EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Temperance address, Temperance addresses - Temple, Temples, various

Temperance address, Temperance addresses

Temperance address, Temperance addresses, EGW’s Te 267-92

on Mar. 6, 1869 2T 354-76

Temperance association

Temperance association, every church member should be connected with Te 197-203, 220, 236

organized on June 2, 1879, at Nevada, Mo. Te 202

Temperance banner

Temperance banner, unfurl 2SM 226

Temperance campaign, Temperance campaigns

Temperance campaign, Temperance campaigns, leaders of Te 178, 194-5

Temperance cause

Temperance cause, health journals must aid 7T 136

needs to be revived Te 257

put heart and soul and strength into Te 257

schools and sanitariums should be important factors in MM 266

work with tact and skill in Te 221

youth are called to support CH 441

Temperance club, Temperance clubs

Temperance club, Temperance clubs, of people not of SDA faith Te 218-9

SDA should not take their stand with all Te 217

Temperance crusade, Temperance crusades

Temperance crusade, Temperance crusades, amount to little 3T 567

at home, parents should begin FE 143; 3T 567

home and CG 401-9

how there would be little need for FE 143; MH 334; Te 185-6; 3T 567

inefficacy of, reason for Te 196

victories gained by, not often permanent Te 196

Temperance education

Temperance education, mothers have important work to do in 3T 562

Temperance journal, Temperance journals

Temperance journal, Temperance journals, lead people to heed third angel’s message CM 134

light shining from, people need CM 134

Temperance lecture, Temperance lectures

Temperance lecture, Temperance lectures, at entertainments and banquets CD 473; WM 285-6

EGW gave CD 473; WM 285-6

Temperance lesson, Temperance lessons

Temperance lesson, Temperance lessons, babies should be given Te 289-90

should commence with child in cradle Te 179

Temperance literature

Temperance literature, distribution of, need of 7T 116

circulation of, is important 7T 65

Temperance mass meeting

Temperance mass meeting, at Battle Creek LS 220-1; 4T 274-5

Temperance meeting, Temperance meetings

Temperance meeting, Temperance meetings, avoid everything of theatrical character in 5T 127

need to be as elevated and ennobling as possible 5T 127

skating rink used for Ev 39

theaters and halls objectionable for Ev 39

use of church building for Te 219

EGW spoke at, in Boulder City, Colo. 4T 297

Temperance men

Temperance men, propriety of voting for, for positions of trust Te 253-6

Temperance movement

Temperance movement, make no raid by pen or voice against any Te 221

success in, requires work of reform at tables Te 196

See also Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Temperance number

Temperance number of Watchman, conferences urged to circulate widely CH 435-6

Temperance pledge, Temperance pledges

Temperance pledge, Temperance pledges, church members should sign Te 220, 236

drunkard should be induced to sign Te 198

effective only when heart is transformed by God’s grace CD 35

excuses given for not signing Te 200-3

forfeited, persons who know they have MH 175

obtain signers to, at camp meeting 6T 110

people should be asked to sign Ev 530; MH 171; Te 203

power of evil habits cannot be broken by MH 179

SDA should sign Te 197-203

signers to, call for MH 171; 6T 110

signed at camp meeting at Nevada, Mo. Te 202

signing of CH 441-2

tea and coffee should be embraced in CH 442

EGW’s dream re Te 200-3

youth should be called to sign CH 441

Temperance principle, Tempereance principles

Temperance principle, Tempereance principles, are far-reaching Te 149

Bible, schools should teach FE 285-6

carry out, in all details of home life CG 399-400; CH 113; ML 82

children should be taught to adhere strictly to, in drinking and eating 3T 567

Christians in popular churches defend 6T 110

Daniel’s SL 18-24

dissemination of CH 435-7

do not call attention to, in narrow or arbitrary way MH 211

do not present, in narrow or arbitrary way 6T 256

embrace more than use of spirituous liquors PP 562

fidelity to, youth are called to PK 488

God calls youth to be faithful to MYP 243

have wider range than many think AH 494

how to present 6T 256

implant, in youth FE 143; MH 334; 3T 567

John the Baptist practiced Te 91

many persons among higher classes would recognize and accept MH 211

mother should teach, to children FE 143

parents should teach, to children from infancy MH 334

people at camp meetings should be taught how to practice 9T 82-3

present: at camp meetings Te 244

in light of God’s great purpose for man 6T 256

in pamphlets and papers GW 385

in their most attractive form CD 465; GW 233; MM 261; 7T 136

SDA should present, to people everywhere MH 171

spread of, one of most important duties of SDA GW 384; MM 266

strict, moral courage needed to adhere to Te 190

true, should be brought to higher classes MH 211

will appeal to unbelievers CH 545

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union needs your aid in spread of CH 436-7

