EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

State aid - Stomach, Stomachs

State aid

State aid, attempt to build up church by, evil of GC 297

movement in USA to secure, for church institutions and usages GC 573

State authority

State authority, limit of, in religious matters GC 201

State board examination

State board examination, medical students to be qualified to take CT 479-81; FE 490

State church, State churches

State church, State churches, Protestant, follow Roman Church’s example GC 383


Statecraft, churchcraft and, represented in Daniel 2:43 4BC 1168-9

State law, State laws

State law, State laws, obey, when they do not conflict with God’s law 9T 238

will conflict with law of God GC 459

See also Law

Statement, Statements

Statement, Statements, all do not understand, alike 1SM 20

caution in making, cultivate TM 228

distortion of, by careless or caviling minds 5T 695

false, See Falsehood; Lies; Words

indiscreet, enemies of SDA exploit their TM 228

retract TM 228

opponent’s false, do not repeat 9T 148

repetition of others’, cautions re 5T 695

unguarded, re prophesying 2SM 21


State, of things, caused by changing of currency TM 331

unsettled, everything in world is in 1SM 221

State power

State power, church decrees will be enforced by 7BC 976

church institutions will be sustained by 7BC 976

church’s appeal to, to enforce her dogmas MB 127

papacy first resorted to, to compel Sunday observance GC 446-7

papacy used, to further her own ends GC 443

to punish “heresy” GC 443

what will happen in USA when church employs GC 581

State religion

State religion, of Babylon, established forms of idolatry recognized as PK 506


Statesman(men), able, things of greatest importance neglected by GW 170

as dust of balance FE 481

at SDA church services, ministers’ duty to Ev 350

attention of: being called to Bible 8T 40

call, to significance of prevailing drunkenness and violence Te 251

fixed on events taking place about us Ed 179; MM 333; PK 537

class of, in deadly peril MH 211; 6T 256

Daniel as 4BC 1171; CH 423; Ed 51, 56-7; FE 205; PK 539-42, 545-7; SL 42-3; 7T 161 See also Daniel

few, comprehend causes underlying present state of society MH 183; 9T 13

God uses, to thwart enemies of His church GC 610-1; 5T 453

God-fearing, angels influence GC 610

oppose measures proposed against God’s people GC 610-1

hearts of, God can move upon 5T 453

Joseph as Ed 51, 53, 56-7 See also Joseph

many of greatest, light of truth will be rejected by AA 241

Moses as Ed 51, 68-9; PP 328; TM 262 See also Moses

national laws compared with statutes of Bible by 8T 40

some leading, will accept third angel’s message GC 611

will stand with God’s people through time of trouble GC 611

spurious Sabbath upheld by 4BC 1168

Sunday exalted above Sabbath by 4BC 1168

world’s greatest, Joseph and Daniel among Ed 51

worldly and ambitious, represented as grass that fades COL 350

See also Ruler


Statesmanship, Daniel’s PK 546


Station, cannot elevate or degrade men ChS 218; 2SM 343

love of, Paul rebuked Jews for their AA 247

talent of, given to man for wise improvement CT 513; FE 48; MYP 170

talent that should be used in God’s cause CS 117

See also Office; Position; Rank


Statistics, SDA Negro, from 1895-1907 9T 225


Statuary, before Flood PP 91

Statue, Statues

Statue, Statues, do not be CT 371; DA 153


Stature, Adam’s, greater than that of man today PP 45

in world to come GC 644

noble and more than twice that of men today 3SG 34; SR 21

Christ’s, before and after His incarnation GC 644; 4aSG 115, 119

diminutive, young man embarrassed because of his 4T 438

Eve’s, not quite as tall as Adam 3SG 34; SR 21

somewhat less than Adam’s PP 45

generations after Flood have decreased in 7BC 986

Goliath’s, about 12 feet 2BC 1018; 4aSG 79

six cubits and a span PP 646

Judas Iscariot’s, tall DA 721

no man can add one cubit to his SD 16

nobility of, vain is estimation based on PP 638

of antediluvians: more than twice that of men now living 7BC 986

very great 3SG 61

was giantlike 7BC 986; PP 90

of Og, king of Bashan PP 435

of the righteous, when raised from grave GC 644

Statute, Statutes

Statute, Statutes, given at Sinai, Solomon was to live and rule in accord with PK 52

