EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Love, Loves (Part 2 of 3)

is: expressed in love for children CG 111

full of gratitude, humility, and long-suffering 4T 223

heavenly adorning that gives true nobility and dignity 4T 224

manifested in obedience 6T 92

self-sacrificing, forbearing, merciful, and forgiving 4T 223

spirit of God 4T 224

is not revealed in rash acts 5T 123

lack of, man who manifested 2T 139

lays on us obligation to develop intellect to fullest capacity COL 333

leads man to obey His commandments COL 283

leads us to love one another 4T 223

let all who profess, seek to enlighten neighbors and associates 6T 66

love for man is earthward manifestation of DA 641

love for that which is human must be secondary to 7T 46

mainspring of every action should be CG 141

manifest, by well-ordered life and godly conversation 5T 642

manifests earnest desire to know His will and to do it SL 81

must dwell in our hearts 2T 170

no man has pure, unless he has unselfish love for his brother COL 384

one of strongest evidences of true conversion is AA 262

person without, is not true disciple of Christ AA 318, 550; 5T 168

persons who have, cannot harbor hatred or envy 4T 223

purifies and ennobles tastes and desires CT 53; ML 158

religion is founded on 4T 223

sanctifies whole life 4T 223

self-exaltation must be renounced by all professing to have 4T 221

selfish study of Scriptures cannot produce FE 241

should be supreme 1T 436

shown by willing obedience SL 81

soul not baptized with, is deficient in true goodness and unfit for heaven 4T 224

success of gospel work depends on our TM 188

sum of righteousness is DA 504

supreme, is best gift Father can bestow AA 551

is principle to be wrought out in life DA 498

talent cannot produce FE 241

tree of knowledge of good and evil was test of man’s PP 48-9

true, carries with it true and reverential trust SD 193

person who has unselfish love for his brother has AA 550

true Christian shows his MYP 302

true love for fellow man evinces 2T 116

waned in church in John’s time AA 548-9, 580; 6T 421-2; 8T 241-2

we delight to obey His commandments because of COL 283

we have little 5T 537

will do work we can scarcely comprehend 6T 84

7. For (to) man (humanity, fellow man, etc.) 3T 521-4; 4T 56-8, 568-9

alone, places us on vantage ground with God 2SM 187

ardent, God calls for men with PK 263

becomes greater as we resemble Christ more closely in character 5T 167

believers who needed greater 4T 61

believers whose lack of, made them worse than heathen in God’s sight 2T 441

can do work we can scarcely comprehend 6T 84

cherish 6T 84

Christ came to implant, in man DA 641

Christians are under strongest obligation to exercise, toward fellow sinners 5T 608

cultivate 6T 84

does not lead men to be overbearing, faultfinding, or dictatorial 5T 123

eclipsed by pride and self-sufficiency DA 583

essential to true Christian discipleship AA 318-9

exercise same tender and pitying, that Christ exercised toward us 3T 186-7

fragrance of, reveals our love for God AA 560

high profession without, is nothing 2T 116

how, becomes natural instinct COL 355

impartial, is principle to be wrought out in life DA 498

increases: as we become more like Christ in character 5T 167

with love for Christ AA 261

is: earthward manifestation of God’s love DA 641

putting on Christ WM 49

is not revealed in rash acts 5T 123

lack of, for people outside of your own family 3T 529

man who manifested 2T 139

let, govern all we say and do re med. institutions 1T 640

manifest, by well-ordered life and godly conversation 5T 642

multiply efforts to come close to souls needing our 5T 606

must dwell in our hearts 2T 170

obligation to manifest, rests on all Christians 5T 606

one of strongest evidences of true conversion is AA 262

only spring of, love of God in heart is DA 505

opportunity to show, now is our 6T 440

parable of good Samaritan shows what is meant by DA 505; 4T 57-8

person without, is not true disciple of Christ AA 318; 5T 168

savoring more of idolatry than of sanctification, example of 2T 173

soul not baptized with, is deficient in true goodness and unfit for heaven 4T 224