Temperance question

Temperance question, aspect of, needing careful consideration Te 272

decided support should be given to, by God’s people CH 462; ChS 219

how SDA relate themselves to, is vitally important CD 342

in all its bearings must be driven home to hilt CH 470; Te 240

let people know where SDA stand on Te 250

people must be deeply stirred to investigate CH 445; CM 131

present, before our large gatherings Te 239

press home, with Spirit’s power Ev 534

take your position on, without wavering FE 482; GW 394

third angel’s message and, as closely connected as right arm to body Te 238

true Christian should respect Te 217-8

Temperance reform

Temperance reform CH 432

advocates of, things neglected by MH 335

aged gospel workers should advocate 2SM 226

demands support of Christian workers CH 433; MH 171

firm purpose in, needed in every community 5T 360

more attention should be given to 6T 110

Portland, Me., was city foremost in Ev 390

SDA should be at head in Te 220, 233

should begin with mother before birth of children CD 218, 225-6

talks on, SDA should give to other churches Te 221

work of, must begin in home in order to be successful LS 222-4; Te 259

Temperance reformation

Temperance reformation, how, can be made strong, permanent, and thorough 5T 360; Te 163-4

Temperance Reform Club

Temperance Reform Club, EGW invited to speak before 4T 279

Temperance reformer, Temperance reformers

Temperance reformer, Temperance reformers, education that must be given by MH 335

radical, men of courage are needed to be Te 273

men like Daniel needed as Te 237

Temperance society, Temperance societies

Temperance society, Temperance societies, co-operating with 5T 355

of people not of SDA faith Te 218-9

organization of, dangers in 5T 127-8

SDA slowness in organizing, reproved Te 236

Temperance talk, Temperance talks

Temperance talk, Temperance talks, short, should be given by ministers in sanitariums Te 245

EGW gave, in 1891 Te 273-83

Temperance topic, Temperance topics

Temperance topic, Temperance topics, instruction on, every home needs Ed 202

schools need Ed 202

restaurants should present, to public 7T 115

Temperance work

Temperance work GW 384-8; 6T 110-1

decided testimonies on, needed Ev 514-5

do not forget to do, for higher classes 7T 58

expenditure of means that would embarrass conferences is not needed in Te 222

great, secondary to miss. work at home SD 252

includes more than speaking in public GW 385

is not to be done by one person alone Ev 531

keep standard high in 5T 127

labor in, twofold blessing from 5T 121

many people brought to Christ by 6T 111

ministers should promote 6T 110

more spirited and decided, needed CH 436; Te 250

must commence: at our tables 3T 488

in your own heart MM 85

needed in behalf of: authors 6T 256

businessmen 6T 256

higher classes 6T 256

ministers 6T 256

statesmen 6T 256

talented people 6T 256

wealthy people 6T 256

one of most prominent and important of moral reforms GC 587

persons who labor in, reap bountiful harvest 5T 121

persons who should be encouraged to labor in 5T 127

physicians should promote 6T 110

place of, in preparation for second advent DA 101

power in, wrestle with God for 6T 111

revival of, SDA need CH 432

Satan’s efforts to hinder SDA in Te 222

SDA, should not be limited to their own people Te 220

SDA everywhere should decidedly take hold of CH 436

SDA motto in GW 388

SDA must grapple with giant foe in GW 388

SDA women should co-operate with WCTU in WM 162-4

several persons should unite in doing Ev 531

strictly carry out, in all concerns of life 3T 488

Sunday can be devoted to 9T 233

Sunday-law movement is often combined with GC 587

surface work in, avoid 5T 127

tobacco users are unfit for 5T 441

true, purpose of all 6T 111

worthy of best endeavors of SDA 5T 127

zeal in, thousands could be won from ruin by 6T 111

Temperance worker, Temperance workers

Temperance worker, Temperance workers, addicted to tobacco, many MH 329

bidden Godspeed CG 402

church members should become Te 236

efforts of, not far-reaching enough CD 225

invite, to SDA meetings Te 217

of other churches, contact 6T 110

SDA should become active Te 236

tobacco should not be used by CD 426-7

tobacco users cannot be acceptable 5T 441

EGW as Te 259-66

who use tobacco Te 218-9


Temperate, be strictly MM 43

God requires His people to be, in all things CW 124; 2T 65

medical students should be strictly CT 488-9

men will never be truly, without Christ’s grace CD 35

men who could accomplish twice as much if they were, in all things 3T 491

Scriptures teach men to be, in all things ML 160

Temperate habit, Temperate habits

Temperate habit, Temperate habits, athletes in ancient times realized importance of SD 212

