EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Parent, Parents (Part 3 of 4)

throw arms of faith around children AH 321

throw around children charms of home 1T 388

train (educate): children aright re diet 2T 365

children to do miss. work CT 130

children when they are babes in arms 4T 313

first child with great care CG 27

little church in home 6T 354

train and discipline self CT 128-9

in order to do it for children CG 27; CT 128-9

train (or educate) children for: Christ PP 244

Christian service 7T 10-2

family of God CG 23

God’s service CT 143; MH 395

heaven 2T 259

life of usefulness 1T 394, 686-7

practical life 3T 145

usefulness 3T 147; 4T 368

world to come CG 38

train (instruct, or teach) children in: God’s great book of nature 3T 137

God’s way CG 67

good cooking CT 127

good habits of eating, drinking, dressing, and exercise SD 140

helpfulness CG 119-21; CT 146-9, 156

obedience CT 107

physiology CT 127

practical religious experience 5T 42

principles of purity CT 150

purity from infancy CH 103

self-government and stability of character 2T 648

sound doctrine 5T 330

temperance from babyhood PP 562

truth AH 487

train (educate, or teach) children to be: Christians PP 244

clean and orderly 6T 170

content with neat and inexpensive clothes CT 158

content with plain and simple food CT 158

content with small and helpful duties COL 84; CT 142; Ed 107

honest and truthful 5T 329

industrious 5T 329

intelligent FE 65

kind and thoughtful of others 5T 424

missionaries 6T 198

pleasant AH 432

reverent in church 5T 494

social FE 65

temperate 5T 329

temperate in eating 3T 489

true to God and to principle Ed 283; 7T 186

true to God under all circumstances and in all places CT 150

truthful, unselfish, and industrious CT 148; FE 420

useful CT 125; 1T 393-4

train children’s appetites MH 384

train themselves to speak in way to be blessing to children 6T 381

turn children’s energies into useful channels CT 146

unbend from their iron dignity FE 68

unite in: disciplining children AH 313

providing school for children 6T 198

uphold college teachers in disciplining youth 5T 89

use their talents to God’s glory 3T 121

watch children with: deepest solicitude 1T 402

jealous care 1T 156

watch children’s going out and coming in 1T 401

watch each child’s tendencies AH 414

watch lest surrounding influences injure children 1T 400

win children’s affection FE 68

win children’s confidence CG 185

work for: children bravely and patiently 5T 40

development of all of child’s powers CT 148; FE 420

household in love, faith, and prayer COL 195-6

lost child’s salvation COL 194-5

salvation of children 5T 383

work in: harmony with SS teachers 3T 189

prayer for their households COL 195

unison to accomplish their God-given work FE 69

work together as unit AH 312

work together in training of children AH 190

work with: earnest prayer AH 533

fidelity to save souls of children 5T 506

reference to future harvest AH 533

yield themselves to God Ed 283

8. Need(s) or ought to be

acquainted with children MH 394

acquainted with laws of heredity Ed 276

awake in these perilous times CG 474

calm and free from anger when punishing children CG 249

careful how they censure 2T 405

careful how they speak of each other’s faults in children’s presence 4T 240

careful not to undermine children’s respect for teachers Ed 284

careful re example and ideas they give to children 5T 498

cheerful AH 432

children’s best friend 6T 94

companions to children AH 190

in work and play 3T 134

conversant with Scriptures CSW 19-20

correct models for children to imitate 5T 319-20

daily learners in school of Christ COL 338

diligent students of Scriptures CG 66-7, 182

educators of children AH 236

in home CG 481

firm in: discipline AH 17

management of children CG 283-4

principle AH 434

first teachers of children CG 21

free from deceitful practices CG 150

guarded in conversation and deportment 2T 461

home missionaries CG 481

kind and gentle with children CG 218

kind but firm in dealing with child of perverse temper CG 93

kind in discipline AH 17

learners in order to be teachers AH 184

light of home CG 240

light bearers and light givers AH 37

living missionaries in family 2T 677

meek and gentle in dealing with children AH 174

missionaries in home CG 69; CT 160; 6T 247

modest in dress 1T 135

much at home FE 65

object lessons to children CG 510

only teachers of children till they are eight or ten years old FE 61; 3T 137

practical physiologists CH 39

sparing of censure CT 155

sympathetic toward church-school teacher CT 157

teacher and physician to children CH 39

teachers in family school Ed 33

thorough and efficient in child training 5T 44

uniform in child management CG 248

united in: controlling wayward son 2T 316

government of children AH 312-6; 1T 156

training children 5T 324

unyielding in principle AH 434

very careful re children’s associates 1T 405

what they wish children to be CG 278

wide awake to guard youth from snares of Satan 1T 390

9. Ought not to

accept false testimony of unconverted children CG 327

act as if children should not accept Christ in childhood DA 517; MH 44

administer harsh rebukes to children AH 308-9

allow (permit): gossip to be repeated in family circle 5T 242

interference in management of children CG 288

love of change to control children 3T 147

their tone of voice to be disturbed or agitated with excitement and passion 1T 399