success of gospel work depends on our TM 188

sum of righteousness is DA 504

true, evinces love for God 2T 116

true Christian shows his MYP 302

8. God’s

abundant, Christ’s most favorite theme was 6T 55; TM 192

afflictions and trials are permitted to work out purposes of, for us 5T 742

all created things testify to MH 419

all nature filled mind with thoughts of, in beginning 7T 87

alone, sustains soul amid trials 5T 135

amazing: for sinful men SC 21-2

for world that did not love Him 4T 80

in giving Christ to be man’s Saviour DA 49

amazing exhibitions of, to man 4T 414

angels marvel over, in giving Christ to die for us MH 487; 7T 225

angels marvel to see in recipients of, mere surface gratitude DA 825

angels send light quickening memory of, expressed in Christ COL 318

appreciation of, finite mind cannot conceive blessing resulting from MH 252-3

arms of everlasting, privilege of resting in TM 516

as far above all other love as heaven is above earth TM 376

as revealed by Christ MB 26

as unconfined as air, light, or rain 9T 190

assurance of, constrains sinner to return to Him COL 202

beauty that clothes earth is token of PP 48

because we can trust, we should not ask Him to concede to our will MH 230

beholding, causes selfishness in us to appear hideous and repulsive MB 118

blades of grass express AH 223

blessed assurances of, gather together SC 118

boundless, for every human being 7T 225

boundless ocean of, combined human love of all ages is tiny rill when compared to 5T 740

broad and deep and measureless is, manifested to man 3T 458

can be: read in His created works still 8T 256

traced in leaves AH 222

can reach to deepest depths PP 754

cannot be explained on natural principles 3BC 1141

children’s hearts swell with grateful love as they see, in His created works CT 188

Christ came to implant, in man DA 641

Christ came to manifest, to world 1SM 323

Christ came to world to reveal AA 334; CS 24

Christ presented, in its exhaustless fullness DA 205

Christ’s favorite theme was 6T 55; TM 192

Christians should speak to each other re SC 101-2

church should reveal CT 321

claim of, youth are MH 396-7

color and perfume of flowers speak of 1BC 1085

compared to golden threads woven into life 6T 127

concealed from sinners by priests and rulers DA 157

constraining, results of feeling SC 45

contemplate, in enjoyment of His gifts CT 55

contemplation of, in gift of Christ should awaken gratitude and love MH 501

manifested in Christ stirs heart and arouses powers of soul as nothing else can DA 478

created things testify to 8T 265

danger of being destitute of, while blazing light of truth shines all around us 5T 535-6

