in light of TMK 298:2

-sacrifice and humility in harmony with SW 47:2

seen in the light of, restores to God and self 1MCP 228:4

-sufficiency emptied from soul by AG 248:5

selfishness protected against by UL 274:4

separation from the world as required by FLB 221:6; TMK 150:2

serving God with the heart is dwelling on truths in TMK 94:5

setting and time during writing of, important UL 96:4

share comfort from, with struggling souls TDG 265:4

sharing of HP 67:5


committed by surprise for failure to study HP 136:2

revealed by,

instead of haughty spirit UL 270:4

leaving no excuse for ignorance TMK 255:6

sinners refuse to be enlightened by UL 297:5

skeptics read, for the sake of caviling 3SM 308:1

skimming, is of little advantage UL 368:2

slighted by some UL 19:3

song and study of redeemed throughout eternity TMK 192:4

speak from, without mingling own passions VSS 241:1

speech and work compared with VSS 133:1

speech warned about in; least heeded VSS 34:4


and life to those who appropriate it OHC 209:3

within to be tested by TMK 195:3

spiritual life sustained by LHU 261:4

spoken as well as written HP 134:2

springs of truth, peace, and joy found in OHC 205:4


firmly and unmovably upon platform of TMK 357:3

on, taken despite disappointments HP 120:7

taken by those with, brought into mind TDG 131:3


and guide OHC 204:4

for Christians; (Word of life) TDG 120:5

for youthful minds; better than harsh word RC 176:2

of character in OHC 205:3, 276:4

of, life to be governed by 1MCP 366:1

of, not reached by some claiming to love Jesus TDG 299:3

of right and wrong FLB 7:4; HP 133:5

of righteousness HP 134:3

revealed in HP 142:2

stands fast through eternity UL 318:3

store mind with, for some day you may be isolated FW 57:0


and peculiar interpretations of, coming UL 316:4

sentences of, to please the fancy UL 316:6

strength, FLB 22:6

from, in our schools 3SM 227:2

from, trusted people may fall 3SM 411:4

(vigor) infused to the soul by UL 335:8


educated to explain UL 86:2

of, discern pretext to ensnare FW 45:2

of, see exalted standard TDG 81:6

who accept common ideas in the place of 1MCP 196:1

study book UL 215

study of, LHU 111; TDG 265:7

additional light is not to replace 3SM 29:2

(and following it) neglected RC 208:5

and made a part of our lives HP 132:2

and prayer,

are required for wisdom TMK 194:4

until understanding is opened HP 277:3

and testimonies; make it your counselor 3SM 32:3

appreciation grows with LHU 130:8

as never before TDG 56:2

beholding Christ in TMK 195:4

cherishing and HP 138:3

cleansing from sin by, and truth welcomed TMK 281:4

closely to present it with fervor TMK 212:3

comparing scripture with scripture 1MCP 92:2

complete in Christ by, and acceptance HP 135:5

consolation and valuable experience from TDG 292:5

conversions result thorough TDG 18:4

daily, LDE 66:0

with prayer; obey truth at any cost TDG 319:6

dangers of last days a topic for HP 97:3

deeper; righteousness of Christ in the law 3SM 170:4

desiring spiritual power 3SM 203:2

determined interest in OHC 35:3

different from that of other books HP 138:2

diligent; thank Him for it and for Spirit 3SM 359:2

diligently; promises; instruction LHU 127:5


bread of heaven RC 128:3

flesh and drinking blood of Christ TMK 202:3

enables witness when accused OHC 355:3

faith in God and truth established by TDG 204:3

fasting and prayer with TDG 150:6

fitted for heaven by, and obedience UL 246:5

for right actions; harmony with the law FW 95:2

for strength to reflect God’s glory RC 37:5

help fills soul with light from OHC 36:5

help of God for; do not trust others FW 77:3

Holy Spirit must influence HP 138:2

importance of TMK 367:3; UL 75:5

in groups conversationally VSS 235

lives compared with principles by TDG 281:4

minds and characters better for HP 135:4

minds drawn from, by amusements OHC 284:2

more time needed in UL 101:2