good results of, seen in training athletes CD 27

greater physical stamina brought by CD 29; CG 395-6; MYP 242

increased power of endurance given by CD 29; CG 395-6; MYP 242

ministers need 3T 486-7

reward of, persons who will reap CD 29; CG 395-6; ML 147; MYP 242

strictly: Daniel found no excuse for departing from PK 482; SL 21

importance of 3T 487

John the Baptist was brought up with CD 225

men’s eternal destiny depends upon 3T 489

mind should be kept clear and strong by SD 204

ministers need to have 5T 441

physicians need to have 5T 441

Temperate living

Temperate living, health is promoted by CH 66; SL 26


Temperately, live CH 66; SL 26

Temperate person

Temperate person, only safeguard for, total abstinence is MH 446


Temperature, atmospheric: chilly after man sinned PP 57

extremes of heat and cold in PP 61

mild and uniform before man sinned PP 57, 61

subject to marked changes after man sinned PP 61

of Christian piety, must be raised 5T 203

room 2T 526-7, 533

do not excessively increase, after a person has taken cold 2T 530

lungs weakened by excessive 4aSG 152

of not more than 65 degrees counseled as desirable 1T 703

schoolroom: avoid sudden changes of CT 299

need of uniform CT 299

teacher’s feelings should not regulate CT 299

sickroom 2SM 455

attendants not good judges of healthful MH 221; 2SM 455

maintain even MH 221; 2SM 455

need of healthful 2SM 455

thermometer should regulate MH 221

too great changes of, babies should be kept from MH 381

See also Air; Room; Stove heat

Tempest, Tempests

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

God’s people will pass unharmed through GC 654

of divine judgment, God’s people will have no cause for fear amid PP 341

of opposition and wrath, warn men of coming 5T 452

of temptation, what to do in time of DA 336

still small voice which succeeds 2SM 316

terrible, that is coming MYP 89-90

2. Literal

at sea, angel protected Paul and companions during GC 512

fierce, Christ stilled 2BC 1003; DA 334-5, 336, 377-82, 755, 809; MH 95; ML 336

fierce and awful, as judgments of God 5T 234

held by four angels TM 444

Israel redeemed from Egypt with COL 287

judgments of God seen in 5T 136, 234

loss of life by, increasing steadily ML 308

lowly flower of valley left unharmed by Ed 51-2; MM 36; PP 222; 4T 544

Satan exercises destroying power through GC 589-90

Satan works in atmosphere to cause 2SM 52

ship taking Paul to Rome was caught in AA 441-5

signs of times DA 636; TM 444

signs that Christ’s coming is near 6T 408

sound of, man’s fear of 1BC 1091

stately tree on mountaintop uprooted by Ed 51-2; MM 36; PP 222; 4T 544

stilled by Christ DA 334-5, 381

See also Cyclone; Hailstorm; Hurricane; Storm; Tornado; Whirlwind; Wind

Tempestuous ocean, Tempestuous oceans

Tempestuous ocean, Tempestuous oceans, ships sinking in 2SM 315-6

Temple (first)

See Temple (Solomon’s)

Temple (in heaven)

See Sanctuary (heavenly)

Temple (second)

1. Courts of

2. Services of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Courts of

blazed with artificial light at night during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

booths or tabernacles of green boughs erected in, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

Christ came to throw open every compartment of PK 370

Christ healed in COL 273; DA 162-3, 592; GC 24; MM 122-3

Christ lingered in, when He visited Jerusalem at age of 12 DA 78

Christ taught in COL 273; DA 162-3, 452-3, 592; GC 24

during Feast of Tabernacles DA 452-3, 459, 463-70

Christ’s final departure from AA 145; DA 610, 626-7; GC 24

two days before Passover GC 23

Christ’s last day of teaching in DA 610

crowds thronged, when Christ was there DA 610

desecrated, Christ’s piercing look swept over DA 590-1

dishonest practices in, Christ rebuked Pharisees and doctors of law because of MM 122

filled with: promiscuous throng during Passover season DA 154

tumult of unholy traffic representing temple of heart DA 161

worshipers on Sabbath when Christ lay in tomb DA 774

illumination of, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

inner: Christ’s final departure from DA 620, 626-7; GC 23

death penalty for Gentile who entered DA 193

death penalty for uncircumcised person who entered AA 407

Gentiles were excluded from DA 622

only Jews were allowed to enter DA 193

Paul did not violate law by entering AA 407

large lampstands on two lofty standards in center of DA 463

of priests, altar occupied central position in DA 449

outer: abuses of, priests and rulers should have corrected DA 156-7

animals bought and sold in DA 155, 589-90; MM 122

as noisy cattle market DA 155

Christ often taught in MH 21

converted into place of unholy traffic DA 157

Gentiles were permitted only in DA 622

Greeks interviewed Christ in DA 622

like vast cattle yard DA 589

low wall separated, from all other parts of edifice DA 193

steps of, Christ standing on DA 157

turned into market place chiefly by priests DA 163-4

wall of, inscriptions placed in different languages on DA 193

polluted with merchandise and robbery MM 122; 8T 67

sick and suffering people who inquired for Christ in, while He lay in tomb were driven out DA 776

wall of partition in, none but Jews allowed to pass beyond DA 193

2. Services of

abuses in, Nehemiah corrected PK 670

ceremonies connected with, prefigured Christ in types and shadows 6BC 1115

ceremonies of, were meaningless after Christ’s death DA 165, 620

Christ was accused of seeking to overthrow DA 433

Christ’s sacrifice was typified in DA 165

commenced when exiles returned to Jerusalem from Babylon PK 560, 705

disturbed early in reign of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) PK 629

entire ritual of, was reminder of Christ’s coming as Messiah PK 684

imposing rites of, Jewish leaders looked with pride upon COL 297

Jews rejected all that gave significance to, when they rejected Christ DA 165

many kinds of work performed in CM 16-7

ministration of, taught great truths re Christ’s advent as Redeemer, Priest, and King PK 684-5

no further value in performance of, after Christ’s death DA 774

on Sabbath when Christ lay in tomb DA 774-5

relation of apostles to, marked changes took place in DA 434

reorganization of, under Ezra and Nehemiah PK 607

sacrifices of Mosaic ritual of, pointed to service of heavenly sanctuary PK 685

splendor of, could not recommend Jews to God COL 297

support of, Israelites pledged themselves to contribute stated sum of money yearly for PK 667