allow (permit) children to: be in streets at night FE 63

choose their own associates 1T 394, 400

come and go when they please FE 63

control home CG 235

control them 2T 78

follow natural impulses CT 112

go and do as they please AH 468

grow up in indolence 4T 94

learn good and evil indiscriminately 1T 399-400

meet worldly standard 5T 78

rule 4T 192-3; 8T 224

show them disrespect AH 361

speak pettishly and harshly AH 361

spend time in idleness CT 148; FE 420; 1T 399

become weary in training children 3BC 1154

break child’s will Ed 288

cause children pain by harshness or unreasonable exaction CT 114

cause children to think that Christianity is religion of gloom MH 44

censure children severely for trifling mistakes CG 279

coax and indulge youth PK 236

compel children to have form of religion AH 323

complain of hardship, care, and toil CG 186

compromise with child’s stubborn self-will that defies authority Ed 290

conform to world 5T 78

correct children in anger CT 117

correct children severely in spirit of impatience 1T 398

correct children while impatient or fretful 2T 259

criticize: each other’s plans and judgment in children’s presence MH 393-4

gospel workers in hearing of children 4T 195

other people in children’s presence COL 45-6

teachers before children FE 64

criticize ministers COL 45

before children 5T 497-8

deny children reasonable privileges CG 285

differ with each other in children’s presence CG 24

discipline children in heat of anger CG 254

encourage children in pride, extravagance, or love of show 1T 396

encourage children’s vanity by praising them COL 83; CT 141

exaggerate in giving reproof Ed 294

excuse their wrongdoing because they do not feel well 1T 385

expect children to be perfect at once 1T 387

fear crosses in work for children 5T 40

feed children flesh foods MM 282-3

flatter pride and folly in children 2T 180

flock with family to cities 5T 232

force children into precocious maturity COL 84; CT 144; Ed 107

forget: that they were children once 1T 387

their childhood years 1T 388

forget great mission field in home 9T 37

foster in children love of dress 4T 72

fret and scold and ridicule children FE 67

give children place that God claims in their affections 2T 285

give loud-voiced commands CG 211-22; CT 116

give way to inclination of godless children CG 277

gratify children’s selfish wishes CG 91-2

indulge blind affection for children CT 114

indulge children in: indolence 4T 97-8

unlawful desires CG 271

indulge natural affection at expense of obedience to God’s law CG 235

keep children away from Christ by coldness and harshness DA 517; MH 43

leave: children for strangers to care for AH 361

children’s religious training to church AH 188

leave children to: do as they please on Sabbath 6T 358

follow their own inclinations 1T 393

guess at what is right CG 87

think and act independently of parents’ judgment 3T 133

let children have occasion to doubt sincerity and exact truthfulness 1T 157

let children hear them say, “I cannot do anything with you” CG 238

let children hear them speak one impatient word CG 476

lie CG 150

manage children by petting and indulgence 4T 201

manifest: critical and faultfinding spirit CG 219

harshness AH 434

undue severity to children CT 114

neglect any duty to benefit children 4T 429

order children about as if horses or dogs 2T 259

overlook and excuse sin in children CG 276

overtax children with studies 4T 424

pass lightly over children’s sins CG 273

permit child’s self-will to go unrebuked CT 112

poison family with their irritability CG 246-7

praise children’s cunning little sayings in their presence 4T 200

