EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Priestcraft - Probation


Priestcraft, false teachers will deride ministry as TM 51


1. Aaronic (Levitical)

2. Christ’s

3. Heathen

4. Miscellaneous

1. Aaronic

Aaron and sons were given PK 304; PP 350, 395, 403, 425; 4aSG 28, 35-6; 3T 344

Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) restored ancient rites and privileges to PK 611

ceased forever at Christ’s death 5BC 1137; DA 166

centered in Christ 6BC 1083

Christ’s ministry in heaven clearly explains AA 246-7

confirmed forever to Phinehas and his house PP 455-6

corrupt, people of Christ’s time enslaved by blind faith in DA 611-2

corruption of, before Christ’s first advent 5BC 1100

different from that of Christ EW 253

Eli’s sons abused office of PP 576-7; SR 184

established to represent mediatorial character and work of Christ DA 165

Jeremiah was trained from childhood for PK 407

John the Baptist might have been educated for DA 101

Joshua as high priest invested with dignity of 5T 469

Korah accused Aaron of unlawfully taking PP 397

Korah sought dignity of PP 395; 3T 344

question of, settled by miracle PP 403

reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and intercession 6BC 1078

support of, God’s plan for AA 336

tribe of Levi chosen for AA 336; PP 235, 350

2. Christ’s

spiritual FE 399

two distinct phases of 7BC 929

unchangeable DA 52

See also Christ

3. Heathen

Egyptian, king of Egypt as member of Ed 62

Moses was educated re PP 245

sacrificed to sun, moon, and stars PK 115

4. Miscellaneous

first-born son received, in patriarchal times DA 51; PP 177, 350, 395

holy, God’s people as FE 461

Jewish, Sadducees’ eligibility to DA 604

Melchizedek, not superseded by another 7BC 930

See also Priest

Priestly garments

Priestly garments, deceptions and abominations disguised in SR 324 See also Priest

Prime minister

Prime minister, Daniel as: of Babylon COL 350; Ed 56; PK 545-6; 7T 248

of greatest of earthly kingdoms PK 546

of Medo-Persia 4BC 1171; PK 539, 545-6; SL 42

Joseph as, of Egypt Ed 53; PP 217, 221, 233, 332

Prince, Princes

Prince, Princes, conspired against Daniel See Daniel

cross and disappointed hopes are better than to live with MM 158

God is above 6BC 1081

God’s people will stand before 1SM 415

gospel heralds invited by GW 27

Israelite tribes ruled by PP 374

some, will stand for truth 6BC 1060

story of, who determined not to dishonor his father OHC 22:4

truth will be obeyed by some, as Cornelius did 3SM 421:2

Principal, school

Principal, school See School principal

Principle, Principles

Principle, Principles, acting from, your salvation depends on your 1T 698

actions of men should be regulated by 2T 325

actions reveal 5T 103

actuating true Christians of early centuries need to be revived in hearts of God’s people GC 46

actuating true gospel workers, list of 5T 726-7; 9T 221

adhere to, that all men are free and equal 2SM 343

always act from MH 491

balanced by religious, student may climb to any height FE 83

be as true as steel to CM 95; WM 182

be controlled by, and not by feeling 2T 435

and not by taste 2T 487

be firm as rock to 6T 418

Bible: give security to property and life Ed 187

how character is changed by adoption of Ed 172

should be taught and backed by holy practice 6T 418

well-being of society is bound up with Ed 137

broad, of God’s word should be foundation of character 4T 562

cherish, always 4T 607

which world cannot tarnish CH 592

cherish holy, which live through eternal ages SD 13

children should learn to act from Te 184

Christ’s, should be our principles ML 74

Christ’s followers must avow their, whatever the danger DA 355

Christian, carried out in life are light to others 4T 571

will always be made visible CS 27; Ev 357

church must firmly and decidedly hold her TM 17

conscientious, youth should be taught to think and act from 4T 652

controlling Christ’s life must control ours SD 8

do not compromise, by yielding to erroneous opinions and prejudices GW 392

exercise, in small transactions of ordinary life 3T 22

few people have sufficient courage and self-control to act from FE 71

firm: do not move from feeling instead of 1T 690

needed in spiritual as well as temporal things 2T 414

should underlie all our actions 2T 553

students lacking in independent action from 3T 134

young people should be controlled by 4T 651

firm and righteous, influence of person who is embodiment of MYP 29

firm and unwavering, youth blessed by adherence to MYP 244

firmness of, is not dependent on freedom from hardship, poverty, and adversity ML 296