David enjoyed precious experiences of PP 746

deep and earnest, for every member of human race FE 299

demands punishment for sin PP 325-6

departure from God’s commandments dishonors and disrespects MB 51-2

direct your thoughts to evidences of, for you MH 488

disciples had clearer conception of, after Pentecost AA 547

do not forget, when presenting His law Ev 484-5

do not neglect to keep yourself in 2SM 236

does not excuse sin COL 316; PP 522

draws repentant sinner to return to Father’s house COL 202

draws sinners to Himself DA 176

dwelling on, clearer and still clearer perceptions of truth result from MH 465-6

we become transformed by 5T 744

earth is established and sustained by 9T 50

embraces all: humanity MB 75

mankind 6T 273

encourage the sick to see expression of, in opening buds and flowers 7T 86

Enoch sought to reveal, to people among whom he dwelt GW 51; PP 84; 8T 329

erroneous idea of Jews re COL 189

essential to life and health CH 587; CS 115; MM 291

everlasting, should be taught in home school CG 26-7

every good thing of earth expresses 4T 472

evidences of, results of perceiving MH 147

exalted theme for contemplation is FE 49

exhaustless, pen cannot portray ML 289; 5T 740

tongue cannot utter ML 289; 5T 740

experimental knowledge of, Christ had FE 178

express deep, in words of encouragement and intercession 6T 66

expressed by gift of His Son for our redemption 8T 208

expressed in gift of Christ is study of lifetime 4T 375

expressed in His justice DA 762

failure to cherish, for blessings bestowed 1T 697

faith in, Christ rested in DA 336

lightens burdens of anxiety and care PP 600

father should be controlled by MH 390

final and full display of, will be made to world through church AA 9; TM 50

finite man cannot comprehend ML 289

flowed from Christ in irrepressible streams DA 677-8

flowers express AH 223; 5BC 1086; 1SM 291

flowers reveal 5BC 1086

flows: continually to satisfy our need MB 105

from His heart to creatures of His care LS 230

for fallen (sinful) man SC 9-15, 54; 5T 629-35

amazed angels 4T 293

depth of, what line can measure? CH 222

illustrated by Abraham’s offering of Isaac as sacrifice DA 468-9; 3T 368-9

manifest by His self-denial and spirit of sacrifice PP 70

mind of man cannot comprehend MB 76; 4T 293; 8T 287

ministers should preach more on GW 157

no love greater than DA 57

parable of lost sheep illustrates 5T 603-4

parable of prodigal son illustrates 5T 632-3

set forth, in most tender language 5T 633

wandering far from home COL 202

for fallen (sinful) man is: beyond human computation WM 83

incomparable 4T 80

matchless SC 15

peculiar manifestation of love 7T 264

proved daily 4T 222

stronger than death DA 57

theme for most profound meditation SC 15; 4T 80

without parallel SC 15; 4T 124, 563

for His children, seen in things of nature MH 266

who suffer affliction 2T 318-20

for His creatures LS 257

for His people is very great EW 39

for man, no other creature made by Him has called forth such exhibitions of 4T 562-3

for persons called to bear life’s heaviest burdens MH 199

for the beautiful is seen in nature CT 54; MH 370, 411-2

for us is: greater than that of earthly parents 8T 126

proved daily 4T 222

force and power of every message SDA proclaim, should be GW 288

forgiving, how to receive and impart MB 115

foundation of religion is PP 523

fuller inflowing of, all gifts made to others are repaid in MB 136

gifts that men receive by MB 75

glory that rested on Christ is pledge of, for us DA 113

glow of perfect, clears away miasma interposing between soul and God 7BC 909

golden chain of, is passed around every imperiled soul COL 202

good works do not purchase COL 283

good works reveal that we possess COL 283

great, many think they represent His justice while they wholly fail to represent His MH 163

great and unfailing, encourage the sick to trust in Him and be cheerful because of MH 229

greater by far than that of earthly parents COL 142

greatness of, we know too little of CT 455

grievous sin of permitting inordinate affections for earthly things to expel, from heart CS 136

has been manifested to us with infinite tenderness 4T 222

has not ceased to flow earthward in rich currents MH 116

heart is softened by MH 466

hearts were melted and subdued as disciples exalted DA 667

heaven can bestow no greater gift than DA 483

highest mental culture sanctified through, receives Christ’s fullest approval FE 47

His law reveals GW 157

immensity and diversity of, need of sensing 6T 368

implanted in converted soul SC 60

in gift of Christ is enough to melt hard and loveless heart FE 198

in gift of Christ to die for our sins PP 63-70

in giving Christ to: die for man, vision re EW 125-7

redeem lost race seemed too great for language to express SL 75

in human heart: does not create enmity against His law SD 51

is manifested in life SC 83

is only spring of love toward our neighbor DA 505

results of SC 61

should be seen in true and unselfish miss. work WM 297

in man’s life has softening and subduing influence Ev 631

in plan of redemption will be more fully revealed in life to come MH 466

in redemption is revealed in sacrifice SD 11

in renewed heart is principle of action SC 59

includes love for man AH 99

inexpressible, manifested in Christ 1SM 156

infinite: Christ came to world to reveal SC 11

every manifestation of creative power is expression of PP 33

in light of cross we discern innumerable evidences of SC 15

is never weary 8T 38-9

manifested in gift of Christ to redeem man PP 469

ordered experiences that now seem most trying 9T 286

surpasses mother’s yearning sympathy for wayward child SC 15

infinite and exhaustless, all springs of human tenderness are as tiny rill to boundless ocean when compared with 5T 740

eternity can never reveal 5T 740

infinite and unfathomable, through Christ became subject of Enoch’s meditations day and night GW 51; PP 84; 8T 329

infinite price paid by Christ to ransom man reveals MYP 137

innumerable evidences of, surpassing mother’s yearning sympathy for wayward child SC 15

