EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Truth - Tyrus


Truth, evasion of, condemned MB 68

exact, it is not light or easy to speak MB 68

should be law of speech MB 67

intentional suppression of, that is forbidden by God’s law PP 309

never agreeable to liar GC 542

not all to be spoken at all times 3T 182

slight deviation from, sinfulness of 4T 311

speak, re smallest matters MYP 145

straight line of, results of departing from MB 68; PK 252

what to do in order to speak MB 68

you cannot speak, unless you know it MB 68


Truthful, being, should be fixed principle with all CH 411; 4T 575

person is not, who tries to appear what he is not MB 68

whose words do not convey real sentiment of heart MB 68; 4T 335

physician’s duty to be, to patients MM 38

Scriptures teach men to be ML 160

teach children to be CT 148

Truthfulness (veracity)

Truthfulness (veracity), all should ever cherish 3BC 1159; 6BC 1081

attribute of God ML 331; MYP 35

believer’s, tested in temporal things 4T 309

children should be trained to practice CG 204; 2SG 256

examples in, parents and teachers should be CG 150-1

God requires, of His people even in greatest peril PP 656

God requires that, shall mark His people PP 656

integrity and, invincible power of ML 331

lack of, in children 2SG 254-6; 1T 157

least departure from, transgresses God’s law 4T 312

models of, parents should be CG 151

never give children occasion to doubt your 2SG 256

obedience to God’s law is great incentive to CG 489; 8T 199

one of life’s best things, cannot be bought or sold MH 198; 7T 27

person who cannot pride himself on his ML 331

person who does not know what is ML 331

person who only can know the strength of his ML 331

strictest, cultivate 4T 438

that never sacrifices integrity, Christ manifested DA 69

undeviating, be man of 4T 356

yesterday’s, will not atone for today’s falsehood 1SM 26; 5T 63


attribute of God HP 179:6

life of, not bought or sold TMK 85:4

violation of, hardens heart OHC 81:2

words and actions to mark TDG 281:3

words spoken in passion never have OHC 235:5


Truthtelling, hold, with no loose hand or uncertain grasp AA 76

Trying hour

Trying hour, every, hold fast hand that has all power in ML 336

Trying places

Trying places, why God often brings His workers into AA 357

Trying positions

Trying positions, God’s people will be brought into most 1T 355

persons who will stand firm and faithful in most 1T 355


Tub See Washtub


Tuberculosis, flesh foods communicate CD 388; MH 313

See also Consumption; Phthisic; Pulmonary disease

Tuberculous germ, Tuberculous germs

Tuberculous germ, Tuberculous germs, spread by flesh foods MH 313

Tuberville, H.

Tuberville, H., quoted GC 448

Tuck, Tucks

Tuck, Tucks, on dresses, Bible study neglected for work on CSW 20


paid by Jesus; you can learn of Him TDG 339:2

Tuition fee

Tuition fee See College tuition; School tuition fee

Tumor, Tumors

Tumor, Tumors, Bonfoey’s (Clara) 2SG 209

calomel causes 2SM 449

diet of persons dying with CD 292

flesh foods cause CD 383, 388; MM 278; 9T 159


Tunic, Christ’s seamless DA 746


Turban, linen, Israel’s common priests wore DA 774; PP 350-1


Turbulence, children given to CG 97


Turks, threats of, aided Reformation in Germany GC 197

Wolff (Joseph) among GC 361


Turkey, Litch’s (Josiah) prediction re GC 334-5

millions of, need present truth LS 305

See also Ottoman Empire

Turkey, Turkeys

Turkey, Turkeys, flock of, experience involving 2SG 154-6

for Thanksgiving dinner 2SG 154-6

persons who digress occasionally to eat 2T 487

Turning point

Turning point, in Joseph’s life PP 214

Turnip, Turnips

Turnip, Turnips, JW and EGW used, in place of potatoes in poverty 2SM 191; 1T 90

Turtledove, Turtledoves

Turtledove, Turtledoves, pair of, sacrificial offering presented by the poor CS 160, 176; DA 50

See also Dove

Tuscola Co., Mich.

Tuscola Co., Mich. 2T 14


Twaddle, much called testing truth is 2SM 38

Twelve hundred and sixty years

Twelve hundred and sixty years See One thousand two hundred and sixty years

Twentieth part

Twentieth part See One twentieth part


one in, beauty of Christ’s ministry not known by 1MCP 185:3

Twenty church members

Twenty church members, not one in, prepared to close his earthly history ChS 41 See also One in twenty


Twentyfold, mingling of boys and girls that increases corruption 2T 482-3

Twenty littles

Twenty littles, 5 or 10 or, significance of stealing CH 408-9

Twenty ministers

Twenty ministers, controlled by Spirit will so present truth that 20 more will be added 6T 414

if their capabilities were brought into use we would have, where we now have one TM 195

should be added where there is now one in field 6T 414

Twenty Seventh-day Adventists

Twenty Seventh-day Adventists, not one in, is living out self-sacrificing principles of God’s word 1T 632