fixed: Christians should act from CS 25

many youth do not serve God with 2SG 261; MYP 102

renewed heart is to obey God’s will from 2T 488

fundamental, must be held firmly with grip of faith 1SM 208

God has established immutable, which He cannot change 4T 312

God implants, where man’s way is to devise and scheme TM 420-1

God used Moses to give, that are cornerstone of prosperity of nations Ed 69

good, help others by example to develop 2T 133

must be illustrated in actual life 5T 43

gospel workers should be as true as steel to CM 95

great, of righteousness are eternal Ed 69

well-being of universe depends on conformity to MB 48

guiding, for youth MYP 407-10

health See Health principle

heavenly, God’s people must be governed by 2T 133

immortal: every human power will one day bow to 7T 152

God has given to men 7T 152

God’s people should give world a demonstration of, by precept and example 7T 152

institutional workers who will be constant to CH 285

interwoven with SDA work from its rise, need of men who understand 7T 209

is always exacting DA 273

Israelites who were true as steel to PK 479

Joseph as slave would not conceal his, to gain favor PP 214

kind of, that God accepts in heartwork 4T 601

learn to be controlled by 2T 347

list of, that are secret of true success in business Ed 135

living and abiding, be actuated by 4T 355

living through eternal ages, it means much to stand by 7T 152

loyalty to, great need of MM 174

men as true as steel to MYP 33

men of: deal truly and honorably at all times CH 410; 4T 573-4

do not need restriction of locks and keys CH 410; 4T 573-4

do not need to be watched and guarded CH 410; 4T 574

God’s people must be GC 460

scorn mean acts CH 410

work of reform today must be carried forward by GC 460

world is indebted to, for its great reforms GC 460

world needs GW 25, 505; MYP 34

many people dare not act from, for fear of unfriendly criticism MYP 400

molding his character, student should understand MYP 29

move from 2T 313

and not from feeling 2SG 225; 1T 187, 690; 3T 76

and not from impulse 2T 129, 372; 3T 241

and understanding 2T 92

moving from, saves man much perplexity 2T 433

never surrender, in any case 3T 482

never swerve from, in the least 4T 538

no man can be true to, without exciting opposition DA 356

now is time for God’s people to show themselves true to 5T 136

of a thing, is spirit underlying it MB 29

of Christ’s cross, what is involved in 3T 382

of Christianity, youth may bring into daily life MYP 47

of dependence on Christ, should be cherished by His people 6T 242

of God are only steadfast things world knows Ed 183; PK 548

of God’s dealings with men, are ever the same GC 343

of gospel, cannot be disconnected from any department of practical life COL 384

of heaven, should be made paramount in life FE 544

of His kingdom, God’s people are to manifest to universe 6T 13

of life: is dependence upon and cooperation with God 6T 236

Spirit makes precepts of God’s word become MH 514; 5T 705

work to obtain knowledge of MH 115

of right, do not sacrifice one 4T 62

God cannot bless any man who violates eternal AA 312

of SDA faith, hold firmly CW 52

sanitariums seeking large patronage must not hide 8T 154-5

of their early training, Joseph and Daniel proved true to Ed 56-7

of truth: inconvenience and temporal loss may be caused by adherence to strictest 4T 337

list of Ed 29

true teacher’s ambition is to inspire students with Ed 29-30

on which men act, it is not easy to repress TM 291

person true to, God never forsakes 3BC 1128

persons governed by, shun extremes MH 319

persons having no strength of religious, are easily swayed 2T 487

persons who will stand firm as rock for 4T 358

persons who would impart truth must practice its Ed 41

physician should be firm as rock for 5T 439

power of, persons lacking 4T 571-2

practice of, gives them weight MH 132

Protestant, when USA abandons 5T 451; TM 206

reckless in, person who will become 1T 441

recognized by great men as foundation of all that is best in human governments Ed 69

religious: danger of committing error is small where, governs 2T 129

Joseph revealed power of PP 217

must be made prominent and kept so in SDA sanitariums 4T 586-7

students need strength of, to resist temptation 4T 432

world-servers at heart act from policy rather than GC 460

young men may be true to God through CH 66

young physician warned against neglect of 5T 448

youth in danger without protection and support of 5T 39

youth need strength of CT 98

results of long sacrificing 8T 96

right: Bible shows result of departure from Ed 143

cherish and act upon MYP 30

of action should be adopted and reverenced 8T 95

Satan tries to lead people away from CT 494

SDA institutions should be object lessons showing results of obedience to 6T 224

should be placed before sanitarium patients and guests MM 206

sick person’s habits should be brought into harmony with MM 262

wrong thoughts are excluded only by inculcation of CT 121

righteous, should be rule of life FE 519

sacrifice of: blurs spiritual discernment 8T 96

peace is purchased too dearly at GC 45; SR 324

you can engage in successful business without FE 83

sanctified, should be basis of every action 2T 380

sanitarium managers tempted to depart from, that should govern institution 4T 576-7

