EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Minister, Ministers (Part 2 of 5)

naturally devotional 2T 513

particular enough in habits of eating 4T 416

preaching truth with success 2T 542

qualified to step into important position, are many GW 93-4

sanctified by truths they preach 3T 31

offended too easily 1T 129

one-idea Ev 106; GW 383

one-sided 3T 35

out of order by working on wrong side Ev 664-5

outgeneraled by Satan every time 1T 624

overbearing, exerting influence like desolating hail 3T 109

poor sheep distracted, confused, and scattered by 3T 109

pampered and flattered too much 5T 134

paralyzed by defects of character 2SM 380

passing for very good and devotional men when everything goes well 2T 515

patterning after unfaithful, peril of 5T 214

peddling and trafficking, what Christ would do with 1T 471-2

peril of, whose heart and hands are not holy 3T 31

petted and flattered till they became indiscreet, exalted, self-sufficient 3T 236

picking at straws 3T 464

placing himself in battle array with no fighting to be done 1T 236

plagued with discouragements and doubts 2T 516

planting: himself firmly to resist something which never arose 1T 236

seed of truth too deep GW 169

plastic and yielding, bend every way to please others GW 144

praying: little 2T 508

same prayers over and over GW 437

preaching politics: dishonors God TM 337

does hearers grievous wrong TM 337

mingles common fire with sacred TM 337

preaching smooth things originated by devils EW 228

preparing sermons to attract attention to self 5T 159

purporting to have wonderful advanced ideas 1SM 180; 2SM 13, 180

pursuing slack and loose course, God’s work belittled by 2T 556

reading Testimonies in light of their own kindling 1SM 52

refusing strict discipline, God will release 2T 710

relying too much on creating sensation 3T 227

robbing God of service He requires of them 2T 643

sanctioning wrong, against whom sin of God’s people is charged 2T 37

dishonor God 3BC 1132

scarcely mastering ABC of knowledge of truth GW 78

scringing 2SG 300

seeking: other income aside from his salary 2T 623

to do something great to bring honor to themselves 5T 238

seeming to have forgotten that Satan is still alive 1T 469

self-sent, are curse to God’s cause EW 99

self-sufficient: assuming to know more than he really does 4T 439

can well be spared from God’s work GW 143

causes grief to angels 1T 626

left by angels to his own strength 1T 623

self-willed, God’s cause does not need 3T 423

sensitive, too many 3T 423

serving God a little but themselves more 2T 508

sharp as razor in cutting off ears Ev 573

sheep of some, starving for bread of life GW 32

shunning: burdens 2T 335

care and privations 2T 335

responsibility lose much LS 194; 2T 335

sinful, prayer for healing offered by 2SM 347

slothful and dilatory and self-caring, dismiss 1T 130

special favorite of some wealthy man 1T 475

spending: all they receive 1T 438

long terms in book study, weakness in 2SM 152

time in bed that should have been used otherwise 2T 542

time writing unnecessarily long letters that is needed for personal work 4T 536

spiritually blind, trying to lead the blind 3T 554

straining for originality 2SM 13

studying their own convenience 2T 335

succumbing to doubt and unbelief 2T 513-4

swayed by circumstances ought to be at home 2T 515

tearing down churches instead of building them up 2T 340

tempted to trust in finite man for wisdom TM 480

thinking they will never have to give up cherished view will be disappointed TM 30

