EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Wealthy believer, Wealthy believers - Whispering, Whisperings

Wealthy believer, Wealthy believers

Wealthy believer, Wealthy believers, close dealing by, with the poor 1T 479-80

covetous, testimony rejected by 2SG 157

difference to be made by, in prices to worthy poor 2SG 248

do not honor, above the poor in SDA churches 6T 101

do not make as great sacrifices of means as do the poor 3T 412

duty of: in God’s closing work 2SG 246

re help for the poor 1T 534-6

to deal liberally with needy brethren 1T 481

to help establish centers of influence in large cities 7T 112

each member of his family has claims upon 1T 483

erroneous idea entertained by 1T 483

have no right to take interest from poor brethren 1T 534

influential, faith that makes 2T 663

large class of murmurers among 3T 386

because God’s work extends and calls for money 3T 389

love of world by 2SG 245-6

neglect of poor believers by 2SG 239

Paul never sought personal benefit from AA 395

poor brethren tempted re 1T 535

privileges and opportunities of 1T 174-5

sleeping on until it is too late CS 123

society has claims upon 1T 483

some Ephesian brethren were AA 395

unmoved by appeals cling to riches 5T 733-4

usury may be received by, from unbelievers 1T 534

who keep up systematic benevolence exactly and proudly 1T 483

who will prosper in Christian life 1T 665

whom Satan used 1T 572

Wealthy children

Wealthy children, do not deprive, of blessings of useful labor CT 147-8

need something to do to strengthen brain and muscle FE 419

who become beggars AH 398

Wealthy Christian, Wealthy Christians

Wealthy Christian, Wealthy Christians, who have nothing to invest in God’s cause 3T 386

