EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Sectarian differences - Seir, Mt.

Sectarian differences

Sectarian differences, obliterated in Christ 1SM 258



truth not discerned by those who are TDG 361:3

Secular power

Secular power, church seeking support of, is devoid of Christ’s power MB 127


Secundus, of the Thessalonians AA 390


Security, adhere to methods appointed by God for PP 517

atmosphere of, God would have His people breathe LS 319-20

cannot be had for one moment without reliance on God PK 84

carnal: closes about man as bands of iron 4T 228

that closes one about as wall 3T 526

things that lull believers into 5T 102

world is asleep in DA 635

Christ’s righteousness is man’s only 4BC 1166

condition of outward, Israel led into sin while in PP 459

cradle of carnal, rocked to sleep in GC 539; 4T 600; 5T 10

deceptive feeling of, Satan lulls world into EW 92

defense that gives, in time of peril 3T 572

does not lie in exalted position and great privileges PK 82

eternal basis of, God’s purpose to place things on DA 759

false: day of God will find men lulled in GC 38

garment of, truth should tear off 1T 249

Laodicean church’s, True Witness breaks 3T 253

preaching that begets 5T 104

fatal, world being fast lulled into GC 562; SR 398

feeling of: great blessings or privileges should never lull men into PP 360

great manifestations by God should not lull to TM 454

Satan lulls world into EW 266

Satan’s efforts to lull people into EW 43

for God’s people lies in Christ’s intercession for them LS 324

found only in humble reliance on God GC 530

general, Christianity is best safeguard of GC 181

health is improved by realization of, in Christ Te 108

how to have, for your choicest treasure COL 374

keeping continually under Spirit’s molding influence is, against falling into sin CH 594; CT 488

little, outside of walled towns in ancient times DA 479

man’s only, against falling into sin CH 594; CT 488

against rash and ambitious movements 8T 106

many people think to find, in earthly riches SD 247

no, in time of trouble for transgressor of God’s law PP 256

peaceful, persons who turn to God find SD 19

perfect, all who make Christ their dependence rest in DA 599

principles that give, to property and life Ed 137

promise of God quoted by Satan as 3T 482

right thinking is soul’s only MH 491

sense of, how to have ML 45; MYP 107

souls uplifted with ML 171

when God’s blessings are, against disobedience PK 83

See also Safety


Sedate, minister should be Ev 644

Sedentary habit, Sedentary habits

Sedentary habit, Sedentary habits, occupations requiring, are most dangerous FE 319

person(s) of 2T 485

flesh foods are most harmful to Te 159

health habits of 3T 487

health program that gives power of endurance to Te 167

how, get dyspepsia 2T 374

late suppers are particularly harmful to MH 304

most affected by swine’s flesh 2SM 417

physical exercise benefits 2T 485; 3T 490

should exercise in open air every day MH 240

sluggish circulation of blood in 2T 485

Sedentary occupations

Sedentary occupations, danger of, to health FE 319

persons given to, mistakes of MH 309

Sedentary pursuit, Sedentary pursuits

Sedentary pursuit, Sedentary pursuits, diet of persons given to MH 297

evil effects of stooping in MH 272-3

Sedentary work

Sedentary work, persons engaged in CD 110

suggestion for MH 310

Sedentary worker, Sedentary workers

Sedentary worker, Sedentary workers, fewer kinds of food should be eaten by, at a meal Ed 205

need active exercise every day CD 110; MH 310

self-control needed by MH 310

should eat: no more at one meal than enough to satisfy hunger CD 110; MH 310

only two or three kinds of simple food at a meal CD 110; MH 310


Sedition, charge of, Jews sought to convict Paul on AA 422, 494

Jews sought to put Jeremiah to death on PK 419

laid by Jews against Christ before Romans DA 699, 728

often brought against persons who preach truth GC 458-9

Satan sows world with GC 508

Seditious heresy, Seditious heresies

Seditious heresy, Seditious heresies, John was accused of teaching AA 569

Seducer, Seducers

Seducer, Seducers, diligent work with prayer and faith is needed in meeting Ev 626

effort of, to undermine confidence in truth Ev 359

to licentiousness 5T 137-48

churches must give no place to 5T 146

with scientific problems, warning re Ev 359

Seductive influence, Seductive influences

Seductive influence, Seductive influences, deceiver’s, guard carefully against CW 109

