EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Word, Words (Part 2 of 2)

Satan can hear our MYP 328

Satan marks our 1SM 122

sown as seed 5T 118

spirit of truth and righteousness should control TM 248

spirit that accompanies, may make them savor of death unto death 6T 122

subject every, to Christ’s will GW 447

take, and return to God 2T 92

telling power exerted by PP 556; 5T 175

test of sincerity is not in COL 272

testify to what is in heart 1T 500; 2T 95

thoughts follow MH 252

thoughtless of his, man who was 5T 286

too guarded in, you cannot be 3T 378

true religion is ever distinctly seen in 4T 190

True Witness weighs our AH 438

twofold impression made by every 8T 172

undue stress that is laid upon, in interpretation of God-given cautions TM 250

unless men control their, they become slaves to Satan 1T 310

use of, in helping others MYP 125

watch your 3BC 1159

we do not have one, for each distinct idea 1SM 20

you can keep guard over your, only in Christ’s strength 3BC 1157

you may deny Christ by your 3T 332


abusive, See Words, harsh

acceptable, thoughts must be pure for OHC 113:2


for; lack of confidence in brethren VSS 57:2

for talent of VSS 16

for, spoken in presence of sinners PM 285:1


God does not put, into lips of His mouthpieces 2MCP 634:1

praise God instead of speaking VSS 152:0

spirit of Satan 2MCP 579:3

action with, makes them powerful; help busy worker PM 303:2

ambassadors of God must be example in UL 268:2

and actions, See Words and actions


are familiar with every RC 250:2

note our UL 59:2

provide, in working with souls LHU 209:2


avoided when yoked up with Christ VSS 147

kindle wrathful feelings, like making sparks HP 246:4

not spoken when Christ abides HP 99:4

of children, parents to wait to respond to RC 184:4

soul struggling hurt by TDG 238:7

appear different in judgment than when spoken 2MCP 494:2

appreciated and understood, desire of Ellen White to speak UL 236:2

appropriate, brought from the heart 2MCP 657:0

ashamed of, at coming of Christ VSS 150:1

attitude of catching others in their 2MCP 633:0

avoid speaking, that cast shadows UL 24:5

avoid, that will stir up strife OHC 274:4

blessing for others from TMK 218:2

blessing in pleasant, for speaker as well as hearer VSS 64:2

blunt, hurt UL 59:2

bullets to wound and destroy unless sitting with Christ 2MCP 578:4

carefulness with, VSS 123

prejudice in Southern field calls for SW 84:1

they show power controlling you 2MCP 579:3


evil from, may be more than lifetime can undo RC 292:8

fruit borne by, even though forgotten OHC 294:4

mother never to be spoken to with, before the children RC 178:5

when with unbelievers UL 342:2

caution in using, regarding the Southern field SW 72:1

character shown by LHU 148:2, 284:1

chastity in, remembering that God knows TMK 140:2


earthly, as strange fire; God does not approve TMK 138:2

hinder prayers and knowledge of love of God VSS 127:2

put away VSS 156:2


are returned to us 2MCP 758:3

bless speaker as well as receiver OHC 294:5

spoken will not hurt soul struggling for heaven TDG 238:7

children’s angry, dealt with by a time of silence FLB 265:4

choose, well to be a blessing to the church TDG 245:6


(drawn to) by; He gives success in speaking HP 188:3

in the heart revealed in VSS 123:2

never spoke harsh or an unkind TDG 288:3

(not discouragement) is to influence OHC 312:3

recognized Satan by, not appearance Con 6

represented in TMK 198:4

revealed by; some peevish if others do not agree VSS 67:1

Christianity not evident from, of one following own way TSB 65:1

Christlikeness in, VSS 145:0

returns from seed of OHC 294:4

Christ’s example in using, would bring transformation OHC 291:4

clean, sanctified, vivifying and refreshing OHC 174:5

clothe, with love of Jesus because they may cut TDG 21:6

comforting, although inclined to speak otherwise VSS 131:1

communicating gift of God in TDG 85:4

comparison of, between those that feared God and those against Him VSS 149:1

compassion to be in, then Christ’s character revealed TDG 143:5

consider, before speaking; kindness HP 204:3; LYL 15:2

contentment and peace by controlling thoughts and HP 164:5

control of,

along with thoughts and imaginations OHC 336:3

by Holy Spirit to soften hearts RC 130:6

by training heart and thoughts 2MCP 656:3

when thoughts are controlled HP 164:5