good and bad, for Israel 3SG 300-1

instruction in form of, given to Israel through Moses PK 293

Statute book

Statute book, great, Bible is EW 52

truth is EW 52; 1SM 316

of nations, Bible is 8T 40

Staupitz, Johann von

Staupitz, Johann von GC 123-4


Steadfast, only way to remain, is to progress daily in spiritual life MYP 121

Steadfast adherence

Steadfast adherence, to truth, Christ is revealed in His people’s 9T 24


Steadfastness, Christian, ground of 1T 438

Enoch’s, in communion with God GW 52

examples of, in God’s service GW 18; 4T 525

in witnessing to faithfulness of God’s promises AA 575

need of, Paul urged upon Timothy AA 499-500

needed in face of trial and suffering AA 524

of purpose, how to have 5T 43

is one condition of receiving light from God DA 312

Paul urged believers to, in the faith AA 267

See also Commitment; Constancy; Faithfulness; Firmness; Loyalty; Stability

Steadfast thing, Steadfast things

Steadfast thing, Steadfast things, only, that world knows PK 548

Steadily forward

Steadily forward, God’s people must move, in doing His work 7T 108


Steadiness, of purpose, essential in overcoming sin 2T 101-2


Stealing, downright, institutional practice that is CH 283-4

God’s law forbids 2BC 997; DA 806; PP 308-9

underhand, of affections is violation of God’s law FE 102

what God has said re, declare DA 806

See also Manstealing; Robbery; Theft


Stealth, gifts of gospel are not to be secured by MH 100

Steamboat, Steamboats

Steamboat, Steamboats, disasters of, intoxicating drink causes Te 288

intemperance on CD 150

See also Ship

Steamboat line, Steamboat lines

Steamboat line, Steamboat lines, connect SDA with every part of world 5T 381

means of giving truth to every nation 5T 381

Steamship, Steamships

Steamship, Steamships, men in command of, should be strictly temperate Te 35

sale of intoxicating liquor on Te 34

Satan’s traps set on MH 338; Te 24

See also Ship


Steel, bands of: habits that bind men with MYP 212

person bound about by Satan’s coils like 5T 506

Satan seeks to bind children with 1SM 319

be as true as: come life or come death Ev 648

to marriage vows AH 104

to one another TM 251

to principle WM 182

Christian patriots who were as true as, to principle PK 479

God uses men as true as, to principle 3BC 1135; SD 213

gospel workers should be as true as, to principle CM 95

grasp of, power that fastens mind as in CT 402

hearts of, persons who have less to fear from God than from men with TM 354

leaders of God’s people should be as true as 2T 637

men needed who are true as, to preserve honor of leaders of God’s work 4T 194

men who were as true as, to principle MYP 33

men with hearts as true as, God calls for CH 290; FE 501

people as true as, God will have 4T 594

turn away from people whose hearts are as COL 174

when your face must be set Christward and firm as MM 145

youth should be as true as, to God and His cause CT 165

Step, Steps

Step, Steps, Christ’s, how to walk in DA 640

desperate, beware of MYP 97

each, in life may bring men closer to Christ SC 125

each successive false, easier than the first 7T 219

every advance, strengthens Christian for the next 4T 444

firm and elastic, of Daniel and companions PK 485

first, in path of transgression makes disobedience easier PP 630

first wrong, leads to others PK 483

in life of faith and duty every, is step toward heaven 3T 379

one false: leads to another FE 500

prepares way for another 7T 219

that may mislead thousands 7T 200

one imprudent, evil results of PK 348

one wrong: makes next easier PP 440

prepares the way for another PP 564; 4T 578

probably will lead to others CH 66; ML 75

one wrong and hasty, terrible consequences follow 3T 324

shining, from earth to heaven SL 95

short and decisive, leading from high and holy ground to low level MH 510

step by, God leads His people 1T 187

highest ascent may be climbed ML 95

successive, necessary to spiritual growth MYP 45

three, three angels’ messages represent EW 258

upward to heaven, must be taken one at a time 4T 444

Stepchild, Stepchildren

Stepchild, Stepchildren, misconduct of, toward stepfather 2T 422-3

stepmother who did not love 2T 56-8

stepmother’s duty to AH 270-2; 3T 531-2

treatment of 3T 531-2


Stepfather, misconduct toward 2T 422-3


Stephen AA 97-103; EW 197-9; SR 262-8

able defender of Christian truth SR 262

able student of Scriptures AA 97

accused of blasphemy AA 113; EW 197-8; SR 263, 268

against temple and law AA 98-9

arguments used against, founded in falsehood 1SM 70

arraigned before Sanhedrin AA 99-100; DA 354; EW 198-9; SR 262-5

Christ spoke to Paul through AA 116

countenance of, radiant with divine glory AA 101, 116, 118; MYP 113; PP 329; SL 91; SR 263-5

educated as highly as Paul SR 263

false witnesses hired against EW 197; SR 263

familiar with Greek customs and manners AA 97; SR 260

first Christian martyr MYP 113; SL 91

first deacon chosen by church SR 260

foremost of first seven deacons AA 97

Greek language spoken by AA 97; SR 260

had thorough knowledge of Jewish economy AA 99; SR 264

illegally put to death AA 101; SR 266

in public discussions with learned rabbis AA 97

Jew by birth and religion AA 97; SR 260

learned in all matters of the law SR 262

loyal to God and to Jewish faith AA 99

man loved by God ML 67

man of deep piety and broad faith AA 97

mighty man of God EW 199

mighty testimony of, re Christ EW 208-9

miracles wrought by EW 197

noble and eloquent MB 33

OT Scriptures used by, in labor for Jews AA 221

Paul took leading part against AA 98; SR 263

place of, Paul more than filled EW 199

Paul was chosen to fill AA 102

prayer of, for his murderers AA 101; SR 266

sent conviction to Paul’s heart MB 33-4

preached in synagogues of Greek Jews AA 97

spoke in voice clear and thrilling AA 99

stoning of AA 101, 597; COL 218, 308; DA 619, 629; EW 199; ML 67; SR 266; 4T 525

beholders deeply impressed by SR 266

for preaching Christ AA 575; GW 18

in A.D. 34 DA 233; GC 328; PK 699

not a loss to gospel MB 33-4

occurred outside of city AA 101

Paul affected by AA 101, 112-3, 115-6, 118; SR 266-8

Paul cast no stones in EW 199

Paul stood by during MB 33-4; SR 266

Paul’s conversion a result of AA 101; SR 266

Roman authorities bribed not to investigate AA 98, 101-2; SR 266-7

Sanhedrin instigated MB 33

sore trial to church AA 101

student of prophecies SR 262

supervised disbursement of funds to needy SR 260

trial and condemnation of, Paul elected member of Sanhedrin for aiding in AA 102; SR 267

Paul took prominent part in AA 112-3

truth ably defended by AA 97

vision of Christ seen by AA 100-1; GC 636; SL 91; SR 265-6

wisdom of, Jewish leaders could not withstand AA 98; EW 197; SR 262-3

witnesses who accused, required to cast first stone SR 266


look to Christ in heaven as did, in putting away sin LHU 280:5

looking into heaven as, ignoring mockers 3SM 428:2

resistance seen by; He knew it was last testimony LHU 104:5

signet of God on face of, words were remembered LHU 104:7

strengthening of God’s cause unseen in stoning of HP 271:5

Stephenson, J. M.

