EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Self-distrustful - Selfishness


Self-distrustful, duty of Ed 256

will declare themselves openly for truth in time of test 5T 81


Self-education, need of 3T 337

work of, more might be accomplished in COL 334


Self-esteem, as poisonous weed Ev 342

cannot flourish in hearts that remember scenes of Calvary 2T 212

Christ’s life puts, to shame GW 330

cold, that light from heaven could not penetrate 3T 535

conf. presidents should empty themselves of TM 323

dies as result of beholding Christ 4BC 1178

do not cultivate TM 505

education that gives students much FE 467

effects of, on some conscientious Christians AA 305

feels no need of union with Christ COL 162

gospel workers warned against becoming filled with Ev 333

haughty, meekness should take place of 2T 484

inordinate, evil that may take form of 4T 221

is ruinous 1T 312

lack of harmonious action is due to 5T 539

large share of, minister who possessed 2T 556-7; 3T 552

woman who possessed 2T 175, 438

let not, keep you from confessing your sins 1SM 327

man is full of 8T 106

man who was troubled with 2T 297

marked characteristic of children today CSW 46

ministers who are full of TM 171

most impairs man’s usefulness 5T 29-30

must be overcome 2T 301

not compatible with Spirit 5T 410

not satisfied with meekness GC 542

often results in evil surmisings and bitterness of spirit DA 650

other people’s, be careful not to encourage 5T 478

out of place in church CG 543

persons favored by God are warned against 3BC 1131

persons who stand apart in, Christ will never countenance MH 164

proves man’s ruin 5T 29-30

put away CT 508

relationship of, to jealousy and suspicion 1T 312

reproduces itself Ed 109

resents: counsel or advice TM 250

questioning of one’s course of action TM 250

results of harboring, in heart TM 441

SS teachers warned against CSW 96

some gospel workers are full of TM 171

springs from selfishness 5T 29-30

teachers warned against cherishing FE 278

thoughts of, danger in cherishing 3BC 1131; CS 147

true Christian cannot be full of 6BC 1111; 2SM 20

warnings against fostering, in yourself 1T 503

what would cause, to disappear among God’s people FE 207

you will hate, when beholding Christ 1SM 388


Self-estimation, undue, enemy is invited in by 5T 289


Self-exaltation 4T 125-34

ambition for, Satan beguiles men by exciting GC 554

Cain’s desire for PP 71

consecration of all your powers to God prevents 8T 63

dangerous element 7BC 962

David’s, prepared way for his fall PP 717

departure from allegiance to God as result of 7T 151

desire for: among Christ’s disciples DA 435-7

among God’s people 8T 210

dwarfs and belittles man’s mind PP 595-6

false religions originate in man’s DA 286

give up all 2BC 995

led Korah and associates into rebellion PP 395, 403

Lucifer accused God of having DA 21-2

sin entered world through MB 17

display of, that dishonors God TM 491

disposition for, regulations designed to restrain PP 534

disqualifies: man for heaven 8T 140

med. missionaries 8T 211

eagerly working for, warning against PP 404

efforts for, among ministers 5T 160

fables that lead to, Satan presents DA 242

gospel workers given to, God sets aside DA 436

gospel workers possessing special talents are warned against 7T 282

gospel workers warned against DA 436

great weakness in 3T 476

Hezekiah’s PK 344-5

how Luther (Martin) was safeguarded against GC 169-70

human heart is naturally inclined to 2BC 996

ideas of, Jews cherished COL 294

is offspring of pride 7BC 962

King Saul’s desire for PP 650

rash command given as result of PP 624

kings of Israel strove for 4BC 1155

knowledge that brings, men seek 1BC 1083

leaders of God’s people must not aim at PP 324

leaders of God’s people warned against TM 279

leads: souls astray EW 120

souls to stumble 2T 299

to disaster and defeat 7T 151

less, gospel workers should manifest 5T 134

let, die 2T 93

Lucifer’s desire for GC 503-4

indulged little by little 4BC 1162; GC 494; PP 35

led to his fall 7BC 969; DA 435; PP 71; 1T 293-4, 440

man inclined to, God can do little for MYP 256

man’s presumptuous, Satan exults over MYP 58

men in positions of responsibility are warned against PP 421

men in positions of trust are warned against TM 282

minister should be farthest removed from GW 142

ministers warned against Ev 134