Twenty souls

Twenty souls, how, might have been saved where there has been one 4T 68

Twenty-three hundred years (days)

Twenty-three hundred years (days) See Two thousand three hundred years (days)

Twenty women

Twenty women, needed where there is now one in work of saving souls WM 146

Twenty youth

Twenty youth, not one in: has experienced separation from world that God requires 1T 510

knows what experimental religion is 1T 496, 504

professing present truth heeds Bible teaching 1T 498


Twig, sapless, represents sinner 5T 591

tree inclined as, is bent CG 18, 194, 275; FE 156; 1T 546-7; 2T 701; 4T 92, 369

Twilight perception

Twilight perception, many believers have, of Christ’s excellence MH 503; 8T 318

Twin sisters

Twin sisters, Duty and Love are 4T 62

Justice and Mercy are 4T 209

Twisting, Twistings

Twisting, Twistings, men try to vindicate unbelief re Testimonies by 1SM 30

of error EW 96


Twitting, ministers cautioned against Ev 172


faced, See Double minded

sons, parable of, applies to those knowing truth UL 112:2

Two debtor, Two debtors

Two debtor, Two debtors, parable of See Parable

Two-sided men

Two-sided men, God has no use for, in emergency 2SM 153

Two sons

Two sons, parable of See Parable

Two thousand three hundred years (days)

Two thousand three hundred years (days) GC 323-9

arguments from, difficult to refute GC 380

found impregnable GC 340

began: in autumn of 457 B.C. DA 233; GC 326-8, 398-9, 410; PK 698-9

near close of 457 B.C. LS 57-8; 1T 52

beginning and ending of, warning against fixing new dates for 7BC 971; EW 75; GC 457

beginning of, decree of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) at GC 326-7, 398-9, 410; LS 57-8; 1T 52

end of: Christ’s mediation ended in holy place of heavenly sanctuary at EW 42-3, 86, 251; GC 429-30, 435

Christ’s ministry began in most holy place of heavenly sanctuary at Ev 223; EW 43, 54-6, 243, 251, 253-5; GC 421-2, 424, 426, 429-30, 433, 435, 480; LS 63, 278; 1SM 125; SR 377-9; 1T 58

cleansing of heavenly sanctuary began at CW 30; EW 243; GC 329, 421, 426; LS 278; SR 377-8

computation of, stands without impeachment GC 457

confusion and disappointment of Millerite Adventists at GC 409, 429, 431; 1SM 63-4

important crisis marked GC 429

investigative judgment began at GC 424, 435-6, 480, 486; 1SM 125; SR 377-8

Millerite Adventists mistaken re event to occur at GC 351-3, 424, 456-8; LS 61-3

ended in A.D. 1844 Ev 223; EW 236-7, 243, 246, 251, 253; GC 417, 421-2, 429, 480, 486; SR 377-8; 1T 58

in autumn 7BC 971; GC 328-9, 398-401, 410, 457; LS 58; SR 369, 375; 1T 52

in October LS 68, 98

on October 22 GC 400

error in early Millerite reckoning re: God’s hand covered EW 235; GC 373-4; SR 362-3

God’s hand removed from EW 236-7

learned men did not detect EW 235; GC 373-4; LS 58; 1T 52-3

Millerite Adventists later discovered EW 236-7; SR 369; 1T 52-3

erroneous Millerite reckoning that, would end in A.D. 1843 EW 235-6; LS 57-8; SR 357, 366; 1T 38, 48-52

would end in spring of A.D. 1844 GC 328-9, 368, 398-9; SR 369

final Millerite Adventist reckoning re: abandoned by many believers GC 409-10, 431-2; LS 78-9; SR 375-6

no error found in GC 411, 424; SR 376

stands without impeachment GC 457

first angel’s message (Rev. 14:6, 7) and, relationship between GC 355-6, 424-5

last and longest prophetic period in Bible 7BC 971; GC 351

Miller’s (Wm.) interest in GC 323-9, 352; SR 357-8

prophecy re: Daniel sought to understand GC 325; PK 554-6; SL 47-8

points unquestionably to sanctuary in heaven GC 417

relationship between, and 70 weeks of Dan. 8:14 and 9:24-27 GC 325-8

sanctuary and, more preaching needed on EW 63

seventy weeks of See Seventy weeks

Two ways

Two ways, vision re 1T 127-31


working by, UL 91:4

in cities, meeting in groups to plan CME 14:0


Tychicus, an Ephesian AA 296, 390

loyalty of, to Paul at Rome AA 455

Onesimus accompanied, to Asia Minor AA 456

Paul accompanied by, from Corinth to Jerusalem AA 390

from Ephesus to Macedonia AA 295-6

Paul sent, from Rome to Ephesus AA 490, 508; 7BC 920-1

Paul’s letters taken from Rome to churches in Asia Minor by AA 456

Tyndale, Wm.