whom God will disown in judgment day CS 128

Wealthy class

Wealthy class, casual and accidental touch cannot win, to Christ 6BC 1061

decided personal effort needed in gospel work for MM 245

field for med. miss. endeavor MH 211

field of gospel work not to be neglected MM 243

gospel work among 6BC 1061; MM 245

gospel work for, sadly neglected MM 244

important trusts committed to, as God’s stewards MM 243

many people among, long for they know not what MM 243

persons working for salvation of, do good and essential work MM 243

poor people kept under iron heel of oppression by AH 373

some men of, will accept gospel message and support it 9T 113-4

some SDA especially fitted to work for salvation of MM 244

souls converted among, will be used of God to win others MM 243-4

Wealthy home, Wealthy homes

Wealthy home, Wealthy homes, gospel songs sung in, by students CT 548

shaken and shattered by earthquakes 9T 92-3

students are to do miss. work in CT 548

Wealthy idler

Wealthy idler, public houses attract MH 338; Te 24-5

Wealthy parent, Wealthy parents

Wealthy parent, Wealthy parents 3T 116-30

duty of, in disposing of property 3T 116-7, 120-1

mistake of, in education of children 3T 154

wills made by 3T 117

Wealthy person, Wealthy persons

1. Classes of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

accounted as faithful steward CS 28

adding house to house and land to land MH 212

among Roman citizens, Paul’s efforts to reach AA 461

becoming more self-indulgent and hardhearted WM 19

brought into the truth by God’s providence 2SG 249; 1T 174, 177

cherishing pride and self-importance SL 73

converted: become lights to others 6T 82-3

gladly use possessions for God’s cause 2SG 244-5

time and means will be given to God’s cause by 6T 82-3

converted to truth by God’s providence 1T 174, 177

degraded, gospel work for Ev 567

donating to God’s cause: who deserve no commendation 1T 475

who is stingy man 1T 475

feasting in palace, God watches SC 86

feeling that they are to be honored above worthy poor DA 73

forgetting that they are stewards of God’s means 4T 468

former, among victims of want and sin MH 210

giving stintingly to God’s cause CS 155-6

glorying in shrewdness and keenness in bargaining 1T 537

grinding face of the poor CS 160; WM 209

growing more proud and self-sufficient WM 19

guilty of robbery in acquiring means, many 7T 88

impenitent, woes awaiting GC 654

in cities, labor faithfully for salvation of 9T 113-4

in costly homes and splendid churches, shut themselves away from the poor DA 639

in danger of: forgetting obligation to fellow men COL 52

losing sense of dependence on God COL 52

in deadly peril MH 211

because of lack of strict temperance in all things 6T 256

insensible to God’s claims 6T 256-7

liable to be put under heavy tribute COL 103

living in luxury while indifferent to human beings in misery and crime MH 212

longing for truth, many 6BC 1061; MH 210

losing faith in God and His promises CS 150

majority of, holding to riches are on road to perdition 1T 642

men whom God made, in OT times CS 139

naturally covetous, obtain riches by grinding down hireling 1T 175-6

takes advantage wherever he can 1T 175-6

neglected, attention should be given to 6T 78

Christian’s duty to 6BC 1060-1; MH 210

not inclined to invest in God’s cause 3T 479

not rich toward God, remedy for 2T 681; WM 173

obtaining riches by violating God’s law, fate of GC 654

overcome by strong drink MH 210

persons who have become, in greatest danger Ev 561

poor, who was destitute of true riches 5T 260

poor in God’s sight 2T 681

are objects of pity 2T 682

who is called “fool” 5T 260

priding themselves on superiority above the poor GC 654

reduced to hopeless poverty COL 267; MH 210

seeking rest, peace, and quietude of mind Ev 556

selfish, exert molding influence on other minds 7T 89

selfish and covetous, will be found wanting WM 173

selfish and hardhearted Ev 557

self-serving, Satan’s attributes developed in 6T 256-7

shut up to themselves Ev 556-7

soul-burdened, many 6BC 1061; MH 210; 6T 78

strong, being converted to SDA ranks LS 182; 1T 665

susceptible to gospel message, many 9T 113-4

thousands of, have gone to grave unwarned 6BC 1061; MH 210; MM 245

starving for spiritual food 6T 78

unfaithful as stewards in God’s sight, many 7T 88

unfaithful stewards among WM 19

weary of monotony of aimless life, many MH 210

who cannot have eternal life 1T 172

who harden their hearts 2SG 268

who take advantage of needs of the poor to enrich themselves PK 646-8

who were poor in their youth AH 389-90

who will lose both worlds 1T 541

whom robe of Christ’s righteousness can never cover COL 267

whose wealth does not bring happiness 7BC 941-2

with hearts girt about with selfishness 2T 277

world’s, how truth will be brought to some CS 188

Laodicean message is also for 6T 82-3

world’s neglected, gospel ministry needed for 6T 255

worldly: do not ape customs and fashions of 4T 515

false estimate placed on WM 173

lay needs of SDA gospel work before Ev 88

should not be passed by as hopeless 9T 115

solicit donations from, for gospel work CS 187-8; Ev 88; TM 197; WM 280-1

will become interested in truth WM 282

2. Miscellaneous

Abraham was very PP 147

by God’s blessing CS 139; PP 169

accountable to God: for use of entrusted means and capabilities COL 262

for use of money 3T 400

for use of property 2SG 120

for use of riches 2T 255

for use of talents 1T 539

accumulation of wealth by 9T 12-14, 90-1

advantage taken of the poor too often by 2SG 235-6; 1T 194

anxiety among, cause of 2T 529

appeal to, that will impress many 6T 258

as steward of God’s means COL 261; WM 19

promises for WM 19-20

as such cannot enter God’s kingdom COL 394

bad example of, in extravagance in dress 4T 631

Bible does not condemn, because he is rich CS 138

cannot keep riches and enter heaven 2SG 242; 1T 172

casual and accidental touch cannot draw, to Christ MH 213; 6T 80

character develops in, after manner in which they use entrusted gifts CS 133

child training by AH 389-90

Christ brought joy to WM 26

Christ’s lessons for 1T 539-40

claims of humanity overlooked by, in ambition to get wealth 1T 480; 6T 256

close and acquisitive spirit of, class who do not manifest CS 177

consistent faith is rare among CS 152; 2T 663

contempt of, for working classes PP 50

conversion of, in God’s providence 2SG 244

covetousness excites hatred of the poor against PP 497

cruel and evil working against, will be seen 8T 50

danger to which, are especially exposed MH 211-2; 6T 256-7

deception that easily steals upon 1T 541

difference should be made in prices by, for the afflicted, widows, and worthy poor 2SG 235