must be: overcome 4T 527-8

renounced 4T 221

Nebuchadnezzar’s PK 515-9

no, on part of persons walking in shadow of Calvary’s cross GC 471; MB 128

no ground for SC 63

no place for, in God’s work 6BC 1080

no reason for 1SM 126

no thought of, should mar presentation of Christ and Him crucified AA 209

not overcome will prove your ruin EW 120

one of Jerusalem’s sins 8T 133

persons indulging in, are sure to be overthrown GW 323

persons who are farthest removed from GW 323; SD 235; 5T 223

pride that tends to 4T 223

put away 5T 128

resents questioning of one’s course of action TM 250

responsible men warned against TM 357-8

resulting from ignorance of God and Christ 4BC 1178

Satan’s efforts to encourage man in 1T 294

secret desire for, service to Christ marred by DA 409

should find no place in: evangelistic work Ev 390-1

God’s work 9T 219; TM 377

your life ML 331

Solomon’s apostasy caused by 7T 217

spirit of: Babel builders manifested PP 123

displeases God PP 420

false sanctification that carries GC 471

stilts of, come down from DA 650

sure to ruin man MYP 58

tarnishes everything it touches 7BC 962

too much, among God’s people 4T 340

among ministers Ev 641

victories should not lead to GW 16

whatever leads to, prepares way for your overthrow PP 717

EGW prayed that she might be kept from EW 21; LS 71-2; 2SG 37; 1T 64-5

young ministers warned against 3T 320

Self-exalted person

Self-exalted person, heaven’s golden gate opens not to COL 404

Self-exalted spirit

Self-exalted spirit, put away 3T 553


Self-examination GW 275-6

as test of your ways and actions 4T 36

Christians are less thorough in, than in anything else 5T 332-3

church members urged to make 4T 489

close: ministers should make 2T 513

need of GW 78, 276; MYP 83-4; 2T 81, 144; 5T 530

needed of your habits and manners GW 105

san. physicians need to make 8T 195

things to look into when making MYP 83-4

close and critical, physicians need to make MM 47

critical, needed of your complicated emotions and exercises of heart 4T 85

daily, need of 3T 321; 5T 332

everyone needs to make 8T 103

God-given wisdom leads to 4T 361

great need of 3T 115

hours for, young ministers should guard jealously GW 100

importance of 2T 113

make, on your birthday 2T 261

minister’s need of 3T 421; 4T 265, 371

whose labors appear to be without result GW 371

need of: before prayer for the sick 2T 146

during camp meeting 2T 601

to become acquainted with motives prompting your actions 3T 507

neglect of 2T 126, 511

by Moses Hull 1T 433-6

danger in 2T 511

is positively dangerous to ministers 2T 511

Paul’s, when converted AA 118-20

prayer essential in MYP 83-4

questions to ask yourself in MYP 32, 122; 2T 144, 261; 4T 521

reasons for 4T 85

results of MYP 83-4; 2T 113

SS teachers’ need of CSW 96

search out in, your petted and indulged sin MYP 91

season of, occasion of feet washing should be 3SG 226-7

self-love prompts man to make superficial work of 5T 333

stern, case that requires deep heart searching and 2T 157-8

superficial work of, self-love prompts man to make 5T 333

take time for 2T 231

test to be applied in 4T 188

things to look for in 2T 124, 687

thorough and daily, need of 5T 332

work of, every heart needs to take up 7T 285


Self-expiation, principle of, idea of prayer as outworking of MB 86

in systems of false religions MB 86

See also Expiation


Self-flattery, erroneously construed as Christian emotion and zeal 5T 332

that God is too good to punish transgressors PP 420


Self-forgetful, be 3T 539

special invitation from Christ to be GW 246


Self-forgetfulness, characteristic of real greatness is DA 437

cherish and cultivate, in every child Ed 237

habit of, how Moses learned PP 248

imparts to life unconscious grace Ed 237

little child’s, is characteristic of real greatness DA 437

meek and quiet spirit manifests 3T 536

one of most essential qualifications for true lifework is Ed 237

smallest duty done in, pleases God COL 402

spirit of true pastor is AA 527; GW 184


Self-glorification, common among SDA 5T 727-8

evil of making, your aim COL 402; PK 60

guard against desire for, in erection of buildings 7T 90

lips that will not be opened in COL 161

object of Pharisee’s life was DA 409

seeking, result of FE 387

worship and prayers offered for MB 83-4


Self-glorifying, amusements for self-pleasing lead step by step to AH 499; 2SM 322