Satan’s, honored by men above those ruling in heavens 6T 352

selfish love of gain is, ruling lives of worldlings 3T 382

serving God from, great lack of EW 111

should rule instead of appetite or fancy 6T 374

should underlie springs of action 3T 112

simple, of God’s word should be taught by teachers CT 252

single instance of departure from, result of ML 75

Solomon at first moved from 2T 306

Solomon separated himself from God by yielding his 2T 306

some believers will be laughed out of their 3T 51

stand firm as a rock to FE 289; 3T 23; 4T 555; 6T 146

stand steadfast for 3T 25

stand true to TM 471

steadfast, which neither time nor toil can weaken SD 191

world needs men controlled by Ed 225

strange abandonment of, seen everywhere GW 125

strange absence of, characterizes modern generation 3T 140

strictly religious, minister’s work must be conducted on 9T 150

stronghold of, Satan’s secret undermining of PP 718

student standing firm as rock to, may aspire to any height of attainment 8T 322

study to serve God from, and not from feeling 2SG 261; 1T 161, 167, 698

true Christian, does not stop to weigh consequences SL 39

true Christian works from 5T 393

two great ML 73

on which hang all law and prophets DA 498

undeviating, required by God in minutest details of life 4T 337

universal, that God-given powers decay and perish unless used AA 206

unselfish, show that SDA are influenced and controlled by WM 296

unsettled, youth fail to overcome because of MYP 28-9

unwavering, be person of 5T 530

when USA abandons, of its Constitution as Protestant and republican government 5T 451

