EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

White, James Edson - Wife, Wives

White, James Edson

1. Biography

2. Miscellaneous

1. Biography

born at Rocky Hill, Conn., on July 28, 1849 LS 127; 2SG 116; 1T 87

six weeks old 2SG 116

at Lorraine, N.Y., late in 1849 2SG 121-2

sick late in 1849 2SG 121-2

at Volney, N.Y., late in 1849 2SG 122

at Oswego, N.Y., in spring of 1850 LS 131; 2SG 127

nine months old LS 131; 2SG 127-8

with Clarissa Bonfoey: in spring of 1850 LS 131

at North Brookfield, N.Y., in 1850 LS 135

sick at Centerport, N.Y., in 1850 LS 136

feeble in 1850 LS 135; 2SG 132

sick in summer of 1850 LS 136; 2SG 136

healed by prayer in 1850 LS 138; 2SG 136-7, 139

at Utica, N.Y., in 1850 LS 139; 2SG 141, 143

with Clarissa Bonfoey in Maine in 1851 LS 141; 2SG 152

at Saratoga Springs, N.Y., in 1851 LS 141; 2SG 152

sick with cholera at Rochester in 1852 LS 144-5; 2SG 165-6

three years old 2SG 165-6

sick in 1852 LS 144-5; 2SG 166-7

with parents but little prior to 1856 LS 165; 2SG 207, 211; 1T 102

at Battle Creek on Dec. 27, 1867 LS 178-9; 1T 653

letter of EGW on Dec. 27, 1867, to LS 178-81; 1T 653-63

birthday letter to, from EGW in 1868 2T 261-8

19 years old on July 28, 1868 2T 261-8

not with parents at Walling’s Mills, Colo., in August of 1878 4T 297-8

at Nashville, Tenn., in spring of 1909 LS 416

2. Miscellaneous 8T 131

cap and vest made for, on Jan. 6, 1859 WM 323

coat made for, on Jan. 2, 1859 WM 322

gift of 10 cents to needy person by WM 325

received little care from parents during first years LS 165; 2SG 211; 1T 102

wife of See White, Emma


and Emma, marriage counsel to LYL 15

dealing of, with retiring couple RY 77:2

editing of, simplifying articles of Ellen White PM 209:2

White, John Herbert

White, John Herbert, born at Battle Creek on Sept. 20, 1860 LS 165; 2SG 294a; 1T 102-3, 244

when three weeks old 2SG 294a; 1T 244

erysipelas afflicted, in November 2SG 295a; 1T 245-6

ill 24 days 2SG 296; 1T 245

died at Battle Creek on Dec. 14, 1860 LS 165, 253; 2SG 296; 2SM 258-9; 1T 102-3, 246

buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek 2SG 296; 1T 246

White, Mary K.

White, Mary K. LS 221, 255; 4T 276

affliction of, in 1889-90 2SM 246-50

comforting words for 2SM 250

EGW’s daughter-in-law LS 221; 4T 276

wife [first] of Wm. C. White 2SM 246-50; 8T 131

White, Nathaniel

1. Biography

2. Miscellaneous

1. Biography

with JW and EGW at Rochester, N.Y., late in 1852 LS 146-7; 2SG 173

died at Rochester, N.Y., on May 6, 1853, at age of 22 LS 147-8; 2SG 173-8, 194-5

buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, N.Y. LS 156; 2SG 194

2. Miscellaneous

truth accepted by 2SG 173-4

JW’s brother LS 146-7; 2SG 173

White, William

White, William 1T 664

White, William C.

1. Biography

2. Miscellaneous

1. Biography

born on Aug. 29, 1854, at Rochester, N.Y. LS 155; 2SG 192; 1T 95

almost drowned in tub of water in May of 1856 2SG 207-8

when about 20 months old 2SG 207-8

gift of 10 cents by, to needy person on March 10, 1859 WM 325

memory verse recited in SS by, in October of 1860 2SG 295a; 1T 244-5

lung fever afflicted, in winter of 1864 4aSG 151-3; 2SM 304

at Wright, Mich., in winter of 1865 2SM 306-8

when 11 years old 2SM 306

bottles sold by, in 1867 1T 605-6

with his parents at Walling’s Mills, Colo., in August of 1878 4T 297-8

letters to, from EGW in 1890 2SM 249-50

public appeal by, at North Fitzroy, suburb of Melbourne, S. Vict., on May 25, 1895 1SM 147-9

needy man given aid by, on Mar. 21, 1899 WM 336

EGW interviewed by, and others on Dec. 4, 1913 2SM 202-6

2. Miscellaneous 2SM 41; 8T 131

assured aid of Spirit 1SM 50

called to be helper and counselor of EGW 1SM 50, 54

suit of, given to needy man in Australia WM 333

EGW interviewed by, re use of chance methods of deciding questions 2SM 327-8

EGW’s last words to LS 449

wife of See White, Mary K.

would recognize Spirit’s leadings and guidance 1SM 54

Whitefield, Geo.