spending means for self-pleasing leads to AH 499


Self-glory, real object sought by many people is MB 79

victories tarnished by 6BC 1080


Self-glorying, put away TM 161


Self-government, child should be encouraged in CG 93, 228

children should be taught need of 2T 648

depriving people of Bible unfits them for GC 281

habit of, acquire 4T 235

importance of 2T 421-31

object of discipline is to train child for Ed 287

power of, lost as result of long pampering natural appetites 2T 348

right of, guaranteed by Constitution of USA GC 441

work of, God gives to youth MYP 47

See also Self-control


Self-gratification MYP 316-9

body is enfeebled by 3T 63

do not spend money in AH 368

dwarfs man’s powers 4T 341

faithful performance of life’s duties preserves man from 4T 190

habits of: as form of slavery 5BC 1080

do not encourage CS 166; WM 199

formed at expense of health 1SM 284

health of body and strength of intellect sacrificed on altar of MYP 237

hides Christ from view of many people 1SM 80

indulging in, benumbs faculties SL 28

benumbs sensibilities GC 519

investment in, means squandered by 2T 128

investment of means for 2SM 185

life of many youth is made up largely of CT 347

littles that you spend in, reckon up AH 379

man may prostitute his powers by 6T 214

many people sacrifice heaven for 3SG 116

ministers warned against 2T 499-500

money spent lavishly in, while stinted offerings are brought to God 2T 128

natural mind leans to CT 337

no time for 9T 48

people bring disease upon themselves by 4aSG 148

pleasure parties that encourage TM 82

refuse to yield to AA 314

reign of, since man’s fall 2SM 411; Te 15

sinfulness of living for, youth need to see 3T 370-1

wrong to use God’s money in AH 388

See also Self-indulgence; Self-pleasing


Self-gratulation, thought of, how ready is DA 409

Self-gratulatory spirit

Self-gratulatory spirit, persons who take up their work in COL 399


Self-help, lesson of, students should learn Ed 221


Self-humiliation, discipline of, needed daily 7T 273


Self-idolater, King Saul was 4aSG 83


Self-idolatry, lies at foundation of all sin GW 114; 9T 27


Self-importance, cast aside all 8T 101

Christ cannot help men unless they empty themselves of 5BC 1089

danger of, in miss. workers GW 78

full of, warning not to be Te 276

gospel worker should never manifest CS 147

irreverence that is mark of 2SM 313

Jehu as example of 6T 400

lay down your TM 192

less, need of 5T 479

minister who is filled with GW 205

neglect of prayer results in 4T 535

no man should manifest 3BC 1131

persons full of bustle and, work of MH 477

persons whose faith becomes dim through TM 352-3

put away CT 508; 3T 66

remedy for AH 372-3

responsible men warned against TM 357-8

spirit of, law that would restrain PP 536

must be overcome 3T 65

swelling with, warning against 7T 209

that is abominable to God 6BC 1101

vestige of, gospel worker should not possess TM 357

weakness 3T 477


Self-important, Christianity never makes man CT 365; 8T 63

leaders of institutions must not feel 5T 557-8

man who becomes too, to believe God’s word 2BC 995

SS teachers in danger of becoming CSW 96

Self-important idea, Self-important ideas

Self-important idea, Self-important ideas, blush for shame at your 5BC 1128

Self-important manner

Self-important manner, gospel workers must not labor in GW 77-9

Self-important men

Self-important men, who overlook humble and contrite gospel workers 7T 26

Self-important person

Self-important person, Spirit can never work on 7BC 942


Self-improvement GW 277-83

gospel workers should feel importance of 5T 573

make, by observation, study, and communion with God FE 214

ministers should strive for Ev 207

mother should make CG 71-2; CT 128

parents’ duty re CG 71-6

san. workers should make CH 286

self-knowledge does not take place of efforts for CT 67

should be made daily MH 491

teacher should allow nothing to stand in way of Ed 281

teacher should make effort for Ed 281


Self-indulgence, all forms of, Christ reproved DA 150

allurements to, youth are surrounded by MYP 242

became Solomon’s god 7T 218

change, to self-denial 1SM 310

childish, pure religion possesses no characteristics of 5T 597

children’s love of, must be carefully dealt with CG 250

Christ rebuked ML 186; Te 193

citadel of soul is left unguarded by PP 459

course of, falsifies Christ’s character 5T 188

Israel chose PP 544

cut away all, from your life MM 275

deathlike sleep of, arouse people from Ev 148

debars man from witnessing for truth CD 53

degenerates by degrees into wantonness 2T 325

departure from self-denial to, gives power to enemy CS 53

desire for, at beginning of man’s existence check was placed upon PP 48

disease caused by MH 227; MM 225

downfall of kingdoms caused by GW 388

dwarfs man’s powers 4T 341

easy path of, result of choosing 5T 215

effects of, upon mind 4T 343

fatal passion for, lay at foundation of Satan’s fall PP 48

God’s people slide back into MM 334

great evil that must be overcome 6T 208

grows with growth of children MH 384; 3T 489, 564

habits of, fierceness of conflict with MH 173

long cherished by Nadab and Abihu PP 360

Nadab and Abihu were enslaved by GW 20

heart cleansed from sin places Christ on throne once occupied by CS 27

idleness fosters Ed 215-6

increases power of appetites and passions DA 117

is: moral sin MH 172

offense to God COL 261

physical disease MH 172

let no one imagine that, is religion FE 306

life of, children of wealthy parents are generally trained to SD 236

loss suffered by persons given to MYP 64

majority of people live for CS 54

needless, at Christmastime MYP 311

no place for, in Christ’s service 4T 187

in God’s work 5T 582

no time to spend in 3BC 1146

not compatible with Spirit 5T 410

principles of, persons in responsible positions should not adopt TM 418

reproduces itself Ed 109

ruinous, physician should talk plainly re 2SM 282-3

Satan cunningly draws Christ’s followers into 4T 210

shortens life 4T 343

spending talents and means on, ill effects of 4T 343

teach people to beware of, in conforming to fashion MH 198

temptation(s) to, in large cities PK 490

resist MYP 141

too much, in too many families CG 236

unbounded, Nero’s life of 7BC 921

unhallowed effects of, without vital connection with God man cannot resist DA 324; 8T 316