worldlings’, is to get all they can of life’s perishable things 3T 382; 4T 80

worldly: Christian faith will never harmonize with 5T 235

Christian should not be governed by 2T 488

much in nature and manner of Christ’s work was averse to 5T 219

sanitariums must not follow, to gain patronage CH 291

wrong, persons engaged in business should not fall into error through 7T 248

you adopt decide your future usefulness and destiny CT 220

youth should go forth controlled by 5T 87

youth should learn to be governed by MH 366

youth who will have strength of character to preserve 3T 144

youth’s, tinctured by character of company they keep CT 221


abandoned; world becoming like Sodom TSB 120:3

action from, God’s glory seen by those with TMK 257:2

adherence to, in all habits of life RC 142:3

all will one day bow to God’s immortal LHU 366:5; UL 81:6

brotherhood never maintained by sacrificing 1MCP 244:1

burden for others to conform to, may disrupt TSB 218

business activity guided by, TDG 337:2

no scheming 2MCP 438:0

change in, those who unite with church to show 2MCP 559:3

children to be taught to be true to 1MCP 172:3

children with right, influence others 1MCP 172:4


taught pure HP 175:3

was firm to LHU 32:6

works out, which He alone can work in TDG 186:4

Christlike, no room for, in Judas’ trading 2MCP 598:3

Christ’s, are to be ours; hourly communion needed 2MCP 430:1

church to have, which make it like heaven UL 123:4

cleansed from every impure and selfish UL 207:4

companions may help form correct HP 172:3

daily fortification against sacrificing 3SM 399:0

danger of yielding; caution in passing down rules 3SM 395:0

Daniel and companions challenged to be true to HP 261:2

deal with, as never before UL 18

defective, in business carried into religious life TDG 161:5

departure from,

increases weakness CC 248:3

is an advantage for Satan HP 258:2; UL 195:4

division not to be prevented at sacrifice of 1MCP 244:1

Ellen White not permitted to go beyond laying out UL 108:5

false, followed because Scripture not understood UL 196

firmness of,

by dwelling on eternal themes LHU 367:4

in working for souls UL 124:5

protects from evil suggestions, habits HP 199:2

responsibility of mothers 1MCP 170:0

youth with, blessed with total health CC 248:6

God most glorified by adherence to, now TMK 352:3

good, carrying out, has right influence TMK 161:3

grace revealed in, as the spiritual ladder is climbed OHC 72:3

heart made penitent by Christ will act from UL 22:3

Heaven watches, of those claiming promises RC 207:6


conditions for having TDG 94:3

evil quickly discerned by one guided by HP 260:6

impossible for minds to grasp; language inadequate 3SM 118:3

in us as we hold continually firmer HP 169:4

Holy Spirit furnishes, for victory AG 195:5

internal, essence of obedience is TMK 118:4

learn, by diligent study UL 187:2

neglect of following, blinds the soul HP 226:3

Paul did not sacrifice, in becoming all things to all SW 76:3

people of God must move from settled TDG 50:4

perversion of,

by those who are spiritually blind 1MCP 39:0

coming slowly as a thief 2MCP 558:3

discernment lost by UL 70:5

workers to show spirituality in this age of RC 219:2

preserved anywhere HP 84:5

questionable, to be swept away OHC 106:3

reading affects acting on 1MCP 107:2

regard for, to be revealed in every movement RC 219:6

regulate words and actions TDG 238:4

religious, Joseph carried, into everything CC 75:2

restoration of God’s image through HP 286:5

righteous, evil bias conquered by cultivating 1MCP 30:4

sanctification is, not an emotion FW 87:1

serving God from,

and choosing Him ourselves RC 52:3

seeing His glory; resting on promises 2MCP 496:0

shown best by personally demonstrated faith HP 149:4

soundness of,

tested UL 34:5

without sternness TMK 218:3

stable, God looks for, in every soul UL 239:4

steadfastness to, serves the cause of God TMK 186:2

talk of, while following false principles UL 196:6

temptation to corrupt; needed for high standards TDG 322:2


Christ presented VSS 95:2

church members to establish UL 131:3

distinguished by AG 249:5

Holy Spirit leads to, by perseverance and prayer TMK 276:3

must govern souls justified in the day of God TDG 343:3

need to be understood UL 51:6

not perverted suddenly UL 202:4

rewarded by its reproduction in others HP 196:6

workers for Christ to keep HP 286:5

true to, TMK 128:5

because God sees TMK 325:4

danger is not in suffering caused by TMK 269:3

personally TDG 11:6

with control of powers prevents misery RC 305:4

unbending, of those who sit at the feet Jesus OHC 160:4

Word of God gives, although not for particular cases OHC 36:4


one step in the path of, may change life HP 258:5

which would exclude one from heaven 2MCP 376:2

youth may triumph over lusts of flesh through RC 144:3

See also Heaven, principles of; Law of God

Principles of Geology

Principles of Geology, by Chas. Lyell, quoted GC 304-5

Pringle, Bro.

Pringle, Bro. WM 335-6


Print, “This shall not appear in” TM 294-5

Printed matter

Printed matter, fill every page of, with spiritual food CW 21

immense tide of, has led to hasty and superficial reading Ed 189

Printed page

Printed page, one agency ordained by God for use by His people 9T 87

reaches isolated persons who have no chance to hear preacher CM 20

spread truth by MM 323


Printing, Francis I decreed abolition of, in France GC 227

improvements in, gave impetus to Bible circulation GC 288; SR 338

invention of, Bible and books before GC 62, 88

some men who understand, are poor managers 5T 414

teach, in SDA schools CT 310; 6T 176, 182

to persons of various nationalities 7T 169

unknown in Wycliffe’s (John) time GC 88

youth sent to publishing house to learn 5T 109

Printing business

Printing business, pub.-house apprentices should be trained in FE 492

Printing plant, Printing plants

Printing plant, Printing plants, establish, in all parts of earth Ev 413

in connection with mission schools 7T 169

first SDA, established in Rochester, N.Y. LS 142; 8T 237

moved to Battle Creek, Mich. LS 157; 2SG 197; 1T 97; 8T 237

SDA, in Basel, Switz. GW 74

See also Publishing house

Printing press, Printing presses

Printing press, Printing presses, can reach many whom ministers cannot 5T 388

first SDA, set up in Rochester, N.Y., in April of 1852 LS 142; 2SG 160

operate, in many parts of world GW 456

power, purchased by SDA in 1857 2SG 222

spread gospel during Reformation 6T 403

spread truth by Ev 702; 6T 403; 9T 122

See also Press

Printing work

Printing work, pub.-house apprentices should be trained in different lines of 7T 147