Stephenson, J. M., Age-to-Come theory taught by 2SG 273, 295; 1T 116-7

no-Sabbath theory taught by 2SG 273, 295

Waggoner (J. H.) debated with 2SG 273

JW opposed by 1T 117


Stepmother AH 270-2; 2T 56-8; 3T 531-3

double care and burden resting upon 2T 58

duties of, to stepchildren AH 270; 3T 531-2

harsh to stepchildren, husband’s duty re 2T 58

warnings to 2T 56-8; 3T 531-3

who did not love stepchild 2T 56-8

Steppingstone, Steppingstones

Steppingstone, Steppingstones, difficulties or faults overcome become Ed 296

knowledge should be, to accomplishment of highest purposes 8T 311

mistakes overcome become Ed 296

Steps to Christ

Steps to Christ, by EGW Ev 277; FE 212

miss. work done by EGW with Ev 277


given to lady serving Ellen White on a ship TDG 362:5


Stereotyped, gospel workers should not become, in manner of working Ev 106

persons who are, in wrong course of action 5BC 1112; COL 344; FE 316; MH 477


Sterilization, milk should be given thorough CD 203, 210, 358, 367


Sternness, cease to manifest 4T 63

children should not be treated only with 1T 387

no place for, in SS or day school CSW 152

SS teachers should not manifest CSW 98

should be put far from teachers’ hearts CSW 152

See also Harshness


minds dealt with in, driving them back to enemy 2MCP 435:1

Stevens, Jesse

Stevens, Jesse, fanatic 2SG 63-5

Steward, Stewards

1. Faithful

2. Miscellaneous


1. Faithful

are prepared for any emergency 4T 482

be, of your body CH 446

Christ and angels are friends of 1T 198

Christ’s, should not be idle at this time SD 269

Christian must act his part as CS 114

class who have not been 2T 522

description of CS 157-9

God cannot bless persons refusing to be 6T 389

God will furnish facilities to, of His entrusted means 9T 132

God will give greater trusts to PP 529

know just how their business stands at all times 4T 482

name of, registered in heaven’s books CS 300

needed to help advance God’s cause in new fields 1T 147-8

persons who are not 3T 397

reward that awaits TM 166

rich man who will be accounted CS 28

seeks to enlarge his giving to gospel work CS 199-200

should place God’s money in His treasury 9T 59

2. Miscellaneous

all that God’s people have has been entrusted to them as 5T 285

Christ has made His followers His 3T 397; 9T 51

Christian’s obligations as, to fellow men Ed 139

Christians are: entrusted with care of God’s household and interests 8T 37

entrusted with God’s goods 9T 246

entrusted with God’s goods to help others CS 162

of God’s goods AA 337

of God’s grace CS 112, 161; 5T 731-2; 8T 24

of God’s property 4T 480

of God’s temporal gifts CS 161

of God’s truth 6T 448; 8T 24

of learning 6BC 1081

of means God has placed in their hands for faithful distribution 9T 51-9

of money He entrusts to them 7T 295

to use their property to God’s glory CS 80

whether they recognize it or not Ed 137

dishonest 1T 227-8

disregarding God’s charge will not long have His blessing CS 83

duty of, seek God for wisdom in discharge of 9T 245

each, has special work to do for God CS 116

entrusted by God with means, should understand their responsibilities as 2T 654

every man has been made, of sacred trusts 7T 176

every man is to be his own 1T 228

God has made men: of His goods PP 526

of His means MM 315; PP 529; 3T 117

of money, houses, and lands 9T 245

God will require that, account for their stewardship 2T 284

God’s: Christians are Ed 137

every man is 3T 385

have no duty to help persons persisting in use of tobacco, tea, and coffee 1T 225