taken away because type met antitype in Christ’s death 6BC 1115-6

useless forms of, continued by Jews after Christ’s death EW 209; GC 430

See also Sanctuary

3. Miscellaneous

abuse of, many people lamented DA 196

all kinds of music used at, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9

angels were sent to destroy 5BC 1098-9

Anna’s prophecy at, re Christ DA 55

apostles met at, after Christ’s ascension AA 35

appeared as massive structure of snow set with golden pinnacles DA 575

ark of covenant was not in GC 24; PK 597

blazed with artificial light during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

blood of beasts that flowed in, was typical of Christ’s blood DA 576

bribery of false prophets by Jewish leaders while Roman legions were besieging GC 29

broad steps of DA 449

built about 500 years before Christ GC 23

built to God’s glory AA 145

burning censers waved in, while incense mingled with prayers of worshipers ascended to God DA 576

burning of, by Roman soldiers GC 33-4

captain of, Peter and John imprisoned by AA 61

cedar-lined chambers around GC 33-4

chants of Levites at, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

choir of Levites on steps of, led song service DA 448

Christ announced Himself as greater than FE 399

Christ looked upon, with sorrow DA 581

Christ stood forth in place of FE 399

Christ was accused of plan to seize DA 581

Christ was dedicated in, as first-born son DA 55

Christ was falsely accused of planning to destroy DA 705-6

Christ would appear in, in fullness of time PK 577

Christ’s authority to cleanse, priests and rulers challenged DA 162

Christ’s first cleansing of 7BC 985; DA 154-66, 589-92; GC 474; MM 122-3; 2SM 118; 4T 252; 9T 228

announced His mission as Messiah DA 161

how priests were affected by DA 162

more than human power manifested in DA 164

Christ’s first view of, as child DA 78

Christ’s prediction of overthrow of, filled disciples with alarm DA 627; GC 24-5

Christ’s presence made, sacred DA 161

Christ’s second cleansing of 7BC 985; COL 272-3; DA 589-600; 2SM 118; 1T 471-2; 8T 92; 9T 228

Christ’s visit to, after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem DA 581

Christ’s voice sounded like trumpet through DA 591

coin of, foreign money was exchanged for DA 155

commemoration of water which flowed from rock was held at, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9, 454

contaminated by Tobiah’s presence in its precincts PK 669-70

cornerstone of: laid in Zerubbabel’s time PK 563-4, 572

music and singing at laying of PK 563

weeping during 3BC 1134; GC 23; PK 564

dedication of PK 596-7

music and singing at 3BC 1134

no manifestation of supernatural power at GC 24; PK 596-7

no visible tokens from heaven at GC 24; PK 596-7

departure of God’s presence from DA 620

desecrated, has counterpart in sinner’s experience DA 600

desecration of, by traffic in Christ’s time DA 155-6

designed to be: continual witness to high destiny open to every soul DA 161

object lesson to Israel and to world DA 161

destruction of: by Romans AA 370; COL 295-6; DA 577, 816; GC 29, 33-4; PK 713

Christ foresaw GC 21

Christ’s prophecy re AA 145; 5BC 1098-9; DA 164-6, 627-8; FE 399; GC 24-6, 33; MB 120