Tyndale, Wm. Ed 254; GC 245-9, 609; SR 350-2

Scriptures translated into English by GC 246-7; SR 350-1

Preface to New Testament (edition by 1534) by, quoted GC 547

Type, Types

Type, Types, antitype almost met by, at Christ’s birth DA 52

antitype met by, in Christ’s death AA 120, 189, 228; 5BC 1109; 6BC 1116; 7BC 913; DA 757, 774; Ev 598; FE 382, 398; GC 328; PK 626-7; PP 365; 1SM 237-8; SR 306; 3T 432

antitype was met by, in Christ as High Priest 5BC 1104

antitype was to be met by, in Christ FE 382

Christ’s coming as Deliverer from sin was foreshadowed through PK 697

Christ’s great offering foreshadowed by 7BC 932

God spoke to world through DA 34

great truths of redemption were veiled in COL 105

great truths relating to Christ’s advent as Redeemer, Priest, and King were set forth in PK 684

in Passover rites were fulfilled both as to event and time GC 399

law of, Christ’s death brought end to PP 365; SR 273

no virtue in, after Christ’s death 6BC 1116

of Christ in Jewish age PP 330

of gospel truth, Christians are to be 6T 11

of Jewish economy made plain by gospel Ed 124

of saving power of gospel truths, SDA should be MM 26

OT, gospel is given in 6T 392

witness borne to Christ by, need of understanding DA 799

Passover ceremonies were, of Christ’s work DA 77

plan of redemption was shadowed forth in DA 23

pointed to Christ COL 105

prefigured Christ DA 34

present Christ as revealed in, to world 1SM 363

red heifer as, of Christ 4T 120

relating to second advent, fulfillment of GC 399-400

rock and water combined as, of Christ PP 413

sacrificial offerings as, of Christ 7BC 933

system of: arrangement of, was founded on Christ 6BC 1095

brought to end by Christ DA 652

Christ was central object of PP 594

passed away at Christ’s death DA 308; GC 430; MB 50

pointed to Christ as Lamb of God MB 50

shadow forth Christ’s sacrifice and priesthood GC 352

that which was, to Jews is reality to us COL 317

whole system of, as compacted prophecy of gospel AA 14

See also Figure; Symbol


antitype met by,

in Christ’s coming to earth TMK 101:4

in the offering of Christ OHC 47:3

Christ was pointed forward to by, while He was present TMK 101:3

Type room

Type room, pub. house’s, angels frequently in 1T 591

Typesetter, Typesetters

Typesetter, Typesetters, pernicious effects of handling of objectionable matter by 8T 90

should refuse to set in type matter containing satanic teachings 7T 168

too aristocratic to associate with the cook CD 252


Typesetting, teach, in schools 6T 176

Typesetting department

Typesetting department, pub. house’s, conversation is out of place in 3T 191


used by staff of Ellen White for letters 3SM 111:2


Typewriting, teach, in schools CT 310; 6T 182

Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever, treatment of, by Sara McEnterfer WM 335-6

Typical offering, Typical offerings

Typical offering, Typical offerings, fulfilled in Christ COL 126

Typical sacrifices

Typical sacrifices, ceased at death of Christ 3T 392 See also Sacrifice

Typical service

Typical service, confession and repentance in GC 480

connecting link between God and Israel 2BC 1010

ended at death of Christ GC 417; SR 306

fulfilled in Christ FE 399

important truths taught by, re atonement GC 420

Typical shadow, Typical shadows

Typical shadow, Typical shadows, earthly tabernacle’s, no longer possess virtue 6BC 1077


Typist See Copyist


Tyrannical, person to whom God will not appear as 1SM 372

Tyrannical spirit

Tyrannical spirit, father should not manifest, in home AH 213


Tyrannus, teacher in Ephesus AA 286, 292


Tyranny, dark and terrible, of men transformed into demons GC 639

enactment of Sunday law by USA will give life to 5T 712

Rome’s, will be exercised TM 206


Tyrant, avenging, God the Father is not 1SM 183

merciless, desire to make appearance is 7T 93

person who abuses animals is PP 443

prejudice is WM 128

when money becomes AH 372

worst, is self 1BC 1100; PP 676


God not to be considered as; see His tenderness 2MCP 809:2


Tyre, in NT times AA 396; DA 298, 399; MB 4

in OT times 2BC 1026; PK 35, 63, 72, 443; PP 703

conquered by Nebuchadnezzar PK 515

king of, Solomon aided in building temple by 2SM 175

See also Tyrus

Tyrone, Mich.

Tyrone, Mich. LS 149; 2SG 182


Tyrus, king of, warning to 4T 169

prince of, Satan as 4BC 1162

See also Tyre