wiles of, guard the inexperienced against 1SM 169

Seductive spirit, Seductive spirits

Seductive spirit, Seductive spirits, will bring in specious errors Ev 359


See, God does not wish His people to, all that is to be seen 1T 707

Seed, Seeds

Seed, Seeds

1. Germination of

2. Gospel

3. Growth of

4. Kinds of

5. Of truth

6. Sowing (planting) of

7. Sown (planted)

8. Tiny

9. Miscellaneous

1. Germination of

beginning of spiritual life is represented by COL 65; Ed 105

character development illustrated by CT 142

depends on God’s power COL 63; MM 9

God causes CT 114, 125; TM 243

lessons from CT 142

life from God causes DA 367

mystery that man cannot understand COL 64; Ed 105

new birth compared to SC 67

Spirit causes 8T 326

unfolding of life principle in, implanted by God COL 77

wonder-working power of God’s word declared by COL 80-1

2. Gospel

blood of martyrs as GC 634

Christ’s method of sowing 8T 30-1

encouragement for persons who sow Ed 105

God has His plan for sowing 9T 130

harvest that faithful workers reap from Ed 306

intelligent persons should sow Ev 51

multiplied by sowing 9T 130

must be quickened into life by dew of heaven GW 284

now is time to sow CT 250

some persons will sow, and others will reap harvest GW 410

sow, beside all waters 5T 389

sowers of, may not always gather its harvest GW 409

sown by Paul, Apollos watered AA 274-5

sown in trial and discouragement, results of GW 410

sown since fall of Adam DA 192

successful sowing of Ev 448-9

will spring up and bear fruit during latter rain GC 612

3. Growth of

character development illustrated by CT 142

Christ is not ignorant of COL 63

depends on: God’s power COL 63

showers of rain Ed 104

does not rest with husbandman TM 508

electricity essential to COL 63; Ed 104

God causes CT 125; 8T 326; TM 243

God’s power causes COL 63, 80; Ed 104; SC 67-8

God’s word causes COL 80

lessons from CT 142

mystery that men cannot understand COL 64; Ed 105

mysteries of God’s kingdom may be read in SD 241; 8T 326

object lesson in child training COL 82-3; Ed 106

secrets of growth in grace may be learned from 8T 326-7

soil’s effect on COL 43-61

warmth imparted by sun is needed for Ed 104

4. Kinds of

clean and pure, sow only 2T 79

evil: abundant harvest produced by one 1T 318

carried by wind from every quarter ML 83

flourishes and needs no culture 1T 318

once sown are nourished by Satan every hour 1T 430

once sown cannot be easily rooted out 1T 318, 429-30

spring to life spontaneously in uncultivated field ML 83

foul, sow no 2T 79

germinating in minds, and bearing fruit CW 93

good: arouse and begin to sow 2T 31

may lie unnoticed in heart for a time COL 65; Ed 105; 3T 248

mind should be preoccupied with ML 83

needs watering and careful cultivation 1T 318, 430

parents should keep sowing, for time and eternity AH 316

persons born of God’s word are represented by COL 70-1

sow, in mind ML 83

good and clean, easier to sow in children’s hearts than to pluck up weeds afterward 1T 400