conversion witnessed to by, if we draw light from glory FW 65:1

despondent, wrong to utter HP 275:3


sadness of others increased by 2MCP 492:5

we cannot afford HP 299:4

discourtesy in HP 180:4

dishonest, vestige of VSS 123:3

disorders in, restored only by Christ 2MCP 663:1

disparaging, not to be spoken to humble workers TDG 227:4

distinction in, has a convincing influence TMK 305:4

doubt or darkness not to be expressed in, when tempted OHC 319:4

earnestness and assurance in Christ’s VSS 92:4


for those tempted by habits LHU 129:5

inspire faith in other hearts TDG 75:5

light reflected to others by RC 235:2

reveal Christ’s righteousness in your soul RC 185:2

speak, in school of Christ TDG 339:3

spoken to fallen ones LHU 209:3

to the fallen HP 100:3

eternal life does not depend on, but on works TDG 73:4


avoid UL 237:3

from, may never be effaced; guard character weakness 2MCP 728:4

in meetings not to be argued with; repeat promises 3SM 410

press on Christ’s soul TMK 66:3

excited and exaggerated, affect the speaker TMK 137:2

expressing faith, courage, Christ’s love and His works UL 289:4


and hope inspired by OHC 295:5

is beyond; (human expression) OHC 117:2

few and well chosen LHU 273:3

fewer, and kind actions have a power for good TDG 70:6

filthy, avoid; clear rubbish from King’s highway 2MCP 582:4

fires hard to quench kindled by HP 174:3

foolish, See Words, trifling

force of, lost in long sermons VSS 233:0

formal, hearts not cheered by impersonal VSS 156:4

fragrance in HP 177:5; OHC 196:3

from God-given thoughts and feelings; (expressions) FW 27:0


by religion of Jesus HP 181:4

love in the heart brings VSS 146:2

soul winning requires PM 307:1

through the religion of Christ RC 305:5

when irritated, brings sunshine TSB 51:0

glorify God in TDG 104:4


glorified with; talk less and pray more VSS 121:3

hears, and knows the spirit that prompts them VSS 131:1

hears with pleasure, of those entering His kingdom LHU 284:5

wants, to be as fragrant as flowers LHU 73:8

godly, represent Christ UL 284:4

God’s acceptance of, requires pure thoughts 2MCP 657:2

good, bring peace HP 175:5

grace of Christ,

in heart shown by UL 239:5

leads to speaking right TDG 177:2

guarding, 2MCP 657:0

and attitudes, avoiding fanaticism; (expressions) 1MCP 42:0

and work for sinners TDG 70:5

God expects OHC 294:6

to avoid repeating Satan’s history UL 114:5

to establish faith in others TMK 153:5

trusting God and making peace TMK 185:5

when life is controlled by truth RC 112:7


Satan gives thoughts which become VSS 18:1

to both speaker and listeners are from Satan HP 174:4


angels never speak unkind or HP 180:2

avoid VSS 144:3

avoid being offended by UL 36:6

be silent when, are spoken 2MCP 522:2

child training better by prayer than by RC 185:4

Christian will not utter TDG 320:2

control by, provokes to wrath RC 176:2

for young or old, prompted by the enemy TDG 266:2

God is displeased with all who speak VSS 57:1

good is not accomplished by VSS 240:2

in meeting by one knowing the theory of truth 3SM 146:2

mar record in the books of heaven TDG 374:5

mother restrains, by effort RC 171:5

natural for humans to speak; door opened to Satan 1MCP 178:3

not to be among institutional workers HP 182:4

perverse things; (stinging) HP 174:2

response to, not to be uttered OHC 293:4

sparks on an inflammable temper UL 59:2

speak as Christ instead of using UL 75:6

that invite persecution VSS 240:1

truth presented avoiding; (irritating) VSS 241:3

used against the law but defects remain; (epithet) FW 31:4

wrong; we are standing in view of heaven 2MCP 803:4


cause miserable relationships UL 59:4

cease, and make a full surrender TDG 101:3

Christ offers victory over VSS 19:3

God’s work not to have dictatorial or HP 182:3

hurt others and us; not the intent of Col. 1:11 HP 246:2

impression of, may be impossible to remove UL 242:4

met in judgment VSS 45:1

wound souls, and especially the speaker OHC 274:3

hateful, worry about, unnecessary because God set us free RC 351:3


kept uplifted to God for right PM 307:1

revealed by VSS 19:1


pointed to when, reflect hope, praise and cheer RC 220:2

rejoices in, from testimony of believers VSS 149:1

holding to, even when false TDG 351:3

holy oil needed for, in prejudiced Southern field SW 91:3

Holy Spirit,