warn all people against MYP 218; WM 127

warnings against CH 69

world is given up to DA 101; GC 475

youth allured by, from path of holiness 5T 41-2


Self-indulgent, mankind has been growing more CH 109; 2SM 412

why wealthy persons become more WM 19

Self-indulgent person, Self-indulgent persons

Self-indulgent person, Self-indulgent persons, Christ is ashamed of TM 398

must be led to see and feel need of moral renovation MH 174; 4T 553

no place for, in God’s work PP 549

repentance may come too late to TM 430

Self-inflated institutional workers

Self-inflated institutional workers CH 284

Self-inflated person, Self-inflated persons

Self-inflated person, Self-inflated persons, advice for man who was 4T 411

God can do nothing for 5T 488


Self-instruction, vigilant, give yourself AH 53


Self-interest, believers who attend to 1T 126

faithful men do not study 2BC 1034

Felix knew no higher motive than AA 422

God is displeased with course marked by 2T 159

gospel workers in whom ruling motive is MH 499

must perish COL 86; DA 623; Ed 110

Pharisee’s worship was prompted by COL 150

professed Christian women too often wrapped up in WM 146

should be laid aside 1T 431

shuts out God’s presence 4T 610

too prominent in professed Christians 2T 650

you must be dead to 2T 566


Selfish, Christlike nature is not FE 280

no man profits by being 2T 641

Selfish act

Selfish act, every, will bring its reward 2SG 247; 1T 176

Selfish course

Selfish course, why God permits some believers to go on in 3T 514

Selfish desire, Selfish desires

Selfish desire, Selfish desires, must not hinder work of saving souls 1T 431

sanitariums started by some SDA from MM 152, 155

Selfish gain

Selfish gain, believers who barter means of life for, while leaving fellow beings to die 8T 25

Selfish good

Selfish good, planning merely for, result of COL 259

Selfish heart

Selfish heart, man’s, alone lives unto itself DA 20

may perform generous actions and yet its motives may be deceptive and impure 2T 136

small offering looks very large to 2SG 232

will be tested 2SG 237

Selfish indulgence

Selfish indulgence, influence of COL 341

Satan schemes to overcome believers easily led into 8T 52

that ignores wants of fellow men CS 23

youth should not spend time in 3T 223

Selfish interest, Selfish interests

Selfish interest, Selfish interests, dwarf mind and harden heart MYP 150

eat out true godliness from soul 2T 228

overbears God’s mercy and love 3T 514

primary among many professed Christians 2T 444

Selfish life, Selfish lives

Selfish life, Selfish lives, Christians should not live 3T 381

Selfish love

Selfish love, confines itself to prescribed limits 3T 530

divest yourself of 2T 71

marked, Christ is grieved and wounded by our CS 129

Selfish method, Selfish methods

Selfish method, Selfish methods, in God’s service, are abomination in His sight 6T 151