thwarting God’s purposes by plans of their own GW 382

too cold and heartless 3T 187

too cold and unsympathizing 3T 553

too dependent on surroundings 3T 322

too distant in relation to people 3T 233

too indolent to engage in physical labor 3T 558

too lazy to perform their part of work 2T 503

too light and trifling EW 62

too many feeble, on beds of sickness GW 239

too much indoors need change of employment 4T 264

too precise and calculating 2BC 1004

too ready to: engage in church trials 4T 268

hurl denunciations against sinner GW 157

too weak to resist temptation CH 584

trafficking and trading 2T 622

trampling underfoot God’s commandments AA 505

troubled with doubts and infidelity should not labor for others 1T 377

trusting to strength of argument alone 4T 261

turning more people away from truth than he wins to it 2T 557

unable to: accomplish half the good God designed 3T 35

give satisfactory reason in time of trial for some positions now held 5T 707

read correctly should learn to do so CT 539

unaccustomed to hardships 2SG 286

unconsecrated 1T 438-49

do only harm 2T 344

help Satan plant his banners in SDA strongholds 5T 12

make hard work for men who follow them 3T 205

only lowers standard 2T 344

perils of 2T 552

serving self instead of feeding flock 4T 396

unconverted 5T 159-60

should seek another calling Ev 643; TM 142

some SDA preachers are 4T 527

unconverted and jolly, God’s cause has no need of Ev 643

unfaithful, blood of lost souls will be required of GW 15

unfitted to lead God’s flock 4T 321-2

unholy should leave the ministry TM 162-3

unproductive, dishearten churches 2T 340

unprofitable, having little burden for their work 2T 339-40

unqualified: as teachers of truth ought to remain at home 1T 444

God does not entrust burdens for His flock to 1T 209

unsanctified: are heavy tax upon brethren 1T 439

array themselves against God TM 409

in heart and life 5T 159

injure God’s cause 1T 439

jealous of those who have borne burdens in work 1T 439

need someone to follow them to correct their mistakes 1T 439

unsuccessful 2T 120

because of divided interest 2T 507

reason for 5T 574

why men may become Ed 267

unwise, God does not commit care of His flock to 1T 229

unworthy, administration of church ordinances by EW 99

baptism by EW 99

unworthy of: his calling 3T 233

his wages 2T 546

weak and inefficient 2T 510; 5T 160

wearing mark of Cain 1BC 1087

whom men should be afraid of 2SM 29; 1T 384

whose footsteps other ministers should not follow 2T 625-6

with spiritual senses benumbed, peril of 4T 403

working for themselves during week and working for God on Sabbath 1T 471-2

zealous, who will be shaken out 2SM 13

whose efforts accomplish nothing 1T 647

8. Defective (undesirable characteristics of)

abruptness in manners 3T 242

acting the part of critics too often TM 153

ambition for vain show of eloquence or intellect Ev 181

ambition to rise in world without effort 4T 417

aptness and sharpness too often in controversy TM 153

argumentative spirit 3T 215, 419

bitterness AA 328

blind leadership 2T 551

boasting GW 143

of self EW 98; 3T 463

carelessness 1T 434

in deportment 3T 233-4, 236

in work 2T 338

censorious spirit 3T 460

childishness 3T 242

circumscribed views 5T 251

close and penurious spirit 2T 547

coarseness GW 126, 132, 172; 4T 320; TM 151

in manners Ev 632; GW 93; 1T 445; 4T 322

in speech GW 93; 1T 649

cold and nominal faith GW 35

coldness Ev 303

combative spirit 3T 423

complaining 1T 130

at hardship or trials 3T 423

condemnatory manner Ev 174