prevaricate CG 151

punish children in spirit of anger CG 244

question each other’s judgment in children’s presence MH 393-4

raise their voice to harshness AH 436

rear children in indolence 1T 219

repeat children’s clever sayings before them COL 83; CT 141

repel children by lack of sympathy 3T 532

require obedience by storm of words CG 259

rule children with rod of iron CT 113; 2T 259; 4T 368-9

rush children into society at early age AH 523

say to child, “I cannot do anything with you” CG 238

scold AH 434

scold and fret at children CG 480

seek to display children’s ability and proficiency CSW 46

send children away to colleges where they will become demoralized 4T 427

send children to public schools CG 305

until their minds and bodies are strong enough FE 420

when they are too young FE 145-6, 156-7

send to distant school children who lack firmness of principle 8T 224-5

send youth to worldly colleges 4T 426-7

shift their talents of means upon children 2T 651

show blind affection for children PP 578

show partiality to children 5T 319

speak: hastily to children AH 440

in scolding manner CG 286

passionately AH 434

to children in harsh tone CG 282

speak of religion as something that children cannot understand DA 517; MH 44

speak unkind or exasperating words CT 116

spend probationary time in dressing, visiting, and gossiping 3T 144-5

strike children with angry blows CG 280

taunt children with their perverse traits of character FE 67

teach children by harshness to be harsh CG 240

teach children to seek after style and ostentation 6T 451

teach children to wait till some future time to repent and believe truth 1T 400

tell untruth in precept or example CG 151

tolerate disobedience in home Ed 290

train children as: dumb animals Ed 288; 3T 132

irrational animal FE 57

transfer their stewardship to children 2T 655

treat SS lessons lightly CSW 22

treat trifling misdemeanors as grave sins CT 113

use expressions that are harsh, severe, or gloomy CT 116

use God’s money in pleasing children’s fancies 6T 450-1

use harshness toward children AH 308

utter cross words CG 219

wait for God to do work He has given them to do 5T 319

watch children continually with suspicion Ed 289-90

weary children with long prayers and tedious exhortations DA 516-7

yield to children’s desires in choice of associates 5T 544

10. Ought not to be

at variance between themselves AH 314

borrowing trouble continually CH 100

deluded by blind affection AH 307

given up to indolence AH 207

governed by children CG 33

governed by world’s opinion 7T 66

ignorant re children’s associates FE 63

impatient or fretful AH 208

in training children 3BC 1154

led by children 1T 118

mind and judgment for children 3T 133

overbearing CG 219

slaves for children AH 283

so engrossed in business as to neglect to discipline children CG 319

stumbling blocks in way of children 6T 202

too exacting with children 2T 111

11. Work of

all-important, is to teach children God’s way CT 129

angels are not commissioned to do CT 149

as God’s: agents instruct their children AH 184

representatives to children PK 245

as important as that of minister AH 245

as reformers 3T 560-70

cannot be transferred to others AH 187-9

children’s future testifies to character of 5T 40

compared to that of artist CG 220, 476-7

demands patient labor and lifelong diligent and persevering effort COL 195

directing child’s life in lines of unselfish ministry is MH 401

faithful, greatly lightens that of teacher CT 157

will be rewarded thousandfold CT 131

for conversion and salvation of children DA 515; 6T 283

