EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Tongues - Translation


Tongues, gift of: bestowed on apostles at Pentecost AA 39-40; DA 821; SR 243, 246

cloven tongues of fire as emblem of AA 39

Ephesian believers received AA 283

false 1T 412, 414, 419

many missionaries in primitive church were endowed with 5T 391

people are not to be converted by ML 219

principle that Paul presented re CT 243-5

world will not be converted by TM 424

See also Language; Speech

Tongue religion

Tongue religion, men need more than 5T 743


Tonic, cheerfulness as, for entire body ML 150

cold or cool bath is excellent MH 237

healthful, judicious labor is CT 278

helping others is GW 198; 4T 319

labor for souls is 5T 387

Tool, Tools

Tool, Tools, children should be given, at suitable age CG 355; CT 122

children should be taught how to use CG 355

Christ learned to handle, in His youth 9T 185

enemy’s, guard against becoming 5T 478

handling of, Christ not defective in DA 72; FE 418

students should be taught how to use 6T 192

Tooth (teeth)

Tooth (teeth), loss of, poisonous medical preparations cause 4aSG 139

ministers digging graves with 4T 408

thorough mastication benefits CD 108, 320

JW suffered keenly from his 1T 596


Topeka, Kansas LS 239


Tophet, fire of, prepared for the wicked SR 428

Topic, Topics

Topic, Topics, disagreeable, do not cultivate love for 4T 137

great, of interest is how to save souls ready to perish DA 641

we must turn from thousand, that invite attention MH 456; 8T 316

See also Theme


Christ dwelt on grandest VSS 102:0

heavenly, blessings from constant meditation on OHC 113:5

mysterious, better left alone 1MCP 43:4

neglected: mystery of Godliness in Christ 3SM 185:2

noble, mind to be trained to dwell upon OHC 88:5

See also Ideas


Toplady, Augustus M., hymn of, quoted DA 317; MH 65; SD 12; 1SM 224, 332-3

Topsham, Maine

Topsham, Maine EW 32, 42; LS 74, 97, 105, 128, 179; 2SG 42, 83, 85, 87, 107-8, 118; 1T 79-80, 653; 9T 191-2

Torch, Torches

Torch, Torches, celestial, which searches heart CS 30

frailty of self seen when given TDG 169:3

light of, Christ conducted to palace of Caiaphas by DA 703

of truth, help carry to others the ChS 90

Satan’s hellish, torch of false prophecy kindled from TM 409-10

thousand, kindled at flame of church leaders 6BC 1104; ChS 175

See also Taper


Torchlight, sun does not need glimmerings of, of earth to increase its glory FE 391

Torchlight procession

Torchlight procession, lamp that is better than Ev 473


Torment, doctrine of eternal, evil wrought by GC 536

God’s character misrepresented by EW 218-20; GC 534-7

incorporated early into papal faith GC 58

insanity caused by FE 176; GC 545

is false doctrine Ev 365; GC 536; TM 61

is heresy GC 58, 536

ministers received, from Roman Church GC 536

opposed to Bible teachings GC 545

origin of EW 218-9

part of wine of Babylon GC 536

repugnant GC 535-7

Satan originated CT 27-8; FE 176

skeptics and infidels made by GC 536

never-ending, no soul will writhe in GC 545

See also Death; Hell; Punishment; Self-torment

Tornado, Tornados

Tornado, Tornados, declare end is near 7BC 950

God’s purpose may be read in PK 277

great loss of life and property by PK 277; 8T 252

Satan exercises destroying power in GC 590

Satan exercises his power in HP 342:3

See also Cyclone; Hurricane

Toronto, N.S.W.

Toronto, N.S.W. Ev 84


Torpidity, woman predisposed to 2T 427


Torpor, heavy, overcome by spare diet 2T 428; 5T 387, 611-2

Torrent, Torrents

Torrent, Torrents, no fierce, in new earth 7BC 988

See also Stream

Torre Pellice, Italy

Torre Pellice, Italy LS 289-90


Torture, Christ’s witnesses endured, rather than break God’s commands AA 81

endured by persons following in Christ’s steps GC 47

God does not use, to make men obey law SD 182

place of, class to whom heaven would be SC 18

Roman Church used GC 569


compassion gone from those who continued in, of Christ CC 325:3

redeemed around the throne had endured HP 371:3

Total abstinence

Total abstinence See Abstinence

Touch not, taste not, handle not

Touch not, taste not, handle not, only safe course re tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks is to MH 335; 3T 488