distinctions in favor of, ministers warned against making 1T 475

do not deprive, of place among world’s workers FE 419

do not praise, for spasmodic liberalities 1T 475-6

duty of: re giving of Christmas gifts AH 483

to consecrate their all to God CS 28

to God and His cause CS 27

to invest in God’s cause CS 151; 2T 681; 6T 452

to poor persons who have nothing to offer to God 1T 220

to relieve persons in poverty WM 15

to the needy COL 261

to worthy poor 2SG 120-1, 153-6

to use means to advance God’s cause LS 182; 1T 481, 665

duty of self-denial and sacrificing does not rest solely upon 2SG 155

duty of SDA to COL 230

duty to help advance truth does not rest solely upon 1T 324

efforts of, to conceal their wealth COL 103

erroneous ideas held by some EW 122; 1T 535-6

evangelistic work for Ev 556; 9T 114-5

failure of, to relieve poor and oppressed WM 16

families of, who do not enjoy comforts of life 2T 683

feeling that only, can engage in public worship CS 160

God can and will use human agencies to reach 6T 82-3

God desires to use, in helping others 9T 114

God dishonored by WM 16

God does not condemn, if they acquire riches honestly MH 212

God is converting, to SDA faith LS 182

God moves, to use means to advance His work 1T 174; TM 197

God requires, to be faithful in tithes and offerings 5T 382

God requires strict honesty of 1T 537

God tests, by giving them rich bounties 5T 261

God will move upon, to open doors for truth in large cities Ev 87

God’s will plainly revealed to, in His word 2T 660

gospel work for MM 243-5; 6T 255-8

discouragements will be met in MH 215

heartsickening revelations will be made in MH 215

love and fear of God needed in 6T 255

med. missionaries find opportunity for 6T 256

personal effort must be put forth in MH 213

physician’s duty re 6T 251

refinement and courtesy needed in 6T 257

that is to be done COL 230

warning against discouragement in 6T 82

wisdom and tact born of divine love are needed in 6T 257

work with all persuasion possible in 9T 115

gospel workers who should labor for 6T 257

hatred of the poor for, evil results of Ed 44

house-to-house work among, example of WM 72-3

how, can enter God’s kingdom CS 157-8; 2SG 243

may make life a spiritual success WM 20

how God regards 1T 536-7

humility is difficult for, to learn 7T 88

indifferent too often to wants of others DA 639

injustice of, toward the poor has root in selfishness COL 254

liberality of, arising from selfish motive 1T 475

looked upon anciently as favorites of heaven COL 394

many people look upon, as hopeless MH 210

Matthew was DA 273

means given to, for blessing the needy instead of pampering pride and selfishness DA 639

means of, may be transferred to heaven by investment in God’s cause 2T 681

used to glorify self MH 212; 9T 90

means used by, to indulge pride and love of display WM 209

means will be brought for God by, when it is too late 1T 175

means will be given by, to advance God’s work 9T 101, 272

minister who is special favorite of 1T 475

ministers should not flatter, by special attention 1T 475

ministers should not seek to be 2SM 187

ministry to MH 209-16; 6T 255

miss. work will turn many, to God 6T 258

mistake committed by 1T 536

money should be used wisely by FE 419

moral courage needed by, to unite with God’s lowly people MH 209

mystery of why God permits some people to become, while others remain poor TM 280