dictation by, of our TMK 327:2

influences, which subdue the heart TDG 359:5

shared by, only if learning from Christ PM 102:2

hope in, strengthens faith and fortifies against darkness TDG 92:5

human, not to be taken as from God UL 294:8

humility in, shown by Christlikeness in tenderness TMK 37:4

husband and wife to control impatience and fretfulness in TDG 335:4


eternal things kept in mind would preclude HP 299:3

habit of speaking, correct and repent of OHC 292:4

temptation to speak; foolish entertainment LHU 146:5

truth to be communicated instead of VSS 65:1


and unkind, heard by angels HP 99:4

baleful harvest of, families TMK 139:4

importance of spiritual strength and light in TMK 228:3

impressions made by, may be detrimental HP 175:2

impure or faultfinding VSS 14:2

inadequate to express truths of redemption 3SM 118:4

inclination must be overruled in choosing LHU 148:4

influence of, TMK 137:2, 138

for life with Christ dwelling within 2MCP 433:3

from Paul at his trial CC 355:5

impossible to counteract OHC 319:4; TMK 228:3

Isaiah’s, seemed vile to him RC 338:3

judgment is based on; words are seeds for good or bad 2MCP 577:2

kind, HP 181, 182

after death but bitter before UL 210:6

but never condoning evil 2MCP 579:2

children drawn to Christ through TDG 111:2

Christ in your heart is shown in OHC 239:3

help difficult people TDG 79:5

hopeful UL 329:5

husbands and wives to continue TDG 335:2

influence of, almost irresistible HP 180:5

pure and, if the Word of God is our counselor HP 132:2

respect and usefulness from UL 120:5

reward for those speaking; we are Christ’s ministers TDG 339:5

sickness or feeling out of sorts not to prevent VSS 132:3

that make for peace, richly rewarded OHC 102:5

the Spirit of Christ flows forth in OHC 238:3

we are here to prepare for future TDG 225:3

welcome as smiles of angels TDG 144:4

lack of, not experienced under rays from Sun of Righteousness TDG 115:5

lawsuit not justified by, to extort money 3SM 302:1

leaders to be like Christ in 2MCP 559:0

life-giving quality to be in VSS 144:5

light, of professed Christians RC 20:4

lightness not to be in (witticism) VSS 163:2

like apples of gold spoken by those who love Christ OHC 295:6

loving, honor the Saviour OHC 102:5

marriage partners to control impatient and fretful HP 206:5

meaning of, real through communion with God HP 72:4

meekness in speaking TDG 75:5

ministers provided with, when dead to self VSS 306:1

minister’s use of cheap; amusing stories VSS 273:1

mismanagement of, destroys souls; attitude important 2MCP 576:4

nonsensical, See Foolishness; Words, trifling

offensive, avoid; guard character RY 42:1

oil from the two olive branches to cover 2MCP 440:2

others affected by our, even more than we are TMK 137:3

others’, God’s thoughts toward you not changed by OHC 174:4

own, truth needed and less of TDG 369:3


a savor of death OHC 235:4

one who speaks, bears false witness OHC 235:5

Satan given advantage by VSS 138:1

patience in, may preach on the power of truth OHC 32:4

peace, grace and truth in TDG 258:6

pity in, for lost and straying ones UL 117:5


cost no more than unpleasant OHC 294:1; VSS 64:2

encouraging UL 179:2

from Christ’s representatives HP 321:5

home made most attractive place on earth by OHC 263:4

returned; look on the bright side 2MCP 573:1

reveal the Spirit of Christ in the heart TDG 357:6

spoken in the softening influence of grace TDG 332:3

pleasing to God, need for pledge promising to speak only OHC 291:3

power controlling heart shown by HP 174:5

power of,

for good or evil VSS 30:3

from John the Baptist; he flattered none VSS 358:2

heart of Jesus resulted in TSB 83:1

learning selection of words and tone for VSS 189:4

remembered in relating to others TDG 225:2

praise from (glorify God) in life as well as in meetings RC 220:4

pray for, to be a blessing; we will be blessed, too 2MCP 434:3

pronunciation of; emphasize appropriately VSS 184:2

proper, require adequate brain rest 2MCP 735:2


silent response to, until able to be pleasant VSS 65:0

stirring retaliation; (statements) 3SM 403:2


and kind, habit of speaking with 3SM 240:1

when heart is pure VSS 21:2

put away unbelieving, cheap, and common HP 175:5

quality to be shown in HP 326:5

(remarks), hurting, made at meeting Ellen White saw in a dream TDG 157:2