reason would hold reins of government if men would, spirituous liquors and narcotics 3T 561

tea, coffee, tobacco, wines, opium, and alcoholic drinks Te 94

Touch of faith

Touch of faith, is distinct from casual touch of careless throng DA 344; MH 60, 62; 5T 228-9

opens to us divine treasure house of power and wisdom 5T 228

woman who was healed by DA 343-7; MH 59-62, 100; 5T 227-9


See Petting

Tourist, Tourists

Tourist, Tourists, church members should sell relief books to 9T 84

entertainment of, sanitariums should not provide facilities for 7T 95

thousands of, seek health in southern California CH 233; 9T 84

Tourist center, Tourist centers

Tourist center, Tourist centers, capable youth needed to do gospel work in Ev 586

Christ’s Object Lessons peculiarly adapted to use in 9T 84-5

Ministry of Healing peculiarly adapted to use in 9T 84-5

world-renowned, gospel work needed in 9T 122

Tourist resort, Tourist resorts

Tourist resort, Tourist resorts, evangelism at Ev 584-6

great, evangelistic efforts should be held at Ev 585-6

southern California’s, med. miss. work in 7T 55-6

restaurants and treatment rooms should be established in 7T 55-6

Tourist traffic

Tourist traffic, centers of, ministers and colporteurs needed in CM 40; 9T 122


Towel, used in washing feet DA 644


Tower, God is His people’s strong, of defense PK 202

of Babel See Babel

temple symbolized by, in God’s vineyard COL 288; DA 596; PK 18

Tower builder, Tower builders

Tower builder, Tower builders, modern PP 123-4

Town, Towns

Town, Towns, Christian should be missionary for Christ in his 2T 632

colporteur should sell books in GW 96

country, becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah FE 317

do miss. work in, where you live DA 141

gospel work must go forward in Ev 46

hundreds of men should be carrying light through 4T 389

large unworked, camp meetings should be held in 6T 33

many, of our own country have never heard warning message CT 507; LS 204

ministers who labor in 4T 317

missionaries needed to take standard of truth into Ev 52; 2T 115

nearby, church members should work as missionaries in 3T 61

persons in every, who would embrace truth 2T 113

should hear warning message 3T 236

steeped in sin and moral corruption 6T 136

unentered, carry truth to 8T 216

take warning message to 3T 202

unwarned, SDA families should move out of cities into Ev 52

walled, Israelites of Gideon’s time sought protection in PP 546

little security outside of, in ancient times DA 479

warning message must be proclaimed from town to CW 23; Ev 19, 428

Townsend, G. A.

Townsend, G. A., quoted GC 440

Townsend’s Sarsaparilla

Townsend’s Sarsaparilla 2SG 105

Toy, Toys

Toy, Toys, childish, God pities youth who eagerly follow 2T 289

useless, many trifles spent for AH 479

violence may be taught by 1MCP 285:2

See also Plaything


Track, man who continued on wrong, when he knew he was not right 2T 387

Tract, Tracts/Leaflets

advertise SDA publications in 1T 551-2

arrange, in cheap style CW 126

as little wedges that open way for larger works CM 140

as silent agents CW 126

can reach many people who cannot hear minister’s voice CM 4

carry package of select, wherever you go ChS 151

circulate, in all cities and villages CH 466; LS 217

circulation of, ministers and people should engage in 1T 690

colporteurs should give, to persons who cannot buy 6T 338

distribution of: in evangelistic work Ev 159

in Geneva, Switz. GC 233

in other languages prepares way for great work LS 215

miss. work should be done by CM 21

women can teach truth by ChS 28

duty of SDA women to persons who have received ChS 28

eight-page: need of 1T 552

needed on health CH 466

needed on health reform CD 461-2

exposing increasing errors, publish more EW 96

expressing truth in plain Bible language, widely circulate 4T 392

filled with Bible truth, people need ChS 153

four-page: need of 1T 552

needed on health CH 466

needed on health reform CD 461-2

free, hundredfold returns to treasury by circulation of CH 465

gospel should be preached by, in their several lines CM 7

health, pointed and well-written articles needed in CH 466

scatter, like leaves of autumn CD 461-2; CH 466

how to raise money to buy, for publishing truth CS 292

how use of, makes preaching more effective LS 217

instrumental in converting souls ChS 146

lack of gospel workers may be supplied by, in great degree CW 111

let, go in every direction ChS 151

letters should be written to people who receive ChS 28

Luther’s (Martin), circulated throughout Germany GC 169

many people will read, who will not listen to preacher CM 8-9

much more can be done when living preacher uses LS 217

new, neglect of plans for publication of 4T 389

of corrupting nature: circulated by Satan CH 466

published by worldlings LS 216-7

of more than 16 pages, needed on health CH 466

offer, by hundred at cost 1T 690

with a little margin to pay for packing, wrapping, addressing, and postage 1T 690