conduct that destroys confidence in religion PP 580

contentment with superficial knowledge of Bible CT 460

corrupt heart and unclean hands 5T 78

covetousness 2T 622-3, 629

cowardice in, disposition to shrink from opposition is 2T 341

critical spirit 3T 421; 4T 262; TM 156

decline in true miss. spirit among 5T 88

deportment of low level CM 66

deportment that gives gossiping tongues facts as subject matter 3T 236

desire to: be petted, praised, and waited upon 3T 229

gain honor and distinction 5T 132

despotism over God’s flock 4T 268

devoting too much time to personal concerns 2T 623

discouragement GW 49; 1T 129; 3T 322

dislike for: close application of mind to study 3T 555

industrious labor 1T 376

life’s homely, daily duties 3T 557

display of self 2T 341

disposition to: discard Testimonies 1SM 51

grasp and advantage himself 2T 545

disregard for Testimonies 1T 369

division of their efforts and interests AA 365

domineering spirit TM 156

do-nothing spirit 2T 550, 626; 8T 246

double-mindedness 2T 507

doubt re: evidences of God’s word 1T 383

Testimonies 1SM 46-7

dread of task of visiting people GW 338; 4T 266

ease-loving disposition PK 141

eccentricities 1T 415

egotism 1SM 178

elation after success in combat with opposers 1T 623

eloquence without Christ’s love in heart DA 815

enslavement to intemperate habits 7T 58

envy AA 328; 5T 16

everything savoring of impurity 5T 598

exacting disposition 3T 239; 4T 262

exalted opinion of his own abilities 1T 439

extreme views in teaching 1SM 180

eyes on self 2T 626

false dignity 3T 554

fanaticism GW 316

faultfinding AA 328; 3T 421

faulty reasoning of doubting 1T 377

fearfulness lest peculiarities of SDA faith should offend 1T 248

fitfulness 3T 243

flattery 1T 475

flippant words Ev 643; TM 142

fluent talk but lack of spirituality 3T 31

fretting 5T 347

frivolity Ev 643; GW 132; 4T 320; TM 142

frowns TM 156

frozen formality 3T 466

grasping disposition 2T 542

gratification of selfish propensities TM 171

haphazard words 2T 707

haphazard work 5T 528

harsh and sarcastic remarks GW 205

harsh criticism resulting from hasty temperament 4T 269

harshness Ev 303; 2T 221; 3T 460; TM 151, 156

ignorance MM 250; 2T 342

impatience 3T 238-9, 242; 4T 419

impulsiveness 3T 243; 4T 322

inability to read correctly 2T 503

indifference re: backsliders 2T 506

health reform TM 417; 6T 299

med. miss. work 6T 299; TM 417

indolence 2T 499, 542, 708; 3T 49, 210, 421, 555, 557; 4T 408, 410

indolent habits of thought GW 98

indulgence of appetite 9T 163-4

influence causing people to backslide 2T 620

intemperance in eating 7T 258

irreverent expressions 1T 649

irritability 3T 242

childish 3T 239

jealousy of others 2T 543

jesting Ev 206, 641, 644; GW 132, 205; 1T 380; 3T 228, 233, 238, 241; 4T 320

joking Ev 206, 641, 643-4; GW 205; 1T 380; 3T 228, 233, 238, 241; TM 142, 146-7

lack of: close application of mind and heart 5T 528

correct view of Christ’s character and work GW 166

devotion to work 2T 335

fervent love for lost souls 2T 340-1

love of Christ in heart DA 815

moral and intellectual qualifications GW 93

moral courage 1T 271

patience and forbearance 2T 707

practical understanding of God’s law 2T 512

refinement in manners GW 93

righteousness of Christ GW 156

self-control 3T 421

self-culture and meekness 2T 557

sobriety and gravity out of pulpit 1T 435

spirit of self-sacrifice 2SG 285-6

steadfastness of purpose 5T 133

strict temperance in all things 6T 256

thoroughness 2T 119, 498

large share of self-esteem 2T 557; 3T 552

laziness 2T 550; 4T 411; TM 155