Whitefield, Geo. GC 253, 256-8; GW 34-5

White gospel workers

White gospel workers, Negro gospel workers should be helped by 9T 210

Whitehead, John

Whitehead, John, quoted GC 253, 255-6

White linen

144,000 wear, before the throne 3SM 424:2

White man (men)

White man (men), black man’s name is written beside that of, in book of life ChS 218; 2SM 343

choose, as leaders of gospel work in Southern States of USA 9T 202

colored man should be treated as respectfully as 2SM 343

of ability will accept the faith Ev 559

White people

White people, black people and, are free and equal in God’s sight 2SM 343

do not inflame feelings of Negroes against 9T 211

missionaries should work quietly for, in Southern States of USA Ev 400

Negroes in Southern States of USA should not urge that they be placed on equality with 9T 214

of Washington, D.C., evangelism needed among Ev 396

opposition of, to efforts to improve conditions of Negroes 9T 204-5

prejudiced strongly against Negroes in many places 9T 204

proclamation of third angel’s message to, gospel workers must not unnecessarily close way for 9T 210

race prejudice of, avoid stirring up 9T 214

union of, with Negroes to oppose present truth 9T 208

when and where, should have separate places of worship 9T 208

white gospel workers should labor for 9T 214

why Negroes should not worship with, in Southern States of USA 9T 206-7

White person

White person, soul of, Christ paid purchase money for 2SM 343

White raiment

White raiment See Righteousness

White River, Vt.

White River, Vt. 1T 661

White-robed ones

White-robed ones, gathered into Great Shepherd’s fold 5T 621

Whites (racial group)

colored people,

develop on equality with, when given opportunity SW 44:1

trained to work for own people instead of SW 92:2

evil influence of, as in the past SW 76:0

prejudice against, to be avoided SW 68:2

prejudice of,

against mingling with blacks SW 83:2

in the South; caution; hide self in Christ SW 95:1

separation between blacks and SW 43:1

Whitney, B. L.

Whitney, B. L. 4T 609

Whitney, S. B.

Whitney, S. B. 3T 48

Whittaker, Nathaniel

Whittaker, Nathaniel GC 307


Wholeness, holiness is, for God 6BC 1076; DA 556; MM 124


desire for, Christ drew out

expression of, in man by water FW 68:2


Wholesome-minded, woman who needed to be CD 293; MM 108

Whooping cough

Whooping cough, boy sick nine weeks with, healed by prayer LS 121; 2SG 108-9

Whortleberry, Whortleberries

Whortleberry, Whortleberries, dream of gathering GW 136-9

Whys and wherefores

Whys and wherefores, re need of salt, EGW did not understand CD 344

re what constitutes new heart, not essential to know 1SM 177

Wick, Eli

Wick, Eli 2SG 295a; 1T 245

Wicked husbandman

Wicked husbandman, parable of See Parable


Wickedness, brought to light in courts of justice and in daily papers, our duty in light of MYP 26

determined, steady increase of 9T 89

existing in world today, few people have any conception of 9T 93

exists in high places 2T 390

has almost reached its limit TM 457

is: increasing among God’s people 3T 324

reaching height never before attained AA 220

leaven of, insidiously tainting and corrupting mind MYP 165

minister who sold himself to work 2T 454

much of, we can avoid hearing about ML 88

of antediluvians is being repeated today PP 102-3

of earth’s inhabitants has almost filled up measure of their iniquity 7T 141

of large cities, few people have any conception of 9T 93

of the wicked is almost beyond comprehension Ev 25

prevalence of, in last days MH 142-3; PK 185-7, 276-8, 623-7, 651-2; PP 162-5; 8T 49-50; 9T 11-8


angels hold back violence of, against righteousness HP 96:3

appreciation of Saviour is increased by widespread 2MCP 490:3

avoid approaching, although all around; talk of Christ 2MCP 582:3

avoidance of seeing much of, is possible 3SM 211:0

chosen by many because Satan makes it seem attractive OHC 15:3

Christ’s teachings exemplified with increase of HP 154:3

cleansing from UL 98:5

command to depart from TMK 255:6

confidence in Jesus because He came to remove TMK 225:3

cup of, almost filled TMK 355:2

deluge of, by teaching that the law is not binding TMK 294:5

depart from, lest day of the Lord over-take TDG 33:5

depths of, few believe the, to which man has fallen 1MCP 22:2

discerning between God and, Satan works to block 1MCP 21:1

earth filled with; time for palm of victory for righteous 3SM 429:2

enrichment of world with light in proportion to 3SM 339:2

failure of, to be seen in day of final triumph 3SM 430:4

God will have a people in last days to reprove TMK 183:2

grace lifts thoughts as well as cleansing from 2MCP 660:2

Helper near in times of much UL 334:8

humanity has become the instrument of 2MCP 792:4


in great cities HP 345:2

righteous set as lights in the world TDG 322:5

influence of, today would not change Enoch’s loyalty RC 307:4

inward, hidden by garments of righteousness FW 45:0

means every action we would not want in heaven UL 257:2

mysteries of, (iniquity) not to be exposed by impulse RC 240:3

presence of, God’s people affected by TMK 352:2


for Satan’s time is short OHC 354:3

in our age TMK 320:3

love need not wax cold LHU 98:2

purity in midst of,

in lives of Enoch, Joseph and Daniel RC 307:6

like the lily 2MCP 798:3

separation from Christ by, and from working for souls TDG 320:6

talk of your Saviour instead of about 2MCP 582:3, 798:3

time of, sincere ones accepted in, who never heard truth 3SM 400:1

true to principle amid; depravity RC 305:4

widespread, increases need for loyalty to God OHC 330:3

See also Evil; Sin; Transgression

Wicked people

Wicked people, angels will protect God’s people against attempts of, to slay them EW 282-5; LS 102; GC 630-1, 634