on Bible lessons, need attention in colporteur work CM 140

on important points of truth, hand out freely to all who will accept CH 465

on present truth, people read with interest LS 214-5

should be handed out freely to all who will accept LS 216

Page (Harlan) used, to win souls TM 172

place, in people’s homes CH 464; ChS 147; CM 7

preaching gospel in its several lines, need of CH 464

preparation of, for circulation among the French 3T 211

prepare people to do miss. work with 4T 601

providing, for the poor 1T 689-90

publication of: all believers should support EW 95

means needed for 4T 118

pledges of money for 1T 689

restaurant patrons should be given 7T 116

sale of, in follow-up work after camp meeting Ev 109-10

save money to send, to friends ChS 29

scatter CM 21

broadcast ChS 145

everywhere CW 126

wherever truth is presented CW 126

short and interesting articles needed in CW 126

signs of last days should be clearly presented in EW 96

sixteen-page: need of 1T 552

needed on health CH 466

needed on health reform CD 461-2

small: could be enclosed in letter to friend 1T 552

distribute, judiciously 1T 552

fund raised by donations for publishing 1T 552

on points of Bible truth needed in different languages CH 466

print, on different points of Bible truth CH 466

suggestions re use of 1T 552

some people receive more benefit from, than from books CM 140

spoken word may be repeated in CW 126

that should not be scattered promiscuously like autumn leaves 1T 552

twelve-page, needed on health CH 466

needed on health reform CD 461-2

use of 1T 687-90

by SDA women in miss. work ChS 29

do not be too fearful in EW 96

in evangelism in Europe Ev 411-2

in restaurant work 7T 116, 123

EGW’s use of, at age of 12 AH 384; MYP 299

in miss. work LS 47

women can do miss. work by scattering ChS 28

written in simple form, use in miss. efforts CW 126

Wycliffe (John): issued, against friars GC 84

published, entitled On the Schism of the Popes GC 86-7

See also Leaflet; Pamphlet


display of, important PM 323:3

distribution of, encourage; sell books in cities PM 211:1

message of reform to be followed by, repeating truths PM 347:2

people reached by, who are inaccessible to preachers PM 398:0

reasons for faith published in, to avoid misrepresentation VSS 328:1

rights to sell, not to be restricted PM 323

scattered like leaves of autumn PM 227:2

subjects for PM 227:3

witnessing with,

not to swallow up other interests PM 332:2

reduced to a form; other work, neglected PM 329:0

work with, qualifications of women who are needed in PM 348:1

Tract and Missionary Society

Tract and Missionary Society 4T 591-609

colporteurs should promptly pay accounts to 6T 337

duties of 1T 718 (Append. note)

in debt, by colporteurs’ failure to pay accounts 6T 337

in northern Europe Ev 420

International See International Tract Society

life and activity of, diminished ChS 131

mammoth, worth imitating in providing literature for poor 1T 689-90

success of, depends on publishing houses’ success 4T 597

work of, made too complicated ChS 131; 4T 600-3

See also Tract society

Tract fund

Tract fund See Book and tract fund

Tract society, Tract societies

Tract society, Tract societies, business of, prompt remittal is only successful way of conducting 7T 175

involved in debt when colporteurs fail to pay accounts 7T 175

See also Missionary and Tract Society


dangers in organization and resolutions of PM 333:3

protection of distribution rights of PM 323:4

Tract society officers

Tract society officers, sale of Christ’s Object Lessons promoted by, to aid schools 6T 468

Tract society secretary, Tract society secretaries

Tract society secretary, Tract society secretaries, should personally engage in miss. work 8T 76