levity GW 147

in his work Ev 207

light and frivolous conversation 3T 238

light and jovial disposition Ev 643

light words Ev 206

lightness Ev 206-7, 641, 644

of speech 1T 380

little knowledge of himself 2T 512

little patience with persons criticizing SDA position 3T 238

little respect for subject of temperance 9T 158

littleness in deal 2T 545

loose, slack, halfway manner of work 5T 255

looseness 1T 434

love of: ease GW 106; 4T 411

gain 2T 619

gain leads, to become jealous, sensitive, and envious 2T 627

praise 2T 338

traffic 2T 622

world AA 328

much self-love 3T 552

mulish temperament 2T 708

narrow-mindedness 5T 251-2

negligence re prayer 4T 373

nonessential and fanciful theories GW 313

oddities 1T 415

in bodily exercise Ev 137

opposition to unity established by God in church 5T 238

overbearing spirit 3T 236, 460

personal inclination for seclusion and study 4T 266

pettishness 3T 239

physical laziness GW 106

policy instead of faithfulness GW 150

pomposity 1T 648

pride AA 328; CW 38; GW 142; 3T 210; 5T 16

railing Ev 172

against opponent 3T 220

rashness in meeting opposition 3T 66

readiness to talk plus laziness as worker 3T 558-9

reckless spirit 1T 435

recklessness in habits CH 565

restlessness and uneasiness 1T 434-5

retaliation 5T 347

when abused 3T 237

rough expressions 1T 445

roughness GW 132; 4T 320

in manners 1T 445

rudeness GW 172

sang-froid Ev 644

scolding TM 156

seclusion GW 337-8

self-caring 3T 227-43; 4T 341-50

self-confidence AA 279, 328; 1T 435; 2T 557; 4T 527

self-deception GW 382; 1T 622-3

self-exaltation Ev 134, 641; GW 142, 147; 1T 239; 3T 236; 5T 159-60, 173

self-gratification 2T 499

self-importance 5T 16

self-indulgence PK 141; 4T 396; TM 312

self-interest 5T 299-300

selfish interest 2T 620

selfish love of ease 2T 499

selfish spirit in, brings reproach to God’s cause 2T 623

selfishness 2T 513, 542, 545, 547-8, 629; 3T 421; 4T 371, 396

selfishness in, rebuked 2T 539-53

self-love 2T 499

self-sufficiency GW 143; 3T 212, 236; 4T 371, 527

severity Ev 303; 3T 236

sharp and critical spirit TM 248

sharp or cutting expressions Ev 299-300

sharp spirit 4T 262

slang phrases GW 145

slothfulness 2T 498

sneering TM 248

sour spirit TM 156

spirit of Goliath 3T 218

spirit that is harsh, denunciatory, and impatient TM 150

statements that appear severe and like judging Ev 303

strange deportment Ev 137

stubbornness 2T 545, 547; 3T 459-60

superficial work 3T 554

tediousness in conversation GW 169

too high opinion of his own abilities 1T 444

too much systematizing of everything 2T 672

too much willing ignorance 5T 574

trifling Ev 206-7, 641, 644; GW 126

trifling conversation Ev 206; GW 125

with youth 3T 233

twit and fling Ev 172

unapproachable spirit 3T 238-9

unbelief 2T 708

uncourteous disposition 3T 239

uncouth manners 1T 648

undignified and boisterous actions GW 172

unfaithfulness GC 640

unkindness in word and spirit TM 151

unsanctified independence 5T 16

vain conceit 5T 159

vehemence in manner Ev 174

vulgar expressions 1T 445

waste of time 4T 411

in indolence 2T 499

wearing his dignity on outside 3T 553

words of low level CM 66

world-loving spirit 2T 645-6

worldly conversation 3T 241

worldly policy GW 150; PK 142

worry 5T 347

zeal and animation not always from right source 3T 212

zeal for politics FE 477, 483; GW 393, 395

zeal not according to knowledge 3T 114

zeal that fails after measure of success 4T 68

9. Defective (undesirable practices of)

absenting themselves from camp meetings in order to handle business matters in cities 7T 253