are: being bound in bundles ready to burn EW 88

incurable GC 543

charged with high treason against government of heaven GC 668; SR 425

cut themselves off from life by choosing to separate from God DA 764

death is portion of GC 544

defiance of, against God’s law is almost universal 9T 92

destined to sink into hopeless and eternal oblivion GC 545

destiny of, is fixed by their own choice GC 543

destroy themselves by their iniquity GC 37

destruction of: as act of mercy to universe GC 543

at close of millennium EW 51-2, 54, 294-5; GC 672-4; 3SG 86-7; SR 428-30

at second advent and beginning of millennium DA 108; EW 289-90; GC 37, 656-7

Hannah’s prophecy re PP 572

in judgment day 3BC 1142

in second death EW 294-5

is not act of arbitrary power on God’s part DA 763-4

weapons for, are concealed in depths of earth GC 672; 3SG 82, 87; SR 428

will be complete 2T 554

do not go to flames of hell at death GC 545

dreadful fate of 1T 124

effects of plagues will greatly enrage EW 33-4, 36-7, 282; LS 102

erroneous doctrine that, will suffer eternally in hell-fire GC 535-8

erroneous doctrine that God is too good and loving to destroy GC 537-40

evil deeds of, book of death contains EW 52

exclusion of, from heaven is just and merciful on God’s part GC 542-3

from heaven is voluntary with themselves GC 542-3

feet of, will never desecrate earth made new EW 52

final coronation of Christ will be witnessed by GC 665-9; SR 421-7

forfeit: eternal life by their rebellion GC 668; SR 425

existence because of their transgressions GC 544

garments of, words written in large characters on EW 37

glory of God will slay DA 107-8, 764; GC 37, 543

God will execute justice on, for good of universe GC 541-2

God will finally destroy, in mercy to universe GC 543

heresy of eternal torment of, has made millions of skeptics and infidels GC 536

heresy that, will not be resurrected 1T 418

horror and despair of, when God delivers His people GC 639-41

judgment of, by the redeemed with Christ during millennium EW 52-3, 290-1; GC 660-1

life of rebellion against God unfits, for heaven GC 543

loss of souls of, will be their own fault 1T 125

no mercy for, after probation closes EW 281-2

no new probation will be granted to GC 662

not excluded from heaven by arbitrary decree SC 18

outpouring of seven last plagues upon EW 33-4, 36-7, 120-1, 282, 289; GC 627-9

owe blessings of this life to presence of God’s people DA 306

plan of, to exterminate God’s people in one night in all lands GC 635

portion of, is death GC 544

punishment of: depicted by parable of wheat and tares COL 74-5; PP 541

will be varying in duration and intensity GC 544

will end in second death GC 544

purposes of, God will thwart PK 176

resurrection of, at close of millennium EW 52-3, 292; GC 662; 3SG 84

Satan will be last of, to perish in lake of fire EW 291, 294-5; GC 673

Satan will marshal, for conquest of New Jerusalem EW 53, 293-4; GC 663-4; 3SG 85-6

sentence of eternal death is pronounced against GC 668; SR 425

some, will be many days consuming in lake of fire EW 294; GC 673; SR 429

will be quickly destroyed in lake of fire EW 294; GC 673; SR 429

terrible anguish and fate awaits 2T 210

terrible awakening of, after close of probation 3BC 1150

terror of, when they shall see Christ EW 292; GC 642-4; 3SG 85-6

terrors of day when restraining Spirit will be wholly withdrawn from GC 36-7, 614-5

theory of eternal torment of, is one of false doctrines constituting wine of Babylon GC 536

why God permits, to prosper GC 48

will all perish DA 763; GC 673

will be: as though they had not been GC 544-5; 3SG 58; SR 60

consumed in lake of fire EW 54, 221, 295; GC 672-4; PP 86; SR 59, 428-30

cut off DA 763; SR 60

destroyed from off earth EW 221

distinguished by efforts to tear down Creator’s memorial and to exalt institution of Rome 9T 16

incurable GC 543

returned to dust again EW 221

utterly destroyed EW 221; GC 48

will be punished according: as talents have been abused 2T 668

to their deeds (works) EW 291, 294-5; GC 544, 661, 673; SR 429

will be punished with everlasting destruction 2T 396

will die everlasting death in lake of fire EW 295

will know just where and what their sin has been PP 100

will not be able to look on God’s glorified people EW 34; GC 640

will not have immortality and live in eternal misery EW 218-9; GC 532-7

will pursue God’s people as they flee from cities and villages EW 34, 282-5; GC 631; LS 102

will receive their recompense on earth 3BC 1142; GC 673; SR 429

will sink into hopeless and eternal oblivion GC 545

will suffer: agony such as Christ suffered on cross 1T 124

eternal death 2T 210

will take counsel to rid earth of God’s people EW 34, 36-7, 282-3; GC 615-9, 626, 635; LS 102

will turn their rage upon one another when God’s people are delivered EW 290; GC 654-6