intellectual culture controlled by, is blessing DA 249

is: amazing principle 1SM 313

as far above all other love as heavens are above earth MH 482

as great toward us as toward Christ TM 18

blended with His holiness, justice, and power AA 589

born of mercy 7T 264

changeless MB 105, 133

exercised every hour toward fallen man DA 37

far greater than human love can be COL 142

fortress impregnable to Satan’s delusions and assaults MB 119

fountain of salvation for lost mankind GC 416

free gift received in soul COL 283

immeasurable COL 142

infinite SC 15; 1SM 312; 3T 369; 8T 10

larger, broader, deeper than human love can be COL 142

living spring ever flowing to bless others MB 58

man’s through faith in Christ FE 178

marvelous and unfathomable 1SM 384

past all language to describe FE 179-80

positive and active principle MB 58

poured out unstintedly like showers refreshing earth MB 21

progressive GC 678

something more than mere negation MB 58

stronger than mother’s love for afflicted child 4T 329-30

sure fruit borne by good tree MM 243

is never weary 8T 38-9

is not uncertain and fluctuating FE 502; TM 376

Jews taught that sinner must first repent before, is extended to him COL 189

just conception of, results of GC 541

language is not adequate to describe FE 179-80

law reveals, when rightly presented GW 157

leads to love for others 6T 422

leavening society, outworking of noble principles in Christian refinement and courtesy as result of 8T 140

spiritual transformation in families, institutions, and churches as result of 8T 140

let children learn of, revealed in Christ MH 460

light shining from cross reveals DA 176

like golden thread uniting human agent to the divine TM 161

loss of, is accompanied by loss of brotherly love 1SM 387

love for world crowds out 4T 615

love of money and, cannot dwell in same heart CS 157

love of world and things in it closes heart to 2T 393

love of world quickly fills vacuum when, is expelled from heart CS 136

love to man is earthward manifestation of DA 641

lovely flowers are messengers of, to His afflicted family here below MH 264

man is redeemed from sin and degradation in order that he might reflect SC 14

man’s depravity met by 6T 237

man’s love for man grows cold without, burning in his soul TM 349

man’s shallow appreciation of, angels marvel at DA 825

manifestation of, enables us to discern Satan’s masterly deceptions 5T 744

manifested in: abundant provision made for man 6T 385

Christ is without parallel 1SM 311

manifested to man: is reality you can learn by experience 3T 458

no words can describe 3T 458

surpasses all thought and imagination 3T 458

you may rejoice in, with joy unspeakable 3T 458

manifested to universe by Christ’s suffering and death DA 626

marvelous vein of truth opened in 1SM 155

matchless: claims our strictest obedience, holiest love, and unbounded faith 4T 145-6

for world that did not love Him SC 15

that adopts sinners into His family 5T 739-40

thoughts of, should influence all to imitate His example 5T 130

may be understood by things of nature 8T 263

meditate on SD 116

melts and subdues stubborn heart MB 76-7

message of: Christ’s life was charged with FE 179

teach children to read in nature MB 97-8

to church has been committed work of bearing 6T 427

Micah reveals, to sinner COL 186

mightier than sword in dealing with evildoers WM 297

minds open to, would receive Christ DA 465

more precious manifestations of, results of gratefully acknowledging FE 197

more than a mere negation MB 58

must be living principle SD 51

must pervade soul or fruits of righteousness will not appear 4T 610

mystery of, through endless ages the redeemed will study PP 64

mystery of redeeming, angels desire to study theme of DA 19

will be study of angels throughout endless ages DA 19

natural things that testify re SC 87

nature cannot fully teach 1SM 291

nature is full of lessons re 3BC 1144; CT 188-9

nature testifies to SC 9; 8T 256-7, 260

nature’s testimony re COL 301-2

needed in miss. effort 9T 40

never covers or excuses unconfessed wrong 2BC 996

never destroys human love AH 99

never leads to belittling of sin 2BC 996

new life must take possession of hearts that have 9T 44

no greater proof of, than that seen in Christ’s death 3T 369

not in this life shall we comprehend mystery of, in giving Christ as propitiation for our sins COL 128

nothing so great and powerful as, for His children SD 192

notice of, no human being is too low or wretched for COL 226

objects of, we do not repent in order that we may be COL 189

only He who knew height and depth of, could make it known DA 22; SC 14

open heart is impressed with, as revealed through His works in nature SC 85

parable of prodigal son illustrates, for repentant sinner COL 202-3

pardoning, unmerciful spirit that shows rejection of COL 251

parents should exemplify, in home life PP 176

paternal: behold TM 414

Israel became blinded re MB 74

needs to be seen TM 414

penetrates everywhere COL 386

people who feel constraining, do not ask how little they may do to meet His requirements SC 45