abuse of hospitality 2T 542

acting as: confessors 2SM 170

salesman in house of God 1T 472

acting from passion and prejudice TM 146

acting independently of: church 3T 417

counsel and judgment of brethren of experience 3T 417

advancing their own peculiar ideas 1SM 176-84

allowing: individuals to tell them of errors and faults of brethren 5T 616

poor persons to pay large pledges 3T 411

temporal things to divert them from their work 2T 541

animalizing their nature by eating flesh food CD 399

appropriating God’s money for personal use GW 141

attributing their success to themselves TM 154

barring way of med. miss. work 8T 71

becoming babyish, sharp, and cross in temper 4T 344

bewilderment by clouds of unbelief 1T 428-9

bringing stain on purity of his conscience Ev 680

careless words and expressions 1T 445; 3T 234

caring for his own selfish interests 2T 542-3

caring more for himself than for poor sheep 3T 234

carrying all burdens of churches 6T 435

casting reflections on ways and manners of persons whom God uses TM 412

ceasing to: be learners 6T 412

guard himself 1T 435

strive for greater light and power GW 151

censuring other denominations 3T 461-2

cherishing doubt and unbelief 1T 377; 2T 513-4

choosing: least self-sacrificing part AA 527

work most pleasing to them 7T 252

close trading 2T 154

coming between a soul and Christ 1SM 178

common and cheap talk TM 339

complaining under tribulation GW 266

compromise with powers of darkness 3T 196

confining his labors to: his desk or pulpit Ev 435; GW 369

preaching AA 527

confining their study chiefly to one subject 3T 34

conforming to practices of world 5T 16

consulting their ease 2T 705

contenting himself with preaching GW 186

copying another man’s: expressions and tones of voice Ev 685

gestures Ev 685

habits and attitude Ev 685

coveting praise Ev 134; 3T 236

criticizing and questioning when there is semblance of chance to do so TM 412

dallying with unbelief and doubts 2T 513

deciding common business questions 7T 255

defying and provoking discussion 3T 219

denouncing: other denominations Ev 576

Roman Catholics Ev 574, 576

denouncing and bearing down upon individuals 1T 383

devising original plans and methods of labor 5T 238

dictating like officer over company of soldiers 7T 38

discrediting SDA literature CW 151

discussing publicly minor questions unsettled among SDA Ev 183

disputing on matters of little importance Ev 182

diverting men from colporteur work 6T 323

doing: all miss. work in churches 6T 435

all of work himself 4T 319

gospel work as fighters Ev 572

greatest part of miss. work WM 109

hewing and cutting that truth is to do 1T 383

most of sowing of seeds of truth 7T 21; 9T 128

work belonging to church ChS 69

earning reputation of being a favorite with women Ev 680

eating between meals 4T 416

education of self as combatant 3T 215

engaging in: business aside from gospel work 1T 470; 5T 530

business diverting him from his work AA 365-6

enterprises which promise large worldly gains AA 366

financial speculation AA 365-6

large personal business enterprises AA 365

merchandising or traffic 1T 470-1, 585

work they cannot perform 2T 120

worldly enterprises 2SM 187; 7T 250

engrossing side interests AA 365

exercise of arbitrary authority 3T 106

exhausting: his strength in singing 1T 647

themselves by work GW 239

exhibition of: childish contention 4T 344

self Ev 207; 4T 400

expecting: harvest of souls without labor 2T 151

people to wait upon him 2T 542

expecting too much from: darkened minds 3T 420

inquiring minds GW 381

souls groping in darkness of error 4T 262

expensive display in evangelism GW 383

expressions of contempt TM 156

extolling or lauding any human being CW 19

failure to: apply themselves to study of Scriptures FE 126

appreciate med. miss. work should not preside over churches MM 238

bear responsibility as they should LS 194; 3T 13-4

become Bible students for themselves 2T 710; 5T 158

cherish spirit of humility and self-denial 5T 88

cultivate spirituality 3T 217

do their whole duty 5T 9

do their work as pastors 5T 302

exercise mind to fullest capacity 5T 528

fulfill commission 2T 650

give undivided interest to work 4T 262

govern their habits and passions will lose eternal life CH 584

move out and venture for God’s cause LS 194; 3T 14

perfect Christian character, will be lost 2T 511

pursue their work outside of pulpit 4T 262

reach high religious standard, fate of 5T 214

realize sacredness of their work 2T 507