Selfish motive, Selfish motives

Selfish motive, Selfish motives, colporteur should not act from TM 317-8

Selfish nature

Selfish nature, ruling passion of, revealed with possession of wealth CS 139


Selfishness 2T 55-60

abomination in: God’s sight 2T 551

sight of angels 2T 551

all, is covetousness CS 223

is idolatry CG 543; CS 223

all through ranks of Sabbathkeepers 1T 140

allow no, to find room in home CG 143

to live in your heart CG 143

always blinds and deceives 2T 129

among God’s people, causes grief 1T 680

is very offensive to Him 5T 270

among prosperous SDA 2T 24

appealed to, in raising money for religious purposes 9T 91

appears hideous and repulsive in light of God’s great love MB 118

appropriates to itself that which belongs to God CS 84

as root of covetousness in hearts 2SG 153-6

bars way to usefulness MH 206

be constantly on guard against AH 96

beclouds man’s: judgment TM 392-3

perceptive powers LS 199; 2T 605

begets selfishness 1T 150

blinds men’s eyes 6BC 1097

brings: discord into church CS 24

spiritual death 8T 136

brought sin and misery into world MH 47

by being good and doing good Christ’s followers expel, from soul MM 317

cankering sin of, God’s remedy for 3T 548

cannot exist in heart where Christ dwells SD 82

cannot live in heart exercising faith in Christ 5T 48

cart rut of, get out of 3T 530

causes soul to wither up EW 269

causes variance in family circle and church 4T 610

characters defiled by, cannot enter heaven CS 22; 2SM 134

cherished, withers social sympathies 2T 534

cherished in heart excludes man from blessedness of heaven 4T 453

cherishing, displeases God CS 145

children’s: check manifestation of CT 115

parents should restrain TM 247

parents’ duty re CG 132-3

children’s inclination to, counteract CG 133

Christ can abide in soul only when, is dead COL 402

Christ lifts men from narrow circle that their, prescribes MB 42

Christ struck at root of all, by sacrificing Himself 5T 204

Christ’s infinite sacrifice for man rebukes 2T 198

cold, light of God’s love needs to melt away DA 516

college teachers not free from 5T 28

confess and forsake your 9T 51

confuses man’s senses TM 392-3

contrary to spirit of Christianity 4T 564

corroding power of SD 30

corrupts heart 4T 638

cultivated, becomes devouring passion 6T 265

curse to yourself and to all around you 2T 543

cursed covering of, needs to be torn away 2T 332

cut out, by roots 1BC 1087

daily and hourly dying to, need of MYP 72

deadly evil MYP 308

deadly influence of Ev 354

deathbed charity cannot excuse 5T 154

demon of DA 294

Judas Iscariot was possessed of 5BC 1102

depressing and ruinous effect of, on health Ed 197

destroys Christlikeness CS 24

deteriorates character 4T 638

development of, in first three years of child’s life CG 83

die daily to 4BC 1165

discouraging word can rouse and strengthen 6T 455

discovered by either prosperity or adversity 4T 85

disease of, blasts soul 2SM 186

display of, in world today Ev 26

displeases Spirit 3T 52

disqualifies man for position of responsibility 4T 190

disqualifies many people for God’s service 9T 40

disrobe yourself of 2T 30

divest yourself of 2T 71, 161, 230

divesting self of, results of 4T 567

divine love in heart exterminates 5T 168

do not let your actions show one trace of 2BC 1012

do not pamper FE 306

drives: benevolence from church 5T 205

love of Christ from church 5T 205

dross of, Spirit is to burn away TM 154

dust of, must be expelled from heart 7BC 940; SD 107

dwells in natural heart 5BC 1138-9

eats out spirituality and life of God’s people 1T 141

element of, clinging like leprosy 3T 521

empty your heart of CS 49

eradicated only through submission to Christ COL 254

especially offensive to God 5T 337

essence of depravity is CS 24

every particle of, must be expelled from soul AH 370

every thread of, gospel worker must be purified from 1SM 114

every vestige of, Testimonies rebuke TM 291

evil effects of 2T 551

evil of, how to shun 2T 132

excuses for, that will melt as dew before sun MYP 307-8

exhibition of, grieves angels 2T 239

eyes blinded by, how God sometimes opens 4T 484

fills: church with unholy ambition CS 24

men with self-love CS 24

form of religion which is nothing more than MYP 106