pitying, revealed in parable of lost sheep, lost coin, and prodigal son COL 198

plausible theory re, that is deceptive PP 522

power of, colporteur work should be accompanied by CM 108

needed in gospel work MH 144

rainbow testifies of, from generation to generation PP 106-7

received makes us kind and tender to the most faulty and erring and sinful MB 75

redeeming, parable of goodly pearl illustrates COL 118

refines and purifies human love AH 99

reflect, through blameless life AA 334

rest in, and your spirit will be kept calm under personal abuse DA 353

revealed in: all His dealings with His people ML 12

His law 1SM 156

nature CS 17

works of creation DA 20

revealed to universe only by Christ DA 22

revelation of, given to Lucifer as to no other created being DA 761

to man centers in cross MH 423; 8T 287

revelation testifies of SC 9

reverse of, viewed by David 3BC 1149

Satan determined that men shall not see 1SM 156

Satan hopes to counteract tide of, flowing to human race 7T 87

Satan tempts us to question PK 174

Satan works by deception that we may not discern MB 115

Scriptures reveal GC 570

seek to impress sinners with exalted sense of, for man 4T 80

seen in His created works CT 188

sense of, heart softened and subdued by Christ’s grace should glow with MH 514; 5T 606

sets in operation influences to bring prodigal son back to Father’s house COL 202

shed in men’s hearts is to be reflected to others SD 51

should melt hard and loveless heart FE 198

show to world and to heavenly intelligences that you appreciate, for fallen humanity COL 299

shown by your attitude toward others COL 251

sick people who will be ready to learn of 7T 78

sign of, Sabbath is DA 281

sinful men despise GC 542

so far surpasses love of money that possessor breaks away from his riches and transfers his affections to God CS 157

speak naturally of CM 39; COL 232

speak of, in words easy to be understood Ev 199

Spirit imparts, to hearts 8T 139

still revealed in His created works 8T 256

stronger than love binding mother’s heart to afflicted child 4T 329

study of Psalms 105, 106, and 107 helps us to appreciate more fully 8T 107

sufficient evidence of, men are given GC 47

sunlight of, illumination of darkened chambers of soul by MH 247

sunshine of, we may bring souls into FE 199

whole world lies in MB 74

supreme, show WM 32

take Bible as study book and see if you are not filled with CT 455

talk of, in home CG 321

teach, in SDA schools CG 321

teach children re, in pleasant way CG 42

teach people that, must come into sanctuary of home life 6T 76

tell souls about CM 42

things of nature express Ev 149; MH 266; Te 290

things of nature imperfectly represent SC 10

things of nature teach MM 233

things of nature testify of MH 424-5; 8T 325

thousands might rejoice in, if Christians did their duty 6T 273

tide of, God’s people are to be channels for communicating to world 6T 12

tokens of: given when He sees it best not to grant our desires MH 473

men are daily surrounded by GW 261; SC 121

seen in nature 5BC 1087

treasures of Christ’s grace have been laid open through, before church and world GW 157

trees express AH 223

unchanging, history of conflict between good and evil is demonstration of PP 33

underlies all His dealings with men DA 394

untold, God has loved us with MB 76

unutterable, manifested toward man in plan of redemption CS 127

wanderer from God can never find his way back unless, comes to his rescue GW 183-4