Prior, Sister

Prior, Sister 2SG 134


OHC 79


Priscilla See Aquila and Priscilla


Prism, theological, God’s law viewed through GC 466

Prison, Prisons

Prison, Prisons, angels will visit God’s people in GC 627

bad eating of many generations has filled CH 49; Te 174

Christ’s followers consigned to, during Dark Ages AA 85

early Christians suffered in, for truth’s sake 5T 213

God knows all about His faithful servants in DA 669

God’s believing ones may be consigned to COL 179

God’s people delivered from, during seventh plague GC 637

home life is not, to devoted wife and mother AH 236

Jeremiah in PK 433, 453-60

John the Baptist in DA 214-25

Joseph’s experience in PP 218; 3SG 144-6

laws favoring sale of liquor crowd, with paupers and criminals GW 386

liquor seller’s work fills MH 338; Te 24

liquor traffic crowds Te 205

many of God’s people will spend time of trouble in GC 626-7, 635

nine tenths of people taken to, have learned to drink Te 23

Paul and Silas in AA 214; Ed 66; GC 627

publish sorrowful tale of parental duties neglected AH 138; Te 211

Roman, Paul in AA 399-513; SR 315-9

Satan can incarcerate men in, but cannot bind their spirit MB 30

services held for men in, in Salem, Oregon, in 1878 LS 232-4; 4T 292-3

some of God’s people will be put in, for refusing to keep Sunday GC 608

thousands of people in, because of strange women AH 59

visits to people in, will be recognized in day of judgment SD 361

when, will be as palace GC 627

See also Dungeon; John; John the Baptist; Paul; Peter


apostles released from, and told experience to converts RC 343:4

believer in, loved by Christ TMK 275:3

Christ shows Himself and loves believers in 3SM 420:5

God’s glory can penetrate walls of UL 315:6

leaders of nude meeting sent to, dishonored truth NL 52:1

trusting Christ as a child when going to, for Him OHC 357

unjustly sent to, brought attention to ministry of apostles RC 343:6

visit to a; response to Ellen White’s message UL 189

Prisoner, Prisoners

Prisoner, Prisoners, of hope, reveal to desperate and discouraged sufferer that he is 6T 279