foul blot of, characters defiled by CS 22; 2SM 134

found in church PP 497

framing excuses for 2SM 236

frankness that is, of deepest dye ML 196

fruit of spirit of devils 2SG 226; 1T 188

fruits of, always reveal themselves in neglect of duty CS 26

galling yoke of 3T 384-5

general heading of, every other sin comes under LS 241; 4T 384

girds man about as with iron bands 2T 58, 197

God abhors all 3BC 1158

God can never sanction 2BC 1029; 2SM 213

God cannot pour out Spirit when, is so manifest CS 52

God despises His people’s 2SG 237

God frowns on His professed people because of their 2SG 236; 1T 194

God marks all 2T 641

toward the unfortunate 3T 524-5

God permits suffering and calamity to call men out of their COL 388; CS 23

God’s displeasure will be upon you if you cherish CS 145

God’s people narrowed up with 2T 36

God’s work is greatly hindered by His people’s CS 289-90

gospel workers not steeped in, need of Ev 634

gospel workers’, God’s service dishonored by 7T 131

great sin of Ananias and Sapphira was 4T 462-3

grievous sin in God’s sight 3T 521

habits of, children should be taught to look with disgust on CSW 139-40

why many youth come up with SD 129

habitual, divine light shining in heart breaks grasp of AA 74; 5T 149

hardhearted, remedy for 3T 539

has taken world captive 7BC 985

has well-nigh extinguished fire of love DA 504

hateful sin of, exists to great degree 2T 513

heading of, covetousness comes under 4T 476

heart divested of, responds to God’s goodness and requirements CS 72

hearts encased in 2T 26

hearts frozen up with 3T 410

hearts hardened through AA 75; 5T 150

hearts purified from, are in harmony with message God sends them 5T 696

hiding place for, not one nook or corner of your soul should be 8T 139-40

highly dangerous to spirituality 3T 549

hinders spreading of God’s work throughout world 8T 138

how, is overcome CS 313

how can you cherish, while looking on Christ upon cross? 5T 17

how Judas Iscariot sought to hide his 1T 192

how man becomes defiled with CS 217

how men are robbed by their 2T 653

how to overcome CS 26

Hull (Moses) ruined by 2T 625

ice of, result of melting heart’s COL 211

icy chill of, how to break 3T 409

in all its forms, stood rebuked in Christ’s presence 4T 418

in church and family 4T 255-9

in fullest sense, feelings that are result of 4T 221

incompatible with sanctification SL 25

increasing among God’s people 1T 136

indulgence of, grieves Spirit 4T 221

men become servants of sin by SL 92

infirmity of childhood CT 207

influence of worldly, chills people to death 3T 528

inordinate, Paul rebuked Jews for their AA 247

intoxicating cup of 5T 461

is: curse 4T 80

death DA 417

death to all piety CS 26

denial of church membership TM 129

form of religion MYP 106

Judas Iscariot’s 2SG 233

keeps many believers from helping the unfortunate 2T 467, 569-70

leads people to: continue departure from righteousness CS 24

expend money in ornaments for self-gratification 2T 280

follow inclination rather than duty SD 82

rob God to serve their own personal interests 5T 153

think one part of God’s work most important 5T 727

leprosy of: has taken hold of church CS 85

Isaiah 58 presents remedy for CS 85

let not your character be affected by taint of 4T 562

soul must be cleansed from 1SM 115

let not, be pampered SD 284

life of: Christ’s means of cutting men away from CS 25

is life of evil 5T 488

man cannot enter into Christ’s joy after COL 364

lifetime of, deathbed charity does not excuse 5T 154

light of gospel rebukes 3T 405

light shining from cross of Christ rebukes 9T 254

like cloud chilling atmosphere 3T 528

long-cherished, conscience is seared through 2T 519

love and, stood face to face at cross of Christ DA 57

love and, unequal contest between CS 25

make earnest efforts to overcome 2T 158

man cannot be wholly God’s while encouraging any degree of 4T 344

man cannot live life of, and enter into joy of Lord COL 364-5

man is full of 8T 106

man’s, Christ’s tender and pitying love rebukes 9T 31

God’s plan for counteracting 3T 393

recorded in books of heaven WM 270

man’s hidden, revealed in books of heaven GC 487

man’s refusal to speak words of approval to members of family because of his 4T 36