God does not propose to do AH 207

great and grand, teaching children Bible truth is CG 510

greatest and most important, to teach children to love and obey God is CG 81

in training children underlies every other FE 69

is: continuous CG 242

solemn and sacred 5T 305

life, that cannot be called failure FE 161

most important, is to mold children’s characters for eternity 5T 39

must begin with child in infancy CG 193

must not be spasmodic CG 242

no greater or more far-reaching results than those of MH 351

object of, is formation of right character in children CT 148; FE 420

is to develop all of child’s powers CT 148; FE 420

precedes that of teacher CG 19

requires: earnest thought and prayer CT 107

patient and persevering effort CT 107

SS cannot do AH 189

solemn, to bring children to understand need of salvation CW 106

teacher should not be expected to do 5T 29

teacher’s work is not to take place of Ed 283

teacher’s work should supplement Ed 283

teaching youth grand truths of God’s word is ML 107

underlies every other MH 349

when Satan gladly undertakes CSW 50

12. Miscellaneous

Aaron’s example as warning to 3T 294-5

Aaron’s failure as, to train children aright 3T 295

Aaron’s unfaithfulness as, in indulging his sons PP 360

Abraham as example for CG 25; Ed 187; FE 286; PP 141-4; 1T 118

in training children 1T 405

accountable in great measure for children’s souls 4T 113

accountable to God for: evil resulting from their neglect of duty 4T 516

faults and follies of offspring in great degree 4T 200

letting children come up untrained 3T 454

training of children 3T 454

accountability of, for children’s malice and rebellion 4T 203

acquirement of wealth by, while neglecting mental improvement and moral culture FE 69

acts of, purity and virtue should shine out in 2T 461

administration of discipline by, to children Ed 287-97

advice of, children should not follow their own desires without CG 66

affection due to, by children AH 295

affection of, is in Christ DA 826

alone, cannot save children 1T 403

angels watch how children are treated by AH 315

anxiety of, child training that would eliminate much CG 194

children should seek to relieve SD 60

appetites transmitted by, to children PP 306, 561; 3T 567-8; Te 269

arbitrary and dictatorial spirit is unbecoming to 2T 253

arbitrary restraint and harshness by, develops spirit of obstinacy and defiance in youth CT 264

asking in faith, God promises to give wisdom to 5T 322

association with children benefits AH 270

astonishing ignorance of, re children’s health 2SM 426

backsliding of, in neglect to train children aright 5T 38

bad example by, how children are religiously affected by 3T 246

becoming more and more careless in educating children in useful branches 3T 147

belong to God to be ruled by Him 5T 548

bequeath to their children own perverted habits 3T 140

best legacy left to children by, knowledge of useful labor and example of disinterested benevolence are 3T 399

best teachers of children till they are eight or ten years old should be FE 157

best way to educate children to respect AH 198; ML 278

Bible contains lessons of priceless worth for FE 542

Bible is guide for, in child management CG 256

bitterness in, that drives angels from home 4T 139-40

blind affection of: encourages sin by unwise indulgence CG 239

greatest obstacle to proper training of children is CG 235

that lets children do as they please CT 112

that makes them slaves to children’s caprices CG 239

blind and foolish fondness of, toward children 4T 383

blind and selfish sentimentalism of, in leaving children to control of their own will PP 142