waning in church 1SM 387

we are not to work in order to earn COL 283

we best realize sinfulness of sin when we most fully comprehend SC 36

we can behold, when we are hid in Christ MB 26

we can discern, while we cannot now comprehend His works and ways DA 394

we need to know, by experimental knowledge 5T 743

what, can do for the erring and sinful MB 75

when we seem to doubt, we dishonor Him and grieve Spirit SC 118

without parallel, our slowness to speak of FE 198

through all ages 4T 15

work of creation was manifestation of 5T 739

workers in His vineyard GW 145

world encompassed with Ed 83

yearns over soul who chooses to separate from Him COL 202

9. Of God the Father

Christ wrote message of, on all things in earth, air, and sky DA 20

Christ’s great sacrifice was not made to create, for man SC 13

discourse on, by EGW 4T 292-3

endeavor to comprehend, summon every power and capability in 5T 740

for fallen man: amazed angels 4T 293

is beyond human comprehension 4T 293

is without parallel 4T 563

John could not find language adequate to describe 4T 293

make, theme of contemplation and admiration 4T 293

great tide of, flows to us 9T 60

our gratitude is as ripple on surface when compared with 9T 60

in giving His Son to die for men has been kept in background GW 157

infinite, plan of salvation was brought about through 2T 200

we are given innumerable evidences of 4T 461-2

infinity lies beyond all endeavor to comprehend 5T 740

is demonstrated by receiving and welcoming Christ’s friends as His friends CT 14; 8T 177

John could talk of, as no other disciple could AA 545

John’s admiration and reverence as result of contemplating, for perishing humanity SC 15; 4T 563

our souls should be enlivened, elevated, and enraptured with theme of, for man 2T 215

unmerited bestowal of, all that we have we receive only as gift of COL 209-10

10. Plant of

cannot live and flourish in natural heart 4T 256

cherish 3T 535

church members should make studious effort to cherish 5T 123

cultivate 5T 343-4

daily 5T 605

in order to flourish FE 280

failure to cherish 3T 535

flourishes only where Christ reigns supreme SD 49

is of: heavenly growth 2T 135, 551; 4T 256, 548

heavenly origin 6BC 1091; MYP 459

is self-denying in spirit 5T 123

must be: carefully nourished AH 196

fostered and nourished 4T 548

treated tenderly FE 280

watered by dews of grace 2T 551; 5T 343-4

needs culture FE 105; MYP 450

roots of bitterness crowd out DA 651

tree of, fruits borne on 6BC 1092; 2T 134-5

is of heavenly growth 2T 135

nourished, will prove to be evergreen 2T 135

11. Pure

brings true happiness 4T 138

can do nothing but good 4T 138

combined with earthly motives and selfish interests ceases to be pure SD 49

compared to gold 3T 254

distinct from any other principle of action 2T 136

does not lead man to make wife instrument to minister to his lust 2T 473

excellence and value of, consists in efficiency to do good 2T 135

expands soul for high attainments 2T 266

finite blends with finite when, is truly cultivated 5BC 1140

goodness is property of 4T 138

has special efficacy for doing good 4T 138

impulse and unsanctified passion exist in place of 4T 504

is: distinct from any other principle of action 2T 136

separate from every other principle of action SD 49

simple in its operation 7BC 952; SD 49; 2T 136

is not animal passion 2T 415

most expensive offering without, is too poor for God to accept 2T 653

prevents discord and misery 4T 138

soul fed by streams of, is as wellspring that never fails 5BC 1140

takes God into all its plans AH 50

there is little 2T 381

truth and goodness are properties of 4T 138

whatever is done out of, is wholly fruitful 2T 135

12. True (genuine) 2T 133-6

ability alone cannot take place of 6T 84

accomplishes that which neither money nor might ever can 4T 256

actions destitute of, lack fruits of true holiness 2T 136

active principle of, imparted by Spirit alone can make our words fruitful GW 288

affection and, should not be all on one side 2T 333

affects sinful hearts when other means fail 2T 135

agency used by God to draw heart to Him is 6T 283

agencies of, have wonderful power Ed 114

all around us are people hungering for 3T 522, 527

all is, in heaven 1T 706; 4T 224

all members of family may be bound together in closest union by PP 176

alone: can give efficiency to enterprise of mercy 6T 283

can make and keep man steadfast COL 49

makes any act of value GC 487

amount of, with which work is done is more valuable in God’s sight than amount of work accomplished SD 49; 2T 135

angels delight to dwell in home where, dwells and finds expression CT 115

approach people with your heart full of Ev 444

as: controlling principle of life 4T 224

leaves of tree of life 2SM 187

as twin sister of: duty 3T 195; 4T 62

justice CG 262; 5T 559

ask Christ for humility, wisdom, courage, and increase of faith that you may rejoice in His MH 513