in A.D. 70 GC 412

John witnessed AA 569; DA 816

devotion of property to, erroneous doctrine of Jews re DA 396-7

did not equal first temple in magnificence GC 23-4; PK 564

dishonest buying and selling in, in Christ’s time MM 122

each course of priests ministered twice a year at DA 97

embellished during more than 40 years GC 24-5

entrance of, grapevine made of gold and silver adorned DA 575

erected for abode of divine Presence DA 161

erection of PK 551-97

Artaxerxes I provided means for 3BC 1134

completion of PK 596-7

Cyrus aided Jews in 4BC 1175

Cyrus contributed offerings for PK 559

Cyrus’s proclamation re PK 558-9

Darius Hystaspes permitted Jews to continue 4BC 1176

false Smerdis forbade 4BC 1176; PK 572-3

forces of evil alarmed by PK 582

God moved on Cyrus to aid in PK 564

God’s plan for PK 557

halted more than a year by false Smerdis 4BC 1176; PK 573

in days of Ezra DA 188

Jews became discouraged in PK 573

messages by Haggai and Zechariah roused people to 4BC 1176; PK 573-81, 593-6

offerings freely given by people for PK 560

portion of wall of first temple was used in DA 627; PK 563

preparation for, in Zerubbabel’s time PK 560

Samaritans not permitted to help in DA 188; PK 567-8

Samaritans tried to hinder 4BC 1175-6; PK 567-73

subject of many prophecies PK 563

work of, progressed slowly during Cambyses’ reign PK 572

Zerubbabel met many difficulties during PK 594

evening sacrifice at, Christ died at hour of DA 756-7

Ezra and exiles returned to Jerusalem to build 1T 282

Feast of Tabernacles celebrated with sacred song and thanksgiving at DA 448

festive dances at, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

foundation and life of, Christ was DA 165

Galilean pilgrims slain by Pilate’s troops at COL 212-3

Gate Beautiful of, crippled man healed by Peter and John at AA 57-8

glittered with gold and precious stones AA 145

glory of: Christ was FE 237

Christ’s presence as GC 24

compared with that of the first 4BC 1176; GC 23-4; PK 564, 596-7

could not recommend Jewish leaders to God COL 297

exceeded that of first temple, because of Christ’s presence GC 24

Haggai’s prophecy re GC 23; PK 577, 597

when bathed in light of declining sun DA 575

God made, His habitation DA 576

God’s presence forever withdrawn from AA 145

God’s purposes for DA 161

not understood by Jews DA 161

God’s will not made known by voice from heaven to priests in GC 24

gold-capped pillars of, sparkled in rays of westering sun DA 575

white and glistening grapevine made of gold and silver twined gracefully about DA 575

golden gate of, Christ’s last passage through GC 24

gleamed in rays of setting sun GC 17

grandeur of, as seen from Mt. of Olives DA 575

guardian of, Christ took His position as DA 593

hanging lamps used for illumination at, at night during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

held in great veneration by Romans and Jews DA 706

Herod the Great lavished both Roman wealth and Jewish treasure on DA 575; GC 25

holy place of, Zacharias’s ministry when Gabriel appeared to him in DA 97-8

honored by Christ’s living presence GC 24

inferiority of, old men lamented GC 23; PK 563-4

inner veil of: beautifully wrought with gold, scarlet, and purple DA 775

consisted of rich drapery SR 226

heavy veil of tapestry served as DA 775

made of pure linen DA 775

no one but high priest ever lifted DA 757

renewed yearly 1BC 1107; SR 226

rent at Christ’s death 1BC 1107; 5BC 1109, 1150; DA 165, 233, 709, 756-7, 775; EW 177, 209, 253, 259-60; PK 699; SR 226; 2T 211

significance of rending of, at Christ’s death DA 165, 233, 709; EW 209

instrumental music at, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

during Passover festivities DA 774

Jews rejected all that gave significance to, when they rejected Christ DA 165

Jews rejoiced over DA 155

Jews virtually destroyed, by putting Christ to death DA 165

Jews worshiped EW 198

Josephus appealed to Jews to surrender and thus save GC 33

magnificence of, made it one of wonders of world DA 575

Romans prided themselves in DA 575

magnificent, Jewish leaders looked with pride on COL 297

men built DA 166

marble walls of, rays of setting sun lighted up snowy whiteness of GC 17

massive blocks of white marble sent from Rome to embellish GC 25

massive stones of purest white marble used to embellish DA 627; GC 25

mercy seat was not in GC 24; PK 597

most holy place of: exposed by rending of veil when Christ died 5BC 1109; DA 756-7, 775; SR 226 See also Veil

no longer recognized by God after Christ’s death DA 775

no longer sacred after Christ’s death DA 757

uncovering of sacred mystery of, filled priests with dread of coming calamity DA 775