Tract work

Tract work, churches should show deep interest in 4T 390

God will not accept, done by person scheming to advantage himself 4T 351

instruction in, camp meeting is not place for 6T 44-5

should be given in home churches 6T 44-5

is good work 4T 603

needs to be done in cities 8T 71


Trade, altercation of, Christ’s voice heard above Ev 559

better to lose a little in, and leave right impression on people 1T 150

centers of, warning message needs to be given in CW 14

dishonesty in, warning against 3T 249

everything in Satan’s, is secured at high price CS 155

giving way to natural feelings in, warning against 1T 150

keenness in, believers who are proverb among unbelievers for 1T 150

love of, becoming more prevalent 9T 62

man sharp in, warning to 4T 350

misrepresentations in, God condemns Ed 236; MB 68

overreaching in: acquisition of wealth by 2T 682

confession of sin of Ev 274

custom of, is not example for Christians 4T 494

disposition to, reprove 2T 152; 4T 350

God’s law forbids PP 309

is fault that must be overcome 2T 74

religion is dishonored by CS 143

rich fool was guilty of 3T 402

warning against 1T 150; 2T 625, 682; 4T 331

your duty when guilty of DA 556

penuriousness in, evil influence of 2T 238

petty tricks of, that God disapproves 4T 494

practice of iniquity in, displeases God TM 372

sharpness in, warning against 1T 150; 3T 250

stock in, when truth becomes 7T 71

See also Business

Trade, Trades

1. Carpenter’s

2. Of tentmaking

3. Miscellaneous


1. Carpenter’s

Christ learned FE 142, 417; MH 399; 3T 566

from His earthly parents 6BC 1104

in His youth CT 147; DA 72; 8T 222

Christ worked at FE 151; MYP 211

faithfully fulfilling His mission SC 82

with Joseph COL 345; DA 237; Ev 378; FE 392; MH 399

See also Carpenter

2. Of tentmaking

Aquila and Priscilla worked at AA 349; PP 593

Paul learned AA 347; CT 279; GC 68

Paul worked at: as self-supporting missionary MH 154

in Corinth AA 349-50

in Ephesus AA 351

to support himself AA 483; Ed 66; GW 59; PP 593

when necessary AA 354

See also Tentmaking

3. Miscellaneous

be Christian in your 5T 424

confining workers indoors, disease which results from 3T 158

different, schools should teach young men CT 146, 310-2; FE 319; 3T 156; 6T 177

erroneous idea that learning, is degrading CT 146; FE 417

everybody should learn some 7BC 912; CS 165

facilities for learning, Negroes in Southern States of USA should be provided 9T 201

fathers should train their boys in CG 355

Hebrew youth were taught AA 346; Ed 47; CT 307; FE 97; MH 185-6; PP 593; 4T 409

Hebrews were commanded to teach their children CG 355; CT 276

how to learn 5T 528

if you work at, make a success of it COL 359-60

knowledge in, do not discourage CT 19

Paul was blessed by CT 279-80

lowly, Christ’s work began in consecrating DA 74

many of God’s people are more interested in their, than in saving souls 5T 457

men earnestly work at, to satisfy desire for more gain TM 395

men of all, are educated for their line of business GW 92

educate themselves to become masters of their business 4T 67

most useful, schools should give instruction in Ed 218

nursing is a most valuable MM 201

of gathering souls into gospel net, gospel workers should learn Ev 443

poor youth should be taught 6T 278-9

smith’s, in King Saul’s time PP 616

students need practical work in various 6T 177

useful: boys and girls should be taught MH 194

Hebrew youth were to be taught CT 276, 307; MH 185-6

Paul’s education included learning of 6BC 1063

teaching youth CG 355-9

Waldensian ministers learned GC 68, 71

whatever your, make God’s cause your first interest CS 124

reveal likeness of Christ’s character FE 397

EGW learned, at age of 12 AH 384; CS 292-3; MYP 299-300

young men should not grow up without learning CG 355

youth should be taught, in publishing houses 5T 415

youth should have acquired knowledge of, when he leaves school Ed 218


all should learn (may be in business) TDG 203:5

Jewish children trained in, even if also in literature TDG 203:2

Paul learned, although a student of Gamaliel TDG 203:2

skill and wisdom for, given by God; (common arts) CC 96:7

See also Vocations

Trade and bicker

Trade and bicker, love of, is not conducive to spiritual health 4T 350

Trader, Traders

Trader, Traders, crying “Peace and safety” 4T 309

Greeks were sharp, believing that gain was godliness TDG 214:3

helped to proclaim first angel’s message SR 358

keen, Greeks on seacoast were AA 349

Trade unions

See Labor unions

Tradesman, Tradesmen

Tradesman, Tradesmen, brought into bondage to labor unions 2SM 143

successful, true teacher cannot be content with making only Ed 29

See also Craftsman

Trades union

Trades union See Labor union


Trading, advantaging yourself at another’s disadvantage in, is unchristian 2T 153

close, minister’s influence lost as result of 2T 154

fair, Christians should engage in 3T 249

habit of covetousness carried into, by Judas Iscariot CS 219

trafficking and, ministers warned against engaging in 2T 622


wise, required on God’s money in our hands PM 233:2

Trading spirit

Trading spirit, worldlings’, Christian must not descend to low and bartering 2T 155