need to awake to joy of giving and being co-workers with God 6T 257

need your labor in love and fear of God COL 230

Nehemiah not influenced by, in stand for right PK 648

no sin in being, if riches are not acquired by injustice COL 266

not as faithful as the poor in tithing 3T 409

not condemned for having riches COL 266

object of God’s special care and attention WM 18

offerings given by spasms by 1T 475

offerings of, how God estimates value of 3T 398-9

often are people most difficult to reach MH 213

oppression of the poor by: in modern times 9T 90-1

in Solomon’s reign PK 64

principles which would prevent PP 536

parable of talents applies to 1T 538-9

partiality for, displeases God CS 162

one of Jerusalem’s sins 8T 133

Paul’s charge to 1T 541-2

people eager to be, warning to 3T 547

people who may be in greater danger than 2T 659

perplexities and cares of, because of their means 1T 535

pity, rather than envy them Ev 557

poor and: God has same standard of character for 4BC 1181

relations between 2SG 119-21

SDA duty to labor for both GW 436

should be closely bound together by ties of sympathy and helpfulness CS 161

poor people are not more dependent on, than the wealthy are on the poor PP 535

poor people have as much right in God’s world as do PP 534

poor people should not leave all sacrificing to WM 203

possessions of, are treasures lent by God WM 20

that God will scatter 1T 536

power of, would become monopoly without restraint PP 534

prayers needed by MH 212

present truth to 9T 101

pretending to be, not best AH 384

purse of, that opens and closes spasmodically 1T 475

responsibilities of, in their stewardship 2T 659

restlessness among, cause of 2T 529

riches of, cannot hide from God their smallest sin CS 153

riches not obtained honestly by all Ev 564

risk which should not be run by 4T 480

sacrificing for God’s cause should not be done solely by 1T 115

salvation of, decided personal effort must be put forth for 6T 80-2

sanitariums are not to be established among 7T 88-9

seek to outdo one another in conforming to ever-varying styles Ed 246

selfishness of, grows more and more apparent and oppressive GC 279

SDA have right to ask help of, in miss. work MM 329

should not be content in merely giving of money for God’s cause CS 288

sickness among, common cause of 2T 529

solicitation of donations from CS 187-8; Ev 88; TM 197; WM 280-3

soul of, Christ paid purchase money for 2SM 343

Spirit will move, to open doors for gospel’s advancement 9T 114

strength should be used wisely by FE 419

study Bible with 6T 257

suspicion and hatred of the poor toward, principles that would prevent PP 536

talents of ability among, should be used for God CS 288

temptation of: to employ means in self-indulgence CS 155

to exalt self 7T 88

to indulge every wish for grandeur WM 173

to indulge in selfishness and avarice CS 74

to use means for embellishment of homes CS 155

to use means for personal adornment CS 155

to withhold from God His own CS 74

temptations of, 100 times more delusive than those of the poor WM 176

test of love of, for God 2T 680

things which, cannot use to secure happiness Ev 556

through God’s grace, can enter His kingdom DA 555

time should be used wisely by FE 419

tithing regarded by, as severe and unjust tax 3T 403

tithing system carried out faithfully by, results of 3T 409

treat poor and, alike with unvarying kindness MM 205

true benevolence is too rarely found among 1T 480

unhappiness among, cause of 2T 529

wages paid by, to the afflicted, widows, and worthy poor 1T 194

warned against: close and acquisitive spirit 1T 537

fearful deception 1T 541

warned not to: neglect the needy 2T 682

retain riches selfishly 2T 683