have no right to place in enemy’s ranks means He has entrusted them 1T 550

must bring revenue to Him in saving souls CS 35; 6T 448

refuse to notice distress which they might relieve CS 48

should be exact in following His divine arrangements 9T 248

God’s people entrusted with means as 2T 652

God’s servants are merely 8T 185

identifies himself with his master 9T 246

Jewish priests and teachers unfaithful as, of God’s vineyard COL 304

Joseph as Potiphar’s PP 214-5

men’s accountability as, for use made of talents 4T 118-9

for use of money entrusted to them 3T 386

master’s interests become those of his 9T 246

ministers as, of God’s mysteries AA 361

must act in master’s stead 9T 246

of God’s grace handle His money CS 111

of their health, Christians are to be faithful as 7T 136

of trust, souls that will become CS 35

of truth, must co-operate in advancing God’s kingdom 6T 448

people who have possessions are, of God’s goods PP 535

people whom God has made, have not stood test WM 16

responsibilities of, duty of person who accepts 9T 246

rich man of Luke 16:19-31 as, of God’s means COL 261-3

unfaithful 1T 153

believers who become surety for unbelievers are 1T 200

doom of, church members who will suffer 4T 482

great loss that will be sustained by CS 88

misuse of God’s goods brands a person as CS 88

parable of See Parable

parents who prove to be 3T 123

person whom God declares to be CS 83

rich young ruler was DA 523

sin of permitting, to remain in positions of trust MM 165

unjust, parable of See Parable

unwise, of last days 1T 199


abilities given to, differ; leaders to counsel PM 93:1

accountability of OHC 192:2; SW 40:0

capital given to invest as, and to return to Him TDG 208:4

Ellen White determined to be a faithful, without discouragement TDG 76:3


encouragement given to TMK 220:5

God calls for; temporal to be secondary FW 92:2

God encourages TMK 220:5

needed; God works with all who are willing TDG 229:3

of God’s grace TDG 321:5

shuns joking, finds opportunities to witness TMK 158:4


to be made first by UL 81:3

will educate those under His banner as UL 81:5

honored by God PM 43:4

humble, may make successful investments TDG 345:4

interests of, become the same as his master’s TMK 220:2

inventory taken by, of use of Lord’s goods TMK 220:3

money is not all that is given to; also talent of giving TDG 85:4

ownership does not belong to TDG 349:4

pleasure of, right disposition of His Lord’s goods HP 301:3

souls saved from goods committed to TDG 303:3

time and talent valued by faithful HP 359:5


and losing opportunity to work with God TDG 97:5

suffering of humanity caused by RC 227:6

unjust, God’s ownership of possessions and abilities not recognized by HP 302:4


Stewardship, account of our, we shall be called to give 9T 246

accountability of each man to God for his 3T 385-6

believer’s unfaithfulness in, by wrong disposition of his property 4T 479

believers who would shift their, upon others AH 397; 4T 480

believers’ duty re, of means entrusted to them 4T 480-2; 5T 155

believing fathers who give their, to unconsecrated children 2T 99

businessmen’s Ed 137

by terms of our, we are placed under obligation to both God and man Ed 139

each person must render account of his, to God 7T 176

faithful 9T 245-52

faithfulness in, encouragement to 1T 198-200

is duty CS 111

family, for God AH 367-71

God has given, to every child CG 248

husband’s, cannot be transferred to wife 1T 528

idea of, should have practical bearing on all God’s people 3T 387

of aged fathers is not to be given into hands of unconsecrated children 2T 99

of means, our accountability to God for 1T 226

of money, your duty re COL 351; MYP 319

of one’s strength 2T 432

of persons managing means consecrated to God’s cause 2T 571

of talents, our accountability for 4T 619

our individual, of what God has entrusted to us 5T 736

parents are not to transfer their, to children 2T 655

parents who tried to transfer their, to children 3T 124

principles of CS 111-2

unfaithfulness in 2T 569-71

losses as result of 2T 661

unwise, college or church loaded with debt shows CS 263

we must account to God for our AH 368; 1T 169, 199; 3T 390; TM 286

what of your? CS 97-8

your, should not be left for another to perform AH 397


call to give account of, soon HP 243:4

Christ’s household and interests are objects of TMK 351:6

concept of: receive from God, use as needed, hold rest for Him FW 21:0

delegation of, leaving no way to give to the cause PM 233:2

dishonesty in UL 360:2

Ellen White determined to practice, all her life 3SM 71:3

faithfulness in, RC 41:2

not made up by good deeds TMK 221:3

treasures laid up in heaven by 1MCP 242:2

God honors faithful TMK 221:3

humans not to require, to himself PM 138:2

loyalty to, having knowledge of mysteries of God TMK 129:3

neglected by giving only in a will RY 94:3

of talents OHC 40

opportunity for test of, soon to be lost by old man RY 98:1

over ourselves for salvation Mar 341:6

plan of God for,

in handling property TMK 221:2

we must not try to alter TMK 221

principles of, made specific to avoid uncertainty AG 149:3

privilege of, before an impartial God OHC 190:2

responsibilities of, TMK 220

sacred; talents used TDG 342:7

return to God in, as He has prospered TDG 349:2

sacred to one who studies the Word and yields life RC 287:2

safe side in TMK 221:5

sharing all our blessings, not just the spiritual UL 126:5

suppose all neglected; God does not rain down money PM 112:0

test of, for those with possession of property RC 232:2

unfaithfulness in,

condemned FLB 216:4

with talents because of money TDG 85:2

wife has; husband not to demand control of her means TSB 29

See also Extravagance

Stick, Sticks

Stick, Sticks, man who was rough, and needed much hewing 2T 78

straws and, person who busies himself hunting for DA 468

use of, in disciplining children See Whipping


Stiffness, that needs to be subdued and softened by divine love 3T 530


Stigma, fanaticism brings, to whole body of SDA 2SM 43


Still, don’t stand, and don’t go back 1T 663


Stilts, of dignity and superiority, work for the needy accomplishes nothing when done on 6T 277

of self-exaltation, come down from your DA 650

spiritual, come down from your Ev 102

Stimulant, Stimulants

1. Classes (kinds) of

2. Ill effects of (mental)

3. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

4. Ill effects of (physical)

5. Unnatural

6. Miscellaneous

1. Classes (kinds) of

alcohol CD 63, 421

all kinds, in list of narcotics CD 281

sanitariums should teach people to discard CD 281; Te 88-9

artificial: alcoholic drinks as CD 421

coffee is CD 421; Te 72, 228-9

tea is CD 421; Te 72, 228-9

tobacco is CD 421; Te 72, 228-9

youth’s senses perverted by Te 71-2

coffee as CD 63, 420-1, 425; CH 442; MH 326, 335; 4aSG 128-9; 1T 222, 224; 2T 65; 3T 569; Te 72, 228-9

destructive of virtue, man must account to God for encouraging use of 5T 359

exciting, children’s appetites educated for Te 182

false, prostration of nervous system caused by 4aSG 129

fermented wine as CD 154; 3T 185-6; 5T 357

fiery, vital organs burned up by Te 233

flesh food as 1T 548-9

hard cider as 5T 357

health-destroying, faith in Christ overcomes Te 89

hurtful: coffee is CH 442; 1T 224

constitution undermined by 1T 548-9

flesh foods as 1T 548-9

tea is CH 442; 1T 224, 548-9

tobacco is 1T 224, 548-9

in form of food and drink, effects of 3T 487-8

intoxicating liquor as 3T 569; Te 32

many foods and drinks are MH 325

milder, wine, beer, and cider as MH 332

perverting reason, men must account to God for encouraging use of 5T 359

strong drink as 3T 242

stronger: coffee creates desire for CD 427; Ev 265; FE 144

children’s craving for 3T 488

condiments and spices prepare way for Te 57

highly seasoned food arouses desire for CD 235-6, 340; SD 212

indulgence of taste creates appetite for 4T 244

irritating condiments create craving for MH 325

milder intoxicants foster appetite for MH 446

stimulating food creates desire for LS 224

tea creates appetite for CD 427; Ev 265; FE 144; 3T 569

tobacco using creates desire for 4T 30

stronger and still stronger, how craving is created for MH 327

tea as CD 63, 420-2, 425; CH 442; MH 326, 335; 4aSG 128-9; 1T 222, 224, 548-9; 2T 64-5; 3T 569; Te 72, 228-9

tobacco as CD 63, 420-1; CH 84; 1T 222, 224, 548-9; 3T 569; Te 72, 228-9

unhealthful, true healing not found in MH 246

unhealthy: enfeeble the intellect 4T 34

higher powers brought into subjection to animal appetites and lower passions by 4T 34