SDA institutions of learning are 6T 145

Prison house

Prison house, graves as, of Satan’s captives GC 659-60; PP 478

of death, righteous dead will be delivered from GC 644

Prison wall, Prison walls

Prison wall, Prison walls, cannot hinder God’s people in His great work 3T 406-7

Christ is with His faithful ones confined within AA 85

God can speak to men through 4T 179

man’s spirit cannot be bound in AA 576

rent asunder by seventh plague GC 637

should not turn gospel workers from God’s work PK 263

Privation, Privations

Privation, Privations, be ready to endure, to tell others of Christ PK 173

cheerfully endure, without murmuring 3T 107

Christ endured, without murmuring ML 296

Christ’s, few people willing to imitate amazing 2T 664

cross lifted is strength and staff in 2T 47

endured for Christ’s sake will increase your joy in heaven 4T 219

if you suffer, let it be for Christ’s sake 5T 133

think of Paul AA 352

John Mark failed to endure AA 169-70

learn to endure 2T 595

lessons learned in, by young ministers 3T 318

men who will persevere under, God calls for GW 469

of the way, should make Christians more eager to reach the end 2T 595

Paul and Barnabas endured AA 169

persons unaccustomed to endure, fate of LS 191

true shepherd’s lot is 2T 339

JW worn out by LS 140-1

why Christian should be willing to endure 2T 46

work together for your good MH 489; ML 185

See also Hardship; Suffering


Christ endured, without complaint TMK 156:2

endured through the religion of Christ OHC 29:3

permitted to come to Christians RC 353:4

winning Christian race requires submission to TMK 315:2

Privilege, Privileges

Privilege, Privileges, avail yourself of every, for doing good 2T 330

Christians’, are far greater than those of God’s ancient people COL 317

discerned in hardship Ed 270; 7T 272

each man will be judged by, that he has had SR 168

every Christian has, of enjoying deep movings of Spirit 1T 159

exalted, failure of church to live up to its TM 175

God holds youth responsible for their MYP 41

God requires that men make right use of their FE 86

gospel worker’s, of talking with God in secret prayer 6T 52

great: never give license to sin PP 360

security does not lie in PK 82

should never lull to security or carelessness PP 360

life’s, heavenly records will show how men have valued MYP 46

many people fail to improve their MYP 105

of claiming needed spiritual blessing MB 133

of hanging your helpless soul on Christ CH 243

of having never-failing Friend 1T 502

of helping to spread truth, SDA do not fully appreciate 4T 391

of prayer SC 93-104

of self-denial to show loyalty and devotion to God TM 394

religious, men cannot serve God acceptably without making use of their 5T 423

unsuspected, in Bible study 8T 322-3

you are accountable to God for your CS 127; 2T 692; 3T 82; 5T 92


accepting Christ’s invitation is TMK 105:5

Christ’s sacrifice must be appreciated to take advantage 3SM 190:1

connection with God through Christ’s mediation is HP 77:4

faithful ones,

are given, as to disciples TMK 159:5

may be denied OHC 128:3

fruit bearing requires making the most of TMK 164:2

gained by Christ in opening heaven, few realize HP 39:4

given, at creation but lost by sin; rights not lost FW 21:1

God gives, to improve us TDG 50:4

highest, partaking of divine nature 3SM 283:2

making the most of,

fitting for usefulness TDG 243:3

working with God RC 229:7

prayer is a OHC 129:3

solemn work given means we cannot trifle with TDG 208:4

spiritual, need to reach for HP 335:2

surpass our obedience and devotion TDG 50:3

working with God to advance His kingdom is TDG 97:5

works should follow 1MCP 317:2

See also Opportunities

Prize, Prizes

Prize, Prizes, all can obtain, in heavenly race 2T 358

eternal life is, at stake 5T 359

that costs us something 3T 371

glorious, Bible instructors and other Christian workers will receive 4T 76

keep your eyes steadfastly fixed on, given at end of race 5T 406

of eternal life, is of infinite value 5T 222

offering, does more harm than good in schools CT 270

how youth are affected by GC 387; LS 351-2

perishable, Greek runners sought to win AA 309, 312-3; 2T 358

richest in value, before persons running Christian race 9T 136

SS should not try to keep up interest by offering CSW 182

winner of Christian race receives crown of everlasting life as AA 312

winner of heavenly race receives crown of immortality as 2T 358

Prize fights

Prize fights, shun and discard AH 499; FE 320; LS 353 See also Boxing; Pugilistic contest

Prize packages

Prize packages, giving of, in churches GC 387


Probability, do not risk eternity on 2SM 116


1. Close of

2. Given to man to

3. Time of

4. Miscellaneous


1. Close of

be ready for 2T 191, 401

character cannot be made or transformed after TM 235-6

Christ will put on His garments of vengeance at 2T 190-1, 691

Christ’s mediatorial work will cease at EW 36, 48, 279; GC 613; PP 201; 2T 191, 691

in most holy place 2SG 276; 3SG 134; 8T 315

Christ’s second coming will occur after GC 490; SD 355; 2T 355, 691

Christian’s duty prior to 7BC 989; 8T 46

colporteurs will have opportunity to work until 6T 478

coming 1SM 189

fast ChS 51; COL 319; DA 636; CT 414; DA 636; FE 355; 1SM 125; 5T 384; 6T 446; 8T 252

silently and unnoticed as midnight thief GC 491; SD 355

soon CS 99

suddenly upon all 7BC 989; 2T 191

when least expected 7BC 989

decree that will mark CT 418; GC 490, 613, 615; 2T 190-1, 267, 691; 8T 315

irrevocable 1SM 82

destiny of all men decided at CT 418; FE 355, 363-4; GC 490, 615; 2T 190-1, 401

for life or death GC 613

door of mercy forever shut at CT 414; DA 636; FE 355

erroneous ideas re GC 429; 2SM 81; 2T 691

events connected with, Scriptures reveal GC 594

false predictions re 2SM 73, 76

fanaticism just before 2SM 36

few short years remain until MH 454

for all men occurs when Christ leaves most holy place of heavenly sanctuary 2T 691