will turn with fury upon Satan GC 672; SR 428

would not be happy in heaven GC 542-3


actions of, call for God to depart from them TMK 250:4

angels said to be with, when saints cannot buy or sell Mar 209:3

association with, only to restore truth UL 123:3

Christ’s mercy for HP 12:6

deformities of, hidden by robes; (workers of iniquity) FW 45:0

despair of, in the time of trouble Mar 271:3

destruction of,

by the arm once mighty to save UL 301:6

See also Perdition

disappointment loss and distress suffered by OHC 9:3

distinguished by efforts to tear down Sabbath memorial TDG 69:4

God has no pleasure in death of UL 338:7

God seeks to lead, to repentance UL 297:3

hail falls on, during the plagues Mar 284:7

(irreligious) atmosphere surrounding, not enjoyed by Christ OHC 258:2

lamentation of, against the shepherds who deceived them Mar 290:5

law of God seen by, in judgment as His standard Mar 341:2

mock and ridicule God’s people in time of persecution Mar 213:6

mocking by,

ignored at end of time, while looking up 3SM 428:2

while saints in distress in time of trouble 3SM 427:5

not forced to act as God knows they will in history CC 371:2

people of God are owed by, for blessings HP 311:4

plan of, subject to overrule by God HP 351:5

protection of God withdrawn from, at the time of trouble Mar 275:3

punished eventually HP 345:5

rebellion of FLB 83:6

growing stronger HP 351:2

Satan will stir up, to destroy the people of God Mar 213:2

search for the Word of God after plagues begin Mar 264:4

strength of, but God is strong; saints no longer fear 3SM 429:4

working with and for, may bring good if with Christ UL 123:5

See also Guilty; Lost; Sinners

Widow, Widows

1. Classes of

2. Casting two mites into temple treasury

3. Of Nain

4. Of Zarephath (Sarepta)

5. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

afflicted, Christ stands in person of 2T 330

care for needy, by early church AA 87-8; SR 259-60

church has most solemn obligation to care for its MB 136

destitute, church should have special care for 1T 274; 3T 511-3

earning living by use of needle for herself and two small children 2T 30, 435

grateful, took part in Christ’s triumphal entry DA 572

Greek, allegedly neglected in daily distribution of assistance AA 88; SR 259

importunate, parable of See Parable

in affliction, women should visit WM 148

youth should aid 1T 190

in church are to prove blessing to church 1T 273

in want, liberality of JW and EGW to 1T 678

Israel’s, free to eat yield of sabbatical year PP 531

needy, help 6T 278

pious, Pharisees exploited DA 614

poor, have devoted nearly all their means to God’s cause 2T 571

rich, poor man’s request denied by SD 272

robbed of their scanty pittance by: lawyers 4T 489-90

professedly interested friends 4T 489-90

SDA, duty of SDA to 2T 32

2. Casting two mites into temple treasury AA 342; CS 174-6, 178; DA 614-6; Ed 109; 2SG 155, 249-50; 2SM 413; 2T 282, 666-7; 5T 733

Christ commended DA 397, 614-6; 2T 666-7; 5T 733

devotion of, results of 6T 310

example for Christians 1T 177

few SDA like 2T 198-9

gave with willing heart CS 293-4

influence of CS 178

lesson from 3T 398; WM 203

monument to memory of, through all time DA 615-6

offering of, recognized in judgment SD 361

offerings like that of EW 121

sacrifice of, results of GW 467

3. Of Nain

son of, restored to life by Christ AH 204; DA 318; WM 156

4. Of Zarephath (Sarepta) PK 129-32

all strangers treated with kindness and liberality by PK 130-1

Elijah was sustained by, in time of famine AA 430-1; DA 238; PK 129-32; 3T 274, 288

faith of, tested to utmost PK 130

lived up to all light she had AA 416; DA 238; PK 129; 3T 274

not an Israelite DA 238; PK 129

supreme test of hospitality was met by PK 130-2

was: believer in true God PK 129

heathen woman 3T 274

5. Miscellaneous

acts of mercy and thoughtful consideration for, are preserved in heavenly records 3T 511-3

acts of selfishness and indifference toward, God marks 3T 524-5

always will need help CH 34, 502; ML 230; WM 26

angels watch how you treat 3T 511

care for 6T 281

Christ sympathizes with, in struggle to provide food for family MB 111

Christians should help 2T 24-37, 329

church should care for MH 201; ML 241; 2T 19, 24, 35; 3T 517-8

church should support, by contributions WM 275

by special donations WM 275

comfort for, in bereavement 2SM 264

compassion for, God will reward CS 164

should be manifested in prayers and deeds ChS 215-6; CS 164

cries of, respond to WM 216

deal justly with 2T 87

dealings with, what should characterize your WM 218-9

deserve your tenderest pity and sympathy 2T 570

difference in prices and wages should be made to 2SG 235; 1T 194

Dorcas made garments for AA 132

duties of God’s people to 2T 431

encouragement, sympathy, and tangible help needed by MH 203

encouragement for WM 214-9

give good counsel to WM 218

God hears cry of, for her children WM 217

God tests our love by WM 214

have: claim upon charity of God’s people 1T 190

strongest claims upon your tender sympathy and care ML 239; CS 163

help, with your means CS 46-7

help needed by, in educating children CS 47

how God provides for ML 239

indifference to, warning against 1BC 1118-9

injustice to, some people not afraid to do WM 218

warning to persons who do WM 217-8

invited to: feasts in Jewish system 4T 77

religious feasts provided by second tithe in Israel PP 530

Israel’s rulers were to deal justly with PP 604

make a difference in favor of, in business 3BC 1159

means for helping, God has given to His people WM 216

means squandered that should be used to help 2T 128

need more than charity WM 85

needs of, have strongest claims on your sympathies WM 214-9

needing sympathy and assistance are all around us COL 386

neglect of, by persons extravagant in dress 4T 646

objects of God’s special care MH 202

older children should aid 2SM 265

oppression of, dishonors religion CS 143

warning against, to obtain wealth 2T 682

oppressor of, God will punish WM 219

passion for gain that oppresses, indulgence of PK 652

persons who fail to plead cause of CS 128

persons who feel no burden for 4T 512-3

persons who pity, how Christ considers 3T 512-3

persons who rob CS 128

placed by God’s providence in close relationship to church 3T 511

pray with WM 218

prayers and kind deeds done for, God will reward 6T 282

prayers of, persons indifferent to WM 218

rights of, specially guarded in Israel PP 310-1

should not be unmindful of God’s blessings 2T 574, 599

Thanksgiving Day as occasion for helping AH 474-5

wages of, wealthy person’s duty re 1T 194

wants of, wealth may be used to relieve 2T 668

welfare work for WM 214-9

by EGW WM 332

wife who was worse off than if she had been 2T 269

work for interest of 2T 570


believing, robbed by guardians in last days Mar 197:6

love shown by, who cast in two mites RC 268:2

oppressed orphans and, God will avenge 3SM 418:3


Widower, with children, double responsibility rests upon 2SM 262

Wife, Wives

1. Classes of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

abused by unbelieving husband AH 348

accusing and exacting AH 109

adulteress and harlot TM 434-5

as useless machine 2T 464

bereft of husband 2SM 264-5

binding husband to her heart AH 534

charging husband with motives and feelings originating in her own temperament AH 109-10