multitudes went to worship at, on Sabbath DA 201

mysterious sounds within, priests terrified by GC 29

Nehemiah expelled Tobiah the Ammonite from PK 669-70

not hallowed by visible tokens of God’s presence GC 24

not honored with cloud of God’s glory GC 24; PK 597

Paul was accused of profaning, as apostate AA 407

Paul was arrested at, during his last visit to Jerusalem AA 405-7

perfect masonry of, appeared like one solid stone dug entire from quarry DA 627

pinnacle of: gleamed in rays of setting sun DA 575; GC 17

golden DA 575

Satan carried Christ to DA 124; 1SM 281; 1T 299, 341

police of, helped to arrest Christ in Gethsemane DA 696

polluted with bodies of Jews slain by Jews GC 29

pomp of symbol and ceremony in, must have an end DA 576

precincts of, hallowed by Christ’s personal presence PK 597

were to be regarded as sacred DA 156

priests were officiating in, when Christ died DA 756

priestly ministration in, continued after Christ’s death GC 430, 615

continued after God rejected Jewish nation GC 615

priestly ministration was removed from, to heavenly temple DA 166

profanation of, distressed many in Israel DA 168

profaned under high priest Eliashib PK 669-70

prophets uttered solemn warnings in DA 576

reared in Christ’s honor DA 161

rebuilt and embellished under Roman government DA 575

Roman army under Titus took, by storm GC 33-4

Roman emperor enriched, with gifts DA 575; GC 25

Roman wealth was used to embellish GC 25

Romans and Jews alike held, in great veneration DA 706

Romans helped to rebuild and embellish DA 575, 706

Romans razed, to its foundations GC 35

sacrifices continued to be offered at after Christ’s death GC 615

sacrifices offered at, Jews lost sight of significance of DA 590

Samaritan contempt for DA 188; PK 674

Samaritans would not acknowledge, as house of God DA 188

sanctity of, could not restrain ferocity of Jews killing Jews GC 29

impenitent Jews violated GC 29

Sanhedrin met in apartment connected with DA 133

school conducted in apartment connected with DA 78

lessons from 6T 75

priests and rabbis taught in DA 78; 6T 75

studies conducted daily at 6T 75

visited by Christ at age of 12 DA 78; 6T 75

Shekinah did not dwell in GC 24; PK 597

significance of, Jews did not understand DA 161

Simeon’s prophecy at, re Christ DA 55-7

sin of desecrating, rested in great degree on priests DA 163-4

singing at, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

during Passover festivities DA 774

site of, plowed like field by Romans COL 295-6; GC 35; PK 713

Solomon’s porch of, Peter and John preached to people at AA 58-9

steps of, white marble used in making DA 448

stones of, described DA 627

storerooms in, tithes and offerings were placed in PK 669-70

superior to first temple because Christ would visit it 4BC 1176

support of, every Jew required to pay half shekel yearly for DA 155

swearing by, Christ’s warning re MB 66-9

tables of God’s law were not in GC 24; PK 597

Titus promised to spare, if Jews would fight Romans elsewhere GC 32-3

Titus viewed, from Mt. of Olives GC 32

Titus’s efforts to save, were in vain GC 33

Tobiah the Ammonite occupied apartment connected with PK 669-70

tower of, gleamed in rays of setting sun GC 17

treasures of first temple were returned from Babylon and placed in PK 616-7, 619

treasury of, large sums of freewill offerings deposited in DA 155

undertaking of Jews to rebuild PP 527-8

unnatural light shone over, in middle of night before its destruction GC 29

vessels of first temple were returned from Babylon to be placed in PK 559, 616-7, 619

view of, from Mt. of Olives DA 575; GC 17-8, 23-5

vine of gold and silver at entrance of DA 575

walls of: rising sun lighted up gold of DA 463-4

was: built by men DA 166

center of universal joy during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

Christ’s temple DA 157

dedicated to worship of God AA 145

mirror of God’s presence 4BC 1176

palace of loveliness AA 145

pride and glory of Jews DA 575

vision of beauty and grandeur AA 145

wealth, labor, and architectural skill spent freely to enhance, for more than 40 years GC 24

westering sun lighted up pure white marble of DA 463-4

wise men of East inquired at DA 61

words spoken in disfavor of, regarded by Jews as blasphemy DA 155

worshipers from every nation sought AA 145

Zerubbabel returned with exiles from Babylon to Jerusalem to rebuild PK 559

See also Sanctuary

Temple (Solomon’s)

Temple (Solomon’s) PK 35-50; 4aSG 113-5; SR 193-5

1. Most holy place of

2. Services of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Most holy place of

ancient ark of covenant was placed in PK 38; 4aSG 113; SR 193-4

death penalty for unbidden person presuming to enter MH 437; 8T 284

furnishings of 2BC 1030; SR 194

See each item of furniture by name

high priest entered, to minister but once a year MH 437; 8T 284-5

with fear and trembling MH 437; 8T 284-5

high priest’s ministry in: no priests ministered at altars during MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

worshipers bowed in silent awe during MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

worshipers sent up petitions for God’s mercy during MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

Jehovah met with high priest in DA 775

Shekinah in, Christ’s glory dwelt in COL 288; PK 18

was: God’s sacred audience chamber DA 775

sacred to God’s presence MH 437

2. Services of

important reforms in, Hezekiah instituted PK 288

imposing rites of, were source of pride to Israel PK 565

interrupted when Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar PK 560

originator of, Christ was DA 193

restored during Hezekiah’s reign PK 331-3

resumed with building of second temple PK 705

songs of David and Asaph were sung in PK 333

suspended during reign of Ahaz PK 330, 332

trusting in, vanity of PK 414

See also Sanctuary

3. Miscellaneous

abominations practiced in, in sixth year of Zedekiah’s reign PK 448-9

architect of, Christ was COL 349

as emblem of living church on earth PK 36

builders of: apostates among 2SM 174-5

covetousness of 2BC 1027-8; PK 62-5; 2SM 174-6

higher wages demanded by 2BC 1027-8; PK 62-5; 2SM 174-6

Huram (Hiram) as master workman of 2BC 1027; PK 35, 63-4; 2SM 175-6

inherited to large degree skill conferred on forefathers 2SM 174; PK 62-3

building of, described DA 597-8; 9T 180

built: on larger scale than was Mosaic tabernacle GC 412

when Israel was most prosperous GC 23

with freewill offerings PP 526; 2SM 174; 4T 468

calamity that came upon, because of Israel’s sins SR 194-5

cleansed in Hezekiah’s time PK 332-3

closed in reign of Ahaz PK 330, 332

courts of, while high priest was in most holy place sounds were hushed in MH 437-8; 8T 284-5

David’s plans for building GC 23; PK 35, 37; PP 711-2, 737, 751-2; 5T 723

dedication of 2BC 1030; 3BC 1130-1; Ed 49; PK 37-45; 4aSG 98-9, 114; 2SM 312-3; SR 193-4

at time of Feast of Tabernacles PK 37

representatives from many foreign nations attended PK 38

song and music in 2BC 1030; PK 38-9; SR 193-4

to God and His worship PK 37

description of PK 36

designer of, God was PK 66

desolate, Daniel’s heart turned with intense longing to SL 48

destruction of: by Nebuchadnezzar’s armies DA 627; GC 23; PK 423, 453, 459; 4aSG 114-5; SR 194-5