trust in riches 1T 541-2

warnings to 1T 169, 537

ways of reaching, Christ studied to find MH 24

Christ will open for gospel workers 6T 257

wealth cannot be taken with, at death 1T 541

JW and EGW labored for LS 182; 1T 572

why God permits some men to become TM 287

why less is given to God’s treasury by 3T 548

will accept truth 9T 101

will be tested more closely than ever 1T 538

will help to finance gospel work in large cities Ev 87; 7T 112

world favors CS 133

world regards, as of greater value than the honest poor CS 133


accountable for choice to enjoy good things TDG 102:4

Christ passed by, SW 10:1

and made His home in Nazareth RC 228:3

entry of, into the kingdom of God HP 301:3

labor makes the poor TDG 132:4

parable of Lazarus the beggar is for poor and SW 12:1

partiality to HP 234:4; PM 138:0

promises of God are suited for TMK 213:4

selfishness a temptation of HP 304:4

solicit from, for the Southern work PM 194:1

worldly, positions of godly poor and, will be reversed TDG 183:6

Wealthy property owners

Wealthy property owners, irreligious and irreverent 7T 88

sanitariums should not be located among 7T 88-9

Wealthy Sabbathkeepers

Wealthy Sabbathkeepers AH 373-4

acts of, angel records 1T 480

become more selfish as their wealth increases 2T 24

guilty of grinding face of the poor 1T 480

prophecy of Jas. 5:1-8 applies to 2SG 245-8; 1T 174

Satan’s plans to ensnare TM 474

warning to CS 123

Wealthy widow

Wealthy widow, poor man and SD 272

Wealthy woman

Wealthy woman, backslidden, appeals to 2T 285

Weapon, Weapons

Weapon, Weapons, never-failing, God’s word was Christ’s 9T 68

not safe to cast away, when going into battle 7T 190

of warfare, God’s word is our AA 307

persons who aim, against brethren doing God’s work CW 99

that minister should not handle TM 248

with which victories cannot be gained TM 466


Scripture was Christ’s, falsehood was Satan’s RC 60:5

spiritual, provided; avoid weapons of evil ones TDG 99:2


against Satan instead of others TDG 141:3

within own ranks by half-hearted 3SM 18:1; TDG 13:4


Weariness, children not hurt by, unless overworked 2T 371

class to whom life is AH 150-1

complaints of, cessation of CH 502

Elijah in moment of, let fear of death overcome faith in God PK 174

exhaustion and, difference between AH 289

fainting caused by PP 681

faith relieves PK 175

girls injured ten times more by lascivious thoughts and conduct than by 2T 559

God’s purpose to bring rest out of 5T 216

healthful, physical labor produces FE 151; ML 168

injures no one CT 296

life of, God not pleased by Ev 81

Moses weakened by, when he sinned at Meribah DA 120

no, in life to come GC 676

prayer offered in, God answers GW 258

rest made sweeter by CT 296

time of trouble will require faith that can endure GC 621

See also Fatigue; Tiredness


Weary, strongest people grow 2BC 1004

Weary person, Weary persons

Weary person, Weary persons, sympathy due to MB 23

truth in heart refreshes 5T 601

Weary soul, Weary souls

Weary soul, Weary souls, Christ longs for, to come to Him COL 226

heavy-laden and, all men are DA 328

rest in Christ for PP 687


Weather, changing, take to camp meeting clothing needed for 2T 602

cold: bedrooms should be warm and dry in MH 275

clothing of boys for 2SM 471

clothing of girls for 2SM 471

damp, protect your feet in MM 230; 2SM 297

foretold by signs in sky COL 212; DA 406

no disagreeable, in new earth ML 354

See also Climate


Weaver, discontented LS 306


Web, from which man cannot extricate himself CH 411; 4T 575

life’s great, draw no thread of selfishness into 1BC 1118

of humanity, each person is part of CSW 99; DA 638; FE 191; GW 331; PP 534; 6T 362; 7T 190