Christ gives grace to Christian, to bear neglect without repining 5T 598

confiding and complaining to another man about her husband Ev 460-1; 2T 306, 462, 464; 4T 137

violates her marriage vows 2T 306

confiding her family troubles to another man 2T 297, 301-2

constant tax upon husband’s care and patience 2T 463-4

creature of husband’s pleasure 2T 476

desiring: higher calling but neglecting her daily duties 2T 546

to control husband 2T 572

dictated to too much by husband 4T 130

dishonoring God by her passive position 2T 476

disliking: home cares and responsibilities 2T 297

home duties AH 248

life’s common duties 2T 464

to bear life’s burdens 2T 433-4, 463-4, 567-8

unpleasant and disagreeable duties 2T 427

dissatisfied with married life 2T 302

dragging out miserable existence 2T 380-1

drunkard’s 2T 268

wretchedness of Te 31

erring and full of faults, bitterness on husband’s part will not remedy AH 116

exacting toward husband 2T 439

exerting wrong influence on husband 2T 495

failing to understand herself 2T 427

faithfully performing home duties are missionaries in highest sense 2T 465-6

feeble, husband should tenderly regard 1T 306-7

feeling: neglected and unloved by husband 3T 439

that labor was burden 2T 428

finding fault and questioning as they please 2T 463

fit only to be waited upon and to breathe, eat, and dress 2T 464

fitful in character and self-admiring AH 109

frail and sensitive plant 2T 416

fretful, peevish, dissatisfied, and jealous of husband 2T 464

fretful and complaining unnecessarily 1T 307

given to novel reading, daydreaming, and castle-building 2T 463

given to passionate fits of weeping 2T 465

godly, can be anchor to husband 2T 495

gospel worker’s, does work at home as great and important as his GW 203; 5T 594

greeting husband and children by scolding and murmuring AH 249

growing prematurely old 2SM 430

happy, woman who would not make 3T 336

happy in performance of household duties 2T 417

hasty and boisterous 2T 316

having double responsibility to husband AH 350

having no real love for anyone but themselves 2T 464

having sensitive and clinging nature and needing to be cherished 3T 530

having too much pride and selfishness 2T 188

his neighbor’s, seal of God will not be placed on man who covets TM 446

idolatrous, Esau took two SR 88

illiterate 3T 453

imagination of, diseased by novel reading 2T 462

picturing to her a life that is unreal 2T 302

imagining herself a martyr AH 248; 2T 463

in no condition to give birth to healthy children 2T 378-9

inclined to lean on others rather than on her own powers 2T 427

irritable and peevish in disposition weans husband’s affections from her 2T 465

jealous of husband 2T 464, 474-5

lacking confidence in herself 2T 298

lax in discipline because husband was too harsh 2T 260

leaning too heavily on husband 2T 433, 568

leaning too much on mother 2T 434

letting her sympathies, interest, and affection go out to other men 2T 462

like clinging vine 2T 305

like spoiled child 2T 231

losing respect for husband 2T 474

loved far too well by husband 2SM 339

lovesick and sentimental 2T 302

loving no one but themselves 2T 464

loving to: rule 2T 572

see her children dress in manner beyond their means AH 375-6

suggest and dictate to others 2T 572

making: home unpleasant for husband and children AH 249

melody to God in her heart 2T 417

other men her confidants 2T 462

themselves fools 2T 464

manifesting: dictatorial spirit 2T 572

too much reserve of affection 2T 414

married to: opposing husband AH 350

tyrannical husband 2T 100

unbelieving husband 2T 436

meeting God’s approval 2T 465-6

minister’s See Minister

missionary’s GW 203; 5T 594

needing more love, tender pity, and affection 2T 436-7

needing to: come out of her retired and dignified reserve 2T 415

put on the woman 2T 299

neglected, should make home cheerful and attractive for husband 5T 598

neglected by husband 5T 598

not knowing how to: cook 2T 369

prepare healthful food 2T 369

not naturally a housekeeper 2T 297

not provided with plenty of wholesome food or proper clothing 2T 383

not venturing to open her heart to husband 2T 418

nourishing sinful discontent AH 249

other men’s, husbands eloping with 5T 523

other woman than his, husband warned against love for MM 100-1

overcoming difficulties nobly AH 248; WM 151-2

penurious man’s 2T 242

permitting attentions of other men than those of husband TM 434-5

petted, who disliked to bear life’s burdens 2T 433-4

physician’s: should help him bear his burdens 4T 102-3

should unite with him in his work CH 585

value of Bible study by 8T 192

possessing: nature that shrinks from anything untried 2T 299

sensitive and clinging nature 3T 530

pregnant, husband’s duty to MH 373-4; 2SM 427-8; 2T 378-9, 383

repining, many homes made unhappy by AH 248; WM 151

reserved, cold, and unapproachable 2T 463

seeking husbands that exist only in romances in novels 2T 302

seeking sympathy and attention from others constantly 2T 463

seldom free from headache 2SM 431

separated from: dictatorial husband AH 343-4

unbelieving husband AH 344-5

showing much attention to other men 2T 464

shunning responsibilities all her life 2T 427

shut away from husband by his severe dignity 2T 299

sickly and dispirited 2SM 430

sinking little by little into mere household drudge MH 368-9

sitting in company of indifferent scorners 2T 604

slack and untidy in house 2T 84

slave of lustful passion 2T 474

strong-willed, husband swayed by judgment of 1T 707

suffering: opposition and abuse from husband 2T 268