neglect of,

by many UL 247:6

by youth in social gatherings UL 138:4

for worldly interest HP 133:2

reason Christ was crucified FW 77:2

not letting papal power interpret it FW 77:2

not philosophy in many books TMK 201:3

occasional glance not enough for UL 213:4

pleasures leave no time for RC 247:4

practice and, for sanctification TMK 306:2

provides safety in Christian walk OHC 212:6

purpose needed in HP 138:4

results of, listed Mar 120:3

safeguards against Satan HP 348:2; Mar 95:3

Satan employs every device to prevent Mar 156:2

scientifically does not reveal power to save OHC 203:2

set apart some portion of each day for HP 85:5

simplicity in UL 264:5

staying in the way by, and application UL 371:7

to be basic in our schools 1MCP 352:0

to understand abiding in Christ HP 277:3

views more comprehensive with HP 139:4

way to heaven known by TMK 357:3

with desire to gain spiritual power OHC 213:6

See also Word of God, searching

submit to, yielding wrong ideas SW 47:1

sure even though heaven and earth will pass away TDG 100:4

surprise from what mind can attain when studying 1MCP 95:2

tables occupied with, where now are ornaments PM 381:3

take, as it reads UL 316:6

talking too freely about things not understood in 3SM 165:3


daily TDG 281:2

if regarded as voice of God TDG 127:3

teacher of, character of, to represent truth TDG 146:4; TSB 82:1

teaching, SW 51:1

allowing slow learning VSS 235:2

constantly to your children 3SM 211:3

is not the same as living its principles HP 109:2

(opening to people); Satan’s work seen TDG 309:3

plainly UL 86:3

speech cultivated for VSS 24:3

study required for connected discourse in VSS 215:2

(unfold) to those in darkness TDG 271:2

with positive attitude UL 266:3

teachings of, not to be ignored or perverted TDG 188:4

temperance and health reform to be presented with 3SM 284:5

temperance exalted in 3SM 284:3

temptation resisted,

by referring tempter to 3SM 136:2

through LDE 67:2; OHC 14:5

met with OHC 95:2; UL 274:3

test by, of religion TMK 195:3

tests given in: law, Sabbath, etc. 3SM 287:1

textbook of young and old OHC 276:5

thankfulness for inspiration of UL 52:2

theatrical display does not strengthen belief in TDG 359:4


that undermine UL 88:2

without foundation in TDG 324:4

thinking ability improved by studying HP 133:4


elevated and faculties invigorated by truth HP 135:4

kept on UL 114:6

kept pure and holy by OHC 277:4

time for studying,

and in prayer HP 135:7

and practicing, concern about TDG 140:2

instead of dusting ornaments PM 381:3

lost when attention on world TMK 223:3

not found OHC 44:4

unavailable with mind on earth OHC 200:4

See also Word of God, searching

time in gratification might be used in studying TMK 322:3

transgressor of seventh commandment not in harmony with 3SM 53:1

treasure house of truth HP 133:2; OHC 207:6

treasures of,

as mine of truth UL 371:3

constant satisfaction from seeking TMK 216:4

(hidden) neglected by many ministers 1MCP 93:2

not found while seeking pleasure OHC 115:2

require digging PM 68:2

tree of life and word of salvation to the obedient TDG 120:2; UL 125:8

trust in, UL 176:5

for forgiveness HP 111:3

for salvation and stop bemoaning weakness HP 116:4

trustworthy; then why follow own independent way TDG 193:2


known by; many voices claim Christ FW 55:3

received by ones determined to understand PM 281:5

truth in,

about God; shining through TDG 124:3

accepted HP 105:3

and way to eternal life TDG 30:2

distinguished from counterfeit Mar 156:2

found by SDAs by searching HP 349:4

hearts and minds molded by TDG 369:6

lifetime of study would not exhaust OHC 115:2

(living) fits us for company of redeemed TDG 100:5

pray for OHC 37:2

principles underlying higher education TMK 188:3

stamped on the soul by the Holy Spirit Mar 107:4

supporters working for eternity TDG 131:3

takes root and changes preferences OHC 202:3