morals degraded by 4T 34

which poorest people will have great struggle to give up 1T 222

2. Ill effects of (mental)

brain excited to undue activity CD 423; Te 74, 78

intellect benumbed 4T 214

intellect weakened 4T 28

mental powers weakened CH 432

mind beclouded 4T 28

mind benumbed CH 432

mind injured CD 422-3; Te 59, 78

mind unbalanced Te 78-9

mind’s natural sensibilities deadened SL 33; Te 59

unsound judgment Te 78-9

3. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

character endangered MH 335

grossness and sensuality Te 93

hasty, impatient, accusing spirit Te 78-9

moral powers lessened 4T 28

susceptibility to Spirit’s influence lessened SL 33

worship of God hindered CD 426

4. Ill effects of (physical)

blood circulation affected CD 422; Te 78

blood’s quality affected CD 422; Te 78

body energies exhausted MH 327

body’s natural sensibilities deadened SL 33

brain excited to undue activity CD 423; Te 74, 78

debility Te 159

energies aroused for a time CG 404

exhilaration CG 404

health endangered MH 335

human machinery hurried too fast Te 159

life endangered MH 335

liver forced to morbid action CD 422; Te 78

nerves unbalanced CD 422; Te 78

nervous system disordered 5T 357

nervousness CD 423; Te 78

organs of body injured Te 42

physical strength lessened CG 404; 4T 214

prostration Te 78

skin inactive and sallow CD 422-3; Te 78

stomach’s fine organs lose sensitiveness CD 239

stomach’s tender coats deadened 5T 358

system left in worse condition than before CG 404

unnatural excitement Te 159

whole system suffers as result of CD 422; Te 78

5. Unnatural

animal propensities strengthened by 4T 35; Te 145

appetite for, may be inherited MH 331

body ill-affected by 1T 549

brain benumbed by 1T 549

cravings for, obedience to health principles essential to freedom from MH 176-7

Daniel refused to use CD 154

desire for, value of simple and healthful diet in preventing Ed 203

development of moral faculties crippled by 4T 35

enfeebling and degrading physical nature, tend to lower intellectual and moral tone MH 335