Tradition, Traditions

ancient, Christ broke oppressive power of DA 205

Christ was accused of setting at nought DA 276

authority of, claimed for change of Sabbath GC 448

barriers of, Christ broke through DA 453

bondage of, Christ sought to free men from DA 349, 397

Christ defended God’s law against DA 397

Christ not educated in FE 440

Christ taught truths of Scripture in contrast with DA 349

Christ’s servants should not teach DA 826

Christ’s teachings re DA 395-8

church, which are fallacies 7BC 913

church fathers’, religious institutions founded on DA 398

used against truth GC 455

warning to persons accepting DA 398

conservative, not a safe guide MM 99

custom and, make no compromise with FE 128

student easily led to follow Ed 230

dim light of, Scriptures need not be read by COL 111; FE 391

do not cover up God’s precepts by Ev 252

exactions of men’s, Christ freed people from CT 29

exalted above Scriptures 4BC 1141-2; FE 438; GW 149

exalted in place of God’s commandments, Christ set aside COL 171

faith in Scriptures destroyed by AA 474; MH 142

false, Satan gains power over minds through DA 671

false teachers mingled Jewish, with gospel truths AA 383

freedom of Christ’s teaching from, teachers must see 6T 160

God’s word made of none effect by 1SM 315

God’s word should be heard instead of COL 40

gospel message has no place for DA 826

guidance by, unsafe 1SM 93

heathen See Heathen tradition

how truth has been hidden by COL 105

human: apostate Christianity substituted, for God’s requirements GC 49

Christ showed no regard for COL 171; FE 238

exalted above God’s law COL 171

few preach God’s word unmixed with COL 228

God’s law made void by TM 135

Jew(s) set aside God’s word for MH 142

jewels of truth buried beneath CT 437; FE 188

like floating germs attached to truth 5BC 1094-5; Ev 589

ministers should not preach GW 147

must not take place of revealed truth AA 199-200

pulpits of churches exalt COL 305

religious world exalts FE 238

Roman Church forsook God’s word for GC 81

Sabbath observance does not rest upon GC 455

truths given to Israel were buried under PK 709

venerated above God’s commandments GC 573

husks of human, fed to German people GC 196

Israel’s devotion lost in MB 2

jealousy for, increased as real piety declined DA 242

Jews clung zealously to 4T 256

Jewish: early church leaders held in bondage by AA 403

John the Baptist closed his mind to CT 445

power of gospel swept away AA 44

rabbis dwelt upon, in Christ’s time COL 38; FE 438; MH 21

rabbis highly valued DA 398

rabbis would leave people to suffer rather than violate DA 286

truth which God intended to convey was hidden by COL 34-5

Jewish leaders rejected Christ to keep their DA 489

Jewish leaders studied Scriptures only to sustain their CT 438-9

Jewish priests and rulers made unfit by, to be light of world DA 820

John the Baptist’s message not to be interwoven with DA 278

Judaism’s, Jewish Christians tended to cling to AA 197

lacking foundation in God’s word, men cling to DA 242

long-established, Jews ruined by unwillingness to give up CW 37

love of self substitutes, for God’s precepts DA 409

Lystrian, that gods occasionally visited earth AA 181

men cling to, hating those seeking to point out their error DA 398

worshiping they know not what 5T 707

men have placed, above God’s requirements COL 106

men taught, for God’s commandments in Christ’s time FE 309

mass of, with semblance of truth being brought into education FE 407

medical profession’s beliefs interwoven with MM 119

millions ruined by EW 226; SR 355

mind-benumbing and soul-deadening, Jews gave to world their Ed 75

people of Christ’s time enslaved by DA 611-2

Pharisees and Sadducees at swords’ points re DA 705

Pharisees enjoined multitude of regulations founded on DA 612

Pharisees rigidly adhered to DA 603

rabbinical: Christ as a child disregarded DA 85

Christ rejected DA 86

Christ violated DA 211

no Scripture authority for DA 85

religious leaders reject God’s word to keep their DA 213

religious teachers read Bible in light of DA 459

reverenced above Scriptures in Christ’s time FE 438