sow, in children’s hearts AH 201

growing, lessons from CT 140-4

parable of See Parable

incorruptible, God’s word as AA 520

living, Christ’s word as DA 276

mustard, parable of See Parable

of death, sown in human system are offensive to God MM 229

of disaffection, are you sowing? 5T 429

of discord and strife, he will reap fruit who waters CH 298

of dissension, deadly fruit reaped from 5T 176

of doubt, eternity will reveal results of sowing 5T 286

how to deal with questions that sow 6T 69

of error, since man’s fall Satan has been sowing COL 37

of evil surmising, are you sowing? 5T 429

of faultfinding, eternity will reveal results of sowing 5T 286

of God’s word COL 33-61

given to His chosen servants since Adam’s fall AA 45

given to His chosen servants to sow DA 192

sow, in human hearts DA 192

of kind words, everyone can daily sow MM 317

of love of world, are you sowing? 5T 429

of obstinacy, left by God to vegetate 5T 119

of questioning, eternity will reveal results of sowing 5T 286

of resistance, harvest of ruin produced for soul by 5T 120

of righteousness, fallow ground must be broken up for sowing 6T 420

of strife, deadly fruit reaped by person who scatters 5T 176

of truth and righteousness, are you sowing? 5T 429

of unbelief: are you sowing? 5T 429

harvest of ruin produced for soul by 5T 120

once sown is not readily rooted up 1T 429-30

once sown is nourished by Satan every hour 1T 430

results of sowing 5T 288

of unselfish deeds, everyone can daily sow MM 317

See also Acorn; Grain; Oats

5. Of truth

cast into good ground, produce abundant harvest MM 239

choked by thorns PK 410

danger of planting, too deep 3T 35

germination of, Spirit causes COL 65

God’s grace given to refresh and nourish DA 192

hearts God has prepared for, found in miss. work CH 502

how to sow CH 435

immediate harvest from sowing of 8T 30

lessons re sowing of 3T 248; TM 243

much patience may be needed before, shows signs of life MM 246

planted in children’s minds, fruit borne in after years by DA 515

precious, may lie dormant for some time 3T 210

snatched away by enemy 6T 74

sow, and trust God to quicken it to life 3T 210

wherever you have opportunity CH 300; 7T 36

sown by Christ in Samaritan woman’s mind 8T 30

sown in hearts, need bright beams of Sun of Righteousness to grow SD 317

sown in minds, God waters MM 246

sown in youthful years, yield harvest in riper years 4T 141

Spirit makes, productive in hearts CH 435

Spirit’s vital energy causes, to germinate TM 154

watered by: Christ’s blood AA 45

Spirit CT 435; 5T 26; 6T 159

6. Sowing (planting) of COL 38; 5T 429

beside all waters, meaning of 7T 36; 9T 132

by young men at Australian school TM 244

children can learn lessons by engaging in COL 87

Christ’s, produced results after Pentecost WM 288

Christ’s work of grace in heart is illustrated by COL 26

in children’s hearts, results of AH 201-2

in youth, future harvest is determined by 3T 363; 4T 117, 363-4

is gospel workers’ work Ev 178

is work of faith COL 64

laws that govern COL 33

lessons children should learn from CT 124-5

lessons from COL 33, 65, 80-9; CT 125, 252; Ed 104-6; 1T 318

re Christ’s sacrifice COL 86; Ed 111

re liberality COL 85; Ed 109-10

re resurrection COL 87; Ed 110-1

re self-denial and self-sacrifice COL 86-7

lessons may be taught from COL 80-9

lessons of spiritual seed sowing taught by 8T 326

mind is turned by, to spiritual seed sowing CT 189

no harvest can be had without GW 26

object lesson for teaching truth to children Ed 111

parents’ work of AH 533; 3T 136

spiritual lessons from 6T 186; TM 243

wisdom for person engaged in FE 326; LS 355

7. Sown (planted)

actions as PK 86; 3T 226, 363; 4T 366; 5T 118

among thorns COL 50-3

apparently thrown away COL 64

by father in son, for sower to reap 4T 363-4

by wayside COL 43-6

Christ presented lessons of truth from CT 179

Christ used, to represent gospel seed COL 33

Christ’s pardon does not change character of 5T 429

for production of: grain COL 67

grain for bread Ed 106

seed for future harvest Ed 106

fruition of, after sower’s death Ed 306

God alone can give increase of 4T 529

God alone can water 3T 420

harvest is reproduction of Ed 109

harvest of, is multiplied by sowing it COL 85; Ed 109

harvest produced by, is after its kind COL 38, 84; Ed 109; 3T 363; 4T 366; 5T 30

harvest reveals 1BC 1100

in babyhood, trees of righteousness from CG 116