reproachful, react on own soul; train the tongue 2MCP 575:4

responsibility for, See Words, accountability for


from one striving to overcome TDG 102:3

to impress a soul if heart uplifted VSS 29:1

rugged, from heart are of great value TDG 26:2

sanctified lips speak elevating HP 321:3

scolding, See Scolding


by God, the world, angels and humans HP 155:7

for harvest OHC 294:4

self-concept affected by our own TMK 137:2

selfishness inspiring torrent of, like Jehu VSS 29:1

silent, in literature to impress minds PM 227:3


children taught about Jesus with, when young TMK 42:2

Christ explained kingdom of heaven with TMK 155:3

Christ used VSS 168:2

Jesus spoke, meeting needs of all; (common words) LDE 101:3

of John; power of truth for all classes VSS 365:2

presentation of truth in (prayer of Ellen White) TMK 141:2

simplicity in; Christ is coming TMK 141:4

sin never to be sanctioned by OHC 258:3


deception of; life reveals character TDG 244:5

Satan may come with OHC 132:5


given Christians who help the erring HP 100:2

Holy Spirit is present to speak TMK 171:5


gladly about Jesus OHC 338:3

of others TDG 284:4

only, which you would say in presence of Christ OHC 291:2

spiritual help given with wise, by those with grace PM 73:1


better than written (counsel to an individual) VSS 201:0

pray for effectiveness of the minister’s TMK 270:3

repeated by silent agents (tracts) PM 347:2

unadvisedly 3SM 404:0

unadvisedly, See also Words, hasty


one another with HP 174:7

or weaken faith OHC 296:3

subjected to God’s will by Christ’s strength RC 293:3

success from Christ in speaking, to draw to Him TDG 329:5


and harmony to come from your OHC 291:2

instead of gloom to be caused by VSS 45:2

sympathetic, persuasive eloquence OHC 295:5

sympathy of Christ in, power for good HP 225:2

talent of,

effective when accompanied by deeds TDG 244:3

in trust UL 298:4

tender, spoken by those found recorded in the book of life FLB 370:4

thoughtless, retract on the spot HP 182:4; TDG 332:4


(own) influenced by own, and words by thoughts VSS 52:3

produce, and words produce thoughts TMK 137:2

times we live in call for tenderness in VSS 207:1

tongue speaking perverse, or slang needs cleansing 2MCP 577:3

torrent of, in selfishness as with Jehu PM 307:1


avoided when with unbelievers LYL 26:4; OHC 300:3

not indulged when Christ is companion TMK 250:5

true to your HP 179:3

trustworthy, of Christian business person 2MCP 438:1; TDG 337:2


brings reformation of OHC 34:3

influences TMK 199:4

may flow in ways prepared by kind 3SM 258:2

professed is revealed by; store heart with good LHU 284:6


may take years to undo UL 280:3

reject influence to speak 2MCP 435:3

unchristlike, UL 22:4

fruit of unholy spirit working on the mind TDG 150:3

uncommon, not used by Christ TMK 50:3


avoid response to, unless pleasant TSB 50:4

better left unspoken OHC 229:6

healing for speaking TDG 225:6

leave unspoken HP 108:6

pray for rest in Jesus when tempted to speak TDG 225:6

proper response to RC 318:5

recorded in the book of heaven Mar 39:3

restrained VSS 47:0

self-control when hearing; pray TDG 70:5

See also Gossip; Ridicule

uplifting, when Christ’s love is in the soul HP 363:3


deny Christ; form of godliness VSS 65:2

show peace of God lacking VSS 31:1


and false, all written in God’s book OHC 283:3

dishonor God and endanger souls TMK 138:2

of proud self-sufficient ones 2MCP 793:1


of kind, and pleasant looks and courtesy 3SM 237:1

of, lacking in professed Christians HP 285:3

valueless unless in sincerity, accompanied by deeds TDG 244:3

victory over hasty un-Christlike, only in Christ HP 174:6

warn speaker of character-damaging VSS 126:1

weakening God’s workers with 3SM 344:4

weary and heavy laden led to Jesus by believer’s 1MCP 39:3

weigh, lest souls you try to help get injured TDG 265:3

wholesome, to be spoken TMK 137:5


and purity season VSS 22:0

in, when in harmony with God; thoughts controlled 2MCP 613:3

in using, not bringing on trials TDG 250

without guile, if one has spirit of Christ HP 180:3

witness of, weighed with the tenderness of Christ TDG 68:4

workers to have, as from a pure fountain PM 66:0

wound or heal OHC 233:3

wounds by harsh; avoid arguments VSS 143:2

written, See also Writing

youth learn to love, of the smooth tongued HP 172:4

See also Language; Lips; Speech; Talk; Tongue; Voice