spider’s See Spider’s web


Wedding See Marriage ceremony


Christ graced, with His presence HP 54:3

words at, do not make the couple a unit; first in Eden HP 203:2

Wedding feast

Wedding feast See Marriage feast


partaking of, means accepting Christ UL 304:3

Wedding festivities

Wedding festivities See Marriage feast

Wedding garment

Wedding garment, God’s people must put on 6T 297

is righteousness of Christ 7BC 965; COL 310

man cannot share in Christ’s kingdom without GC 428

parable of See Parable

provided for: every guest at king’s feast COL 309

us at great cost COL 309

represents: character all must possess COL 307

pure and spotless character COL 310

righteousness of God is SD 98

robe of Christ’s righteousness is CS 227; 5T 509; 6T 296-7

white robe of Christ’s righteousness is SD 368

will never cover deceit, impurity, corruption, or hypocrisy 5T 220-1

you must have on, when Christ shall appear 4T 307

See also Righteousness; Robe


many come without UL 301:3

provided for all; robe of righteousness TMK 264:3

represents righteousness of Christ TMK 350:2

Wedding ring

Wedding ring, not necessary TM 180-1 See also Ring

Wedge, Wedges

Wedge, Wedges, entering: health reform as CH 495

med. miss. work is to be CH 535-7; 6T 327

Samaritan work as Ev 567

little, opening way for larger publications CM 140

Satan insinuates himself by 2SM 21

Satan’s entering, used to propagate false light 5T 292

Satan’s little 6BC 1107

See also Ophir


Wedlock See Marriage

Weed, Weeds

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

class who will find their garden grown up with 5T 286

evil, in neglected garden of soul 5T 319

in heart’s soil 4T 202

plowshare of truth must tear out 5T 53

noxious, old habits and practices as represented by COL 50

objectionable ideas as CT 458; 6T 163

of ignorance in uncultivated mind 4T 443

persons who will find, where there should be grains 5T 429

poisonous: covetousness as 2SG 236; 1T 194-5

how to rid heart of 4T 365

in garden of heart Ev 342

questioning that is as 3T 452

should not grow in heart 5T 279

worthless, youth as ML 71

2. Literal

disgusting, tobacco is 2SM 420; Te 60

earth brings forth, because of curse 2SM 355

elimination of, essential to good garden 6BC 1086; ML 273

filthy, tobacco is 4aSG 126-7

in garden, bad habits compared to CT 124; SD 317

keep out, in cultivating plants Ed 112

lessons for children from CT 124

poisonous, tobacco is Te 118

taking nourishment from good seed must be kept out COL 88

tares as noxious, closely resembling wheat COL 71

unsightly and poisonous, lovely flower never seen peering above AH 468; SD 333

valueless, cultivation of soil destroys ML 83

See also Nettle; Tare; Thistle


pulling, from gardens of others while bad plants in own 2MCP 633:1

See also Thorns


Weeding, churches need 4T 340

wrong practices need, out of life CT 56

Week, Weeks

Week, Weeks, every, lay aside some offering for Christ 9T 55

every day in, Christianity is for 4T 494

first day of See Sunday

first six days of, given to man for labor PP 111

law given at Mt. Sinai recognized, and facts it was based on PP 111

of creation, length of days of Ed 128-9; PP 111-2; 3SG 53, 90-2; TM 135-6

of toil, Christ linked His teaching with COL 26

one, ascension of the redeemed to heaven will last EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 33

origin of PP 111; 3SG 53, 90

seventh day of See Sabbath

seventy, of Dan. 9:24-27 See Seventy weeks

sixth day of See Friday

Weekly cycle

Weekly cycle of seven literal days has been preserved and brought down from creation through Bible history 1BC 1081; 3SG 90

Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer, at Battle Creek, Mich. 1SM 150-1; 5T 642