truths of,

grasped better with Christian advancement FLB 120:4

made effective by the living preacher PM 308:2

must be sensed and lived for salvation FW 32:1

old pastors turning from, at Battle Creek RY 78:4

Satan seeks to unsettle faith in HP 348:2

turn from evil not from OHC 37:4

turning souls from, because study neglected Con 25:0

unbelievers may reject, in ignorance UL 96:3

unchangeableness of, may be known UL 52:3

understanding of,

aided by angels SW 47:0

easy FLB 20:8

enlarged by studying 1MCP 93:2

for workers from all occupations PM 278:2

found in comparing Scripture TDG 43:3

helped by established ones LHU 114:4

in higher sense in heaven 3SM 316:2

incomplete but clarified in heaven Mar 317:7

increases as light is shared HP 139:3

increased by the Holy Spirit OHC 154:2

just begun after lifetime TMK 7:2

made difficult by false teachers UL 80:3

minimal; proclaim a fast and study TDG 150:6

poor; publish more than stories PM 212:3

prayer for OHC 150:4; TMK 141:2

proportional to clarity of truth 1MCP 95:1

requires research and reflection OHC 205:2

requires knowing God’s will OHC 35:2

sought on knees UL 101:2

thoroughly; hear and follow FW 56:1

to be opened by ministers 3SM 188:2

unfolds before those presenting Bible subjects TDG 229:3

unity in,

diversity of; some treat with indifference 1MCP 53:1

understanding of, conditions for 3SM 167:5

unity when soul owns the power and authority of TDG 372:4

unnecessary according to some who believe God leads them FW 55:2

unpopularity of plain commands of Con 69:0

use of,

compared to investing money UL 205:6

with earnestness UL 16:6

utterances of the Most High, not mere sentiment 1MCP 98:2


above all earthly possessions UL 103:4

by those crying for deliverance from Satan OHC 210:4

in intellectual culture TMK 8:3

veil over readers of, who believe law abolished at crucifixion TDG 246:2

venture out on UL 339:5

verse of, concentrate on single HP 138:3

verses of, used out of context to sustain fallacies TDG 126:4

visions established correct understanding of 3SM 38:2


educated to communicate a knowledge of RC 243:7

from, gives instruction and life 2MCP 784:1

from, pronounces humble sinner complete in Christ FW 107:4

of God, FLB 21:5

as much as if we could hear Him HP 134:2

to His people HP 132:5

used to honor and adore TMK 345:3

warnings in,

needed; also encouragements 2MCP 700:2

to be voiced and heeded UL 143:3

water (living) springs up in all who receive TDG 300:2

way considered prayerfully when mind is open to TMK 251:3

way of attaining holy faith and pure character VSS 340:1

wealth loved more than truths of HP 301:2

weapon of those knowing truth TMK 129:3

wellspring of wisdom TMK 202:3

will of God declared in, to be carried out TDG 78:2

will-worship will mislead all not established on FW 51:1

wisdom from,

above taught as important in TDG 254:5

and power realized by searching TMK 8:4

if studied with prayer UL 52:5

infidel authors placed above TDG 217:5

instead of following infatuation LYL 83:3


from colored SW 48:1

like keeping bread from starving neighbors HP 331:2

without, we would have false theories 2MCP 742:3

without rival OHC 35:2

witnesses tell message of, arousing understanding TDG 308:6

words not slanderous or foolish by those feeding on VSS 145:3

work God has given shown in UL 190:3

workers encouraged to continue to live and preach TDG 49:4

wrested by some believing they have a special work TDG 172:2

writer and speaker to concentrate on PM 223:0

writers of,

had different experiences improving it PM 100:2

meaning not all understood by LHU 115:5


to give close study to HP 215:5

to know and follow AG 35:6

to weave, into practical life OHC 309:3

See also Christ, words of; Communication; God, counsel of; God, oracles of; God, wisdom of; Heaven, bread from; New Testament; Old Testament; Revelation, words of; Scriptures