Israel’s apostasy resulted in SR 195

Jeremiah foretold PK 408

why God permitted 4aSG 114-5

erection of 2BC 1027-30; PK 35-7, 62-5; 9T 180

building of church is illustrated by AA 595-9

cheap material not to be used in 2BC 1030

David gathered vast stores of material for 2BC 1027; GC 23; PK 62; PP 737, 750-3; 4T 77-8; 5T 723, 735-6

immense stones used in PK 563

lesson of deep significance in PK 64

lessons from, for gospel workers 2SM 176; 5T 723

no haphazard work was to be done in 2BC 1030

one stone rejected in DA 597-8

preparations for 2BC 1029-30; PK 35-6, 63-5

responsibility for, committed to Solomon 2BC 1027; PK 37; PP 750; 5T 723

seven years spent in PK 35

spirit of sacrifice manifest in giving freewill offerings for PK 62; PP 751-3; 2SM 174; 4T 77-8

Spirit prompted people to give for 5T 736

superintended by apostate 2SM 174-5

furnishings of PK 36

manufacture of PK 35

glory of, aged men who had seen GC 23

could not recommend men to God PK 565

God’s glory manifested above mercy seat in DA 576

God’s spiritual temple compared to 2BC 1029

idolatrous representations introduced into chambers of PK 448-9

idolized by Jews 4aSG 114-5

inner veil of, inwrought with cherubim MH 437; 8T 284

not to be lifted by any hand save one MH 437; 8T 284

Isaiah’s vision at PK 307-8; 5T 750

Israel regarded, with idolatry SR 195

Jews trusted that, would preserve them from punishment PK 416

King Uzziah punished for profaning PK 304

lay in ruins in Daniel’s time GC 412; SL 48

light filled, at its dedication DA 464

made after pattern shown by God to David SR 194

magnificence of, was source of pride to Israel PK 565

ministry in, tribe of Levi was chosen for AA 336

Mosaic sanctuary was placed in PK 38; PP 514; 4aSG 113; SR 193

Mt. Moriah as site of 2BC 1027; DA 829; GC 18-9; PK 63, 459; PP 748-9; 2SM 175

long regarded as consecrated PK 37; PP 151-3, 748-9

more than four centuries PK 459

originator of, Christ was DA 193

pattern of, shown to David 4aSG 113

placed in midst of land as tower in vineyard COL 288; DA 596; PK 18

plans of: Christ made 3BC 1129; COL 349

committed to Solomon by David PK 36; PP 751

made by divine inspiration GC 23

minute written specifications given in PK 63; 2SM 175

revealed by God to David 2BC 1030; PP 751; 4aSG 94, 113, 155; SR 194

written by David in book 4aSG 94

portion of wall of, used in building second temple DA 627; PK 563

repaired and reopened during: Hezekiah’s reign PK 331-5

Josiah’s reign 2BC 1039; PK 393

replaced Mosaic tabernacle GC 412

rich treasures of, tempted Assyrians to invade Judah second time PK 351

ruins of, immense stones among PK 563

sanctity of, violated in Zedekiah’s reign PK 449

Shekinah departed from DA 52

Shekinah departing from, stood on eastern mountain DA 829

Shekinah in, Christ’s glory dwelt in COL 288; PK 18

Solomon admired and praised as architect and builder of PK 66

spoken of most often as “Solomon’s temple” PK 68

Stephen referred to AA 99

stones of, stained by blood of prophet Zacharias DA 619

surpassing beauty and unrivaled splendor of PK 36

treasures of, Ahaz gave to Tiglath-pileser some of PK 329

brought from Babylon by Ezra and placed in second temple PK 616-7

trusting in, vanity of PK 414

unequaled for beauty, richness, and splendor 4aSG 155

vessels of, placed in temple of Babylonish gods PK 479

returned from Babylon to be placed in second temple PK 559

was: diadem of beauty crowning sacred mount GC 23

magnificent sanctuary PK 35

marvel of beauty, richness, and glory 5BC 1093

most magnificent building world ever saw GC 23; 4aSG 155

palatial building PK 36

pride of Israel PK 565

symbol of God’s dwelling place MH 437; 8T 284

to be house of prayer for all peoples DA 27

to stand as perpetual sign of God’s favor to Israel PK 46; 4aSG 99

why David was not permitted to build PP 711-2, 750

would have stood forever if Israel had remained true to God PK 46, 564; 4aSG 99, 114; SR 195

See also Sanctuary

Temple, Temples, various

1. Church as

2. Heathen

3. Human body as

4. Human heart as

5. Of human soul

6. Outside of New Jerusalem

7. Miscellaneous

1. Church as AA 595-9; 2BC 1029-30; PK 36; 8T 173; 9T 180

building of: able workers of different ages who contributed to AA 598

described 9T 180

has never ceased since apostolic times AA 598-9

not yet complete AA 599

only precious stones are used in MB 10

will be carried to completion 7T 170

Christ is builder of AA 595-9

composed of material from every nation, tongue, and people 9T 180

each day God is building 8T 173

foundation of, apostles brought stones from quarry of Jewish and Gentile world to lay on AA 595-6

is Rock of Ages AA 596

luster of stones of, depends on polishing they receive 4BC 1177

material for, God planes and polishes 4BC 1177; 7T 131

polished stones in: flashing light of, reveals contrast between gold of truth and dross of error AA 598-9