blindness of, re spiritual condition of children 5T 41

blood filled with scrofula is transmitted by, to children 2SM 431

both: are responsible for maintaining religion in home AH 321

transmit their dispositions and appetites to children PP 561

transmit their mental and physical characteristics to children PP 561

breaking of child’s will by, is contrary to principles of Christ CT 116

building of strong characters by, in children CG 184-90

burdens of: children should cheerfully share CT 148; DA 72; FE 420

God approves children who help to bear CT 148

youth should cheerfully help to bear DA 72

by wrong habits transmit disease and imbecility to offspring 2SM 465

called to speak and act in God’s stead PK 237

camp meeting as school for 6T 49

can be firm and yet kind with children 4T 66

can take children to God in prayer FE 161

can undo much of wrong caused by their impatience and unwise indulgence CT 156

cannot bring children to God by force CT 114

cannot change children’s hearts AH 298

cannot neglect children’s proper training with impunity 7T 66

cannot tell which of their children can best bear responsibilities Ed 266

cannot train children properly unless they give themselves first to God CT 108

care and training of children benefits 2T 230-1, 649-50

care and work for children benefits 2T 231, 329, 647

cares of, children should help to lighten ML 168; MYP 211

careless Sabbath observance by, in home 5T 320

character of, children receive in great degree stamp of 2T 405

chief study of, should be to prepare children for eternal life 4T 503

child and, quarrel between CT 117

child born to, is sacred trust CT 145

child management by 2SG 253-6

child should learn lessons under, that are to guide him throughout life CT 107

child training by, sympathy and love and great tenderness needed in 2T 98

child who held reins of control of, in her tiny fists 4T 383

child’s will should be guided and molded by, but not ignored or crushed Ed 288-9

children allowed to play while, are working FE 65

children and 1T 384-9

how confidence between, is destroyed CG 285

no barrier of coldness and reserve should come between MH 394

obligations of, are mutual AH 283

tender affection should be cherished between ML 84

tender affection should be cultivated between AH 198

will meet at final reckoning 3T 568

children are committed to, to educate for heaven DA 515

children are never excused from honoring 2T 80

children are placed in care of, to be trained as kings unto God PP 244

children are what, make them by instruction, discipline, and example 5T 37

children betrayed by, in time of persecution DA 629

children born of, with legacy of disease 2T 379

children can be taught by, to obey at very early age CT 111-2

children dishonoring and disobeying, can have no part in new earth 1T 497

children disrespecting and dishonoring, do not respect and love Creator 3T 232

children entrusted to, should be trained and educated for heaven 2T 259

children flattered and indulged by, to their great injury 4T 98

children have claims that, should acknowledge and respect FE 67

children imitate 5T 319

children left by, to follow bent of their inexperienced minds FE 52

children not disciplined by, may be better off under control of someone else 4T 429

children of age have duty to 1T 217

children ought to: be true and obedient to SD 130

bless, in every way possible 3T 331

cheerfully and faithfully help AH 282

honor, as long as they live AH 360-1

honor and obey SD 130

honor and respect PP 308

love, by willing obedience SD 130

smooth pathway of, to grave AH 361

speak respectful words to AH 437

children permitted by, to follow their own will until hardened 5T 29

to spend hours in play FE 65

children petted and indulged by, till spoiled for practical life 3T 143

children petted by, are problem at college FE 53

teacher’s problem of disciplining FE 52-3

children should be educated to love and tenderly care for AH 360

children should consult, re plans for marriage 1T 218

children should honor 3T 230-2

children trained by, to intemperance by indulgence of appetite FE 140

children weaned from, because of harshness and severity 4T 362-3

children who disrespect and dishonor, do not respect and honor God 3T 232

God’s blessing will not attend 3T 232

children who do not find sympathy and tenderness in, seek it elsewhere FE 156

children who expect, to wait on them 1T 218

children who fear but do not love CG 147-8; CT 113

children who have disobeyed and dishonored, duty of MYP 332

children who rule CG 91-2

children who sink lower in scale than 2T 351

children who will rise up and curse 4BC 1157

children will be: in future life what, have made them 6T 119

to great extent what, are MH 371

children will bless, for faithful care and strict watchfulness over them MH 394

children’s duty to affectionately respect and honor 3T 294

children’s obligation to, never ceases AH 360-1; ML 278

children’s physical and moral stamp is determined by, to great extent MH 357

children’s privilege of smoothing way of, to grave AH 363

children’s well-being now and hereafter depends in great measure on MH 357

choice of church schools by, for children 6T 198-9

Christ took pleasure in discharging His obligations to His ML 74

Christ’s attitude toward His See Christ

Christ’s promise to help, to train children FE 161

Christ’s respect and love for, could not turn Him from obeying God’s word DA 85-6