Roman Church upheld and defended GC 298

rut of, Jewish leaders fixed in DA 278-9

Scripture largely supplanted by, in Christ’s tune DA 69

Scriptures make distinction between God’s word and FE 288

senseless, Christ’s teachings buried beneath GC 568

Sunday observance will be urged because of ChS 155

teaching of God’s word substituted by, in Christ’s time DA 253

Ten Commandments should not be mingled with 3SG 299

true godliness buried beneath Ev 247

truth buried beneath rubbish of, to be dug out FE 450

truth of God silenced by, when Christ came FE 238-9

truths of Bible obscured again by 5T 710

twelve apostles influenced by DA 412

unsound, in courses of study in schools of world CT 439


attitude toward poor and colored reveals SW 13:1

Bible study not to be barred by SW 47:1


found truth buried in TMK 207:2

opposed, by loving words and works VSS 71:2

separated law of God from TMK 292:4

dissatisfaction with; keep direct contact with Christ LHU 110:3

educated ones fixed in; Christ passed them by SW 10:2

knowing God’s law by, or by the Word FLB 83:4

plan of redemption declared by, to have abolished law TMK 256:4

quoted by Jewish teachers UL 86:3

standing on, or on God’s law OHC 328:5

substitution of, by the Jews in departing from God TDG 246:5

taught; people couldn’t know VSS 324:1

Traditional precepts

Traditional precepts, encumbering God’s law Christ disregarded DA 395

Jewish leaders preferred, when they collided with God’s law DA 395

Traditional requirements

Traditional requirements, re Sabbath, Christ set aside DA 450

wall of, Jews were hemmed in by DA 307

Traditional rites

Traditional rites, observance of, that possessed no virtue DA 84

Traditionary lore

Traditionary lore, knowledge that world with its, cannot supply CH 371; CT 484

Pharisees devoted time to discussion of 1SM 171


Traffic, love of, minister warned against 2T 622, 627

ministers should not engage in 1T 585-6

publishing house workers should not engage in 1T 585-6


“Traffick,” denotes bringing of self-seeking into spiritual offices 4BC 1163

emblematic of corrupt administration 4BC 1163


Train See Railway car


cars follow engine in, as we follow our chosen leader TMK 118:5

Train accident

Train accident See Travel


Training, children’s spiritual, do not neglect CG 493

course of, which embraces eternity Ed 30

gospel workers need 5T 724

need of for practical life CG 345-54

physical See Physical training

practical, worth more than mere theorizing MH 450 See also Practical training

that God gives to prepare men for higher work MH 473

that makes youth masters and not slaves of labor Ed 222

youth given severe, without proper direction 3T 133

See also Education


Christian, advantage of, others helped by those with HP 100:5

false, theories and influences of, hard to shake off TDG 321:4

plant receives, by patient repetition TMK 157:2

pledging to spend years under, from one man is wrong PM 278:1

vine with tendrils catching on rubbish needs 2MCP 592:2

world is our school for, and for character formation TDG 96:2

wrong methods of, used when temper lost UL 94:4

See also Education

Training school

Training school See School

Train wreck

Train wreck See Railway accident


Trait See Character

Traitor, Traitors

Traitor, Traitors, class listed as, in God’s judgment LS 242

do not turn, when God would be glorified by loyalty 7BC 981

God’s enemies furnished with material by, for use against His people PK 675

no time now to turn, when battle presses sore 2SM 373

professed Christians who will be, like Judas Iscariot GC 44

SDA will be treated as, for advocating truth 6T 394

strongholds of principle overthrown by, within PP 459

ten unfaithful spies as PP 390

to Christ, class who are MB 137

to God’s cause, many will become 6BC 1065

to God’s government, by sin men have become 5BC 1127

to God-given responsibilities, do not become 5T 532

will turn away from truth FE 460

worst type of, person who is GW 365-6

See also Treason


church members may become Mar 197:2

danger of turning, under plea of conscientiousness 2MCP 725:1

unbelief, discord and strife created by, in the camp OHC 360:4

Trall, Dr. R. T.