forms of religion will be continued by wicked at GC 615

God’s judgments mingled with mercy prior to GC 629

God’s judgments will follow PK 276

God’s wrath will be poured out after GC 629

great final test will come at COL 412

how men will feel after SD 343

image of beast will be formed before 7BC 976; 2SM 81

inhabitants of earth will not know time of GC 615

investigative judgment will end at EW 280; GC 428, 436, 490; SD 355

knowledge of God need not be left behind at FE 404

living righteous will receive seal of God prior to 1SM 66

message will be more distinctly given before 6T 19

misuse of Testimonies that speak of 1SM 179

near 7BC 910; MYP 90; 2T 401; 6T 407

no martyrs among God’s people after EW 284

no mercy for sinners after GC 613-4; 2T 691

no priest in heavenly sanctuary after EW 48

not far off CS 99

perfection of character must be attained before 2T 355

power characterizing Satan’s efforts before 1T 290

Satan tries to keep men deceived and occupied until CT 414; DA 636; FE 355

Satan will have full control of the wicked after PP 98

Satan will work lying wonders until 2SM 51

seven last plagues will fall after EW 36, 280-1; 5T 212

sin must be overcome before 2T 430-1

society’s condition at FE 355; GC 491, 615; 1T 204

solemn events connected with GC 310

terrible awakening of the wicked after 3BC 1150

there will be places for gospel work until 6T 478

third angel’s message closes at GC 613

time of: God has not revealed 7BC 989-90; 1SM 191

no divine command to search for 1SM 192

Satan will not know GC 618

time of trouble follows EW 279-85; GC 613-34; 1T 204; 5T 213

time setting for, by fanatics 2SM 65

2. Given to man to

become reconciled to God DA 587

develop character MYP 68-9

finish sealing work EW 38

form character for: eternal life 2T 691

future, immortal life 4T 306-7

future life SD 9

heaven GC 542-3

form right character 2T 88

perfect character for eternity 1SM 318

prepare for: day of God 3SG 135; SR 99

eternity 4T 147

future, immortal life 6T 407

higher school FE 397

school above CT 392

test that awaits God’s people FE 452

time of trouble GC 621

remove defects from character CT 225

wash their robes of character in Christ’s blood 7BC 960

3. Time of

Adam and Eve were given, after they sinned SR 47

added, Israel was given COL 218

after second advent is popular fable 1T 342

antediluvians were given 3SG 67; SR 64

character building is to go on during 7BC 990

cities are given period of 1BC 1093

closing for some soul each day Ev 704; PP 140; 5T 466

closing of: for antediluvians GC 491; PP 103; 1SM 63

for people of Sodom PP 159, 167; 1SM 63

for rebellious Israelites in Moses’ time 3T 356

defects of character must be overcome during AH 319

extended for Nineveh LS 62

for preparing for: eternity, is short COL 342

future, is short CG 555

form character in, that breathes heavenly influence ML 273

40 years of, Nineveh was given 2SM 149

has continued longer than expected EW 58; 4T 306

individual, lengthening of 4T 216

individuals are given 1BC 1093

insanity of letting, pass without preparing for future life CS 125-6

last, granted to men 7BC 971-2

last days of, we live in CS 301

last hours of: closing ChS 77

gospel workers’ duty during PK 716

man’s duty during 6T 405

we are in PK 716; 2T 337; 6T 405

last years of, are closing fast 6T 446

are passing into eternity CS 35

limit to DA 587

lingers still 9T 268-9

man is accountable for his actions during CG 466

man is on test and trial during 9T 157; TM 336

man is tried by temptations during 4T 358

man was given, after Adam sinned Ed 15; PP 66

man’s duty during CS 22; GC 490; 1SM 313

to make restitution CS 99-100

may close before you gain victory over self 4T 342

mistaken idea of repentance and 1SM 353

nations are given 1BC 1093; 2BC 1005; 4BC 1143

no man knows how soon his, will close MH 454; 3T 117; 4T 53; 8T 314

no second (future): awaits sinners 6BC 1112; 7BC 946, 971-2, 989; CD 40; COL 263, 412; FE 245; GC 662; 1SM 91; 2T 191; 3T 453; 6T 19