assimilates our lives to that of Christ 4T 224

at home, need of 2T 56; 3T 527-34

atmosphere of, parents should surround children with CT 115; MH 386

surrounding believer makes him savor of life unto life AA 551

attribute of, Christ uses suffering and calamity to develop in us COL 388

attribute that Christ appreciates most is 6BC 1091

awakened only by love DA 22

bears with others’ faults 5T 169

beautified and ennobled all of Christ’s actions SC 59; 2T 136

becomes head of family 3T 556

begets love DA 519; 2T 95; 9T 193

believer who fails to manifest, breaks law he professes to revere DA 505

benign influence of His, Christ wants all to unclose their hearts to 3T 531

best teacher is FE 58

best way to regulate family conduct is through 4T 256

break bottle of, and its fragrance will fill house ML 80

can never lose its value 5T 169

can no more exist without revealing itself than fire can be kept alive without fuel 1T 695

cannot act without increasing its fervency 2T 551

cannot be: commanded DA 22

won by force or authority DA 22

cannot exist: long without expression MH 360

without revealing itself in outward acts 1T 695

cannot live and flourish: in natural heart 4T 256

without action 2T 551

cannot live without action 2T 135; 4T 256

carried by possessor through portals of City of God AA 319

causes heart to rejoice when: cloud darkening fair fame of another is removed 5T 169

sins are confessed 5T 169

truth triumphs 5T 169

wrongs are corrected 5T 169

chain of, we are connected with fellow men by golden links of COL 384-5

characteristics of AA 318-9

cheerfully submits to suffering or inconvenience that forbearance makes necessary 5T 169

cherish 2T 136, 647; 4T 558

cherished, sheds refining influence on all around 4T 224

sweetens entire life 4T 224

choicest talents alone cannot take place of 6T 84

Christ always spoke truth in DA 353; SC 12

Christ awakens, in heart of beholders DA 480

Christ came to world with hoarded (accumulated), of eternity Ed 76; MH 37; 5T 204; 7T 144

Christ commanded that, should be ruling principle in hearts of His followers in NT SD 49

should be ruling principle of old dispensation SD 49

Christ constantly manifested riches of His, to ancient Israel 6T 221

Christ expressed, in look and tone DA 254

Christ has encircled world with His, by one vast achievement MB 104

Christ has shown that His, for man was stronger than death 2T 212

Christ hungers for, of those purchased with His blood DA 191

Christ in His, stands as embodiment of divine perfection 5T 739

Christ is always present when we tell people of His wonderful 6T 267

Christ looks for principles of, in His people COL 298

Christ seeks to win men by revealing of His DA 487

Christ watched His disciples as mother in tender, watches her child DA 381

Christ’s countenance expressed His DA 163

Christ’s glory is to encircle us in His arms of SC 52

Christ’s grace in heart fills soul with MB 27

Christ’s heart of: could comprehend children’s trials and needs CT 179

could find happiness in children’s simple joys CT 179

living chain binds His believing ones to TM 19

Christ’s heart overflowed with GC 570

for whole human race DA 356

Christ’s life and death testify to depth of His, for fallen man 5T 603

Christian home is one where, reigns and finds expression in words and acts of thoughtful kindness and gentle courtesy 5T 335

church is greatly deficient in 4T 63-4

church members should press together in 7T 22

cold and chilling reserve chokes natural current of 4T 64

consecrates all to God SD 193

constant exercise of, makes believers lights in world 4T 124

constraint of, only compulsion that Christ employed was MB 127

contemplation of heavenly themes makes, grow stronger SC 89

continual service of, whole work of grace is DA 677-8

controls passions AA 551; 4T 223

could God give greater proof of His, than in giving Christ to die for us? 3T 369

Creator of all worlds has, for those giving themselves to His service even as He has for His Son MH 405

Creator’s, world was established and is sustained by 9T 50

crown of Christian graces is SL 87

crowning grace of God is 3T 418

cultivate SD 295; 2T 136; 3T 532; 5T 339-40, 571; 7T 127; 8T 191

daily 6BC 1091-2

in family AH 307

cultivation of, essential to happiness 3T 539

daily baptism of, gospel workers need 8T 191

debt of, that men owe to Christ 8T 244

deeds of, prompted by memory of alabaster box broken for Christ’s anointing Ed 109

deportment of person who possesses AH 50; MYP 459

desire for, planted in heart by God AA 491

devotion and, Christ bound men to His heart by ties of Ed 80

devotion of, is real and abiding 2T 133

do not: dishonor Christ by doubting His TM 518

educate children to think that, for them must be expressed by indulgence of their pride, extravagance, and love of display 6T 451