health destroyed by 1T 549

persons with inherited appetite for, should leave wine, beer, cider alone MH 331

physical degeneration and decay promoted by MH 325

tend always to excess MH 325

true healing not found in MH 246

use of, is extravagant and wasteful Te 272

needless and pernicious Te 272

wine is CD 154

6. Miscellaneous CD 63; MH 325-35; 2SM 283; 2T 60-6

absence of usual, produces hunger for cherished idol SL 33

appetite for: do not in any way encourage 9T 163

how to overcome 4T 28

parents may transmit, to children 3T 567; Te 175

persons who have inherited 5T 356; Te 92, 277

brain should never be excited by Te 74

children prepared by, for use of tobacco 3T 488

children should be guarded especially against CG 405; CT 126

children should be taught to abhor CD 235; CG 404; MH 334

Christians cannot afford to use CD 341-2

demand for, becoming more difficult to control MH 327

desire for: be careful not to create Te 42

schools should not serve anything that encourages CT 298

things creating, do not serve 9T 157

do not use CD 426; FE 144

established taste for, in Christ alone can victory be gained over 4T 32-3

excitement of, why men seek MH 325

heart filled with Spirit feels no need for Te 166

how children are affected by CD 239

lover of, cannot grow in grace Te 93

money spent for: millions of dollars Te 66

misappropriated Te 66

must be accounted for before God Te 66

mothers should not use AH 252

never be betrayed into using 4T 214

not conducive to healthy mental state 3T 569

prescribing of, evils of Te 84

reaction always produced by MH 325; 4T 214

taste for: is cultivated 5T 357

not easy to overcome 4T 32

wine and cider cultivate Te 93

tends always to excess MH 325

total abstinence from, SDA will surprise others by Te 190, 199

unnatural craving for, how will is overborne by MH 327

unnatural longing for, indulgence that increases Te 182-3

user of, everything without his darling indulgence seems insipid to SL 32-3

warning against CD 425; CH 68; SL 28-33

See also Excitants


faith is a FLB 93:2

overcome appetite for, to avoid doing evil OHC 70:3

See also Drugs

Stimulating diet

Stimulating diet, not conducive to best health CD 420; Te 75

of flesh foods, making of change from CD 291-2

Stimulating drink, Stimulating drinks

Stimulating drink, Stimulating drinks, brain confused by 4aSG 125

desire for, food should not excite CD 235

does not cheer in sickness and sorrow 5T 509

does not make one a man in God’s sight 5T 509

enervating effects of Te 49

headache caused by CD 422; Te 77

nervous prostration caused by CD 422; Te 77

not conducive to best health CD 420; Te 75

sickness caused by, loss of time on account of Te 77

tea as, EGW did not use 2SM 302

tea and coffee as 2SM 420

See also Coffee; Intoxicating drink; Tea

Stimulating food

Stimulating food, abstain strictly from Te 164

abstinence from all, recommended CD 90; MM 283; Te 164

appetite perverted by CD 239

blood fevered by CG 461

children should not be given CD 243-4; 2T 360

children’s taste perverted by Te 178

craving developed by, for stronger stimulants Te 178

craving for more, things that create CG 403; 3T 487

desire created by, for stronger stimulants Te 259

effects of, upon child LS 224

God’s people should discard all 3T 569

health injured by PP 562

imagination affected by 3T 487

moral perceptions dulled by CG 461

nervous system excited by CG 461

persons of strong animal passions need to avoid MH 320; 2T 712

seeds of drunkenness sown by PP 562

taste vitiated by LS 224

unnatural cravings awakened in child by Te 178

Stimulating substance, Stimulating substances

Stimulating substance, Stimulating substances, blood contaminated by CD 339

discard, from diet Te 179

harmful to system CD 339

inflammation caused by CD 339


Stimulation, by Christ’s life-giving force, men need 3T 47

flesh foods produce MH 316

of mind, exciting and sensational stories produce FE 163

trashy and unwholesome reading produces MYP 281

tea produces 2T 64

tired nerves need rest and quiet instead of MH 326-7

unnatural, eating at any or all times causes CG 388


Stimulus, false, tobacco gives LS 222; Te 61

flesh food’s, not essential for health and strength CD 292

found in: helping others GW 198; 4T 319

labor for souls 5T 387

how nature can supply, to human body Te 159

Sting, Stings

Sting, Stings, poisonous insect, charcoal used in treating 2SM 295

reptile, charcoal used in treating 2SM 295


Stinginess, economy is not 5T 400; 7T 207

liberal-souled people wish nothing done with 2T 602

man who hated, and went to opposite extreme 2T 292

many people confound economy with MH 206

persons given to, responsibility of 2T 250-1

rigid economy without, should be used in evangelistic efforts 4T 299

unbecoming to Christians 2T 685


economy is not; little wastes bring great losses PM 332:0

Stingy person

Stingy person 2T 468

dejected, cast down, and gloomy 2T 534

Stingy plans

Stingy plans, let there be no, in God’s work 2SM 209

Stinted service

Stinted service, Christ gave no MH 500

Stitch, Stiches

Stitch, Stiches, dropped: gather up AH 379

leave no, for someone else to pick up Ev 325-6

parents should begin to catch up CG 224

lost, much time lost in painfully picking up Ev 650

mothers should drop no, in training children AH 246


Stitching, mothers give time to needless, that should be spent in Bible study CSW 20

See also Sewing


Stock, in pub. houses, believers urged to obtain 4T 596

in SDA institutions, is investment of means in good work 4T 593

in Western Health Reform Institute 1T 633-4

assigned 3T 176

assigned by holders to charitable uses 3T 173

believers encouraged to take 3T 173

erroneous ideas re sale of 1T 635

holders of 1T 635-7

mining, ministers should not urge men to invest in GW 341

purchase of, in first pub. house 4T 591-2


investing in, discussion of, involving Ellen White TDG 130

keeping, in publishing house as it became re-established PM 180:2

seeking quick wealth from TDG 280:5

Stock, Stocks

Stock, Stocks, correction of, some people go into temptation like fool to 5T 602

Jeremiah imprisoned and placed in PK 432

Stockholder, Stockholders

Stockholder, Stockholders, of Western Health Reform Institute, charitable moves made by 3T 173


Stockings, girls’ 2SM 471

Stockman, Levi F.

Stockman, Levi F. EW 12, 17; LS 36-7, 40, 55, 67; 2SG 20-1, 35; 1T 29-30, 32, 48, 61

laid by God in grave to save him EW 17; LS 67; 2SG 35; 1T 61

Stockton J. H.

Stockton J. H., 2SM 235


Stoical, persons despised and forsaken become 7T 229

Stoical unconcern

Stoical unconcern, manifested by apostles DA 644

Stoic philosopher

Stoic philosopher See Philosopher

Stomach, Stomachs

1. Condition(s) of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Condition(s) of

abused: eating less as remedy for 2SM 416

fasting as remedy for CH 148; 4aSG 131

may never recover health fully CH 148; 4aSG 131; 2SM 416

needs opportunity to recover healthy action CH 577

needs time to recover MH 298

pale and sallow complexion indicates CD 239

rebels CH 118

that will not acknowledge unstimulating food CD 340

that will not work unless stimulated CD 239

treatment of 4aSG 131

afflicted, soul is afflicted as result of CH 577

baby’s, do not overload CH 80

baby’s overworked, fretfulness caused by CD 228

cared for improperly, formation of right character hindered by 9T 160

clogged, means clogged brain CH 577; MH 307

debilitated, eating too much causes 2T 364

demanding food more highly seasoned, pungent, and stimulating Ed 203

diseased: air pure and fresh is necessary to 2T 530

brain’s nerve power sapped by MH 306

diseased condition of brain produced by 7T 257

exercise benefits 2T 530

indulgence of appetite causes Te 202

intoxicating liquor causes 3BC 1162

often makes people obstinate in maintaining erroneous opinions 7T 257

poor bread converts healthy stomach into 1T 681

disordered: causes irritability, harshness, and injustice MH 310

disordered and uncertain state of mind produced by MH 310; 7T 257

means disordered mind MM 80

drunkard’s, inflamed condition of MH 325

dyspeptic: fruits of different kinds recommended for 2T 373

indulgence of appetite causes CH 68; SL 29

should not take too many different kinds of fruit at one meal 2T 373

educated to poor quality of food 3T 74

exhausted: abuse often suffered by 4aSG 129; 2SM 415

eating too much causes 2T 363

faintness caused by 4aSG 129; 2SM 415

feeble: cannot handle fruits and vegetables together at one meal CD 395

diet of persons who have CD 395

treatment for 4aSG 129-30

given work when it needs rest MH 307

healthy, can readily perform its task CH 148; MH 298-9

simple food is conducive to 2SM 437

inflamed, olive oil is beneficial to MH 298; 7T 134

irritated: craving something stronger CD 340

olive oil is beneficial to MH 298

students affected by teacher who has CT 301; 4T 421

teacher suffering from CT 301; 4T 421

like a burnt boot, food that makes Te 158

of person addicted to strong drinks CD 235-6, 340

overloaded (overburdened): baby’s fretfulness caused by AH 261

cannot work properly 7T 257

eating too much causes GW 209; 2T 420, 428-9, 432

food that does not nourish system causes 2T 432

fretfulness caused by 2SM 433

ill effects of 5T 163

tight bands do not agree with 2SM 468

with rich cake, pies, and puddings 2SM 416

overworked: brain sapped of strength by CG 391

brain’s vital force sapped by CD 181; CG 388; ML 146

do not tax, with two or three pieces of pie CD 333

eating less as remedy for CD 175

eating too much causes CD 137; 2T 383, 413

faintness caused by CD 175

fasting a short time rests 4aSG 133; 2SM 450

in efforts to dispose of excessive food 2T 413

mental powers weakened as result of ML 146

treatment of 4aSG 133; 2SM 450

vitality drawn from other parts of system by 2T 363

paralyzed by overeating CD 101

sick, weak tea as medicine for 2SM 301

sour: food should be prepared so it will not make CD 251; MM 270

people are made peevish and irritable by CD 112

relation between sour tempers and CD 251

sour disposition caused by CD 112

tempers are made sour by MM 270

tired (wearied): eating too much causes 2SM 415-6; 4aSG 129; 2T 68

that complains of weariness in vain 2SM 415

work lost as result of CD 174

2. Miscellaneous

abuse of: brain nerves diseased by CD 53

brain nerves disturbed by CH 578

Christ dishonored by CD 111, 136; CH 577

dyspepsia from MH 308

evils resulting from CD 53

gratification of appetite causing 1T 618

how Satan takes advantage of CH 577-8

hurried eating causes CD 111

man can spoil his Christian experience by CT 298

morbid appetite causes 2SM 416

spiritual experience is spoiled by CD 126

accumulation of decaying food in, as result of eating too much FE 425

acidity of, fruit and vegetables eaten at one meal produce CD 113

affliction of, brain is affected by CD 53; CH 578; MM 294-5

after rest and sleep, better able to digest substantial meal than when weary CD 105-6