recognize defeat when he meets with it 2T 557

reprove sins and wrongs in God’s people 3T 196

restrict their appetites and passions 8T 75

see need of self-control in all things are in deadly peril MH 211

see their own errors and sins 2T 512

study deep things of God GW 98

take proper amount of physical exercise 3T 309

understand how to preserve their strength 1T 645

understand means through which firm religious experience is obtained 2T 505

understand what constitutes third angel’s message 5T 715

feeling: that they must convict and convert hearers 7T 35

that they suffer hardship and starvation AA 352

feeling of: superiority over others TM 251

unrest 5T 132

finding pleasure in being petted by women Ev 680

following impulse and calling it Spirit 8T 296

forgetting: cross in bustle and stir about religion 5T 133

to encourage children Ev 349-50

getting above simplicity of work 3T 203

getting excited under opposition EW 102

giving: himself to study and neglecting his other work 2T 619

impression that they are wolves stealing sheep Ev 143-4

least sanction to low standards of living GW 127

gliding along without settling deep into work 2T 120

going just where he pleases 2T 650

going out of their way to whip other churches at camp meetings 5T 165

going over and over same field of labor EW 104

great sin in, laboring for self is 3T 462

grinding out subjects by human dictation 6T 415

habit of: making himself very prominent 3T 235

too great concentrativeness GW 169

haphazard manner of quoting Scripture 2T 501

hovering over churches Ev 381-2

already raised up Ev 381-2

that already have great light and advantages 7T 255

hugging shore too closely Ev 60

idling away hours in bed 2T 500

imitating other ministers in dress and manners 2T 614

inclination to: be disorderly TM 30, 503

go over and over same ground among churches 3T 61

shrink from opposition 2T 341

injudicious use of Testimonies 5T 669

interposing himself between people and God’s message CW 38

interweaving their interests with outside business 5T 530

introduction of changes into church to suit their ideas of progress 5T 238

issuing advertising worded to create alarm GW 316

jeopardizing their reputation by going in way of temptation 5T 598

laboring for: highest wages 2SM 199

wages GW 15

laughing at his opponents TM 248

leading people to depend on him GW 200

leaving: disagreeable work for his successor to do GW 369

growing interest to die for lack of attention 4T 265

his personal ministry for someone else to do GW 186

interest among people for any consideration 2T 541

new companies of Sabbathkeepers before they are established in faith 5T 256

their work in unfinished state 5T 254

letting: bad roads hinder his work 2T 339

other people wait upon them 3T 211

praise by brethren elate them 1T 436

linking arms with Satan TM 333

listening to colored and one-sided statements by church members 5T 616

lording it over God’s heritage 3T 229

losing sight of their mission and responsibility GW 17; 4T 524

lowering of standard of truth 2SG 284-5

making: apparent his prejudices for or against political men or measures FE 475

least approach to undue familiarity Ev 680

light of or opposing message of reform re use of flesh food CD 401

sharp thrusts TM 248

meddling with: controversy over currency TM 332

political questions TM 332-3

misquoting Scriptures 2T 503

mixing the sacred and the common 1T 472

moving: by impulse TM 146

independently TM 485

neglect of: little courtesies of life 3T 309

personal piety 2T 514

secret prayer 2T 514

neglect to search Scriptures TM 155

neglecting: diligent study 3T 235

God’s work to answer lies of its enemies 1T 123

his closet duties 1T 435

house-to-house work to indulge in reading and writing 4T 266

Laodicean message 3T 257

pastoral duties when visiting from house to house 3T 233

soul-saving work for study GW 337

their work to indulge in reading and writing 4T 266

overseeing church business matters 7T 252

overwork in writing and speaking Ev 659

paying large sums for halls in which to hold meetings GW 459

peddling and merchandising 1T 470-1, 585

permitting: selfish plans to rob him of sleep 3T 242

trifles to divert them from their work 2T 338-9

trivial matters to take up precious time 2T 643

petting of self 4T 344

planting seed of truth too deep 3T 35

playing on opponent’s words 1T 649

preaching themselves instead of Christ and His righteousness 1T 469

presenting: mass of matter which people cannot understand Ev 202

maxims and commandments of men TM 135