at San Francisco, Calif. 1SM 151


Weep, as Christ wept for souls who weep not for themselves 1SM 118

Christ weeps with those who DA 533


Weeping, in heaven, extinction of jet of light causes 1SM 76

no sin in 2SM 264

passionate fits of, wives given to 2T 465

Weight, Weights

1. Figurative

2. Miscellaneous

1. Figurative

dead, how church members become 6T 425

many members in large churches become 2T 114

referred to in Heb. 12:1 7BC 934

that Christian must lay aside to win race for immortality AA 312

2. Miscellaneous

deceitful, condemnation of 4T 310

ministers’ excess, cause of 3T 489-90

reduced by spare diet 2T 61

See also Gross flesh; Reducing

Welch, John

Welch, John GW 31


Welcome, awaiting persons who faithfully co-operate with Christ MH 506


Welfare, all heaven interested in man’s SC 122

fellow man’s, greatness of character is in living for DA 613-4

should be Christian’s great interest 3T 209

one another’s, manifest unselfish interest in CS 24

others’: cherish kind regard for PP 536

need of unaffected and sincere interest in PK 219

seek to promote COL 339

the less fortunate’s, be interested in WM 168



knowing the future would not contribute to TMK 12:2

own and neighbors’, to be highest consideration RC 206:6

God cared about Israelites’; divine law covered all TDG 77:2

spiritual, angels interested in our HP 102:3

Welfare ministry

Welfare ministry, for the poor and suffering 6T 83-5

who are not SDA 6T 83-6

who are SDA 6T 85

organization of church for WM 105-13

See also Needy people; Poor people; Suffering people

Welfare work

Welfare work 6T 277-80

as means of saving many souls 6T 295

blessings resulting from 2T 25

calls for regular and organized effort 6T 267

cautions re WM 253-5

Christ is our example in WM 53

church has neglected 6T 295

church members are called to do 6T 263-4, 295; WM 294

church members should be organized under some name to do 6T 267

church should teach youth to do AH 476

do not limit, to a few relatives and friends 4BC 1151

every church should do 6T 276

faith in God is kindled in many hearts by means of MH 145

for: needy SDA 6T 269-72

the unemployed and the homeless MH 183-200

for outcasts WM 244-52

constant danger in WM 253

funds for, securing and handling WM 272-6

God’s people are enjoined by Isaiah to do, now COL 147-8; 6T 265

importance of COL 387-8

important principle that should be followed in 4T 226-7

in: San Francisco, Calif., in 1900 WM 112

your neighborhood WM 295-300

invest money in 9T 53

means that should be devoted to, are squandered 2T 128

Mrs. Uriah Smith was leader in WM 325

prayer should be combined with labor in WM 326

prudence and careful consideration needed in WM 332

that God expects His people to do COL 370

that will be more effective than sermonizing COL 417

third angel’s message should not be given second place in WM 33

visitation in WM 59-65

we should do, for brethren needing food and clothing Ev 353

wealthy people of world will give to WM 277-83

women needed in WM 143-8

See also Christian help work; Dorcas work; Samaritan work

Welfare worker, Welfare workers

Welfare worker, Welfare workers, are not mere theoretical believers 6T 299

EGW’s experiences as WM 321-40


Well, “Well done” pronounced on persons only who have done 4T 537

what is worth doing at all is worth doing FE 118; MYP 145

Well, Wells

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

of life, no diminishing supply of water from COL 133

of water springing up into everlasting life, Christian is to be as ChS 12; DA 183-4; MH 496; PK 232; 1T 565-6; 4T 555

that never runs dry, Christian as CS 27; Ev 357

See also Cistern; Fountain; Spring; Water

2. Literal

Jacob’s See Jacob’s well

that caved in on man in New England, illustration of GW 31-2

See also Spring; Wellspring


Well-being, each man’s, affects others COL 339

God does not require men to give up anything essential to their SC 46


Well-doing, weary in, never become SD 10

“Well done,”

“Well done,” pronounced only on persons who have done well 4T 537

Wellington, Duke of

Wellington, Duke of GW 115

Wellington, N.Z.

Wellington, N.Z. Ev 427-8; LS 343; 8T 191


Wellspring, never failing, on earth men may have joy as SD 122

of life, truth in heart is ML 207; 5T 601

words of God are MB 20

of tenderness and affection, heart should be 2T 650

See also Spring; Well

Wesley, Charles

Wesley, Charles AA 598; GC 253-4, 256-8, 396; PP 404; TM 183

poem “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” by, quoted PK 278; TM 183

Wesley, John

Wesley, John AA 598; COL 79; Ed 254; GC 253-64, 385-6, 396, 609; GW 34-5; PP 404

Wesley’s Works

Wesley’s Works, quoted GC 258-60, 263-4, 385-6

Wessels brothers

Wessels brothers LS 364

West, Francis

West, Francis, quoted GC 575

Westbrook, Maine

Westbrook, Maine LS 179; 1T 653-4

West Enosburgh, Vermont

West Enosburgh, Vermont LS 181; 1T 653, 662-3

Western Health Reform Institute

Western Health Reform Institute See Battle Creek Sanitarium

Western States of United States of America

Western States of United States of America See United States of America

West Indies

West Indies GC 304; 9T 225

West Milton, N.Y.

West Milton, N.Y. LS 141; 2SG 151-2

West Windsor, Mich.

West Windsor, Mich. 1T 578-9, 592

West’s Island, Mass.