appealing to brain to reason from cause to effect 7T 257

bathing benefits MH 276; 3T 70

bathing gives health and energy to MH 276; 3T 70

blood in undue amount called to, as result of eating too much MH 307

brain and nerves are in sympathy with 9T 160

brain force called to aid, immediately after eating 2T 413

brain is closely connected with MH 306; 2T 318

brain nerve power sapped by, as result of eating too much 2T 363, 412

bread heavy and sour endangers 1T 684

bread made with milk ferments more readily in MH 301

bread made with saleratus is totally unfit for CH 117

breathing improperly ill affects MH 273

butter deranges CH 114; 3T 136

butter injures 2T 486

care of CD 179

careful attention needed by CD 173

cheese deranges CH 114; 3T 136

cheese should never be introduced into 2T 68

children’s, crowded with hurtful things at irregular periods 2SM 435

ill effects of overloading CH 80; 2SM 433

coarser kinds of graham flour cannot be used by some CH 154-5

coating of: condiments irritate and inflame CD 340

fever-producing foods tend to irritate and excite 2T 400

food that burns Te 158

foods which tend to irritate Te 182-3

rich and stimulating diet irritates and inflames Ed 203

rich food tends to irritate and excite 2T 400

saleratus eats 2T 537

spices destroy natural sensitiveness of CH 114

spices irritate CD 340; CH 114

stimulants deaden 5T 358

coats of children’s, harmful food irritates 4T 140

cold food or drink saps vital force of MH 305

cold food taken into, draws vitality from system 2T 603

cold water injures CD 420

colder water taken with meals means greater injury to CH 119-20

compared to mill that grinds material CD 137-8

compounds unfit to enter CD 319, 343

condiments are as fiery whip to CD 340

condiments derange CH 114; 3T 136

condition of, brain is affected by 7T 257

consulting taste to injury of, is sin 2SM 440

council meeting disturbed by MM 295

cravings of food by, that creates fever 2T 384-5

crowding unhealthful food into, results of CH 578

debility of, proper course of diet may avert further CH 148; 4aSG 131

decayed fruit or vegetables ferment in CD 309

decaying food in, offensive breath caused by CD 137

dessert that creates fermentation in CD 335

“Died of abused,” as epitaph MH 302

diet rich and stimulating ill affects Ed 203

disposing of unhealthful food wearies 4aSG 129

disturbance in: brain is affected by CD 335

food combination that causes CD 112

nursing child’s, careless bottle feeding causes CD 227

sweet foods cause CD 321

do not keep, constantly at work CD 173, 229

do not overload, with healthful things 3T 310

with many kinds of food at one meal CD 107, 110

door of, rational Christian should guard CD 102

dumb animals never eat such mixtures as people often put into their CD 113

eating between meals: deranges CG 389; FE 150

exhausts 2T 363

eating just before going to bed causes, to work during hours of sleep CH 119

eating too much taxes Te 162

energies diverted from other organs to, as result of eating too much GW 230; 3T 310