men are all narrowed up and consumed in their own 2T 332

men need to see in God’s people faith that purifies soul from 7T 146

manifest in management of institutions 7T 99, 101

manifested in demanding high wages 2SM 204

manifests itself in: countenance CSW 113

variety of ways 2T 230

many children inherit, from parents CG 132

many deeds highly applauded spring from GW 275

many people make life miserable by their MYP 202

many people seek to hide, by put-on conscientiousness 1T 192

mars all that unconsecrated gospel workers do TM 168

may prompt men to do what appears to be unselfish WM 234

may take form of inordinate self-esteem 4T 221

meaning of, failure to understand 2T 360

ministers should be free from 2T 548

moral defects caused by, seen on countenances 2T 534

moral powers stupefied by 2T 574

moral sensibilities blunted by 3T 427

most abhorrent form of, neglect that is MYP 228

most criminal, taking advantage of blind person is 3T 514

most difficulties could be solved in five minutes by laying aside EW 119

most galling yoke ever placed on human necks is 4T 627

mother whose, girded her about as with iron bands 2T 57-8

mothers should teach children from cradle to overcome 3T 565

must be: cleansed from heart 5T 175

cut out by roots 6BC 1112

expelled from soul MM 46

overcome 5BC 1091, 1144; 2T 71; 3T 115

subdued and sacrificed forever 1T 705

must not control any line of God’s work 8T 164

narrowing, three things that kill out SC 121

narrows up man’s influence and efforts for Christ 2T 219

natural, overcome only by thorough discipline and severe restraint 4T 496

natural fruit of, feelings and impressions which are 2T 543

jealousy and stubbornness are 2T 545

never stamp your life record in heaven with 2T 72

no, in Christ’s love 5BC 1140

no place for, in God’s service CS 53

no trace of, in Christ’s life MYP 300

not compatible with Spirit 5T 410

not fruit of Christian tree 5T 113

not one thread of, should be woven into God’s work MYP 303; PK 65

nothing stands forth untainted by Ev 214

of being wedded to your own opinions 4T 126

of extolling your own judgment above that of your brethren 4T 126

of persons in positions of trust 2SM 217-8

one of greatest curses of life is 2T 542

one vestige of, do not bring into God’s work 7T 209

only cure for, is to deny self TM 183

overcome: by God strengthening us 2T 132

in proportion as Christ’s love fills heart 3T 382

only by manifesting love to God and fellow men CS 26

peril threatening man’s usefulness TM 252

persevering effort needed to overcome 5T 332

person who lives in, surrounds his soul with malarious atmosphere AH 34

persons who sow, will reap selfishness COL 225

perverts principle TM 392

plan of systematic benevolence is ordained to correct 1T 545-6

plant of, Paul sought to uproot CS 19

poisonous plant sown in heart by Satan AH 196; ML 179

powerful passion in human heart 2SM 216

practiced daily in church by withholding what God claims 4T 464

prayer of heart filled with, God does not hear 2T 176

prescribes narrow circle for men DA 823

prevailing sin of church is 5T 204

prevents men from beholding God DA 302

principle of, Satan denies existence of Ed 154

principle of Satan 7T 176

professed Christians’, Hannah More died martyr to 2T 332

profligate, pride and position make apologies for 2T 668

put, under your feet 2T 77

put away every species of TM 324-5

rebuked 2T 539-53

registered against some of God’s people TM 146

religion built on, is worthless 6BC 1101

religion does not consist in DA 86

remedy for AH 372-3

love of Christ in heart is 3T 382

reproduces itself Ed 109

reproof for TM 392-400

requires of others what it is unwilling to give them 3T 81

results when all, is dead 1SM 175

retained, degrades whole being 9T 49

room for, person in whom there is no 5T 607

root of: by God’s help you can utterly destroy 7T 49

danger in cherishing 6BC 1101

utterly destroy AH 96

worshiper of God must not cherish one fiber of SD 52

root of alienation is 6T 43

root of all evil is Ed 226; Ev 633

rules in world PK 64

saps spirituality CS 27; Ev 357; WM 18-9

Satan clothes, with garment of apparent truth and righteousness 1T 467

Satan constantly strives to implant, in men’s hearts CS 26

Satan would have God’s people cherish TM 475

satanic in its nature and development 4T 564

seals men’s senses to God’s claims 4T 83

seeds of, professed Christians who sow 5BC 1096

seeking happiness in path of, brings misery CG 182

self-serving strengthens 5BC 1138-9; DA 649

separates men from God 5T 254

should have no part in minister’s being 2T 547

should not influence you 2T 356

sin indulged to greatest extent is 2T 132

sin(s) of: especially offensive to God SC 30

guard your soul from 4T 567

must be confessed 2BC 997

warning against 4T 567

sin of world is 5T 204

slaves to, persons who are Te 274

slime of, soul must be purified from 6BC 1111; 2SM 20

some people seek to hide their, under put-on conscientiousness 2SG 233

soul must be purified from all 6T 191

soul that will hate its SC 29

soul-destroying sin 4T 476

source of self-esteem and unsanctified independence is 5T 29-30

spirit of: Ahab became fully controlled by PK 204

deprives church of many blessings 5T 202

is spirit of Satan AA 339; CS 19; 4T 79-80

law that would restrain PP 536

springs out of love of world 1T 141

stamps its image on outward man 2T 534

stood abashed in Christ’s presence 5T 204

strife for supremacy is banished when, is dead COL 402

strongest and most general of human impulses is CS 25

strongest human passion is CS 25

stupefies and benumbs moral powers 2T 598

subdue 5T 335

supreme, shunning your duty to the unfortunate because of 2T 467

that in many things deprives one of good 2T 641

sure panacea for CS 343

tainting and corrupting power of Ev 354

thousand channels of, need to be cut off CS 288

three fruits of Ev 370

too much, woven into SDA institutions 6T 80

training that would have eradicated, in Israel PK 647

true Christian puts away 4T 520

uncontrolled in first three years of child’s life will be hard to discipline Te 177