suppositions of human minds TM 135

their own surmisings and speculations 1SM 173

truth in boisterous manner 1T 648

truth with perfect storm 1T 648

pressing: individuals to give of their means 1T 237; 3T 411

the poor to make large pledges 3T 411

presumption to debate alone with spiritualists 1T 428-9

railing against opponents TM 222

refusal to do what brethren think they should do 7T 252

refusing call of duty because of selfish or worldly interests 2T 624

rejection of Testimonies 1SM 48

relaxing their vigilance GW 15

reluctance to toil and sacrifice for Christ in obscurity 5T 132-3

remaining in state of inefficiency and doing little or nothing 2T 503

remaining too much indoors 4T 264

repeating spiritualistic sentiments CW 93

retreating cowardly before opposition 3T 555

return to fleshpots 9T 159-60

ridiculing faith of other churches at camp meetings 5T 165

ruling imperiously over flock 4T 267

rushing recklessly upon Satan’s battleground 1T 430

sanctioning wrong use of tithes and offerings 9T 247

secluding themselves from people 4T 267

securing means from brethren for personal benefit 2T 622

seeking: always to advantage himself 1T 228

freedom from responsibility 3T 504

something new and startling to create excitement 2SM 60

to be first TM 316

to be rich 2SM 187; 7T 250

selling merchandise in series of meetings 1T 471-2

separate interests aside from gospel work 1T 470

setting evil example by eating flesh food CD 399; MM 281

setting up his own standard for people 3T 460

settling little difficulties in churches Ev 91, 662

shirking house-to-house work GW 382

shrinking from hardship GW 266; 2T 510

sinning against God by blundering GW 105

sitting idle and not visiting people 4T 410

sitting up late at night at board and committee meetings 7T 250

sounding one wavering or uncertain note GW 15

speaking on politics GW 396

speculating on conditions in new earth GW 314

spending time: laboring for people already in truth 7T 19

on idle sophistry GW 313

too much time working for SDA 2T 711

standing back in independence and saying, “My church accepts my labors” 1SM 46

strife for supremacy CW 38; GW 304

striving for: earthly honor or riches AA 366

praise and applause of men Ev 181

studying: his own ease or convenience GW 16

how to please people 5T 252

their ease, comfort, pleasure, desires, or convenience 1T 431

taking: advantage of liberality of brethren to advantage themselves 2T 628

extreme view re Testimony No. 11 1T 687-8

glory to himself TM 312

talking doubts re Scriptures 1T 383-4

talking of Christ’s life and teachings in commonplace manner GW 165-6

talking of self 5T 159

teaching truth in harsh spirit Ev 163-4

thinking: he may now relax his efforts GW 94

of pleasure 2T 705

that he has learned enough GW 94

trafficking and trading 2T 622

trafficking in merchandise 1T 687

trusting in men’s wisdom TM 313

trying to: draw attention to themselves 5T 133

handle five talents not committed to them CW 86

make themselves remarkable men Ev 134

serve God and mammon cannot glorify God GW 341

serve self and God at same time TM 312

unwillingness to: change their fields of labor GW 420

do personal work GW 186

wear in God’s cause LS 195; 3T 15

urging: sudden changes in diet MM 261

their presence on people not welcoming it 3T 450

use of: common instead of sacred fire GW 383

intoxicants Te 45

old stereotyped matter 3T 216

sacred calling as cloak for selfish or sensual gratification PP 580

strange fire Ev 210

using: gospel as whip 3T 108

truth as if it were scourge Ev 173-4

visiting family without praying with them 2T 619

voicing: Satan’s theories Ev 624

sentiments of politicians TM 334

walking by sight and not by faith 2T 339

walking in false paths MM 46-7

wavering when their faith is tested 2T 514

wearing combative armor Ev 248-9

withholding truths that might cause pain AA 394

working: independently of brethren 1T 650

when and how he pleases 2T 650

with divided mind TM 312

workings of his features TM 339

writing articles to attract attention to self 5T 159

yielding to spirit of criticism 5T 299

10. Defective (miscellaneous)

apostasy of, does not turn God’s truth into lie 4T 595

apply themselves closely to study or writing 4T 264

attended by devils 2T 514

bad example of, SS teachers should not follow CSW 105-6

bad example of one, casts reflections on all 4T 344

bodily vigor of, few hours of manual labor each day would renew 4T 264-5

breakdown in health of, what will certainly cause 3T 310