after Christ’s mediatorial work ceases 2T 691

after Christ’s second coming 1T 342; 2T 355, 691-2

after death COL 263, 267, 270

after investigative judgment COL 123

after this present life AA 424; COL 260; CS 22; GC 662

to prepare for eternity COL 319

now is CS 22; 2T 102

passing fast 8T 252

perfecting of character must be done during 2T 355

precious, is passing 4T 147

present, all that men shall have 1SM 91

sin must be overcome during 2T 355

some people are closing their 5T 18

some people’s, why God in mercy lengthens 4T 306

waiting period of, short 5T 485

warning not to waste 4T 460

what men make of themselves in, that they must remain through eternity 5T 466

wicked men misuse their GC 654

work earnestly and wisely for God during 9T 127

4. Miscellaneous

Adam and Eve were originally placed on 5BC 1082; 7BC 912; PP 49, 53

angels have been placed on PP 53

Christ was placed on, during His life on earth 5BC 1082

every man is placed on 5BC 1082

given to men PK 276

for purpose of preparing for eternity 4T 147

only in this life COL 263; PP 595

man was placed upon, to test his loyalty to God SR 19

men are now on, as prisoners of hope FE 370

present world is man’s scene of 1T 196

second, Christ died to secure for man a TM 134

plan of redemption places human race on 3T 484

this life of SD 125

See also Afterprobation; Holy Spirit; Test; Trial; Unpardonable sin


antediluvian CC 35:5

as a holiday to most youth OHC 283:3

brief; God will provide tests for it 3SM 255

character and habits for higher life formed now TMK 117:4

character formation was the purpose of Con 12:1

choice made by every soul during HP 196:6


died so we could have, for preparation HP 346:2

placed on UL 90:5

secured, so we could prove ourselves TDG 137:5

was on; He could have yielded to temptation 3SM 131:3


acceptance of status of Con 85:0

sacrifice made, possible AG 58:3; LHU 153:3

close of,

arousing people to realize nearness of Mar 108:3

business activity after LDE 232

cases soon decided for eternity TMK 354:2

famine for the Word after LDE 234

fast HP 342:4

for the antediluvians TDG 235:3

human activity after LDE 231

lamentations at HP 362:2

noisy worship demonstrations just before Mar 234:2

number of saved affecting; no right to talk about 3SM 315:3

prayers not offered for wicked after LDE 235

religion (forms of) after LDE 231

righteous (some) in business after LDE 231

Satan will not know happening of LDE 234

Satan’s wonders continued until Mar 148:5


thus Satan tries to secure souls HP 312:3

when Jesus’ words in Luke 19:42 apply Mar 264:5


after, like seven days after ark door closed Mar 264:2

for cases to pass in review HP 196:5

time of,

Ellen White’s response regarding FLB 215:2

in last events Mar 263:2

not revealed FLB 215:2; Mar 107:3

unconcern about UL 173:5

unnoticed Mar 264:2

wicked have regret at HP 362:6

See also Holy Spirit, withdrawal of; Mercy, end of; Work, closing

cost of providing, infinite UL 379:5

creation plan called for Con 10:1

examining ourselves during remaining Mar 63:5


obtained as we live each day of HP 190:6

to be gained now in last hours of OHC 321:2

extension of, after the fall Con 17:2

faithfulness during, proving true in crisis requires TMK 350:3

fast passing Mar 106:4

fitted for God’s temple during OHC 165:4

given to Adam and Eve and to their posterity CC 20:6


for making salvation sure Mar 341:6

to form character for heaven TMK 23:4

gratitude for, for one following own way LYL 68:3

humanity placed on, because law was changeless TMK 289:3

image of the beast is formed before the close of Mar 164:2

individual, regret for self-serving if called to end TMK 321:3

Jerusalem’s, closed with Christ’s mission TDG 109:5

judgment based on life during UL 75:3

living by faith during, ensures standing during the test OHC 354:5

many would account for, with grief TMK 321:3

nations given period of; then God will punish 3SM 396:3


during, required for title to heaven TMK 203:3

to truth, the test for HP 145:3

one opportunity only to go over the ground of HP 190:6

personal, blessings not dependent on any 3SM 150:1

prayer and contemplation more if we remember LHU 343:6

preparation process going on during hours of UL 373:4

purpose of, to restore character perfection TDG 90:5

put faculties to highest use during TDG 175:2

remaining hours of, to be devoted to washing robes TMK 65:4

responsibility for serving God tested during LHU 366:2

robes of character to be washed in time of LHU 326:3

second (or third, depending on method of counting),

antediluvians asserted a RC 323:5

because Christ bore the punishment TDG 87:2

foolish idea; God exhausted resources in Christ OHC 12:3

given after sin; experience of Adam and Eve as warning FW 21:2

offered by Christ UL 285:5

provided in strength of divine Redeemer FW 90:1

there will be no AG 319:6; LDE 236

seek the approbation of heaven while, is prolonged RC 57:5

seeking life in kingdom of God during TDG 145:7

short; no time for corruption TSB 245:2

spent in self-gratification OHC 270:3

spiritual advancement to occur in OHC 44:3

stand like Daniel during remaining RC 243:7

strength of God offered in this time of OHC 39:2

talents to be improved during time of HP 359:5

temptations permitted during HP 251:3

thankfulness for TSB 52:3

threescore and ten years of TDG 117:4

time of,

for forming pure character HP 196:5

for test graciously granted Mar 55:3

use of HP 359:5


according to light God sends TMK 200:4

to seek life in God’s kingdom UL 197:4

to share reward of righteous OHC 187:2

workshop of God OHC 165:4