excess food in, cannot be converted into good blood 2T 412-3

excited nerves of, irritation is conveyed to brain by MH 326; 2T 65

excitement of, caused by irritating food is communicated to brain CD 243

faintness at, eating removed 4aSG 153

EGW suffered from 4aSG 153

feeling of goneness in, how EGW overcame 2T 372

fermenting of decayed fruit or vegetables in, blood poisoning caused by CD 309

fiery food should be kept out of CH 120

fiery spices irritate CD 235-6, 340

fine organs of, delicate sensitiveness lost by CD 239

stimulated and burned CD 239

fire kindled in, brain made like heated furnace by CD 102

five hours of rest needed by, after meal CD 179

flesh foods derange CH 114; 3T 136

flesh foods highly seasoned fever 4aSG 129

flesh foods injure 2T 486

flesh foods often decay in CD 383

food taken at irregular times into: affects entire system CD 132

ill effects of 3BC 1165

injures it CD 179, 182

overworks it CG 388

foods fiery spiced should be kept out of CD 420

foods highly seasoned irritate CD 235, 340

foods injurious to digestive organs should not be placed in CD 166

foods prepared with condiments and spices inflame Te 57

foods so poorly prepared that, loathes them 2T 63

foods taken into: body is affected by CG 461

gratitude to God is affected by CD 53

high and holy thoughts may be banished from mind by CD 56

is converted into blood and becomes part of the being 4T 141

mind is affected by CG 461

passes into circulation Te 161

that cannot be converted into good blood 2T 67

weakens or strengthens its organs 3T 568

foods that can be assimilated by, educate taste to eat only MM 225-6

foods that can be digested by, eat MM 295

foods that create disorder in, do not eat CD 492

foods that fret and derange 2T 537-8

foods that injure, do not eat Te 214

foods that irritate 3T 563

avoid CD 243

brain is excited by CG 460-1

children should not be given CG 460-1

discard CH 154; MH 321

should be discarded from principle 2T 367

foods that most agreed with condition of her, EGW used CD 494

foods that set up fermentation in, do not eat CD 493

give your, less to do CH 577

habit of eating too much seriously affects 7T 257

health of, demands that bread be light and dry CD 315

hop poultices over, pain relieved by 2SM 297

hot drinks debilitate 2T 68

hot food or drink in large quantity greatly injures CD 106, 432

how intemperance affects CD 101

improper food taken into, vitality drawn from brain by 2T 357

indulgence of appetite taxes 2T 432

inflammation of, soda or saleratus causes MH 300; 2T 537

irritating condiments inflame MH 325

is misused and much abused organ CD 173

is not something that anything may be tossed into 1T 682

is small CD 106

is tender organ 1T 684

lack of deep and full inspiration of air injures 2T 67-8

late supper deprives, of needed rest Ed 205

less attention is called to, after meal the better CD 104; 2T 530

man’s chief end is not to glorify his 2T 61

mastication that is thorough benefits CD 108, 320; MH 305

may be educated to desire food eight times a day CD 175

milk and sugar combined cause fermentation in CH 154

mince pies should never enter 2T 368

mustard irritates MH 325

narcotics irritate MH 325

natural vigor of, hard cider causes loss of 5T 357-8; Te 95

needs a little time to begin work after each meal CH 565

needs some peace, quiet, and rest CD 173

nerves of, tea and coffee excite MH 326; 2T 65

never abuse, by eating too much MH 323

by overloading it CH 156

never cheat, out of that which health demands CH 156

no door in, by which man can see what is going on inside CD 111

not an ounce of flesh food should enter CD 380; MM 229

opportunity needed by, to recover healthy action CD 111

overloading (overcrowding): brain benumbed by 2T 364

brain force sapped as result of 2T 603

brain nerve power is sapped by 2T 362-3

dishonors God 2T 373

feeling of oppression that follows CD 101

ill effects of 2T 362-3, 413

makes it almost impossible to keep eyes open 2T 603

mental breakdown caused by Ed 205

mind is wearied by Ed 205

mind weakened by Ed 205

vitality withdrawn from brain by 2T 357

with all delicacies possible CH 111; 2SM 413

with unhealthy food CD 53; 2SM 411-2

overtaxing: at camp meeting should be avoided 2T 602

burdens entire system CD 131

is common sin CD 131

life and vitality decreased by CD 131

parents need to become acquainted with 3T 136

pepper irritates MH 325

pernicious drugs placed in 2SM 280

person who makes cesspool of, God cannot enlighten CH 576

pickles irritate MH 325

pickles should never enter 2T 368

poisonous drugs taken into, no excuse for 2SM 283; Te 88

pork deranges 3T 136

proper treatment of, mind is strengthened by CD 101

rebellion of, when overloaded CD 101

refuse to overburden CD 39; Ev 262

region of, frequent pains and soreness in CD 174; 2SM 415

regular periods for work and rest are needed by CD 175; 4aSG 129; 2SM 416

rest needed by, during sleeping hours CH 119

rest periods needed by CD 175, 229, 241; 4aSG 129; 2SM 416

after digesting a meal CD 173

before digesting second meal CH 118-9; 4aSG 130; 2SM 415

to recover exhausted energies 2SM 414-5; 2T 363

rich cake injures 4aSG 130

rich pastry deranges CH 114; 3T 136

rich pies contribute to ruin of CD 411

rich pies injure 4aSG 130

rich puddings injure 4aSG 130

revolts against tobacco when first used Te 278

salads that cause fermentation in CD 345

saleratus should not be introduced in any form into 2T 537

same kind of food should not be placed in, meal after meal CD 110

saying, “Give me rest” MH 307

sense of faintness as result of overworking CD 174

sick people should be taught not to overload 2SM 281

skirt sustained by hips weakens MH 292

slight breakfast is not best for CD 173

something warm should be taken into, every morning 2T 603

sour bread cannot be converted by, into good bread 1T 681; 2T 537

spiced foods are as fiery whip to CD 340

spiced foods derange CH 114; 3T 136

spices irritate MH 325; MM 229; 2SM 291; Te 57

spices weaken MM 229; 2SM 291

stimulants irritate MH 325

study to preserve your, from abuse CG 405

suffers from lack of air 2T 67-8

sugar is not good for CD 327

sweet cider that is unfit for Te 94-5

taste gratified at expense of CD 332; 2SM 413-4; 2T 67

that did not receive vigor it should from food 3T 74

that is not fevered with flesh food 4aSG 131

that should have been educated to bear more solid diet 3T 74

tight corsets compress 4T 635

time for rest is needed by, before next meal 2SM 415

time needed by, to replenish supply of gastric juice after digestion CD 173

too many kinds of food at one time: cause fermentation in CD 110

ill affect CD 275; 7T 257

too much blood in, indigestion caused by 2T 531

too much food is generally placed in CH 576-7; Te 162

too much food taken into, clogs machinery 2T 412

too much liquid taken into, is not healthful CD 105

too much watery substance debilitates CD 105

treated properly will do its best MM 295

treatment of, spiritual experience is greatly affected by CH 577; ML 141

unfit for reception of most healthful food 2T 68

unhealthful food mixtures fermenting in, distress caused by MM 225

unhealthful food placed in, ill effects of CH 576

unhealthful food wearies 2T 68

unhealthful habits injure CD 52

used by Satan as enemy of righteousness CH 577-8

variety and mixture of foods that disturb and ruin CD 411

variety of dishes which irritate 3T 563

vital force of, eating very cold food draws upon MH 305

wants of, imagination should not be allowed to control 2T 383

war in: brain confused as result of CH 565

eating hurriedly of various kinds of food causes CH 565; GW 241

great variety of food causes Te 161-2

work of: ice water or ice lemonade taken with meals hinders CD 420

liquid taken with meals hinders CD 420; CH 120

should be finished when you lie down to sleep CD 175; CH 119; MH 303-4; 2SM 415

working constantly, becomes weary 4aSG 129; 2SM 416

does not accomplish its work properly MH 303

wrong habits of eating debilitate 2T 68


crowded too often when self-denial is needed 2MCP 391:4

difficulties of, from fermentation of wrong combinations TDG 340:4

distention of, by urging children to overeat 3SM 294:1


irritability from; keep body in subjection 2MCP 394:1

makes religious life uncertain 2MCP 407:2

god for those being too precise about eating 2MCP 393:0

kept continually at work by many; digestive disorders TDG 210:2

mind disturbed by disturbing TDG 206:3

overeating disorders 2MCP 388:3

sugar not good for; brain clouded by fermentation 2MCP 391:3

time needed for task to be done by TDG 340:5

war in, caused by improper eating RC 152:5

See also Digestion