unfaithful servant who spends his life in, surprise that awaits COL 365

unless you overcome, you will lose heaven 2T 56

uproot, in gospel work TM 393

victims of, make vain efforts to find happiness 3T 382

victory over, must be gotten EW 71

waiting on children inculcates, in them CG 91-2

warning against EW 267; 2SM 185

warps character 4T 462; WM 165

wealthy people’s, grows more apparent and oppressive GC 279

wealthy persons whose hearts were girt about with 2T 277

what to do when, clamors for victory in heart 3T 402

why, is seen in church TM 162

wicked, seals men’s senses to God’s claims CS 21

woman in whom, was exemplified to great degree 2T 56

woman who became sick of herself through 2T 325

woman who long blinded her eyes to 3T 535

woman who was incrusted in 3T 535

world is full of 3T 247

worst phase of, fretting and censure and complaining are 4T 610

worst sort of, intemperance of any kind is 4T 30-1

wrestle with, till it is expelled from life 5T 18

you cannot be wholly God’s while encouraging any degree of 4T 344


ability used for, VSS 116:3

without regard for God’s glory RC 346:3

abomination to God UL 16:5

accountable to God for UL 120:6

acts of, exposed in God’s book OHC 283:3

advancement hindered by UL 69:5

appearance of, avoided by Paul in supporting himself TDG 214:4

appetite and passions cause, now near end of time 3SM 292:1

attitude toward poor and colored reveals SW 13:1

backslidden church is the sure result of TDG 330:5

banished from life of true Christian OHC 287:4

barriers of, left by appreciation of God’s love TMK 104:2

binds us to world; we must keep cutting cords RC 367:6

blessings withdrawn because of CME 22:3

bound with, over a period of years PM 72:2

business dealings (unjust) increase TDG 343:5

cause to effect not understood when indulging in TDG 78:5

character purged of, preparing for heaven TMK 306:4

choice between purity of Christ and TSB 136:2


did not have HP 57:2, 166:2; 1MCP 182:3; TDG 373:3

gave Himself and wants us free from HP 308:5

had no trace of LHU 325:5

replaced by TDG 162:2

Christlikeness destroyed by PM 91:2


lessons to remove RC 103:3

work for us should lead us to renounce TDG 315:4

church future depends on understanding UL 240:2

cleansing from,

at beginning of new year OHC 7:3

by mercy and God’s love HP 238:3; TMK 46:2

for heaven TMK 106:2

needed in offices of printing PM 71:3

when yielding to God’s control OHC 104:3

clings to many like leprosy HP 232:2

compromise with, not to be UL 76:4

concealing, which is proper to confess in public TDG 134:4

controls many people of God in these last days HP 309:2

creeps in bringing wrong principles and methods PM 71:1

crooked paths made by; rights violated PM 148:2

curse of God from UL 22:5

darkens souls UL 298:7

defiles many by surprise TMK 351:4

desire from,

for gain RY 95:3

to restrict Watchman circulation PM 349

destroys godliness like cancer TMK 167:2

disobedience replaces love replaced by RC 51:6

domineering spirit of HP 293:2

educational advancement is inconsistent with TDG 253:4

effort without, helped by God 3SM 25:2

Ellen White feared, in decision about Australia TDG 61:3

empty hearts of, to receive latter rain HP 348:3

enemy, bitterest UL 250:4

exhibitions of, marked UL 289:7


daily in receiving truth TDG 48:2

from hearts at Pentecost RC 241:7

faith that works purifies from HP 110:2; TMK 226:3, 327:2

frankness is a form of VSS 141:1

free from, bearing Christ’s likeness TDG 159:3

give no room for TMK 174:4


bears with, trying to help us TMK 332:3

makes no compromise with OHC 342:2

misrepresented by HP 302:5

robbed by attitude of, in publishing office PM 70:2

help of, only can keep our work free from TMK 290:5

good seed choked out by OHC 162:5

grace changes, to generosity 3SM 239:3


cleansed from, by Christlikeness UL 122:7

encrusted with TMK 84:4

influenced by love carried above FLB 43:2


eclipsed by things of earth by OHC 200:3

not entered by those living in TDG 155:5


claimed while not loathing FW 95:2

requires putting away all FLB 140:4

humility lacking is 1MCP 271:3

idolatry, OHC 180:3

results from UL 76:4

increases unless it is completely replaced OHC 342:6


of God’s love carries above TMK 298:3

with, corrupts PM 157:2

inheritance of, must be overcome LHU 326:4

intellect contracted by; it controls if given room 1MCP 271:2

interests of, inexcusable; variety in God’s work CME 25:3

law of our degenerate nature TDG 162:2

leads to resistance of truth and turning from light RC 199:3


must not contain any TMK 226:5

of Jesus not marred by sin and TDG 68:2

light shining from Christ reveals Mar 219:3

lives spoiled by HP 236:5


not to be tainted with OHC 176:6

of world brings OHC 189:2

shown to only a few is OHC 231:2

uproots, that corrupts church and society AG 124:3

managers not to bring, into business methods PM 111:1


emptied of, and filled with Christ TMK 142:3

on self is species of 2MCP 461:1

worked on by an unholy spirit causes TDG 150:3

Moses’ request to see God’s glory was not HP 241:3

narrowness comes from indulging in TDG 78:5

no excuse for AG 235:3

none are to have UL 175:4

obedience is devoid of TMK 196:4


by laying possessions on God’s altar OHC 189:4

doing all to God’s glory TDG 220:5

with peace of Christ in home 1MCP 175:3

own way seems wise with UL 310:6

peace of Christ never found in 1MCP 45:2

petted FLB 140:4

plague of, as contagious as leprosy OHC 191:4

possessions not to be used for TDG 132

pray daily to be divested of OHC 242:4; TDG 280:3

preaching of the cross of Christ nullified by RC 112:5

preparing for the latter rain by removing Mar 95:4

prevents God’s blessing UL 147:4

probationary time used for TMK 321:3

problems created by inclination to UL 187:3

promises much but poisons life OHC 25:3

prosperity, a temptation for those who have OHC 189:3

publishing house in Battle Creek is a place of PM 167:5

pure religion is opposite of 2MCP 606:3

purged by character formation through fellowship HP 281:6

purified from,

by faith working in love 2MCP 533:3

eternal life is at stake UL 50:2

to enter heaven OHC 191:4

put away, TMK 300:4

imperfection 3SM 427:1

in character formation AG 232:4

reaped by those who sow it UL 147:4

received by choosing Satan UL 41:4


not to have threads of OHC 342

(true) overcomes RC 346:4

results of UL 51:4

sacrifice necessary in victory over HP 236:6


continued, on earth RC 51:4

desires us to use powers for TMK 222:2

is the source of all LHU 292:2

search Scriptures for faith to purify soul from TDG 85:5

separates from Christ OHC 216:3

sin of, how to overcome HP 232:2

social advantages are talents not to be used for TMK 327:4


interest in, to replace, to receive Holy Spirit TDG 242:5

lost because labor for them prevented by RC 236:5

purified of, by looking to Calvary FLB 93:2

temple to be cleansed from UL 370:2

touched by Christ’s Spirit hates its RC 63:4

spiritual power expels HP 236:4

spouse counseled to get rid of UL 93:4

steward practicing, no longer trustworthy TMK 220:2

struggles against, for peace LHU 98:5

swept away by water of the living fountain OHC 63:3

talents buried in, decrease TMK 326:2

talents (increase of) calls for warning against OHC 197:4

thoughts and plans to be watched for TMK 351:3

tithe withheld because of; claimed unimportant PM 111:3

unfairness and lack of fidelity come from TMK 325:3

unity (among believers, Father and Son) uproots OHC 173

uprooted through experience which God offers RC 205:6

victory over, through Christ OHC 184:6

wage increases demanded in; robbing God’s treasury PM 148:3

wanting, when Christ suffered for our joy OHC 288:5

when least expected and defiles many TMK 351:4

witness by opposing, in associations TDG 201:4

Word of God protects against UL 274:4

work against direction of, knowing value of own soul RC 290:2

work to be without; we depend entirely on God PM 102:1

See also Narrowness