West’s Island, Mass. EW 23-4

Wet nurse

Wet nurse, imparts her temper and temperament to nursing child MH 383

mother’s duty re employment of MH 383

See also Baby


Whale, Jonah swallowed by DA 406

Whalebone, Whalebones

Whalebone, Whalebones, wearing of, by women injurious to health 2SM 473

woman’s form should not be compressed with 2SM 478; 1T 460


1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

angels given work of separating tares from TM 47

bound in sheaves for God’s garner GC 631

Christ’s pardon does not make, out of briers and thistles 5T 429

crop of, choked by thorns COL 50

give people pure, thoroughly winnowed from all chaff TM 310

God gives no man office of saying who are 5T 333-4

heresies separate chaff from 5T 707

persons who are chaff among 5T 227

persons who can distinguish tares from DA 656

separation of chaff from, by words of truth DA 392

terrible ordeal 7BC 911; 2SM 380

tares among 6T 239

until end of time MH 493

tares and, are to grow together until harvest COL 72, 123

parable of See Parable

third angel’s message separates, from tares EW 118

2. Literal

development of Ed 106

fields of, in Canaan PP 472

finest of, Israel promised COL 289

first fruits of, presented at Jerusalem 6BC 1092

grain in parable of growing seed was COL 67

grain of: Christ had to be cast into ground as DA 622-3

illustration from DA 623

increased by repeated sowings Ed 109

that preserves its life produces no fruit DA 623

grows on Sabbath DA 207

harvested in May and June PP 615

measure of, sold for talent in Jerusalem’s last days GC 31

preparations of, sent everywhere MH 299

Satan’s plot to use, as poison Te 12

tare is noxious weed closely resembling COL 71, 74

threshing of, season of ripe grapes far off at time of PP 546

whole, best flour for breadmaking is made of MH 300

why Gideon threshed, near winepress PP 546


and tares, words are like sowing OHC 294:4

Satan sifts, not chaff TMK 286:3

See also Chaff

Wheat flour (meal)

Wheat flour (meal), bread made of, with oatmeal and rye flour CD 321

unbolted: every Christian girl and woman should learn to make good light bread from 1T 684

in simple diet 2T 67

unleavened cakes made of 4aSG 153

See also Bread; Flour

Wheel, Wheels

Wheel, Wheels, balance, students who are as FE 325

do not stand blocking Ev 105

God’s hand is upon Ev 65; 2SM 391; 7T 267; 8T 254

hand beneath, need of seeing the FE 409

machinery of earth and heaven needs many faces to FE 409

ministers who block the TM 413

of providence, seize opportunities offered in turning of 7T 14

turns slowly but surely 7T 235

put your shoulder to, instead of hindering 8T 130

within wheel: Ezekiel’s vision of 4BC 1161; Ed 177-8; PK 535-6; TM 213

gospel work compared to DA 823

Tract and Missionary Society as ChS 131

work unitedly as MM 201

Wheeler, Frederick

Wheeler, Frederick 2SG 155-6; 2SM 223


Whereabouts, understand your 6BC 1083


Wherefores, whys and See Whys and wherefores

Whim, Whims

Whim, Whims, children’s, do not continually indulge CG 194

invalid’s life destroyed by 2T 535

wife’s, husband’s wrong indulgence of 2T 230

See also Caprice


Whining, professed Christians who are constantly 3T 334-5 See also Complaining; Faultfinding; Fretting; Murmuring

Whining tone

Whining tone, preaching in, unbecoming to minister 2T 617

Whining word

Whining word, effect of, persons who did not realize 4T 342


Whip, fiery, condiments and spiced foods as CD 340

good shepherd does not use COL 188

gospel used as 3T 108

of cords, Christ used DA 158

words that act as MYP 135-6; 3T 108

Whipping children

Whipping children 2T 259-60

at: home CG 250-1, 276, 283, 323-4; CT 116-7; 1T 398; 2T 259-60

school CG 324


1. Literal

2. Special

1. Literal

chaff resisting PK 260; 8T 11

desolation will be spread everywhere by 4T 53

God sometimes speaks to families in 2SM 316

Job heard God’s voice out of GC 471

mighty, destruction coming like a EW 49

See also Cyclone; Tornado

2. Special

from north in Ezekiel’s vision PK 535-6

of confusion, bustle, and strife 3T 247

sowing to reap a MYP 87; PK 279; 1T 269

still small voice which succeeds 2SM 316


Whisky, glass of, reason sold for Te 38

votes gotten by Te 254

Whisky drinker

Whisky drinker, cure of MH 446


Whisper, of Christ’s voice, conscience that hears faintest ML 322

of God’s love to trusting child 2SM 316

softest, Satan may speak in 2T 287


Whisperers 2T 54

Whispering, Whisperings

Whispering, Whisperings, demons’, that torture the spirit DA 216

during church services, improper CG 546; MYP 265; 5T 492

of other minds, warning re TM 315

Satan’s, heed not MYP 112; 2T 319

education of mind against CT 111

your own mind’s, warning re TM 315