cleanliness and order carried too far by FE 157

coaxing and indulgence used by, toward youth is one of worst evils PK 236

coaxing by, evil of 5T 45

command(s) of: children should not disobey God at AH 293

should be enforced Te 181-2

should be to secure highest good of children Te 181

company of, why children find more pleasure in street than in FE 154-5; 1T 385

confession by, to children LS 127

consent of, children not permitted to marry anciently without 1T 218

constant watchcare and tender love of, children need 4T 621

continual censure by, bewilders but does not reform children CT 195; Ed 291

continual censuring and whipping of children by, hardens them and weans them away 1T 398

continual faultfinding by, is wrong 3T 531

continual talk by, will not convert children 4T 609

control of: child who dislikes being under CG 83; Te 177

modern children and youth do not like to be under SD 143

warning against too much, over children FE 58

conversation of, children repeat CSW 51

co-operation needed between, in children’s education Ed 283

in training children 1T 547

co-operation of angels with, in home life CT 160

correct discipline of children by, Bible lays down rules for 4T 313

correction of children by, that destroys respect CG 236

corrupt passions transmitted by, to offspring 2T 352

counsel(s) of: children should listen to AH 298

children’s lack of respect for 5T 125

sin of lack of respect for 5T 125

young man should seek 2T 308

youth should respect, re marriage 5T 106-8

course pursued by: may give wrong direction to children’s future career 5T 39

results of wrong, is revealed in children 5T 64

salvation of children depends much on 1T 217

cowardly course of, in management of children 4T 201

create home atmosphere AH 16

criticism by, that is dangerous to children 7T 183

criticism of ministers by, in children’s presence COL 45-6

criticism of teacher(s) by, for disciplining their unruly children 4T 428-9

in presence of children FE 64

cruel kindness of, in indulging children’s appetites 3T 141

cruelty of, in allowing children to do as they please CG 326

cultivation of children’s tendencies by COL 83

daily monitor of, God’s word should be 5T 329

daily prayer for CG 148

danger that, will command and dictate too much 3T 134

David as, fruitage of indulgence by PP 749

deal with minds at their most interesting and impressible period of development 6T 204

deception of, by indulged and unruly children 4T 193, 198-9

defective characters of, inherited by children CT 192

defective education by, modern youth are not more religiously inclined because of 2T 701

modern youth depraved and made worthless by 3T 141

deportment of, should not militate against what they seek to teach CT 128

depraved appetites and passions transmitted by, to children 3T 488; Te 175

depraved nature transmitted by, to children 2T 62

destiny of household is decided by MH 131

develop more rapidly as they learn to work for children 6T 199

difficulties met by, in home mission field CG 87

disagreement between, in government and discipline of children CG 239; 1T 156

disastrous training of child’s will by FE 57

discipline and judicious training by, children deserve 2T 98

discipline of children by CT 111-8, 156-7; Ed 287-97; 3T 531-3

importance of 7T 186

mode of, that does not help them FE 67

neglect of, teachers should be patient with students who are vicious example of FE 117

disease transmitted by, to children CH 19; 1T 501-2; 2T 94; 3T 140

disobedience to, as sign of last days CG 229; FE 101

is increasing AA 506

disobedience to laws of, should not go unpunished 1T 546

disposition of, to see faults in each other 4T 240

dispositions and appetites of, are reproduced in children MH 371

dispositions and tendencies of, children generally inherit PP 118

dispositions transmitted by, to children PP 561; Te 269

disrespect for: among heathen PP 337

children should not be allowed to show CT 112

should be confessed with humiliation 2T 82

should not be permitted in children CG 98

divine guidance for, promises of AH 204-8

do not feel same at all times 1T 384

double watch should be set by, over themselves in dealing with children AH 173-4; 1T 386

dressing of children by, that makes them vain 1T 217

early training of children by, too much importance cannot be placed on MH 380

ears of, words that will fall as sweet music upon CSW 55

education of children by, in home CT 107-18

education of little children by COL 83-4

education received from, children’s salvation depends largely on 2T 398

efficient family government maintained by, without harsh word or look AH 308

Eli’s failure as, to reprove and restrain his children CG 275-6; PP 575-80; 1T 119, 235; 2T 620, 624; 4T 166, 199-200, 204; 5T 29