in children’s hearts by parents, harvest produced by 2T 79

in good ground COL 58-61

in great field of life by God’s people 4T 63

in sorrow, bountiful harvest yielded by AA 370

left to itself has no power to spring up COL 63; Ed 104

no return yielded by, without God’s power exercised day and night Ed 104

on stony ground COL 46-50

soil’s effect on COL 43-61, 87-8

thoughts as 4T 366

words as PK 86; 3T 226, 363; 4T 366; 5T 118

8. Tiny

breaks through earth by immediate agency of God 1SM 294

Christ created COL 82-3; CT 140; Ed 106

Christ gave vital properties to COL 82-3; CT 140; Ed 106

Christ ordained laws governing growth of CT 140

germinates through God’s immediate agency MM 9

God sees flower wrapped within MH 397

has wrapped within it flower, shrub, or tree MH 397

one, harvest of unbelief produced in schools by 7BC 916

springs to life through God’s immediate agency 3BC 1155

9. Miscellaneous

Abraham commissioned to sow COL 36

buried, electricity must be conveyed to COL 63; Ed 104

castaway in order to: preserve it DA 623

reap harvest Ed 105

Christ used, to illustrate truth DA 254

combine, with other things in making health foods CD 470

cultivation of, object lesson for teaching truth to children Ed 111

to produce grain COL 67

dies to spring forth into new life COL 87; Ed 110

farmer is provided, by God 5T 724

germinating principle in COL 38, 63; Ed 104

implanted by God COL 63; Ed 104

God cares for 6T 186

God created 6T 186

by His word COL 80; TM 243

God gives power for, to multiply COL 80

God gives virtue to 6T 185

God imparts life to CT 252; Ed 108

by His word Ed 108

God puts His vital power into CT 125, 252

God uses many agencies to make, into living plant COL 81

harvested, Christ presented lessons of truth from CT 179

in hand, is not orchard 4T 606

law is not set in motion to cause, to work itself MM 9; 1SM 294

least of, giant mustard plant grew from COL 77-8

lessons of life from Ed 102-12

life in COL 63; Ed 104

God alone can call forth COL 63; Ed 104

man who sowed, blossoming into corruption 4T 519-20

mother who sowed daughter’s mind with, bearing bitter fruit 4T 496-7

must be planted before it can become tree 4T 606

natural law’s relation to MM 9; 1SM 294

Noah preserved, in ark 3SG 76-7

parents who sow, bearing briers and thorns 5T 325

bringing forth disease and death 3T 136

Paul commissioned to sow COL 36

perfection of, does not rest with husbandman TM 508

plant in, evil lies enfolded in revengeful thought as MB 56

plant’s life is enfolded in COL 38

preserved in crevices of rocks during Flood 3SG 77

promised, Christ as See Christ

slow to produce fruit DA 176

sower and, parable of See Parable

sower multiplies his, by casting it away AA 345; COL 64-5; Ed 107-8


burial of, to produce fruit; lesson in every harvest UL 110:6

constantly sowing; unbelief reaped if it is sown LHU 266:5

enemy sows, through disunion TDG 369:3

fruit to eternal life from, sown by faithful steward TMK 158:4

good, enumeration of, to be sowed in the life TMK 236:3

gospel, sown by those sensing their need for Holy Spirit UL 342:5

harvest of goodness or evil from TMK 218:2

humans sow, and God causes germination UL 273:3

life given to; process to be studied LHU 185:5

poem quoted about harvest from OHC 301:6

sow; some fruit may come PM 395:1

sowing, for harvest unto eternal life OHC 179:5

spiritual, harrowing of, not always pleasant to receiver TMK 281:2

Word of God is, in the mind; care for it LHU 111:5

words are, for good or bad fruit; you are judged by words 2MCP 577:2

Seed crop

Seed crop, destructive, drug medication produces MM 229


Seedtime, followed ingathering, in Israel PP 531

harvest and, follow each other regularly by God’s power MB 75


Seeing, avoid, things suggesting impure thoughts AA 518; PP 460; 2T 410

excessive, is sin 4T 417

heart perverted by 4T 108

See also Beholding; Sight



entry through the strait gate requires more than HP 263:2


Seen, God does not wish His people to see all that is to be 1T 707

illustration of the unseen by the CT 187


Seer, man appointed of God as, to instruct people PP 735

Samuel as PP 609


Seera, book of GC 362

Segur, Mgr.

Segur, Mgr., quoted GC 448

Seine River

Seine River, red during Reign of Terror in France GC 284

Seir, Mt.

Seir, Mt., Esau went from Canaan to PP 207

Esau’s descendants were given PP 423

See also Edom; Idumea