cannot present to others a Saviour whom they themselves do not know 5T 159

character of, selfishness is dangerous element in 2T 547-8

conduct of, causing his morality to be seriously questioned 3T 236

covetous course of, begets same spirit in others 2T 545

cowardly silence of, who should speak up for truth 1T 271

dealing in holy things may not be holy in heart 2T 456

defective methods used by, in gospel work GW 381-3

deficiencies of, felt in church 2T 620

felt in God’s work 2T 498

departure of, from right is gradual and imperceptible 2T 626

disappointment of some brethren in 2T 629

elements in character of, that ruin more souls than he can save 2T 547-8

Eli’s example is warning to 2T 620

erroneous attitude of some, toward education 2T 342

errors and imperfections mark efforts of some 2T 339

every defection of, synagogue of Satan makes most of CH 559

evil practices manifest among TM 162-3

God’s frown is upon some 3T 555

grave error that causes, to become narrow-minded GW 165

hidden sins of, will be exposed in day of God’s fierce anger EW 99

how, can present message forcibly GW 16

how Satan would use, to corrupt flock 2T 456

how weakest points of, can become his strongest GW 126

ignorance of, Spirit is not sent to sanction 2T 342

influence of some, is not good 2T 498

labors of, taste too much of self 5T 134

life of, synagogue of Satan watches for defects in TM 188

little imprudence on part of, evil results of 1T 380

men rejecting light are not qualified to become TM 327

many, closing their earthly history prematurely GW 239

do not practice health reform notwithstanding light received CD 288

may lack essential qualification of Christians 3T 210

minds of some, have no room for God to lead and impress them 5T 251

ministrations of some, as barren as hills of Gilboa TM 413

mistake of many, in receiving credentials GW 95

misuse of time by 2T 623

neglect of work by, God does not lightly regard 2T 502

people lulled to carnal security by 2T 340

reproved for: failing to give health reform proper attention 6T 327

preaching tame messages 8T 37

selfish course of, begets same spirit in others 2T 545

sins of, registered in books of heaven TM 151

sinners among, God does not work with TM 145

six things that should be put away by 2T 516

slothfulness of, Paul’s zeal and fidelity rebukes AA 465-6

some, will not be overcomers 8T 75

surprise of many, to see how confused their ideas of truth are 5T 707

tame and spiritless testimony from, God does not accept 1SM 124

things done by, which please Satan 3T 237

two or three faithful ministers have to follow up labors of some 1T 444

unwise generalship on part of 2T 622

why results from labor of some, are so small 2T 635

why some: become lean, feeble, and weak 3T 490

do not accomplish much EW 62

fail to have success AA 365; GW 381-3; 2T 507

why thousands of, lack essential qualities of mind and character CT 460

11. Disregarding health reform MM 238

advance of health reform has been hindered by some 6T 377

causing stigma to rest on cause of health reform 4T 417

class of, who are no recommendation re health reform GW 230; 4T 417

committing slow suicide 4T 404

complaining of sickness 4T 408

die prematurely CH 566

dyspeptic CD 55

eating too great variety of food at one meal CD 113

health reformers in name only GW 230

must not counterwork against health reform CD 401

not particular enough re habits of eating GW 230

overeating and taking little exercise 3T 310

pale-faced, suffering from selfish indulgence of appetite GW 230; 4T 417

persisting in use of flesh foods CD 401; Ev 664-5

can we have confidence in? CD 402

should not make it prominent CD 401

should not make light of health

reform message on this point Ev 664

should not oppose health reform message Ev 664

too great expenditure of strength by some 2T 116

various indispositions of, result from failure to observe laws of health 4T 264

See also Health reform

12. Duties and responsibilities of GW 30-5; 1T 368-81; 5T 15-7

as correct exponents of doctrine 4T 263

at camp meetings 6T 44-8

awful GW 150; PK 142

do not cease with pulpit labors CW 85

fearful 1T 471; 2T 511

grave AA 360

greater light received entails greater 5T 160

in regard to: business matters 7T 246-9

care of the sick 7T 290-7

children and youth GW 207-12

church grumblers Ev 371

debates with spiritualists 3T 485

diet CD 55; CH 564-5; MM 295; 3T 309

divided church 3T 110

educational work CT 397

exercise 3T 309

giving Bible studies Ev 439-42

giving reproof 3T 93-4