Trall, Dr. R. T. CW 128; 2T 368; 3T 19-20


Tram See Streetcar


Trance, fanatics in, claiming divine enlightenment LS 133

Transaction, Transactions

Transaction, Transactions, life’s, continual test to be applied to ML 261

undeviating principle required in details of 4T 337

life’s small, men are tested and characters formed by exercising principle in 3T 22

mean, Christianity countenances no 7BC 905-6

saving faith is, by which men join themselves in covenant relation with God DA 347; GW 261; MH 62

See also Businesss, transactions of; Business transaction


Transfer of sin See Sanctuary


1. Of Christ

2. Miscellaneous

1. Of Christ AA 539; DA 419-26; EW 162-4; SL 53; 1T 353

blessings missed by three disciples at DA 425

descent of Christ and three disciples from DA 426

earnest prayer preceded DA 420

foretold DA 417-8; EW 164

future kingdom of glory represented in miniature at DA 422

how three disciples were affected by AA 64; DA 422-5

Moses and Elijah appeared at 5BC 1096; DA 421-5, 487; Ed 69; EW 162-4; PK 227; PP 479; SR 174

Moses and Elijah sympathized with Christ at DA 422-5

occurred in answer to His prayer DA 421

voice of God heard at DA 746

2. Miscellaneous

of countenance, by beautiful and pure character CSW 113

Transformation, Transformations

Transformation, Transformations, “born again” means AH 206

by grace, John as example of AA 557-67

Christ effects, that amaze Satan TM 18

Christian life is, of man’s nature DA 172

effected in men by God and Christ, angels astonished and amazed by 5T 731; TM 18, 49-50

entire: acceptance with God requires SC 43; 4T 189-90

Christians who experienced, by grace in apostolic times AA 517

God requires of man SC 43

men must experience, in order to do thing devoted Christians should do 3T 522

is miracle of miracles AA 476

knowledge of God revealed in Christ works, of character MH 425

leaven of truth effects, in man COL 96-102

man cannot effect, of himself by exercise of his will COL 96

man’s whole nature experiences, when Christ abides in heart SC 73

marvelous, faith in Christ works MH 93

true conversion effects 2T 295

moral, man’s nature and character need SD 50

needed, do not rest until you have experienced 2T 179

of entire being, there must be 2T 686

of mind and heart, Christ’s power alone can effect 9T 156

promise of Isa. 55:13 seen fulfilled in, of character 6T 308

result of, into Christ’s image TM 226

of character by Christ TM 388-9

sanctification through truth effects 1T 704

show what God can do in, of natural man into spiritual man 4T 349

Spirit as renewing power effects, in all who will receive it 5T 219

spiritual, angels amazed and astonished by 5T 731

true repentance and conversion is followed by GC 461-2

work of, from unholiness to holiness is continuous one AA 532

must begin in heart 1SM 393

See also Character


Christ brought power for our FW 50:0; NL 37:2

continuous work of, to holiness HP 129:4

entire being must have HP 236:6

heart is beginning place of HP 162:4

humans cannot produce, alone HP 20:4

look to divine Example for, not to people TMK 134:3

mind of Christ received by RC 35:4

need of, UL 70:2

by one ignoring counsel 3SM 53:2

by one in adultery TSB 190:3

thorough, discovered when you ask God TMK 237:3

possible in Christ seldom realized TMK 134:2

power of, of the the Spirit of Christ TDG 96:6

received when true to others and to Christ 3SM 196:1

Scriptures are agents of, for the Holy Spirit TDG 186:3

sin returns without the divine process of 3SM 190:2

See also Change; Conversion; Sanctification

Transformed body

Transformed body, Christ has made full provision for church to be COL 419

Transforming power

Transforming power, effects of Christ’s, upon soul 1SM 337

how Christ brings men under, of truth TM 190


Transfusion of blood See Blood; Infusion


Transgression, all sickness is result of CH 37

cease your, of laws of your being CH 37

disease is nature’s effort to free system from conditions resulting from, of laws of health MH 127