seal up your, for special persons ML 80

does: good and nothing but good 7BC 952; SD 49

what argument cannot do GW 121

does not: consist in feeling 6BC 1101

impute wrong motives or evil intentions to others 5T 123

lead man to exalt himself 5T 123

listen eagerly to unfavorable reports 5T 169

observe little mistakes 4T 256

palter with wrongdoing Ed 290

prompt men to seek their ease and indulgence of self 5T 124

work for profit or reward 2T 135

yield self-control under provocation 5T 123

does not lead men to be: dictatorial 5T 123

faultfinding 5T 123

overbearing 5T 123

drawing of His, men are led to God through MB 105

duty and 3T 195-6

are twin sisters 3T 439; 4T 62

stand side by side 3T 195

united can accomplish almost everything 4T 62

effects of, in heart COL 101-2

elevates affections 4T 223

eloquence mingled with, is precious endowment 6T 84

eloquence without, is as meaningless as sounding brass or tinkling cymbal 5T 169

enables man to withstand trial and temptation COL 49

ennobles affections AA 551; 4T 223

erring boy needs, as never before CG 266

essential in order to be disciple of Christ 5T 168

essential to: growth in grace AA 544

peace and prosperity 5T 168

eternal principle of, God’s law is founded on SC 19

every act of, is placed on heaven’s imperishable record 5T 133

is reported before eternal throne 5T 133

every emotion of, doctrine of eternally burning hell is repugnant to GC 535

every labor of, God has ordained that great gains shall result from 2T 135

every soul in heaven is filled with GC 542

exemplify Christ’s character in 5T 239

exercise of, men come nearer and nearer to standard of perfect holiness by 3T 188

expression(s) of, do not blister tongue 3BC 1164

should not be regarded as weakness MH 360

extends and diffuses its nature to others 2T 551

extends by: action 2T 135

exercise 4T 192, 256

failure to learn first lesson of, disqualifies parents and teachers to properly educate children 3T 131

that God designs us to learn 4T 223

failure to manifest, for truth in deeds and by fruits 1T 690

faith and: are pure gold offered by True Witness 7BC 965; DA 280; 2T 36; 4T 88, 559

churches are destitute of TM 149

compared to gold tried in fire 2T 36; 4T 89

essential and powerful elements of Christian character SD 71

Satan seeks to exchange selfishness and unbelief for 2T 36-7

faith that works by: among God’s people 7T 146

genuine faith is SD 71

gold tried in fire is COL 158

need of ministers having TM 149

faith without, is worthless AA 318-9; 5T 168

faith works by 1SM 374

false dignity and pride that will not show, by deeds 3T 527

far more, needed in SDA families TM 156

feels deeply over sin discovered in any follower of Christ 5T 123

fills heart with sorrow at errors and weaknesses of others 5T 169

fire of, almost extinguished by selfishness and cold formality DA 504

first step in approaching God is to know and believe His, for us MB 104-5

flourishes only in heart where Christ reigns 2T 551

flows out naturally to others in good works 4T 224

for fellow men evinces love to God 2T 116

for souls leads us to self-denial and sacrifice to save them 9T 59

found only in heart where Christ reigns SC 59

foundation of, strongest and noblest characters are built on AA 319; 5T 168

foundation of all acceptable service to God is SL 87

foundation of Christian character must be COL 49

fragrance of, atmosphere sweet with COL 339

from His own, comes gift which reconciles men to God DA 113

fruits of, listed by Paul 5T 168

fundamental principle of, Ten Commandments are based on PP 305

gains victory where argument and authority are powerless 2T 135

genuine faith works by 2SM 20

gift of, every good thing we have is MB 75

give, every advantage to flourish in heart 5T 123

to persons who need it most FE 281

give more, rather than exact it 4T 104

giving love for MB 75

God accepts our labors as tokens of our 6T 261

God desires us to love Him because He is worthy of GC 541

God does not compel anyone to render, to Him CS 127

God gave Himself in person of Christ from, to sinners 5T 633

God has never left men without evidence of His CS 18

God in His great, seeks to develop in us graces of Spirit MB 117

God is, and love is life COL 258

God is full of 5T 633