persecution by husband 2SG 150

through married life yearning for sympathy 1T 695

supposing themselves to be: angels but make themselves fools 2T 464

superior to their husbands 2T 462

talking disrespectfully re husband before children 4T 103, 500

talking of unrequited love 2T 302

tamely submitting to degradation by another man than her husband 2T 474

telling family troubles to another man violates marriage vows 2T 306

thinking constantly that they are not appreciated 2T 463

thinking husband should gratify her every whim AH 109-10

thoughtless re little courtesies in home AH 249

timid, fearful, and shrinking in nature, husband’s duty to 2T 415

tired, husband’s duty to AH 224-5

too exacting 2T 436-7

true, does not consider work degrading AH 244

performs duties with dignity and cheerfulness AH 244

trying to rule husband 3T 533

unbelieving, cannot be won to truth by harsh and rough treatment 2T 677

husband’s duty to AH 348-52; 2T 227, 676-7

under deception AH 245

undisciplined and un-Christlike, plight of promising young man bound to CT 345

unloving to stepchildren 2T 56-7

unworthy of their husbands 2T 463

useless, who are curse to themselves and to husbands 2T 464-5

very sensitive 2T 565

very useless, women who make 2T 464

who will not love her husband AH 228

whose condition is no better than that of slave 2SM 428

whose husband and sons come and go as strangers AH 249

whose husband has broken his marriage vows AH 346

whose lot is unending toil MH 367

winning husband’s respect and confidence AH 250

withdrawing affections from husband 2T 464

withering like plant transplanted to uncongenial soil 3T 463

worldly, as spy in camp 2BC 1006

worse off than if she had been widow 2T 269

wrestling with God in prayer 2T 110

yearning for different life AH 249

yielding to gloom and sadness bring cloud upon home 4T 103

young, having little practical knowledge of home duties 3T 156

who cannot cook 3T 156

2. Miscellaneous

actions of, husband should not seek to rule 4T 127

affection for, husband should express 2T 676-7

blessing of, to husband ML 198

body of, husband has no prerogative to full control of 2T 476

burdens of, husband should help to bear MH 374

husband should lighten 2T 699

can be as anchor to husband 2T 495

can remove difficulties that husbands cannot Ev 491

cannot make home agreeable and happy unless she loves order 2T 298-9

children and, should not be left destitute by husband’s will 4T 482

Christ’s claims upon, is higher than husband’s AH 116

company of, husband should love 2T 416

conduct of, toward husband AH 94

confidence and familiarity in, husband should encourage 2T 298, 305

conscience for, husband who tried to be 2T 379

conscience of: must be her guide 3T 245

should be respected AH 116

should not be yielded to overbearing and tyrannical husband 2T 100

death of, husband who murmurs at God’s providence because of 3T 527

deficiencies of, that tend to wean away husband’s affections 2T 298

degrading of, by gratification of husband’s lustful passion 2T 474

deserves praise for love and devotion to family 4T 255

devoted, home is not prison to AH 236

dignity and self-respect of, husband should help preserve 2T 305

does herself and family serious wrong when she does her work and theirs too 5T 180

double responsibility of, to backslidden husband AH 350

dress of 1T 464-5

duty(s) of: many young women marry unprepared for MH 302

to her Saviour 5T 362

to husband controlled by base passions 2T 475-6

to husband inclined to sexual excess 2T 475-6

to husband who has hasty spirit 2T 430

to yield her wishes and will to husband 1T 307

when husband comes home from work 1T 307

when husband sometimes seems unreasonable 1T 309

effects of multiplicity of home cares upon 2SM 431

equal to husband in every respect 4T 36-7

exchange of, by fanatics 2SM 28

failings of 1T 307-8

father should make life of, pleasant and happy AH 213-4

feelings of, husband should respect 2T 418

husband who treated with contempt 2T 260

fine and tender sensibilities of many, outraged by husbands 2T 381

frequently is a housekeeper, nurse, cook, and housemaid all in one AH 224

God never designed, to be slave to family 5T 180

God points, to her duty at home AH 245

God’s claims upon, are higher than husband’s 2T 100; 3T 245

good sense of, novel reading perverted 2T 302

happiness of family depends much on 1T 306

has: as much right to her opinion as husband does to his 2T 418

personal relation to God MH 361

has will to exercise 7T 48

health of, rapid increase of family endangers 2T 94

heart of, should be grave of husband’s faults AH 177

hell for, what makes 2T 86

helped by husband’s kind and cheerful words 1T 306-7

holy dignity of, marriage should preserve and increase 2T 474

home duties of, every woman in Israel was to be trained in CT 276

how, can be drawn into close sympathy with husband 4T 130

may bind husband and children to her heart WM 154-5

how husband lessens love of, for himself 4T 130-1

how husband’s wrong course affects 4T 137

how much reading unfits, for her duties 4T 498-9

how Satan leads some, to transgress God’s law 2T 464

how Satan would lead, to dishonor husband 2T 464

husband bereft of, comfort for 2SM 262-3

husband deserted by AH 344

husband must not make, slave to his will 4T 130

husband should cease to scold and find fault with 2T 86

husband should comfort and support MH 374

husband should consult, re his plans 1T 709

husband should evince affection for, by words of tenderness and kind regard 1T 695