energy and decision of, must be unwavering CG 248

entitled to degree of love and respect due to no other person PP 308

erroneous ideas of: re early religious training of children 1T 399-400

re education of children 3T 142-3

that continued study strengthens child’s intellect 3T 143

that they must submit to perverse children’s ways 5T 44

errors of lax system of family government by, children’s characters reveal 5T 326

establishment of right habits in children by 5T 89

every act of, tells on children’s future FE 156

example and teaching by: affect children’s destiny 6T 119

largely decide children’s future PK 245

example of: affects children MH 131

followed by children in greater or less degree 2T 498

often counteracts impressions of truth on children’s minds CG 498

exhibitions of passion by, lead children to despise them and truth they profess 2T 86

will not cure child’s evil temper CT 117

expected child should receive good legacy from PP 561

faith and works must be combined by CG 25

faithfulness of: does not ensure children’s salvation AH 298

importance of, in training children for God PK 246

of Hebrew maid who served in Naaman’s home PK 246

false love and sympathy of, that grieves angels 5T 324

false notion of, that they should indulge and not restrain children 5T 324

false sympathy and blind love of, causes them to excuse and overlook children’s faults 1T 219

father as See Father

faults of, stamped on children to third and fourth generation CG 275

faultfinding by, drives children to seek pleasure away from home 1T 385

fidelity of, Noah’s example is encouragement to PP 98

firm and even course in child training by, produces wonderful results 5T 305

first and all-important consideration with, kingdom of God and His righteousness should be 3T 144

first and constant care of, is to see that children have firm constitutions 3T 151

first business of, is to guide children’s feet in paths of righteousness CG 489; ML 261

is to understand laws of life and health 3T 568

first concern of, is to do work given them by God 5T 44

first lesson that should be learned by 3T 131

first lessons taught to children by, should be that God is their Father MH 460

first missionary effort of, should be for church in family 7T 11

first miss. field of, home is CT 130; FE 66

first object of, is to learn how to deal with children CH 113; Te 178-9

first obligation of, should be for children 4T 140

first training given to children by, should be that of loving obedience MH 460

fostering of religion by, in family 1T 303-10

foundation for children’s happy and healthy life may be laid by MH 352

fretful methods of, children know and mark 1T 386

fretfulness and strife by, drives angels from home 1T 307

girl who hated her AH 362

give more attention to teaching, how to form children’s habits and characters MH 352

given first opportunity to control and train children 5T 29

giving truth to, children can be means of 6T 106-7

God does not propose to do for, work He has given them to do CG 172; Te 181

God gives grace to, to teach children re Christ DA 517

God’s law must be obeyed by SD 40

God’s promises to, are conditional CG 65

God-fearing church-school teacher is help to CT 156

gratification of appetite by, diseased children born because of 2T 383

gratitude and reverence of children for PK 245

great victories gained by, through earnest prayer and living faith 1T 397

great work of, is character building CT 61-3

greater sin cannot be committed by, than to allow children to have nothing to do COL 345

grief and remorse of, as result of children’s ungodly course 4T 292

guidance of, God has given rules for CG 65

guilt of, children are not punished for PP 306

hard and cold command by, does children no good AH 439-40

harsh words by, sour children’s temper and wound their hearts 3T 532

harshness and overbearing severity by, will not reform erring child 4T 362-3

harshness by, disgusts children CG 280

drives children into Satan’s net CT 114

hasty and violent temper of, reflected in children 2T 402

hasty irritability by, destroys their influence over children 2T 406

should cease 2T 406

have claims on children that cannot be thrown off or lightly regarded 3T 232

have first and most favorable opportunity to control and train children 5T 29

have no right to bring children into world to be burden to others 2T 380

have to do with foundation of children’s habits and character MH 131; PK 245

hearts of: broken by wayward youth MH 171

divine precepts should control FE 67

should be obedient to Christ’s will 3T 144