God’s people as 2BC 1029; 4BC 1177; CG 73, 168

stones for, must submit to polishing process 4BC 1177

preparation of 4BC 1177; MB 10; ML 268

stone(s) of: golden measuring rod of angelic architect measures TM 17

must be living stones AA 598; 6BC 1116; 5T 121; 8T 196, 246

should reflect heavenly light AA 598-9; 4BC 1177; 8T 196

should reflect light of Chief Cornerstone 6BC 1116

should reflect light shining from Christ 5T 121

should reflect light to world 8T 246

some, do not emit light 5T 121

that does not shine is worthless 6BC 1116

worthless material for, divine Worker does not spend time on 4BC 1177

2. Heathen

Dagon’s See Dagon

Diana’s, in Ephesus AA 286-7, 291-5

Egypt’s magnificent PP 251

of idols, arranged in expensive and alluring manner 3T 263

multiplied in Israel during Ahab’s reign PK 115

See also Heathen temple

3. Human body as 2T 352-3

as temple of Spirit 3T 63

defilement of, warning against PP 362

responsibility of preserving, in best condition Ed 200-1

students should be impressed with thought that, must be kept pure as place in which God desires to dwell Ed 201

See also Body

4. Human heart as 5T 553

man’s heart again becomes, through God’s saving grace DA 161

tumult of unholy traffic in courts of temple at Jerusalem represents DA 161

See also Heart

5. Of human soul

Christ is to abide in DA 556

Christ will not force entrance into DA 161

God alone can remove moral defilement from CS 136

God calls men of polluted, to awake CH 22-3

inner part of, truth should be brought into 5T 547

look not with indifference and contempt on persons who have laid their, in ruins 6T 279

only Christ can cleanse DA 161-2

open door of your, to Christ DA 161

outer court of, truth kept altogether too much in 5T 547

turned into places of unholy traffic DA 161; PK 185

See also Soul temple

6. Outside of New Jerusalem EW 18-9; 2SG 54-5; 1T 69

on Mt. Zion EW 19; 2SG 54-5; 1T 69

only the 144,000 can enter EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

supported by seven golden pillars EW 19; 2SG 54-5; 1T 69

surrounded by: all kinds of flowers and trees EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

seven mountains EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

tables of stone in, names of 144,000 engraved in letters of gold on EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

7. Miscellaneous

Christ as true, for God’s indwelling DA 209

Christ’s prophecy re His body as DA 164-6, 705-6

courts of, scenes will be enacted in, that few realize Ev 593

God and Christ as, in New Jerusalem GC 676; SR 432

God designed that every created being should be, for indwelling of Creator DA 161

God’s: everlasting hills as SL 74

humanity ceased to be, because of sin DA 161

God’s great, open air as Ev 427

made with hands, God does not dwell in PK 50

God is not confined to PK 49

on high, redeemed soul that will have free access to 5T 333

quiet retreat was, to Christ DA 290

sacred, not essential to communion with God DA 189

Samaritan, built on Mt. Gerizim as rival of temple at Jerusalem DA 188; PK 674

demolished before Christ’s time DA 188

vast, impressive dream re LS 33-4; 2SG 17-8; 1T 27-8



angels did not come to sing over, but went to humble men TDG 319:5

built of hewn stones UL 373:3

Christ child found in the court of TMK 28:2


first human visit to, brought understanding LHU 31:3

temptation on the pinnacle of OHC 95:2

cleansing of,

by Christ as He desires to cleanse us VSS 95:2

commercialism was reason for; God forgotten PM 171:0

Jesus announced His mission to cleanse hearts by HP 191:3

twice like two parts in final message 3SM 406:0

construction of, represents spiritual temple UL 281

represents God’s spiritual temple TMK 151:3

services of, suspended by God to revive hearts UL 161:3

temple in heaven a pattern for FLB 194:2

See also Jerusalem, temple at


glory from, for every church that loves God TMK 273:4

inner courts of, discerned by study and prayer TMK 273:4

people John saw in HP 370:2

stones prepared for, during probationary time TMK 150:2

human, daily perfection of HP 159:2


built daily either crookedly or with exactness HP 226:4

Christ abiding in, will be seen UL 314:7

cleansing of, from earthliness and sensuality 1MCP 239:0

God planned every created being to be HP 191:2

humans become, through the indwelling of God HP 283:2

humans ceased to be God’s HP 191:2

submission required for Most High to dwell in OHC 105:3


believers are as stones being prepared for OHC 167:4

Christ is warder of courts of LHU 318:2

Christ makes His church, for God OHC 164:4

cleansed again before second advent PM 170:4

God’s people are stones of UL 373:3

growing up as HP 263:5

perfection of; people from all nations and levels TMK 151:5

Satan manipulating things in; time prolonged PM 390:0

soul grows into, through abiding faith TMK 57:4

stones for,

God does not strike useless blows for TDG 23:3

hewed by divine measurement HP 281:4

light to be given by HP 281:2

need polish UL 372:3

people from everywhere are UL 281:2

perfect, unified, emitting light RC 273:6

to be submissive whether small or large TMK 150:4