husband should help, by sympathy and unfailing affection MH 374

husband should love and cherish, as his own body 3T 453

husband should make, comfortable and happy 2T 85, 227

husband should never be overbearing or dictatorial toward 7T 48

husband should never censure 2T 305

husband should not indulge in joke at expense of AH 177

husband should not sacrifice principles of truth to please 2T 227

husband should perform kind, tender, courteous acts due to 2T 461

husband should speak to: tenderly, gently, and lovingly 4T 256

wisely and judiciously 2T 78

words kind, cheerful, and encouraging 1T 306-7

husband who did not know how to treat AH 343-4

husband who does not truly love his 2T 474

husband who was ashamed of 2T 299

husband who was not tender, loving, affectionate, and courteous to 2T 259

husband’s arbitrary authority galling to 2T 379

husband’s influence and prospects can be ruined by AH 43

husband’s love for, should be expressed in words and deeds 3T 530-1

should be secondary to love for God 7T 46

husband’s stewardship cannot be transferred to 1T 528-9

identity of, marriage relation does not destroy 2T 418

should never be merged into husband’s 2T 436, 476; 4T 255

inclination of, to dictate to husband 4T 64

individuality of: husband should respect 2T 418-9; 3T 245

marriage is not to destroy 2T 100

must not be merged into husband’s AH 116, 231; MH 361; 2T 476; 3T 245; 4T 127; 7T 45

should be preserved 2T 476; 4T 255

inefficiency of, family happiness is wrecked by FE 74

influence of: can be power for good 2T 465

saving, upon husband 2T 102

wrong, upon husband 2T 316

judgment and counsel of, husband should respect 1T 709; 2T 417, 676-7

judgment of: gospel workers should not trust completely to 1T 709

husband and children should respect 4T 255

husband should not break down 4T 127

is not God’s judgment 1T 709

should have weight in family 4T 255

should not be molded by husband till her mental identity is lost 4T 130

judicious influence of, can do much to sanctify husband 2T 476

kind words needed by, in home SD 252

lack of cheerfulness and courage on part of, family feels 1T 306

life of: husband who made miserable 2T 380-1

husband who shortened 2T 96

husband who was slowly taking 2T 260

lot of, unsympathetic husband makes hard 1T 306

love and affection of, how husband can have and hold 2T 416-7

man who tried to be God, conscience, and will to 2T 379

many, hungry for words of tender appreciation and affection 3T 527

many husbands love, but are too selfish to show it 3T 527

marriage relation that becomes odious to AH 228

meek dignity needed in 2T 316

mind of, must not be warped by husband till she loses her mental identity 4T 130

mission of: is great 2T 465

is sacred 2T 465-6

is to make heaven of her home 2T 465

is wonderful Ev 467; WM 157

must not consider herself a doll to be tended AH 110

not required to yield unquestionably to husband’s wishes 4T 127

one: Adam was given only PP 91-2; 3SG 63, 99

God planned that man should have only PP 91-2; 4aSG 86; SR 75

Noah had only SR 76

ought not to: allow her powers to lie dormant AH 231

censure husband in presence of children 4T 103

complain of husband to others AH 177

deprive herself of privilege of church services to gratify overbearing husband 2T 100

feel that she is bondslave AH 118

give way to moodiness or discontent 7T 45

gratify husband’s animal propensities at expense of her life and health 2T 475

lean wholly on husband AH 231

long for life of ease and inactivity 7T 45

make plea for rulership 7T 47

neglect home duties WM 164

relate her troubles to other men 2T 462

render blind devotion to husband AH 116

sacrifice conscience to please husband 2T 476

sink into mere household drudge MH 294

spend every moment in endless sewing MH 294

try to compel husband to yield to her wishes MH 361

try to exercise arbitrary control over husband MH 361

urge truth upon unbelieving husband AH 349

violate her conscience to meet husband’s demands 2T 100

ought to: cultivate simplicity in all actions 2T 415

earn respect of husband and children 2T 299

feel she is husband’s equal AH 231

fill position originally designed for her as husband’s equal FE 141; 3T 565

grace family circle as wise husband’s companion AH 114

guard constantly against giving way to selfishness 7T 45

keep cheerful and buoyant MH 294

keep God’s fear and glory ever before her AH 116

learn to be self-reliant 2T 434

love home duties 2T 315

love husband AH 114; 7T 47

maintain order and neatness in home 2T 84

make good home for husband 2T 568

make happy and cheerful home for husband 2T 463

make strong efforts to control her spirit 1T 307

perform faithfully and lovingly duties to husband and children 2T 465-6

practice economy in home expenses GW 459-60

preserve her dignity 2T 298-9

put on courage and fortitude 2T 433

recognize husband’s love and appreciate it AH 109-10

respect husband AH 103, 114; 7T 47

reverence husband AH 103

seek to correct her deficiencies and to improve 2T 298

shoulder real burdens and not imaginary ones AH 110-1

show love in courteous deportment CG 67-8

show love in gentle words CG 67-8

soften and improve husband’s character AH 99

stand as husband’s equal AH 231; Ev 494

strive to be dutiful and affectionate AH 345

study to conserve her strength 2T 315

study to economize her time 2T 315

take time for communion with Christ MH 294, 368

take time to be husband’s companion MH 294, 368

take time to read and keep well informed MH 294, 368

take time to study God’s word MH 294

try to make success of home life CG 74

uphold husband’s work for children MH 394

overwork by, results of 2SM 429

placed in subjection to husband by God PP 58-9

plurality of See Polygamy

position of, in family is more sacred and elevated than that of king on throne FE 141; 3T 566