disease is result of, of both natural and spiritual laws of God DA 824

it is always perilous to continue in TM 147

men have become bold in 7T 141

men who make, of God’s law a virtue are under archdeceiver’s inspiration TM 247

many people suffer as result of, by parents CH 37

of God’s laws, humanity suffers from 6T 224

of God’s laws in physical organism leads to violation of Decalogue CH 39

of natural law: ignorance is no excuse now for CH 21

is transgression of law(s) of God CH 20; 6T 224-5

See also Law

of physical law is transgression of moral law COL 347

See also Disobedience; Sin


always our own act Mar 225:5

attributes of Satan acquired by TMK 67:4

blessings are not security against UL 310:3


died to save from penalty of RC 21:6

suffered the penalty for our HP 15:3

cooperation interfered with by CC 20:5

Daniel acknowledged full extent of TMK 238:4

dishonors God HP 361:3

disobedience to the commands of God HP 153:3

earth separated from heaven by TMK 82:2

fate of those choosing FW 117:1

grievousness of, not understood TMK 206:2

guilt of, clarified by the cross FW 96:2

holy city not entered while living in TDG 320:4

human destruction certain without means to forgive TMK 18:3

keep as far as possible from RC 52:6

lame offering given when in TDG 101:3

many walked in, since youth and have led others OHC 243:2

mortgaged to Satan through TMK 84:3

nakedness the fruit of CC 20:3


covers TMK 74:4

from, only through Christ TMK 73:5

from, sought while high priest in holy place TMK 73:3

past, pardon for by coming as you are TDG 153:3

penalty of,

borne by Christ AG 79:2, 161:4

borne by our Substitute FW 30:3

escaped through Christ FW 88:3

pleasurable beginning in, ends in misery and ruin OHC 347:4

repentance required for, as in Josiah’s time RC 57:3


of, compared with favors after repentance RC 52:4

of sin seen in TMK 67:4

of, taken on Christ’s divine soul OHC 17:3

self-righteous ones do not know the evil of FW 96:3

unable to continue in, after tasting of the Lord TMK 294:6

woe was opened through; gospel is not freedom to sin FW 96:1

See also Sin

Transgressor, Transgressors

Christ takes sins of AG 250:2

God pleads with,

more earnestly than a parent TMK 262:3

tenderly TMK 263:4

God treats, with longsuffering and mercy HP 345:4

one refusing to repent remains a hopeless TDG 153:6

woe pronounced on; serious to set aside the law TDG 222:3

See also Sinner


Transition, times of, prophecy re PK 727

Transitory things

Transitory things, of this life, turn away from CT 485

Translated persons

Translated persons, Elijah a type of DA 421-2; EW 164; PK 227

Enoch a type of PP 88-9; 3SG 59; SR 61; 2T 122; 8T 331

future state of 1SM 173


Translation, angel declared in 1856 that some attending conference would experience 2SG 208; 1T 131-2

diet of persons preparing for CD 380-1; 2T 352

Elijah’s See Elijah

Enoch’s See Enoch

families preparing for 2SM 355

fanatics professing to be ready for LS 133; 2SM 34

fitness needed for 2T 698

God is preparing a people for 5T 30; TM 252

by cleansing them 1T 431

latter rain is to fit men for 2SG 226

Moses’ sin kept him from experiencing EW 164; PP 478; 4aSG 58; SR 173

no one need wait for, to follow Christ 7BC 978

of 144,000 from among the living EW 16; GC 649; LS 66; 2SG 33; 1T 60

of righteous living at second advent AA 34, 258; 1BC 1087; DA 422, 530, 632; EW 16, 35, 110, 164, 283, 287-8; GC 302, 644-6, 657; LS 66-7, 103; PK 227; PP 89, 477; SD 360; 2SG 33; 3SG 59, 83; SR 61, 173; 1T 60, 132, 184; 2T 122

persons fitted for 1T 187

persons preparing for, should not be butchers 2T 60

preparation for 7BC 984; CW 81; 3SG 59; 4aSG 149; 1T 187-8, 216, 340, 353, 431, 486, 487, 592, 705; 2T 122, 267, 376, 453, 698

Thessalonian believers’ mistaken ideas re AA 258-9; GC 302

warning to those expecting to experience 1T 482; 2T 349

while preparing for, be Christians CT 548


characters of Enoch and Elijah perfected; considered worthy Con 26:1

Enoch represents,

life and character needed for CC 29:3; OHC 278:2

lives of all who will experience RC 307:3

holiness represented by Enoch required for TMK 348:3

light from those preparing for, is joy to heaven HP 245:5

preparation for, HP 363:4; Mar 98:2; TSB 86:3

by sanctification LHU 301:3

in this world TDG 137:7

requires a great work OHC 323:3

sanctification through truth preparing for TDG 118:3

worthiness for, by righteous characters 3SM 147:0