very hard and trying in many cases AH 115-6

positive temperament of, husband who was molded by 3T 533

practical training that young woman needs to become FE 75

premature death of, caused by husband’s actions 3T 527-8

responsibility of, which should be preserved before God 2T 476

Sarah’s rights as PP 147

secondary, Abraham took Hagar as PP 145-55 See also Polygamy

secrets that, should not keep from husband AH 177

secrets that husband should not keep from AH 177

selected as husband’s lifelong companion Ev 494

selection of, man should not be governed by inclination in PP 563

questions man should ask in making AH 46

sexual relations of, with husband See Husband and wife

should be: able to lean on affections of husband FE 159

allowed certain sum weekly to spend as she pleases AH 378

allowed to do housework in way most convenient to herself 4T 129

attentive and helpful to husband CG 74

careful and considerate AH 349

careful of her words AH 118

example of patience and self-control AH 349

helps lifting burdens of life with their husbands 2T 463-4

kind, patient, forbearing, considerate, and courteous to husband MH 361

minister, physician, nurse, and teacher in home AH 184

useful to be appreciated 2T 463

woman and not capricious child 2T 433

should have: culture of mind and manners AH 87

money to use as her own AH 378

opportunity to exercise her faculties 4T 130

share of husband’s income AH 378

time to read MH 368

will of her own AH 115-6

should not be: passive to husband’s will in all things 2T 476

slave to husband’s will 4T 130

subject to husband in everything AH 117

subjected completely to husband’s will AH 116

treated as servile dependent by husband 4T 127

should not stir up husband’s hasty temper 2T 430

silence that is eloquence on part of AH 349

society of, husband should feel lost without 2T 417

subjection of, to husband as part of curse of sin 3T 484

tender pity and affection needed by 2T 436-7

tenderness that husband should manifest toward 2T 260

too much childbearing by, ill effects of 2T 93-4

trials of WM 151-2

undue sensitiveness of 1T 309

unremitting love of, may bind husband to her CG 67-8

uselessness, peevishness, and faultfinding of, that tire husband 2T 465

wants of, how husband can better understand 2T 415

wherein, may stand on equality with husband WM 160

whims of, husband who indulged 2T 230

will of, husband must not break down 4T 127

woman that no sensible man could choose for 2T 324

words and motives of, husband should not misinterpret AH 214-5

work of: as elevating and ennobling as husband’s AH 231

is great 2T 465

misconception of AH 244-7

wrong course of, in relating family troubles to others 2T 306

wrong influence of, husband’s usefulness injured by 3T 109

See also Mother; Woman


abused, missionary work by, counseled against TSB 39:4

affection shown in wholesome way by HP 207:2

another man’s,

Ellen White shown more than admitted about relation with TSB 148

intimacy with, seen by God and shown to Ellen White TSB 152:1

characteristics desired in LYL 31:1

childless, service opportunities for TSB 69:2

companion suggested by Satan as better than TSB 199:2

complaining about, to girl or woman TSB 171:2

control of mind and body not to be submitted by TSB 25:4

courtesies of, express love HP 206:4

delicate organism of, not understood by husband or herself TSB 24

dictating to, as a child by one undeserving of reverence TSB 30:1

discouraged, God would have helped, if faithful TSB 49:1

estranged, support not provided for TSB 215:0

familiarity of, with other men; counsel ignored TSB 60:2, 64:1

fearful needlessly about husband’s fidelity UL 93:2

financial dealing with; separation and loss of love TSB 74

gentle words and smiles of, kept only for strangers OHC 179:5

girlfriend that lacked qualifications for TSB 117:1

gratification of passions is not the only purpose of TSB 69:1

happiness of, in husband’s hands; control wanted of her will TSB 30:2

home governed by, wisely, maintaining respect TSB 53:1


and children bound to, by love and courtesy RC 189:7, 190:1

left by, for more unhappiness TSB 64:2

individuality of, never to be sunk into husband’s 2MCP 426:1

inexperienced, to learn to cooperate in saving children 1MCP 155:2

influence of,

needed for Elder Butler; softening influence RY 117:1

on husband lost by passive submission TSB 26:1


and attention pined for by HP 206:3

for, lost when she submits to depraved passions TSB 112:2

means (money) of, not to be controlled by impulsive husband TSB 29

minister’s sympathy for marriage problems of, leads to sin 1MCP 227:2

money extracted by a certain, more than her right TSB 69:3

mother to be considered by; husband was not right with wife TSB 75:1

nature of, not to be utterly merged in husband’s RC 190:5

pining of, for words and attentions due from husbands 1MCP 157:5

premature death of, for lack of encouragement and kindness 1MCP 158:1

reasons of, to marry HP 202:4

relationship to, to be considered before marriage TSB 15:3

respect for, reflected in respect for parents LYL 54:3

self-respect lost by, who are used for passion TSB 111:3

separation from,

not right; avoid appearance of evil TSB 155:4

suspicion from; working in another place TSB 167:1

setting self above, is wrong; her love for you to be earned TSB 30:2

sold for another woman by one who gave up truth to get her TSB 210:2

strengthened in duty by overcoming difficulties RC 173:3

subjection of, to husband, Nabal would remind Abigail of CC 168:4

support withdrawn from; intimacy with another woman TSB 183

treating, like a servant is not good UL 163:5

unbelieving, tenderness for, needed when accepting Sabbath she opposed TSB 211:2

unworthy of husband’s regard (in couple Ellen White counseled) TSB 68:1

used for passion TSB 111:3

usefulness of, in caring for clothes RY 119:0

work at home (not public work) for, addressed in Ellen White letter TSB 39:2